“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.”

There are so many lesser crossroads we as a people & Republic are at in this time, it is easy to loose the forrest for the trees.

The dirt people are a demographic which even if we are not aware of what is coming down the pike at us we nonetheless are prepared in both mind & spirit.

I’m not complaining, life is sweet, this is the best country to live in regardless its warts and shortcoming. Most things which need our attentions and redressing are within our grasp. What isn’t is these sneaky motherfuckers creeping around thinking their shit smells pretty while strip mining us of the last buck of our inherent hard earned wealth which comes from our labors. Wealth comes from no where else. It has to be worked for, in other words created by effort and honest elbow grease, creativity invention and industriousness. It originates no where else.

So here we have this, this repugnant foul thing called the deep state. And of course the scope of special interest and corruption which accompanies it. A cancer on everything. In no uncertain terms it must be removed. If it means taking the guns we are waving in these tyrants faces and use them physically to remove this rot from our representative republic, we have no choice, because we ain’t going to be a republic much longer unless these motherfuckers are, kaput! And that isn’t a very nice thing now is it?

There is nothing new or unique about the deep state, its actors, they been with us since the dawn of human cognitive recollection. All the more reason eliminating these actors from influence and treason is rather easy, simple, and results in rapid redress. They can not withstand more than mere days or even hours the moment their legitimacy is revealed as false by withdrawal of our consent.

To define what I’m saying here, look at this way: These sonofabitches require a complicit media to paint them in a all powerful all knowing all competent, all brilliant managers and politico’s none of us mere dirt people could ever hope to understand. That we must bow to their genius, marvel at their creation.

If these scumbags are so smart and infinitely legitimate, they don’t need the fake media, the converged thought police corporate controlled social media, to cover for them, block us from simple truths, create every kind of false flag crisis narrative and meme.

They need our consent, our blessing, even tacitly thru servitude or relinquishing our primal right of self determination. They can not survive, as prove by the fact 65 million of us dirt people said Uh Uh, no way, your not installing that fucking psycho in a pants suit. We choose Mr. Trump.

That is the greatest expression and act, yes we did that, of withdrawing our consent. And witness what has happened. The people with their hands on the levers of power, have resorted to using raw naked power to reverse our withdrawal of consent. Not only have they deemed Trump and by extension us dirt people illegitimate but enemies of their state.

Well sure we are enemies, its mutual. Thing is theirs only what, a few tens of thousands against what? 65 million dirt people, armed to the fucking teeth, and not little suck and fucking tired of this deep state bullshit.

Well we gave them the peaceful BFYTW, (Because Fuck You Thats Why). If they want to play who is the bigger tyrant, they are going to have their worthless arses handed to them. Its not rocket science or requires a PID in political science. This is down to earth dirt people shit, we deal with every day, we persevere to survive, to do whats right, to make an honest living so we can put presents under the tree each christmas for our kids and loved ones, and you sonofabitches in your shitty fucking deep state, you got an ass whooping coming. We ain’t gonna be nice next go around. Guarantee it motherfucker.

You all need to just go away. Count your blessings. There’s millions of us who are warning you. Just cut the fucking crap. Leave. Fade away. Leave us alone.


“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”

“For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”  ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


Over to The Last Refuge, there’s this sublime comment posted at the top of the thread. A superb King James worthy quote. I think this fellow was waiting after much thinking for the right place and time to write down this fine fine screed.

My Hats Off.


Bravo Man!



– from the Conservative Treehouse aka The Last Refuge

Stefan Halper Agent Provocateur – In His Own Words…

antitechnocracy says:

May 20, 2018 at 10:38 am

Halper’s bio shows that he is a standing member of the “insider club” and quite mediocre at the same time – which should not be a surprise. Our pseudo-meritocratic elite have consistently failed over the last 5+ decades. Technocracy is a consistent failure. And the ideological predilections of elite technocrats – globalism, corporatism, Cultural Marxism – spur them to stubbornly, violently cling to failing ideas and projects, which nevertheless make them powerful and filthy rich.

Take this conspiracy operation . . . which was poorly conceived and executed. The mains reasons it didn’t implode sooner was 1. the conspirators could rely on slavish MSM alignment/corruption, 2. The conspirators could hide their bumbling behind “national security” secrecy, 3. They have massive inherited financial, institutional, power resources.

Partly why/how they built up such massive resources over the decades is the pseudo-meritocratic elite has been very successful at hoodwinking the masses into believing that technocracy is ultra-competent when in realty it is opposite. They are far better at propaganda and plunder than they are at promoting the general welfare. When it comes to actual economic management and public policy, their failures are consistently collassal! Yet most people still believe them to be competent.

And so when we respond to this conspiracy by saying, “most of the other conspiracy theories are true, too,” that perversely reinforces their hyper-competent puppet-master mystique. No, these overrated mediocrity-crats could not have pulled off 9/11. Look at how poorly they executed this conspiracy, which was orders of magnitude more straightforward – involving far fewer variables – compared to what it would have taken to orchestrate 9/11.

I agree that most of these conspirators belong in jail, or worse, but we won’t really drain the swamp until we burst the image of their ideas and “class” in the mind of the general public – I.e., a paradigm shift. President Trump is a gift from God in that endeavor, but the war has just begun.





note: There’s lots more comment. And if you had any doubts there’s no well self informed principled articulate patriotic American’s out there, well you been listening to too much media brainwash. The comment threads on TLR are top shelf. 

America First: Items of Interest & Knowledge – 5 Months 1 Year Into The Reign of The God Emperor Kicking Ruling Scum Arse


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Among all the news: The deep state has run out of squirrel’s & shiny objects. (There’s time still left for a coup. Will they jump the shark because there is nothing to loose) Stay Tuned….


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Except for trying to pull an actual coup in the time remaining to distract the population, the deep state has run out of squirrel’s & shiny objects. Word, elements within the FBI in a number of various positions discussed violent … Continue reading



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If I was Trying To Remove Trump On Article 25 Charges This Is How I Would Do It Update: That Didn’t Take Long: Trumps Fault Missile Scare

Added 7:47pm Sat 13:

After fake Hawaii alert of Ballistic Missile starts panic, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard points finger at Trump Right on cue. By an ex Moscow Newspaper Editor no less. Wonder where he learned the fine Bolshevik art of agitprop? Cant tell me it wasn’t all pre-planned.

Residents “Crying And Screaming” After False “ICBM Threat” Alert Rattles Hawaii; Gabbard Slams Trump

2018-01-13 (2)



Alert was an “Accident”. Yeah. Sure. There are no spontaneous unrelated innocent purely coincidental events in regards anything with the name Trump attached to it if it comes from the fake lying media or the political class.

Notice all the regular actors and organizations which have bombarded the news cycle for the last 2 years have mysteriously dried up like magic. Now it is 24-7 get Trump. They are changing tactics.

Everything going down about using every tactic and dirty trick to make Trump look bad in the publics eye is a deep state all hands on deck full court press to create the public allusion via defamation of character, creating doubt President Donald F. Trump is incompetent, therefore by implication a danger to national security, thus setting up the false flag event of calling for an Article 25, to remove Pres. Trump from office.

All the precedences have been laid out. A sordid history of collusion and treason with the Russians, a past history of sexually brutalizing women, the narrative Trump is inherently a dishonest corrupt business man, that Trump is imperious, he uses social media to spread lies & disinformation, his foreign policy along with his advisors, Secretary of State etc are at odds with him. His quote “outrageous unprecedented” remarks about North korea and threatening Nuclear armageddon, calling 3rd world shit holes third world #Shitholes is not the truth it is, but the signs of an out of control unhinged president who had to rig the 2016 election to steal the white house from politically credentialed potentials. The precedence of marxist/deep state aligned federal judges have set a pattern of presuming the “Constitutional Power” to usurp black letter executive branch law is within their power to decide the will of the entire nation over that of a duly elected President. That is pre-planning to set the stage for “legitimately” declare Trump unfit for office. Along with a steady stream of declarations and legislation for impeachment of Trump. Today Hawaiian state officials “accidentally” declared a Ballistic Missile Attack over the states emergency broadcast system. That is to put fear into the publics mind for when article 25 charges are brought on Trump.

Prepare yourselves accordingly. There is nothing now for it but anything goes to save their foul hides and their precious deep state.

A Truly Stunning Unedited Reveal of The Candid Derogatory View Federal Employee’s Hold For Us Deplorable’s (updated 12-19)


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Tricks & Techniques of Small Infantry Operation At Night Without Hi Tech Night Observation & Targeting Devices


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Smell A Rat? Remember: This Is All About Guns & Creating An Entire Narrative White American Men Are Evil & Some Recent Revelations Concerning Los Vegas


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If “they” can create narratives, well by Jove I can create a narrative also. My narrative is as long as White Christian Men remain White Christian Men, we stand for what we are, what we believe, for our faith, we … Continue reading



This gallery contains 3 photos.

