Take a gander at this map of how the counties voted in the last presidential election. Notice anything interesting?


I believe simple things are best when summing up a situation.

See that arrow over on the east coast?

At the tip of that arrow resides a relatively tiny, miniscule, group of sociopaths and psychopaths, currently called “the deep state” who are trying to destroy the fabric of our dirt people culture.  Their lap dogs of the media are lying their ass off to make these unelected, unaccountable usurpers who do not in no uncertain terms represent us dirt people, our cares, our values, or our principles in any way, appear as a legitimate entity. The truth below everything, if it was not for these scaliwags, this life in dirt people land would be orders of magnitude more prosperous, happy, and free. We would have wealth unimaginable, we would prosper, be fruitful.


That map? Us dirt people have them surrounded. They do not like the truth of us. They want to rule us like slaves. Enrich themselves off the sweat of our backs, the ingenuity of our industriousness and creativity.


mickeyhitler1-1024x791 (2)This is one of their leaders. He is rich beyond most of our understanding. Wealth he stole from dirt people through nefarious acts. Wealth he nows doles out to his ilk in the form of an ex president and his ex regime, who have taken residence and are organizing a shadow government from a house 5 miles from the White House, with the avowed purpose of deposing President Trump.

What they are trying to do is depose us dirt people. Trump was not possible without us dirt people standing up and giving Donald Trump our blessings and faith. Those scalawags out to destroy our President are at a great crossroads. They can not permit us dirt people our consent and our withdrawal of our consent.

Consent is unique in all human activity, it is like love, it can only be given, it can not be taken, it can not be coerced, but it can be fooled out of people. Even if you put a gun to my head, told me you will shoot me if I do not give my consent, my vote, my love, I still have choice. Even if I consent to you, that is still my choice. If I don’t, all you can do to me is kill me to stop my withdrawal of consent to what you are trying to force me to do.

So do you see? Why that sea of red is so dangerous. Why us dirt people can not be permitted to self determine our lives and our country? Why by making us slaves to their “state”, we become cash cows, where they then use that wealth they have stolen and use it to create ever more tyranny to separate us from the knowledge of how powerful and more important how legitimate we are as dirt people?

Do you see why consent is the most powerful weapon ever devised by man?

2016-election-results-county-final (3)

They think by overthrowing President Trump, they overthrow us dirt people. That brings out the cold anger in me.

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