Why Dirt People

Where to begin? What a rich subject. And one that is timeless.

In context of our time and through our nations history, the dirt people are the singular consequential factor in the creation and development of America. Though that may seem an obvious statement, it is without doubt the dirt people are what America is, how the dirt people are the single greatest political cultural and creative force bar none. Our accomplishments in science, industry, arts, craftsmanship, prosperity, popular culture, are manifold, because we are manifold in our destiny. Of paramount dignity and legitimacy, we are legacy, in time proven long held hard won traditions, patriarchy and matriarchy. We are not a race, we are a people, a culture so rich and so full of life it defies everything in 5000 years of recorded history. The glue that holds everything in our society together. We are the crux, the soil out of which sprouted and grew the so called 5000 year leap. We are regardless, simply the dirt people.

It is probably safe to say the dirt people also be most maligned and ignored dynamic in politics. Dirt people exist when it is convenient or profitable, when it is politically expedient, when it suits a narrative or meme, when men with power reach for money, we are pathetically pandered to when those same men crave power, and we cease to exist as a legitimate entity and sovereign individuals the moment we express and exercise our collective and singular consent. when we express and require our God given primal rights and freedoms we are instantly labeled as rebels, violent extremists, trigger-happy domestic enemies. We are imprisoned without Habeas Corpus, tried in double jeopardy, with extreme prejudice burned alive, shot in calculated cold blood when we rightfully and peacefully, lawfully defy the injuries and trespasses against us. We exist as mouth breathers, hillbillies, trailer trash, “racists” fascists, domestic terrorists, bigots, knuckle draggers, as bitter clingers, a basket of deplorable’s, we are nobodies, we are said to be outnumbered, a dying culture, privileged, we are responsible for every conceivable societal problem, the root cause of human slavery, told we did not build anything but what our government created possible, we are old dead white guys and disenfranchised Kulaks. We live in these places that do not exist, rusty old cities, flyover land, the unsecured spaces, places long forgotten and held in contempt.

Beginning approximately a year ago the thoughtful writer Zman of thezmanblog, who I admire greatly without reservation for his astute and earthy, uniquely provincial insights, wrote a series of pieces about the clouds and dirt people. It is an apt and accurate analogy of the underlying truths of this contentious relationship between the so called elite class, it’s handmaiden the corporate slave class along with their useful dupes and idiots, and the little people, the productive and creators of the only true prosperity in this nation. Zmans collection on the dirt people can be linked to here:  http://thezman.com/wordpress/?s=dirt+people&submit=Search

There is a few other fine patriotic American’s who I find defined each in their way uniquely, the epic foundations and components of the culture and legacy of the dirt people, and the pogrom long waged by the elitists and their administrative tyranny via the unaccountable agents of Amerikan Nomenklaturer class. Henry Dampier in his masterpiece of critical thinking wrote ‘About the Corporate Slave Class’ http://www.henrydampier.com/2015/04/about-the-corporate-slave-class/ along with ‘Kill The Kulaks’  http://www.henrydampier.com/2015/01/kill-kulaks/

A most interesting and virtually unrecognized essay in the public sphere is Al Benson Jr.’s seminal review, a masterpiece in it’s own right, of Gary North’s works ‘Conspiracy In Philadelphia’: ‘If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?”  https://revisedhistory.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/if-liberty-was-the-object-why-did-they-give-us-centralism/ about a stunning historical account the US Constitution is in itself never would and never has created one iota of freedom and liberty, that it is an instrument of administrative  tyranny, that there are no restrictions or checks within it’s main body to administrative centralism. And as we see today, the growth and unstemmed power of Hobbs Leviathan, and the struggle taking place as we speak between the so called Deep State and the so called Great Fuck You of the dirt people and rejection of that oligarchy of the entrenched administrative state in the form of Donald Trump. An act so audacious and unprecedented in modern America, it was an act of color revolution for dirt people, and an epic Black Swan event for the cloud people. As events play out, we as dirt people will see the full scope of the derision and contempt the political class genuinely holds for us dirt people. We are worse than nothing to them, we are a scourge of their world. A thing that must be crushed and ground under the jackboot of marxism.

In the early 70’s, Eric Frank Russell wrote his delightful and entertaining masterpiece of the profound motive power and audacity of dirt people consent, or more to the point, withdrawal of consent to the powers that be, ‘And Then There Where None’  http://www.abelard.org/e-f-russell.php Russell also wrote the classic story of a one man campaign of resistance and defiance to the state,  ‘WASP’  http://projectavalon.net/WASP_Eric_Frank_Russell.pdf

‘The History Of The Second Amendment’ by David E. Vandercoy, of Valparaiso Univ. Law Review    http://www.guncite.com/journals/vandhist.html is most likely one of the finest works on the historical imperatives on why The 2nd Amendment was of such critical importance to the founding dirt people, and the remarkable origins from which it came. Don’t be misled by the title, this isn’t about weapons per say, it is about the 500 year history, the roots and birth of liberty. We would not be here today if not for what transpired and how dirt people are the integral catalyst then creators of that 5000 Year Leap.


I’ve always contended it is the dirt people who have ever effected positive change in this world. For it is always been the purview of the dirt people, our legitimacy, our provincial our grass roots nature, our audacity, the motive power of our individualism and self determining/defining character, that shapes our world, regardless of those and what is out to enslave that power, administer the chains of tyranny upon our primal sovereignty and dignity of our liberty we possess for their singular power and enrichment. Because what is tyranny in all its forms, but the attempt to harness that power we possess, and turn our energy into their profit and rule of men. For what is government but constituted of men?What man makes man can unmake.


But what matters more than all that makes us who we are as dirt people, is our dignity, our dignity of liberty. It is the fulcrum, the lynchpin of the truth of us. We are undeniable, our motive power, that audacity, the essence of our existence, it is coalescing into a force which can not be denied. An awakening, a preference cascade. It is close to becoming such a force it eclipses everything, where we, our legitimacy is so powerful nothing can stop us, nothing can stand in our way. Many say resistance is futile, that statement is the epitome of futility itself, it belies itself as the most ignorant and clueless statement of despair the human mind can contrive.

There is no other document like it in all of human activity. The Declaration of Independence. It is the culmination of centuries of critical theory, thought, and activity, of struggle, of enlightenment, unique in all works of the dignity of the individual and those individuals sovereignty. To even have crafted such a document in the face of tyranny, in spite of tyranny, is the pivotal event in freedom. The act, and it is the act that counts, changed the world.  The DOI,  http://www.nationalcenter.org/DeclarationofIndependence.html


In no uncertain terms, we the dirt people are at another pivotal crossroads. That which we face is complex beyond fully understanding in all it’s myriad ways. What we have here is an opportunity which comes rarely if not only once in an age. An opportunity to take the legacy of those dirt people before us, and change the world again. We have in front us the chance to not only come through the other side of the en-darkment encroaching, but to come out the other side greater, better for it.. To make this country that is our home not only stronger, better, but realize our potential and prosperity in ways our founding dirt people could not imagine, we can not imagine. We got it in us. And a mere handful of wicked, evil greedy sonofabitches, can not keep us from our liberty prosperity and happiness.



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