There’s 3 things the dirty filthy stinking commies want.
It is how they roll:
What have those 3 things in common?
They are all alike.
They constitute property.
Its the first thing: Property
Do not be fooled, do not be swayed, do not be bushwhacked, do not be conned.
Guns are property. This is the First thing.
Guns are as much property as anything you own. If they try to take your gun, your property, they are doing so because your gun as property is all what stands in their way of all other property you own, (remember, they have taken almost everything, as a nation, the collective inherent wealth as a nation, our outward reflected legacy as a Christian Western people and all for which it stands).
The gun is the most unique property there is. It is the only property with the inherent property of a piece of property which can be used to defend itself hence it defends all other property.
Can you understand why guns are so unique in all property a man can posses?
You win they loose by refusing by any means possible denying them any of your property.
Without property you not only have no liberty you have no life.
To take away your gun is the ultimate in larceny. It is also the ultimate in surrender. To surrender your gun is to surrender all that you own. Because now you have no property to defend your property. That sounds simple but it is a concept, a reality, which many can not comprehend in all its truth. If a plurality of us refuse to give up our guns even unto our death, we win because in refusing we will kill so many commies there is not enough left to take anymore guns.

The gun, your gun, is your primal property. You must get that in your head and your heart. Nothing else matters. If you can not comprehend the primal nature of guns as property as the first thing you will loose. And you will follow the hundreds of millions who have perished into genocide by the hand of the greatest thieves of the human race.
Do not give up your property, your gun.
When you understand in your heart what this means all else follows.
It is The Prime Directive.
The prime directive of their tyranny is to take our guns.
The prime directive of our liberty is to never give up our guns.

If you can not grok this fundamental building block of the foundation of liberty you can not understand in full what liberty is, by that you can not fight tyranny with all the weapons you possess with all your being.
This is critically important because defending ones Property: your guns, your possessions, your life, your land, your loved ones, your freedoms, your faith, your spirit, hence your motive power and yes your audacity of will and consent requires a bedrock comprehension that all these things are one & the same, they are part & parcel, they constitute a whole, the only Constitution which is valid and which is all that is required to exist free, that to be denied one is to essentially be denied all. That liberty is the sum of all its components.

Don’t give up your fucking guns.
I mean it.
Do Not Give Up Your Fucking Guns.
Refusing to give up your guns is the ultimate form of withdrawal of consent.
It is the greatest weapon ever conceived.

Be proud of your property.
Cherish your property.
Never betray your property.
Love your property because nothing else is as stead fast and loyal, a projection of who you are and what you stand for and refuse to surrender, as your gun.

Do not be fooled.
This is all about guns.
Who has guns.
Who doesn’t have guns.
Who rules the guns.
Who is ruled by the guns.
Everything else is total bullshit.

People ask: what does the shit hit the fan look like?
Answer: your looking at it. It is guns they are coming for now. The preliminary softening up of the people has ended. All that diversity convergence bullshit was dress rehearsal for taking our guns.

It was to dis-arm us of our sense of who we are as Fee Men so to make it that much easier to disarm us of all of our property right down to the liberty in our hearts, ultimately our lives, it is the precept of all Communism/Marxian intent, to take everyones property. All that stands in the filthy stinking commies way is our guns in the hands of us who will never surrender either.

Now do you understand the prime directive?

Continue reading

WRSA: Surprise Quote of The Week

From over at Western Rifles Shooters Association comes this gem. Be sure to read the comments when you click over.



Surprise Quote Of The Week








…I think a lot of Americans have guns because they’re fearful—and for damn good reason. They fear a coming chaos, and know that when it happens it will be coming to a nation that no longer coheres. They think it’s all collapsing—our society, our culture, the baseline competence of our leadership class. They see the cultural infrastructure giving way—illegitimacy, abused children, neglect, racial tensions, kids on opioids staring at screens—and, unlike their cultural superiors, they understand the implications.

Nuts with nukes, terrorists bent on a mission. The grid will go down. One of our foes will hit us, suddenly and hard. In the end it could be hand to hand, door to door. I said some of this six years ago to a famously liberal journalist, who blinked in surprise. If that’s true, he said, they won’t have a chance! But they are Americans, I said. They won’t go down without a fight…

— Peggy Noonan, The Culture Of Death – And Of Disdain



Trump Promised A Wall. Looks Like Trump Is Delivering. 10 Billion Has Just Been Approved By Committee.

By all accounts, (outside the fake lying media), President Trump has accomplished a phenomenal list of To Do’s far past the sphere of his promises before his election to The White House. He has rolled back decades of regulatory tyranny, devastated decades of compounded statist administrative fiat, demanded a budget for the first time in 8 + years, fired thousands of low life destructive personal within the federal system, he himself though he requires for every new regulatory act, 3 must be eliminated, has taken as many as 15 regulations off the books for every new one he has implemented. This is just skimming the surface of what this man has done.

There is an incredible list of accomplishments. No President prior has done but a tiny fraction in comparison.


From the Washington Examiner:

House committee approves $10 billion to fund border wall 

by Anna Giaritelli |

The House Homeland Security Committee passed legislation Wednesday that would provide $10 billion toward President Trump’s wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, a step toward possible consideration on the House floor.

The committee passed Wednesday afternoon in a party-line vote, after dismissing all Democratic amendments.

The committee vote is a significant step toward implementing President Trump’s goal of building a border wall, which otherwise has been stalled. Trump himself agreed to delay money for the wall last month in order to quickly resolve a fight over raising the debt ceiling and extending federal spending for the first few months of the new fiscal year.

It’s still not clear when or whether House Republicans will bring the bill to the floor. However, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said last week that Trump was receptive to the idea of including some form of border security in a bill creating a program to protect immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children.

Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, introduced the bill in July, and it has more than 70 Republican co-sponsors, but no Democratic support.

McCaul’s committee on Wednesday rejected every Democratic amendment before voting to approve the bill.

“We have been talking about border security for so many years and now we finally have a chance to get this done. We finally have a partner in the White House who has prioritized this issue. It’s time for Congress to do its part and get this done,” McCaul said during the committee markup.

Democrats criticized the bill throughout the process.

“It is a $15 billion boondoggle that abandons past bipartisan efforts to stop throwing money at the border in an ad-hoc way in favor of strategically deploying resources,” Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said in his opening remarks.

Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Texas added that the bill could have “dire consequences” on a wildlife refuge located in his district that houses rare butterflies.

The legislation includes $10 billion to secure the border through a “border wall system” that includes projects related to the wall, fencing, technology, air assets and other barriers. It also includes another $5 billion to modernize ports of entry, including the hiring an additional 5,000 Border Patrol agents and 5,000 Customs and Border Protection officers in a way that simplifies how veterans and law enforcement officers can be hired.

Border states that have called in the National Guard to help secure portions of the U.S.-Mexico boundary will be reimbursed with up to $35 million.

The Biometric Entry-Exit System, a digital method of tracking visa recipients, will be implemented at all ports of entry in order to track immigrants who overstay, according to the bill.


Angry Trump Asks “Why Isn’t Senate Looking Into Fake News Networks In OUR Country”

BUSTED: Anti-Trump Mayor Of San Juan Spent $20,000 In Public Funds To Bankroll Violent Protest



ISIS was in Nevada to kill, to massacre thousands. Not play idiot sting operations with FBI idiots.

There was some really fishy things, something wasn’t right. I wrote I smelled a Rat yesterday. Everything that didn’t add up does now. My first thought was as a false flag op, the hotel room scenes looked contrived, like a truly gross ignorance of weapons was behind the display we where allowed to see. Now it makes sense, it was a rush job to lay all the blame on one dead guy in a hotel room, it was improvisational, they had only minutes to set up plausible deniability. Poorly. None of it looked right. Now it all makes sense.

Oh ya, almost forgot. You Ass Clowns keep on looking in every crack nook & cranny for the illusive so called evil known as White Christian Radical Extremists Militia Racist Domestic Terrorists. OK. Riiiiight.

You Fucking idiots.

You got 59 people killed. 600 wounded. Oh Yeah real professional. Then you all tried to pin it on us dirt people. What a fucking bunch of losers and coward traitors you are. I hope you all burn in hell.

And not just for the victims in Nevada, but the trail of dead bodies from Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge to Levoy Finnicum in Oregon. An honorable mention for the 72 women & children you all burnt alive in the bunker at Waco, and proceeded to stand on the charred bodies of those children you murdered for your trophy shot. Oh yes you sonofabitches, I remember you all & what you have done over the years.

What about the thousands of dead Mexican’s from the gun you all ran in Operation Fast & Furious?

One day maybe us dirt people can show you how to deal correctly with the real enemies of America: Yourselves.
Lord knows you all haven’t figured that one out yet.

This is the kind of shit that brings down entire empires.

Looks like I’m not the only one who suspects domestic enemies are involved.

Holy Cow – The Official Mandalay Bay Massacre Narrative Just Completely Changed – Latest Presser Video…

Another “Official” Account Changes: Las Vegas gunman shot security guard a full six minutes before opening fire on concertgoers, police reveal



Las Vegas Shooting Victim: ‘I Was Shot by a Gunman in the Crowd’: FBI Not Interested

God and Las Vegas By Donald Sensing

The sanity of the shooter, the insanity of the debate By Donald Sensing

Multiple Shooters And A Cover-up In Vegas

Las Vegas Plot Thickens: Stephen Paddock’s Plane Was Owned By Obama Administration Intelligence Contractor

Was Vegas an FBI Sting Gone Bad?

The Vulgar Curmudgeon: Where Is The Hotel Camera Footage?: You know damn good and well they have it. The fact that they haven’t released it tells me all I need to know. By now they have had time to sanitize it and it would be worthless anyway. Listening to the audio of the lady taxi drivers video, sounds sure as shit there was more than one shooter to me. We are being lied to, again, but the holes in this story are getting bigger and bigger. These smart sonsabitches ain’t as smart as they think they are and this isn’t 1963 or even 2001. The internet has changed all that and trying to blow smoke up everyones asses isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be.

FBI had 72 minutes to sanitize the crime scene, pin it on a white guy with an “assault” rifle.

We all got suckered by the FBI into the cover up, except for 700 people, who got maimed & murdered

Allen B West: Pelosi accidentally reveals Dems TRUE gun control agenda

ISIS Triples Down On Vegas Shooter Claims: Claims Paddock “Converted Six Months Ago”

Bill is right: Kill the Second Amendment: Let’s Get This Party Started! by Bill Buppert



Thats Right.

You want em’ so bad?

Come get em’ Motherfuckers.






It Gets Deeper By The Hour. WRSA has the story. Nobody and anything, is as it seems, and that is the only thing other than there’s 59 dead American’s & all the wounded, that is as it seems…From over the transom: Stephen Paddock’s father, like son, are not who they first appear to be

President Trump Warns Ominously: “It’s The Calm Before The Storm”

Proof of Multiple Shooters at Vegas Attack?

Paul Craig Roberts Asks “Was The Las Vegas Shooting A False Flag?”












Sheriff: Vegas Shooter Led “Secret Life”, May Have Planned Car Bombing; Tried To Ignite Jet Fuel Tanks

Good riddance! Pentagon banishes left’s ‘hate’ attack dog










Man Shielding Woman From Vegas Gunfire In Haunting Image Identified as Army Soldier

Performer At Las Vegas Harvest Festival Speaks Out Against Gun Control “All of us in that moment wished we’d had a gun.”

Revised History: Multiple Shooters And A Cover-up In Vegas

Don Serber: The New York Times let the truth slip out. The Times showed disarming people is the quickest way to suck them into socialism.

The sanity of the shooter, the insanity of the debate By Donald Sensing

Las Vegas Shooting, by Paul Craig Roberts

You Know Why: Guns & Freedom of Speech: How The Left Will Remove The Right From The Internet Using American Law

NBC REPORTER Tries to Get Vegas Shooting Victim to Trash Trump…What Happens Next Destroys The Fake News Narrative! [Video]

The Collapse Of The Government Narrative On The Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas, Conspiracies and ISIS

Vegas Shooter Investigators “Puzzled”, Believe He Was Not Alone For Two Reasons

YouTube “Tweaks” Its Search Algos After Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories Go Viral

At the end of a evil week, spend two minutes of absorbing the goodness in the human race: Vegas victim reunited with man who saved her

Update on Vegas shooter: Phone charger mystery solved, CNN reports travel to Middle East




4channel Possibly Reveals High Ranking Saudi Kingdom Officials/Family Own & Permanently Occupy Multiple Floors At Mandaly Bay: Is There Linkage To “Mystery Shooters”? (Remember, Saudi’s Where Involved in 911 Also)




Verbatim from WRSA:

You Know, Like Every 64-Year-Old White Guy…

Via Twitter.

FB page of KVVU Reporter

See also this comment from earlier this evening:

I have been posting this anywhere and everywhere; major news site to any blog I can find. This not a joke or a scam. Paddock was tasked by the Bureau to facilitate an undercover weapons buy to suspected IS operatives at the hotel. The IS members were tipped off and killed Paddock. They then commenced the Vegas shooting as a, “target of opportunity”, as it were. This is being covered up at the highest level. Paddock’s handler has been threatened and silenced as well. Operational documents as proof of this are forthcoming (hopefully)

From over the transom earlier today:

I told you they’d claim it was AR15s in Vegas. Look at the photos. Pure tripe — specifically going after Daniels Defense, after DD had the -nerve- to seek an advertising segment during half-time at the slobberbowl. Revenge as a secondary purpose, right there.

This OP has *every* hallmark of a FF/setup at this point – the “full monte” of lies and manipulation is on grotesque display.

And if you’ve been surfing at all, you’ll also notice that lots of veterans are saying that 1) there are definitely multiple shooters and multiple firing positions involved, and 2) that at least one of the guns was an M240/SAW. Both of which we concur with.

Here’s one other telling bit for you: if the lone shooter was on the 32nd floor, how were people safe behind a ~30 to 36 inch high wall less than 800 feet away? (estimated wall height from published photos, lateral distance of 780 feet via google-maps, see images)

Trigonometry doesn’t lie – if the shots were coming from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay (or the roof directly above the now-infamous Room 135), then the protected area behind such low cover as that wall provides would not have saved them. The protected area in ref to the 32nd floor (12 feet per floor X 32 floors is 384 feet height; lateral distance to the wall is about 780 feet from the MB hotel [at groundlevel – see annotated photo] to the base of the wall, so the hypotenuse angle is about 40 degrees at the low wall…. meaning that the protection would only have extended – at most – 42 or 44 inches out from the base of the wall. Not nearly enough of a safe space for roughly 35 feet of wall to have sheltered almost a hundred people from the entire attack, as stated by many witnesses, including several police officers who were ‘pinned down’ at that exact location throughout much of the shooting.

But if the gun shooting at them was on the 4th floor, or the apron-roof at 4th floor level [as shown by the taxi driver’s video], then this makes *perfect* sense, because the protected area would have
extended out from that wall almost 10 feet for a typical adult laying flat on the ground. (4th floor X 12 feet/floor = 48 feet height; lateral distance remains as ~780 feet, then the angle of fire would
only be on the order of 10~13 degrees downward) So, if a human laying flat is only 12″ high, then the protected area would have extended at least 8 feet, and possibly as far as 11 feet away from the wall (allowing for the multiple estimated factors). The area protected by the low wall would be almost as good if the main gun were much farther away, say 1500~1800 feet [i.e. on top of the Delano Hotel], even while 30+ floors in height, because the depression-angle of the gun from a more-distant rooftop [not a prepared firing position in a comfy suite] would have been excessive for the operator. This becomes relevant, below.

Further, the photos of the ‘shooters nest’ on the 32nd floor are all wrong – First, there should have been spent brass *everywhere* after such a fracas, but there’s almost none in the photos I’ve seen. I’d
love to see the final count on spent brass from the ‘Room 135’, because I believe it’s way too low to account for the carnage that was accomplished. I’ll bet its at least an order of magnitude low, compared to the following calculations:

We’ve got ~600 victims, right? Many were hit by multiple rounds. So lets say 750 hits as a *minimum*. Reality is probably closer to 900 hits, but that’s just another riff on the same theme, once you seehow to do the math.

Even in a packed venue like this, when firing full-auto the ratio of hits to rounds discharged would be low, most likely between 1:6 and 1:12 – especially once people started fleeing every which way. Let’s
say the “reasonable” range is between 1:5 and 1:12 hits-per-rounds-fired, just to be safe at the lower bound – Then 750 X 5 = 3750 minimum rounds fired. This is an extremely low bounding value; and 750 X 12 = 9000 probable rounds fired. Not the upper bound value, by any reasonable sense of events, but a very likely value.

So in total we *must* have at least 3,750 rounds fired, probably 9,000 rounds, and quite possibly more. So where in hell is all that spent brass? Not in Room 135, apparently.

I’ve been in situations where we [~ a dozen guys, ten M4s and two MGs] spent 10K rounds of ammo in well under 5 minutes. Ammo goes amazingly fast, when you’re engaging numerous targets at short to medium range! [And yes, 500 meters is ‘only’ medium range for any real machine gun] After such an event, the brass is so thick on the ground that its a real hazard to guys getting up from their fighting positions slipping and falling on the ‘rolling carpet’ of brass around them. I’ve shaken a dozen or more pieces of brass out of my shirt and webgear after such an engagement, and had no recollection of how it could possibly have gotten there. Brass goes *everywhere* wildly – it bounces and rolls around a lot.

So, either these photos of ‘Room 135’ are seriously sanitized, and therefore worthless, or there is another firing position (or multiple other firing positions) and again, these photos are the ‘horse and
pony’ show, just a distraction from the truth instead of an admission of it. Both assertions are very likely to be the case here – there’s the sanitized [or unused] ‘nest’ on the 32nd floor that they’re showing us, *plus* the other firing positions which we will never hear about, let alone see photos of.

Honestly, I don’t believe that they -had to- sanitize the room on the 32nd floor, because I don’t believe that many -if any- rounds came from there.

Just examining the site plan from above, the best firing positions are on top of the Delano hotel. That position has the clearest, most commanding view of the entire venue, by far. If I were going to dosuch a thing, that’s where I’d go to do it.

Second best positions are A) on the roof of the Mandalay Bay or B) a high window facing East in that building, as Room 135 has. The position on the 4th floor [or on the lower, apron-roof at about 3.5stories in height] of the Mandalay Bay would really only have been useful for engaging targets backstage, or in the VIP area of the venue, as the rest of the area is too obscured by ground clutter atthat lower elevation. The lower position does, however, command the Boulevard via which the anticipated police and EMS response will come, and command it very well. Or, in other words, this could have gonemuch worse for the First-Responders.

The only viable alternative is the roof of the Excalibur, another block away, but that doesn’t match any of the witness reports or collected video of the event. The Luxor pyramid and the building just north of the pyramid aren’t suitable [look at the upper fascia – above the roofline – of the building north of the Luxor, the building with the Chris Angle/MindFreak sign on it] is unsuitable because there is no gap between the roof and the fascia from which to deploy a firing position; whereas on Mandalay Bay and the Delano the above-roof fascia has a substantial gap through which a fire-team could easily bedeployed.

This can all be seen on google-maps using satellite view and 3D – look for the signature strip of light on the roof, right at the base of the fascia – that proves theres a gap — and it’s usually about 2 feet high. You can’t see that gap from the ground, but it’s almost always there. It makes for a perfectly hidden firing position. Guys who work from a highrise roof with any regularity will know exactly whatI’m talking about.

Anyways, the above are a significant subset of the reasons why I’m certain we’re being feed a colossal line of BS here, and that this is indeed a false flag operation to enrage the Right, to bait us into a fight that will -regardless of who “wins” – finish off our nation in terms of ever recovering a legitimate government, or even just stopping the political and racial violence. It’s an end-game play by monsters who don’t count the cost, only their ‘victories’.


Schlichter: On Liberals And Their Rage

Irreconcilable differences.



To be resolved…




Read The Thread – At Least Through #20

Via Twitter.




An awesome story of unselfish heroism and caring for others at the risk of his own life.

Man Shielding Woman From Vegas Gunfire In Haunting Image Identified as Army Soldier


“Here’s a story of heroism from the Las Vegas massacre – and there were many – that you might not have heard details about yet.

A haunting image seen around the world from the horror that night showed a man shielding a woman lying on the ground, comforting her as chaos reigned around them. He even reportedly tried to cover her eyes so she couldn’t see the people around them being shot.

It is at once a saddening image of a rightfully terrified woman and an inspiring image of a man willing to sacrifice himself to protect her…”

How Convenient: Another White Lone Wolf Mass Murderer With An “Assault” Weapon. Matt Bracken was right again.


Scum working for the political interests of the political scum of OUR government did this.  What if that was your wife, your sister, your daughter, your mom?


We are being played for suckers again.

I’ve been saying it for years. It all comes down to guns. Everything these motherfuckers do is about guns. Because as long as we are armed American’s legitimate in our freedoms & liberty, armed as a last resort to defend ourselves from such tyrants and their evil, they are prohibited from advancing their power past the stage it presently occupies.

As long as a Free America exists, they can never attain the globalistic one world order which is their ultimate goal.

This false flag operation is so obvious they may as well have hung a banner from the top of the hotel.

How’s that make you feel?

How’s that make you feel, its your tax money being used to destroy your country, your hard earned bucks that goes to pay for these false flag false narrative crisis as a means events? They can’t be cheap either, like everything on the federal level. The ultimate boondoggle of special interests. You just know those behind this bullshit think it is deliciously funny us proles, serfs, deplorable’s, and dirt people are taking it right up the arse.

This is payback for defying these motherfuckers on 11-08-16…

…and its our guns they are trying to take from us now. Thats the setup here. The blood hadn’t even coagulated on the pavement and the hive collective is screaming gun control.


Fuck. This. Shit.


Come And Take Them


I got gun control for these motherfuckers. Its called control of the trigger finger & sight picture with their mugs zeroed in.


Just as Matt Bracken predicted in his 3 book trilogy Enemies Foreign and Domestic. A “lone gunmen” shoots up a stadium of people from a long range position, sets off a nationwide series of gun prohibition and confiscation “laws” and action.

I don’t for one second believe this is a random natural event. It has false flag written all over it. I smell a Rat in no uncertain terms.

It is a multi use operation. The permanent government is attempting to overload and inundate the Trump Presidency with a “White Man’s” proof of narrative where all White Men are violent, cold blooded gun waving racist lunatics, and so is President Trump

The icing on this cake of pure bullshit is a bloody event where the narrative is positioned exactly in the suitable light to assist politically, gun confiscation, a narrative created and nurtured to the full extent. Nothing of this nature in this country as it stands currently is natural or random isolated unrelated act.  This is grade A approved living breathing agitprop designed for one thing: disarm America. Dis-arm it physically, culturally, provincially, mentally, politically, spiritually (as in The Whole Armor of God), metaphorically.

Don’t bullshit yourself, or do so at your risk, this is all about guns. Everything is boiling down to guns. Guns, gun culture, gun mindset, defense of ones life property, guns as faith in un-alianable rightful liberty, the politics – beliefs – culture of guns in the hands of Freemen: The primal God given natural rights of weapons of defense, and offense, are the last object which stands in the way of the elites and their stinking 1 world order bullshit.

They simply can not take their tyranny any further with the real threat of a massively armed & equipped White Christian alternative & traditional right thinking vast majority which outnumbers all other pluralities in America. They have broken down their current stage of that so called “long march” into so many derivative components, they can not move the Overton Window another millimeter until Patriots of every stripe are effectively disarmed, there is nothing for it but to go nuclear on the whole 2nd Amendment gun dynamic.

This is in itself the no bullshit line that shall not be crossed without serious cascading unintended consequences for the elites. They do not possess the man power, the cadre, the numbers, people resources,  nor a sycophant organization hidden within the federal government system of the deep/permanent-state with the unquestionable obedience and suicidal mindset to take the Bolshevik option and go Kill The Kulak option as happened in 20th century Russia & China. Ain’t gonna happen. This nation is too large, populated across flyover land with too many people who are going to wage grass roots resistance armed & unarmed. A culture separate from the coastal elites, so mis-understood the oligarchy can not fathom the resources, ingenuity, motive power & audacity which will be released upon them. Though they do grasp there are some insurmountable barriers which can not be found counter-measures for.

I believe it is one of the reasons why President Trump has aligned with, allied with a loyal US .mil, and the civilian law enforcement community who are on the same side as Donald Trump. They know he knows who they are about and have their backs. It will be extremely risky for the deep state to co-opt the numbers and resources needed by a US military sent out to harass and dis-arm the citizenry. Catalonia is an incredibly relevant event, it represents the simmering distrust & cold anger among the “Deplorable’s”, and if you have not realized, November 8, 2016 was a color revolution of over 65 million American’s who literally outright defied the deep/permanent-state and its associates in the greater northern hemisphere.

Its a pretty sure thing to say there’s millions of armed American’s who are not going to bend a knee. their guns are the line in the sand. The elites tested that disarmament in Colorado, NY, Connecticut, and those states are collectivist hives, where probably millions of residents of those states said no, I’m never giving up my guns, proved it by refusing to comply with statist diktat to register or give up their weapons of liberty.

So the only real viable option is to chop away at the disarmament agenda through social engineering, piece by piece creating de-facto “law” & employing administrative tyranny in the form of fiat regulatory centralism, using false flag crisis as a means media bullshit to create an illusion of legitimacy, a fig leaf have you, to go after our property. Because, property it is. And if you think a guy like me deserves to have his property taken away by the government, just wait till all property becomes property of the state. Then come back, tell me about my illegitimate right to my “property”. A gun is My property, is the first thing.

Updated 10-3:

Multiple Shooters reported by 1st arriving law enforcement.

No way that guy got his hands on all those weapons, all the False Flag Ops earmarks of Newtown and Aroura, same MO, same cookie cutter standard operating procedure.

Same Clintonesque distraction tactics. Look! A squirrel! Think 250 million in missing Childrens Fund cash assets, blow jobs, Emails, Pizzagate, Seth Rich, Epstiens sex slave shuttle, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Oklahoma City, Waco and on and on.

This fucking crap is beyond old. These fuckers need to be rounded up and strapped into an electric chair. I’m saying total purge. Disgusting humans beyond definition. There are no words to define how foul evil they are. And they walk free everyday. How many have been murdered by these fuckers?

Right out of Matt Bracken’s EF&D Trilogy opening scene

Bracken On AJ Yesterday: There will be more attacks. Things will get worse. Powerful interests benefit from both.








Where Is The Hotel Camera Footage?

72 minutes : Full transcript of radio comms

Fake gun control converts: Audio of shooting. Multiple shooters, not from hotel 300 yards away

Z Blog: The FBI’s Russia Shield

Deception at Mandalay Bay?

Things That Make You Go “Hmmmmm…”

Who, How, Why, and WTF?







Las Vegas: Pray for the fallen, prepare to fight the governing elite’s war on liberty, by Michael Scheuer

More Poking Around Vegas

And Your Point Is?

I’ve Read The Book

Bracken Sends


Aesop On Las Vegas








From One Who Knows: Aesop: Gunshot Trauma And Your IFAK

Things That Make You Go ‘Hmmmm…’


From O’l Remus:

About the massacre in Las Vegas, Karl Denninger says, at Market-Ticker:

The process to obtain a legal machine gun is materially more stringent than the process to become a police officer. What we don’t know at this point, of course, is whether said machine gun was legally purchased. It is quite likely that it was not—that it was either illegally converted (in which case all the background checks are worthless) or it was illegally sourced and acquired (in which case all the background checks are also worthless.)

… For the moment there are no conclusions that can reasonably be reached but that hasn’t and won’t stop those who wish to both pick your pocket and focus ever-more intrusive measures on people who have done exactly nothing wrong from exploiting this event for their own purposes.

The best defense against mass murder is to be somewhere else. To repeat Ol’ Remus’s Most Excellent Rule One:

Stay away from crowds.

It used to be that murder was blamed on the murderer. But Remus is a Deplorable without much capacity for nuance. Let’s turn to the ruling class for deeply nuanced comments from our Non-Deplorable betters:

Media and showbiz had this to say:

Hayley Geftman-Gold, CBS vice president and senior counsel:

I’m actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are Republican gun toters.

[She was fired, perhaps for saying out loud what others at CBS kept to themselves. But, it’s telling she felt safe to say what she did.]

Jeff Zeleny, CNN reporter

Something else I think to keep in mind, a lot of these country music supporters were likely Trump supporters.

[It’s not clear why he dropped this into his report, there’s no context to explain what he meant. It’s just a bizarre non sequitur but, being CNN, a suspicious one]

Lady Gaga:

Prayers are important but @SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump blood is on the hands of those who have power to legislate. #GunControl act quickly.

Michael Black

The NRA is a terrorist organization. There’s no other way to say it.

Mia Farrow

Are we really ok with monsters & the mentally ill buying machine guns?

Politicians had this to say:

Hillary Clinton

The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get. Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.

Senator Chris Murphy, Connecticut:

To my colleagues: your cowardice to act cannot be whitewashed by thoughts and prayers. None of this ends unless we do something to stop it.

Senator Bob Casey, Pennsylvania:

How many more parents need to bury their children before Congress acknowledges the need to take action to reduce gun violence? #StopTheHate

Do any of them know if Paddock committed suicide before or after the mass shooting? The question’s not original with me, I see it being asked here ‘n there. As of now we “know” he was a wealthy guy with no known criminal record, no apparent motive, no mental health issues, no political or religious activism. Something ain’t right. Maybe we’ll know more by next Tuesday.

Fact-Blindness and the Left: You cannot ban guns in the United States

Right On Cue: Fake gun control converts

Police: One hour, 12 minutes to locate Paddock in hotel room after they received first 911 call.

CBS Executive Fired for ‘No Sympathy’ Comments About Las Vegas Shooting

No, fuck YOU!!! One Man Stands His Ground While Shots Incoming Flips Shooters The Bird

Leftists Finally Admit That They Hate White People

Deconstructing the Mandalay Bay Massacre Narrative

Real time perfect example of how they build the false narrative

More Building The Hive Narrative: Attack strikes country music, bastion of traditionalism…

More False Narrative ala carte: Montage: Media, Dems Race to Politicize…

More Pablum For The Gullible Masses: If You Know About Guns, There’s No Way This Guy With No Prior Weapons Experience Owned These Rifles & Gear: “Exclusive” photos of Las Vegas shooter’s guns

Thinking Beyond The False flag Events & Other Dynamics Facing Enterprise & Economy: Vulnerability Assessments

Pamela Geller: FIRST PHOTOS Inside Las Vegas Attacker’s Mandalay Hotel Room

Pamela Geller: YouTube and Facebook remove video of Las Vegas attacker at anti-Trump protest

The False Flag Ruse Reaches New Heights of Absurdity: Weapons Cache, Explosives And Ammonium Nitrate Found In Home And Car Of Las Vegas Shooter

They Sure Don’t Waste Any Time When It Comes To Our Un-Alienable Rights: Pelosi Calls for Special Committee on Gun Violence as Left’s War on Civil Liberties Rages

Just Remember, The Left Likes These Massacres

The Media Wall

Is 59 dead white people enough Coach?: NBA Coach: ‘White People Especially’ Need To Be Made ‘Uncomfortable’

We Will Never Get The Actual Truth About The Las Vegas Shooting…

3 insightful posts from a very thoughtful man:

why i think there was more than one las vegas shooter …..

crowd control …. another reason why i don’t think the las vegas shooter acted alone ….

the shooter’s guns, very upscale …. another reason why i don’t think he acted alone ….

Police Scan Audio: 1 Hour 52 Minutes And 51 Seconds Of WTF?

Vegas Shooting Captured By Taxi Driver


Lots Of Questions About Las Vegas

Good questions nobody is asking in the media: 16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About

David Codrea: One Question About Las Vegas Evaded by Prominent ‘Gun Controllers’












132 Acre WV Turn Key Legacy Farm For Sale: Perfect Retreat or Begin Cattle Farming


132 acres total, approximately 60 in pasture. Not only a current working farm, this property has all the features required for an EOTWAWKI homestead. Mild winters, long growing season, established truck garden, multiple pristine water sources, wood heat and an exhaustible source of firewood, excellent fence system, on an off route rural road, award winning school system, a community which looks out for each other, first class hunting, trapping, fishing, abundant wild woodland herb and mushroom gathering, enough hay pasture to provide winter forage for 20+ cows, farm ponds are stocked with fish, house is in immaculate condition, nice 2 car garage, excellent ridgeline wind zone for home wind turbine power, unlimited south exposure for solar power, low property taxes, reasonably close shopping & related resources, close to a myriad of West Virginia outdoor activities and geological features, state & national parks & monuments. Located almost in the geographical center of WV.


Helping my Neighbor/Tribe Member sell his farm. It is a turnkey mountain top legacy farm. By turn key that means down to silverware in the draw, sheets on the beds, cows in the pasture, to winters hay in the barn. Bring a tractor & rifle, your family and start homesteading.

I can not express how awesome this farm is. I know it very well, have hiked, worked, hunted, gardened, tended cattle and bailed hay on it for years. Can provide a guided tour of property & neighborhood for interested parties.

This property has so many features its difficult to define everything, you really have to see it for yourself. I have access to a Side x Side ATV and can give a full tour of entire 132 acres:

Farm has been operated by one family for 70 years.
Present house built in 1960
House is fully furnished from beds to silverware, rider mower, cord wood etc.
3 bed, 1 bath
Wood and electric heat.
Municipal county water and artesian well water supply for house.
6 out buildings: 2 car garage, cattle barn with hay feeding stations and hay loft/storage, an electrified concrete block storage building, a traditional root cellar, an artesian well house, and wood shed.

Approximately 40 acres of pasture and hay fields, with fencing and gates, suitable for sectioning off various pasturing to facilitate the rotating of grazing and access to water, calving etc., including woodland pasture sections for cattle during heat of summer. The watering stations are placed as to permit the minimum of travel for cattle regardless of their location in pastures.

4 sources of water, artisan well, (municipal water is co-op county operated. 1 cattle water station is hooked into co-op water supply), 2 hydraulic springs, 2 spring fed ponds. One spring supplies cattle water trough through an enclosed pipe system, 2nd spring is reserved as conservation source, county provides owner with a yearly stipend for conservation and upkeep. There are 4 cattle watering stations, 2 are pipe fed with shutoffs from 2 spring fed ponds, and 1 plumbed direct from
 separate spring. County co-op supplied watering station is located inside barn paddock. Ponds are stocked with fish. 

Currently the balance of land not used for livestock is in timber. As of it’s last selective cutting 50 years prior, it has been managed for hard maple. There are a number of other hardwood species present in various quantity organic to this boreal forrest at this altitude and weather: hickory, 4 species of oak, sugar maple, poplar. Timber was cruised 2 years ago, estimates of value, depending on market values, range from $195,000 to $250,000 in standing timber.

This is a very well maintained and pristine piece of land. It has also been awarded conservation farm status.
The source of hydraulic springs is the mountain top aquifer the land sits upon.
The fencing is of first rate condition, always maintained. To the north and south, this property is buffered by thousands of acres of paper company timber land.
The small surrounding neighborhood is a mountain rural farm based, hard working community. County based school system with rural bus routes. 
Altitude at farm is 3000ft.
Hunting, trapping, and fishing is superlative. There is a very nice tree stand in a section of wooded pasture. A system of jeep/side by side trails provide full access to most of the land.
Being this is a mountain top ridge line, it is about near perfect conditions for alternative wind/solar off grid systems. There is a number of beautiful potential building sites for alternative home locations.
Taxes are approximately $1000 a year.
The timber potential provides a considerable re-coup on investment.
The cattle herd providing a sustainable source of organic grass raised beef.
There is a half acre truck garden fenced and gated with a water source, large enough to provide for a 6 person family.
Cattle corn crops of 2-4 acres have been rotationally planted in various pasture and hay fields incorporating the fence and gate layout to keep cattle from feeding on it.
The growing season begins in march and continues till first frost of September, suitable years can provide 2 growing seasons and upwards of 4 hay cuttings. 2 hay cuttings are mormal, with up to four depending on a particular years weather.
The annual rainfall averages 47 inches a year.
Cattle Herd consists of 20 proven brood cows, no heifers, Angus/Limousine cross with Guernsey milk stock to provide high volume milk to calves. Feeder cows raised from yearly calving in the 550 – 650lb range average approximately $9,000-14,000 in revenue, plus a 1 or more beefs for family consumption.
Currently 1 Angus/Limousine cross bull, 3 year old.
These are 1st rate healthy beef cows, all shots and vaccines. Herd has been continuously bred and raised here over the family life of this farm.
This farm has been awarded a West Virginia Dept. of Agriculture grant for an enclosed Feed Pad. Designs are currently approved for a 40ft x 100ft enclosed from weather free span, concrete floor structure. Structure designed with 8×8 wood posts, double truss roof spans, metal roof, enclosed on sides with access on ends, to be built alongside existing hay barn. This is a $100,000 partial agricultural grant that is a legacy structure attached to farm complex regardless of title owners. Once constructed, by default becomes free and clear from liens, stipulations or any clauses other than it is a legacy structure belonging to the farm itself.
This is a true turn key working, move in, sustainable, fully functional family conservation farm property, with good neighbors, in a safe, lush, pristine piece of America, If your interested in a working farm, or a rural retreat, it doesn’t get much better than this. I have lived on this ridge for 11 years and can tell you direct about what the area is like, local knowledge, people, etc.
Photo’s below are taken in more or less in a sequence to give some perspective on the nature of the land and features. These do not include photos inside the 90 or so acres of woodland forest, which is traced with jeep & horse trails for access to various features such as property lines, woods glades & meadows, prior logging skidded paths, to the standing timber, possible house sights, trails adjoining surrounding properties etc.
Understand, there are very few properties like this anywhere, never mind available for sale. You truly have to see it to appreciate the scope, size, and features.
Asking price is $650,000
(Gold/Cash/barter considered)
Value of Timber if sold recoups approximately 1/3rd of investment.
If prospective owner was to reduce cattle herd, or not run any cattle, hay pasture across road from main Homestead is very marketable average, owner could realize further recoup of initial investment.
Present owner will consider lower bid without cattle, and or as present owner retains timber rights.
Please, owner has stipulated no commercial real estate brokerage interests.



Almost 10 Months Into MAGA… No Wall Yet, Yet Nationalism/Alt-Right On The Rise, A Threat To The Statist-Quo It Has No Defense Against



A Very Fine Definition of Being an American: American Exceptionalism, by TL Davis

Surrounded By Corruption, Donald Trump Unveils A New Plan And Doctrine

Bannon to Alabama: ‘They think you’re a pack of morons’

What BFYTW Looks Like

WRSA: Metrics

Alt-Right Is Tired Of Living In Mordor

The Z Man: Clarity and the Written Record

Revised History: This Site Contains…..whatever we don’t like, so it’s blocked

Trump Presages Huntingtonian Shift Away From Ideology

Bannon Vowed He Would Bury The McConnell Crime Syndicate & Delivers: Judge Roy Moore Shatters The Cuck Line in Alabama

Southern Reconstruction

Teachers Demand $3,200 From Each Kentucky Household To Fund Pension Ponzi For 2 Years

Hit Em Where it Hurts

Ms. Barnhardt: All Decent People Should Be Afraid of Sodomites. Here’s Why. EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING.

American Red Cross Asks ARRL’s Assistance with Puerto Rico Relief Effort

Zinke: 30 Percent of the Interior Department Is Not Loyal to Trump

Nazism and Fascism Are Dead

Mainstream political polls commit fraud Mainstream polls use up to 58 percent more Democrats than Republicans

Betrayal by the Brass: Dereliction of Duty, Part Two, by Robert Gore

Traditional Right: Words That Lie

Why The Woobie Is The Greatest Military Invention Ever Fielded

Senator-to-be Roy Moore is what the real alternative Right looks like. Anti-establishment, Christian, nationalist, and populist.

American Red Cross Asks ARRL’s Assistance with Puerto Rico Relief Effort

Collecivist Roots of NFL’s Anthem Protest

The Right rises

SJW/UTube Convergence: YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

Our Fragile Civilization by RICHARD FERNANDEZ

Alt-Right: what it is

The ghost of Chairman Mao

ICYMI: “Trump Preparing Executive Order to Let Americans Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines” by Rand Paul

A superb synthesis describing how FUSA’s institutions are being used as the hammer and anvil of collectivist transformation: Herschel: The NFL, Spenser Rapone, And The Project Of Cultural Terraforming


People Ignore Facts That Contradict Their False Beliefs

The Right Rises

How They Create Propaganda & Agitprop: Trump labeled the MSM “fake news” during his campaign. The correct term is COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA

The Dangerous Child: Some Basic Concepts

Dangerous Child FAQs

California finds something else to try to tax

Jim’s Comment on WRSA Post Bracken Sends


Spain In Crisis: Catalan Police Reject Madrid Takeover, Vow To “Resist”

Catalans Occupy Schools, Blockade Roads Amid Police/Government Threats, “History’s About To Be Written”

Hundreds of tractors roll into Barcelona to protect polling stations ahead of Catalan’s ‘banned’ independence referendum on Sunday after police seized more than 2.5 million ballots

Tennessee church attack was revenge

Nolte: Trump Wins Bigly as Every NFL Player Stands for Thursday Night Anthem

AMBUSHED: U.N. Heads Turn in Stunned Disbelief as PLO Lies Exposed by Palestinian Hero

Truth stuns the UN, accustomed as they are to lies – watch all the way through.

The Elephant in the Room


The trend is bigger than the man

Losing in Afghanistan (Rather The Roots of Losing To Begin With)


From WRSA:

A harder-than-usual read on even more difficult reading, via Gab

In multiple ways.

Democracy triumphant produces New Johannesburg.

Reading list per Moldbug:


Latter-Day Pamphlets

Shooting Niagara: And After?

Occasional Discourse

at theospark …. “antifa” explained …. (hint: same old commie bullshit) ….








“They Won’t Know What Hit Them” Shocking Undercover Footage Exposes Antifa’s “Premeditated” Violence

(Yeah. They won’t know what hit them when us “Fascists & Nazi’s” have had enough of their neo-bolshevik crap.)

The Media Wall


Timeless Feminine…


…This is my America, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, I want her back.

This Weeks Woodpile Report

Herbs, Plants, and Healing Properties (practical info on historical uses)

The Long Night Ahead

What More BFYTW Looks Like: The United States of Fuck You by VANDERLEUN













what really happened to hillary clinton during the election ….

Rifles In The Dark by Dark Triad Man

Read The Comments: Knuckle Dragging My Life Away:Tennessee church shooting – what the hell?

The Cold Hard Truth Math Never Lies: The Wind Power Sell Job By Donald Sensing

The Great Z Man: The Personal is Political

Tribalism and the Alt-Right

In Furious Tweetstorm, Trump Slams San Juan Mayor, “Fake News” Over Puerto Rico Response

“This Is Textbook” – Military Officials Defend Trump Administration’s Puerto Rico Response




The Vulgar Curmudgeon: My Newest Post Is Over At My New WordPress Site





(Note: FYI a practical bit of intelligence: what many who are getting live fire Small Unit Infantry Tactics training are discovering is your plain Jane all Mil Spec AR Carbines & aluminum magazines are extremely reliable. This is under the real world conditions of firing 1000 -2000 5.56 x 54 Mil Spec rounds over a 2-3 day course. Talking OEM Colt and a few other true Mil Spec manufactured carbines & components like complete upper receivers such as Wyndham Weaponry, [Will have a full list asap]. Heres a couple pieces to get you started below. I can attest personally to this experience. You find out real quick if your AR15 type carbine has what it takes to burn through a case or more of 55gr FMJ 5.56. rapid fire, like 3-8 mag dumps in a session firing at pop up targets in a 3D life like woodland scenario range, using Non Mil Spec parts if they will fail do. Like not having a GI taper pinned front sight base, or non Mil Spec trigger/hammer springs. Leaving you with a useless chunk O’ metal & plastic in the middle of an ambush. That it sucks like nothing imaginable doesn’t begin to define the level of helplessness & doom you experience. Battle field pic up as a back up plan in the middle of 20 guys firing a thousand rounds in 3 minutes is not an option. All my rifles have been recycled into Mil Spec grade weapons. Thing is, they handle superbly, shoot under minute of man under high stress rapid fire, light weight, simple, rock solid reliable. Never mind the sense of confidence and commonality of parts & administration of my carbines.

The Mil Spec M-4orgery AR15 Carbine is a truly reliable practical weapons system. Add in optics such as an Aimpoint Patrol Optic or Tijicon Reflex/Acog sight, a serious duty weapons light, severe duty sling, back up rear irons helping a Mil Spec front sight base, you have a system that can not be beat for reliability. This isn’t about “race” gunnery, posing, collecting, or having fun building an AR Mutant with the latest high speed add ons. This commentary is about staying alive because your combat rifle system never quits on you when you need it most. A rare case where money doesn’t get you the best. Common sense and historical truth does.)

Notes on Setting Up the Modern Fighting Rifle

The Big M4 Myth: ‘Fouling caused by the direct impingement gas system makes the M4/M4A1 Carbine unreliable.’

AR endurance findings, at a rental range

So, you want a carbine . . .

The Conflation of Shooting and Tactics


For Short Barrel 7.62 NATO Carbines:

.308 Rifle Loads: Short Rifle, Long Range: Testing our 16.5″ 308 Remington 700 out to 635 yards

Short barrel 16.5 inch 308 Winchester load development

Fantastic Story About Rifle Accuracy: Secrets of the Houston Warehouse


The Gritty Necessity of Observation During Rural Movement & Intelligence Gathering: Small Unit Citizen Infantry Tactics: The Patrol – Chapter 1 (chapter 1 of 9 chapters)

Gear: Patrol Packs & Sustainment Loads: Max Velocity’s Superb Dissertation On Combat Loads for The Citizen Defender

How To Sow Up Your Wounded Family & Friends Without Standard Grid Up Medical Care: Practical Plastic Surgery for Nonsurgeons

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Note: Watching the deep state as it begins to react to the rise of defiance & resistance of sovereign Men of The West, Nationalism, and Alt-Right, it will double down, then double down again as it fights like a drowning man. It knows at it’s core it will loose, but it can’t stop even if it wished. it will, because it knows nothing else but power over dirt people. And as I have always contended, it is only, and always, the purview of the dirt people who have ever effected positive change on God’s green Earth, and no one else. The rise of the next “5000 Year Leap” of freedom is inevitable. Liberty can not be stopped. It is an indomitable choice and condition of The Men of The West. As every day more dirt people join The Honorable Resistance. It is the next stage in the Legacy of the birth of Liberty here in America. No power on this earthly coil is capable of restraining this audacity. It’s motive power IS the most legitimate thing possible. Nothing comes close. For that reason alone it is why it is both an unknown state and when it dawns on a man what it is, that man can never be denied.

With that caveat in mind, I believe this is a most cautionary tale of the statist-quo’s tyranny and the waning days of the West’s powers that be, actually, it is almost past the waning into the actual end, but because such a movement is truly open source and organic insurgency. The end of “the deep state’s” insatiable thirst for others property and Liberty is at hand, they just haven’t come to terms with the truth yet.

If anything, the river of blood & genocide of 20th century is a graphic bloody example, beginning with the war of northern aggression, genocide by another name in no uncertain terms. Lincoln & his Marxists set the stage, the statist state’s powers & influencing of the West, and what the men behind it are capable can be best summed up thusly:

“The power to hurt – the sheer unacquisitive, unproductive power to destroy things that somebody treasures, to inflict pain and grief—is a kind of bargaining power, not easy to use but used often.”
Thomas C. Schelling Arms and Influence

As Men of The West, we must be ready. No one can predict future conflict. But knowing the past, its circular nature, how tyranny in all it’s forms is confined to very narrow paths which only deviate in detail, but not options in how it will fight strategically to retain. Those are set things. It is absoluteness of men with power that the only thing they understand completely is more power.

The thing they can not ever truly appreciate is those who are willing to inflict death & destruction on the hands of those grasping the levers of that power even if it takes those lives who refuse to comply. Thats where tyrants make their own fatal miscalculation of their illegitimate power. They only have the power to destroy till they don’t.


Eric Frank Russell’s Timeless & Hilarious Fable of Resistance To Tyranny: WASP

(See What We Are Missing All This Time. It Was Working, But Somehow They Foisted The Constitution on Us): Transcript of Articles of Confederation (1777)

From Lew Rockwell: Just War by Murray N. Rothbard





The Real Stoics







God's Rights


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As Ephesians 6:10–12 says:

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”


Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians 6:10-20
6:10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power.

6:11 Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

6:12 For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

6:13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.

6:14 Stand therefore, and fasten the belt of truth around your waist, and put on the breastplate of righteousness.

6:15 As shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace.

6:16 With all of these, take the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one.

6:17 Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

6:18 Pray in the Spirit at all times in every prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert and always persevere in supplication for all the saints.

6:19 Pray also for me, so that when I speak, a message may be given to me to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel,

6:20 for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it boldly, as I must speak.























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Enter The Deep State – by Brett Stevens

(forward by mtnforge):

Definitely a fiction(?) of Food for Thought. It certainly is plausible. Indeed. Does it matter? Thing is, the truth we are finding is stranger than the fiction. And as we go down the rabbit hole, we are seeing just how far it goes.

Yet is there a semblance of truth here? Because if there is, it will reveal itself as more & more join the Honorable Resistance. Secession, Abolition, Self-Determination, Individualism & personal/family/tribal/community sovereignty, plain Ol’ desire for Rightful Liberty on the grass roots scale, (never mind anarchy/fascism/marxism, what have you from the radical left), at some point as things are heading in these directions like a glacier, at what point does such scale of human activity overwhelm the “Deep State’s” power to effect change in their desired direction with the desired results? Or do they pull the plug and have chaos order itself into a new paradigm?

Are there levels of existence the deep state is prepared to go if it all goes to hell in a handbaskst?

I think the thing is, nobody or nothing is totally omnipotent, that includes the “Deep State”. No power which comes from ulterior manipulation and social engineering, systems of cause & effect lasts forever.

What I’ve always wondered and figured, the powers that be, The Status, or is it, Statist-Quo, are they of a construct which is capable of continuity of its power when the model which every day more & more reject, defy, and turn their backs on, capable of surviving the next so referred to Turning?

We are not talking key people and critical infrastructure, but the nebulous open source grass roots insurgency of a plurality who join/are the Honorable Resistance?

It strikes me as a critical dynamic where the withdrawal of consent as it reaches a level where it becomes self aware is an indomitable thing. It can’t be coerced, it can’t be threatened, or bargained with, it isn’t afraid of anything but not winning, it is relentless when it reaches a critical mass, its motive power is its audacity of provincial like mindedness. We all witnessed it many times in our natural unrevised history as a people, not a nation or republic, but as a plurality of individuals where live free or die are the root and branch of resistance to tyranny, the choice really, for freedom.

Is this deep state capable of stopping such a movement & message at the ground level of dirt people? Its a real question, because in effect such a movement is the 4th Generation War version of politics verses culture. And culture is always upstream of politics.

Is the Deep State so far removed from the dirt people that it is incapable of seeing the threat to its power? The color revolution of 11/8/2016 which elected Donald Trump, certainly appears the Deep State was caught with its pants down. It has relentlessly gone after President Trump in effort to nullify that defiance and burst of self determination of November 8th, whilst almost doing nothing overt waged against anyways the dirt people who cast their consent for an outsider. Or is ignoring the dirt people a strategy where something unmentionable remains so, thus through passive aggressive stance such treatment is considered a strategy?

Not for nothing, 65 million who came out to vote Trump is no small potatoes by any standard.

Or, is even MAGA, just another ruse, like Obama and the preceding “presidents” installed in the oval office?

Even if it is, what really matters it is a ruse which isn’t very effective against that expression nationally of withdrawal of consent of the governed, a defiance of the powers that be by 65,000,000 dirt people, regardless, of who and what they are. 65 Million who physically voted, how many refused to vote by ballot, yet they voted their hearts and minds? 100 million? Thats a plurality if I ever seen one. Because there’s always a plurality of apathy/ignorance and useful dupes, lets say between 50 & 100 million, that I think you can discount as having direct causative effect, they simply don’t care to vote or be invested in their country. So that leaves about 100 million who for a myriad of reasons vote along party/political lines.

I’d say the first plurality whom voted for Trump have a couple critical advantages over all the other pluralities: Arms, Historical Grasp, Withdrawal of Consent, Self determining character, desire for freedom, knowledge of essential truths, motivation which is of the indomitable kind, who do not permit fears to control them, are righteous inheritors of the founding and legacy of Liberty.

What’s a deep state to do about this plurality? A plurality that is awakening to the truth it is one to begin with, who are for the first time in living memory not disenfranchised as a body of American’s on the political level. Who for better or worse have their Captain.

Keep that in mind as a counterpose to Bret Stevens great yarn below.






Enter The Deep State

by Brett Stevens

September 23, 2017

“But the figures don’t match,” I was saying to my semi-elderly boss. A veteran of the culture wars, she had done the most important thing one must to be rich in America — get vested before 1965, when the social welfare programs and new immigration kicked in and wages stagnated permanently — and so had concluded that what she had done in the past actually worked.

As a result, she had little time for me, merely a nobody in his 30s without a degree from a big name institution, who was pointing out that money was leaking out of our fund and being transferred to something else. What could I know that she did not? Obviously nothing. There was nothing for me to do but back down, apologize and leave, while she glared at me with triumphant pretense. And ruined the company, probably causing a chain reaction that crashed the markets, or at least would if she was discovered.

Upon returning to my desk, it occurred to me (again) that my name was on this piece of elaborate accounting fiction, and so I fired up the keyboard to draft a letter to our controller asking for guidance. It took over an hour to write, revise, consider, reconsider, and then pare down the letter. As I saved the final draft and prepared to hit the send button, a firm hand descended on my shoulder.

I looked up to see the most spectral man I have ever encountered. His face was like weathered stone, worn smooth by centuries of water, and his eyes, a blue so pale that it appeared to be like thin glass capturing the outside light, giving the impression that his eyes rather than portals to the soul were a way to look right through him. His height was average and his demeanor non-threatening.

“The situation is being handled,” he said with such calmness that I inferred both sincerity and confidence, and removed my hands from the keyboard. As I watched, the receptionist on our floor took her hourly break, and then from the freight elevator area, a man wheeled out a dolly with a water heater on it. He looked out the window and made the smallest of nods, at which point the phone on the desk of my boss-lady rang.

She got up, and in a strident rage headed out the door of the office, but another man wearing a service uniform stepped up and pressed his cell phone to her neck. She looked at him in surprise and then crumpled onto the floor. The two men flipped up the lid of the water heater, dumped her inside, and then closed it, locking the metal container. Then the first man carted it away.

As if on queue, one of our younger employees ran into the break room, weeping. I heard the words “heart attack” and the name of my boss. I looked up at my interlocutor, but his face was impassive. Soon employees were signing an oversized get-well-soon card that seemed to me, hilariously, to resemble a tombstone.

“Come with me,” he said, and we left the building. The security guard just nodded as if he expected us and was ticking off an instruction for someone powerful in his mind. We hit the street level and quickly went into a sandwich shop, where with a nod to the employees he took me out the back door, down an alley, through a clothing boutique with the same nod to the cashier, then out on the street where a car picked us up.

It accelerated quickly and got onto the freeway, then exited and immediately made a U-turn, then headed straight into the city, making random turns across the grid until I was completely disoriented. During this time, my interlocutor spoke to me. “You have heard, probably, that there is something called the ‘deep state,’” he began.

“Only on Alex Jones,” I said. “No offense, but I don’t find it very credible. Sounds like a bunch of government employees just defending their job security.”

“None taken,” he said, “but you are incorrect. The Deep State is very real, although it is closer to your idea than his. There are some of us who have decided that power is too important to be left in the hands of our fellow citizens, who are, if you pardon my expression, fucking morons.”

I nodded. It was the kind of thing that, back then, you could not say at a party, but you could nod if someone else said it. Everyone knew it was true. Most people were congenital idiots by themselves, but in groups, intelligence descends to the average. People follow trends and fads, compromise like a committee and avoid the real issue like the election for class president in high school.

He handed over a video player. I saw it was showing a live feed. It was from a helicopter, looking out over the countryside. Then it flew over a giant penned area in which pink things, looking like carp, moved. I realized they were pigs. The camera rotated down to the floor of the helicopter, on which my ex-boss lay, her eyes moving but her body inert. A booted foot extended and pushed her out.

“Pigs eat everything but the belt buckles,” said my companion. “Officially, she died of heart attack and was cremated by her wishes.”

“And everybody will just go along with this?”

He gave the smallest of shrugs. “Her physician is highly regarded, and he signed the death certificate. Her lawyer is also top-flight, and he will claim that her wish to be cremated was in the will. Her boss, who stands to inherit leadership of your ex-company, will testify if needed that he was with her when she fell ill, and that he called the hospital.”

“What about CCTV?”

“It glitches all the time. Your IT department head agreed that the unit had glitched, and one of my employees watched him delete the file.”

I looked at him, stunned. He went on.

“You know what the definition of the deep state is? It is that which cannot get caught, because it does not exist. It consists of handshake deals between influential people, and the handshake is not what matters, but the mutual gain. Would you turn down friendship with people who could offer you the name of a stock that would double your money within a week? Or someone who can get you into that top college, a career-making promotion, or introduce you to the girl of your dreams? That is our power, and there is really only one rule: you do what we ask, and if you tell, you die.”

This seemed so nebulous I found it hard to fathom. “But the CIA… the Obama operatives…”

“All of that is true. But ask yourself this: if the CIA is doing our bidding, it is the CIA or us? If a completely incompetent, malevolently narcissistic and adamantly bigoted young man with little experience is elected president just because of his race, was that his will, or our machinations? If people across government and industry decide to do what we want, and then justify their actions as part of their job title, does that mean the jobs are geared toward those results, or is it us? And the answer is: it is always us.”

“We have no name, symbol or hierarchy,” he said. “We are not a secret organization, like the thespian comedy of the Masons or Scientologists, but a group of friends where ‘friend’ means one who helps another. To join, one gets far enough to be of interest, and then proves loyal. If we ask you to hide a body, you do it, without question, or you will be the next body we hide. Self-preservation, you understand. If you go to the press, the journalist you ask will probably be the one to inject you with the mixture of succinylcholine and Valium that we used to zombify your ex-boss. The cop you go to will be one of us, the lawyer you ask to hide you will sigh and then open the door and let us in, and even if you flee to another country, someone like me will show up and lead you away.”

I made a pig squealing noise, but he did not laugh. “The average person considers himself intelligent and progressive for explaining why real problems are not actually our problems,” he said. “Only a tiny minority understands the nature of power, or what has to be done to achieve even basic results like grocery stores. Nations are not made on the back of human rights, but by imposing duty on people who otherwise are witless and blind to what must actually be done. There are maybe a hundred competent people in North America who understand how societies work. The rest are just in the way, and everything they say is wrong.”

“You have to understand cause and effect,” he continued. “When a government acts, it needs some reason for doing so that it can claim, so that what it did was right. The Gulf of Tonkin was designed to distract from this, to make us think that all such activity is so obvious. Companies hide their errors, governments conceal their motives, and individuals always offer up whatever they think makes them look good. Any commercial product — advertising and news included — tells us only what we know the audience reacts to, and we use focus groups to figure out what that is. Their clients come to them and ask how to make what they are doing look good, and everyone else look bad. We conceal the real cause, insert a pretext, and the crowd roars. Any published paper or book is the same way: what do people want to believe? And then we sell it to them, because to do otherwise is to be conquered by someone who is willing to do that. At the same time, this presents a problem.”

“What is that?” I croaked.

“That the population, who have control of the vote, are living in Disneyland. They believe that 9/11 was about Islam, when really it was about Pakistan beating China and India. They think that the scores in the Superbowl are real, and not a stock market in themselves. They believe that companies donate money out of the goodness of their hearts. They think politicians care about whether or not their plans work or not. These are necessary fictions for them to feel comfortable and safe, but they are far from ‘true,’ which really does not matter much if you are interested in wealth and power. Your average person lives in a world shaped by forces that he does not understand, and comes away with an impression of events that is one hundred and eighty degrees the inversion of what is actually true.”

He went on. “That creates a problem. The people are voting on phantoms, shadows and cartoons. They make the wrong choice every time. If for nothing else to keep our markets functional, we need the Deep State, and all of our lives would have ended early without it. We recognize that government is a fiction, the news is distraction, that academic papers are gibberish, and that popular opinion is thoroughly nonsense. If you said that in public… you would not last long, but it would not be us that you should fear. The crowd will tear you apart, just like they did in the French and Russian revolutions. Power learned from those events that it must never reveal itself.”

“We do what is necessary. There would be several thousand serial killers roaming America right now if we had not stopped them. The pigs grew fat on their flesh. We fix the markets, because if we did not, every decade would have a Great Depression because people invest en masse in stupid, foolish things. People are lottery players, not thinkers. The chance of being king drives them more than the reality of their next meal. When a company goes bankrupt, we did it, to open up the markets. We have staved off ten thousand disasters a year, none of which you have ever heard of. Nuclear terrorism, VX gas on the subway, epidemics, wars, famines, murders; we have stopped them all, in order to keep society stable. But we could not do that as a named government.”

“As soon as you are named in this world, people know who to manipulate. That is the basis of how the world works: everyone is equal, so you have to bribe or coerce anyone to get them to do what you want, which is why jobs are so sadistic and friendships so fickle. We just do that invisibly because that way, no one can interfere with us. We cannot be manipulated; we have the power and the money, and we protect that by manipulating others because they would never understand what it is that we do.”

“Like a mafia?”

“If there was only one worldwide, yes. Ever notice how organized crime seemed to fade into the background? They all just vanished one day. We are the shadow force that keeps order, and as long as they confined themselves to prostitution and gambling, we had no problem with them. Once they expanded, they had to go away. The same is true of any other market cartel we encounter, but our methods are normally very mild. We use lawyers and cops, investigators and bureaucrats, journalists and celebrities, and we wipe them out.”

“So what about the Deep State?”

He sighed. “As I told you, there are public and private versions of everything. The public version is an excuse, an image, like an actor on stage. The public Deep State consists of a widespread group of employees who work to subvert government for their own gain. They work together, like us, but their only rule is to keep the money and power flowing. They have another few months, and then one day, every one of them will have a financial crisis, be arrested for child pornography, have drugs found in their car, or find themselves transferred to an outpost in rural Turkey. They will just vanish, too.”

“Child pornography… like PizzaGate?”

He raised his hand in the universal gesture for ambiguity. “PizzaGate stumbled on someone’s operation, maybe, but not ours. Too sloppy. We inject people with a mixture of Haldol, Propofol and several other components that makes them highly suggestible, then bring in one of our child actors. The film rolls. Whenever we need to get rid of someone quickly, the pictures leak. Then they go away. You know that Anthony Weiner is innocent of the second set of accusations of sexting? Our people are in control of the routers and servers, too. Any content we want will appear in any account at any time.”

I nodded, and he went on. “Our organization has entered its mature state. Originally, our goal was to protect our interests, because otherwise the moronic herd would crash the value of the currency, start more world wars, or allow a nuclear launch. Then we became interested in what else we can do, and it was informally decided that we would make ourselves an anti-entropy organization. We are now not just protecting our interests, but attempting to make the world stable by counter-acting the decay caused by human freedom, and this will reduce the risk to our holdings while increasing their long-term value, making us wealthier ten-fold even if, on paper, we will have less.”

Only one question remained. “So you’re telling me this for a reason…”

He nodded.

“And you want to know my answer.”

He nodded again. The spectral blue eyes seemed to glow, and I felt that the transparency was through me now.

I looked down at my nails. Really, there was not much of a question. If I said yes, I would gain access to wealth and power, and the ability to perhaps make a change in this rotten world. Maybe someday I could become one of these leaders of men. Men are lottery players, he had said, and in that moment, I understood. But this lottery perhaps I could win.

I looked up and he saw my choice in my eyes.

“Excellent,” he said. “I anticipated this, which is why you have recently accepted a job offer at a competing company. At your new desk, there will be a cell phone. Hold down the power button to extend the needle. When you see the man with the water heater, go to your boss and inject him in the neck. Then we will contact you.”

As the car sped off, I did not even look after it. For me, the invisible empire was the new normal, and the rest of the world a mere fiction. My phone buzzed with an email announcing my new position, and I set off in pursuit of the rebirth of my life.

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