Nobody – Thinking Outside The Box… of social engineered perception

I think, the only way to say this is there is nothing much said about us dirt people in the sphere of the legacy media. It is as if we don’t exist. That is a generalized statement, yet is coming from a dirt person of a generalized society. Again, it is as if we dirt people don’t exist. Bear with me please, if you don’t care, I’m trying to sneak up on something here.

Lets take this graphic for an example:


Sea of red, not much blue. Those are not colors, that is 334,000,000 people, there a bouts give or take some millions rounded off. Thats a lot of politics, a lot of action, as in people doing stuff, regular people, every day joe’s, dirt people, producing, creating, having fun, making babies, music, love. That sea of red is quite an event that took place. Against just about every political prediction and every estimate imaginable, as a sea of dirt people we where, and if you take absence of news about us dirt people, not supposed to have voted as a sea of red, we never existed in the first instance.

And you would think there would be all sorts of interesting and fascinating stories in the news, in the papers, on radio, the TV, about the unprecedented event that didn’t exist, could not even be considered to begin with, created a sea change with what us  dirt people represent in that sea of red. In other places in other times what us dirt people did represents a color revolution. An impeachment on the political class.

Get that gentle reader? Represent. Oh sure Trump was not supposed to have won, in fact of the matter, he didn’t, by all accounts. Trump is fake. Somehow, a fake guy, who can not possibly have won, because he didn’t, is President, nobody, did not, vote for Trump, because nobody, exists, Trump magically is a singular entity, it is as if, by some wild unexplainable act, against every preconceived notion, exclamation, prognoses, fact, and reality, every standard of political science, Donald Trump could not possibly be President, because nobody, existed. A nobody? Whats a nobody? If it’s a nobody, it doesn’t exist, so reason reasons it, nobody, is something that can not be possible, well, because, nobody, doesn’t even exist to explain it as nobody to begin with.

So we have this inexplicable occurrence of nobody, something that doesn’t exist, that nobody can explain, because there is nothing to explain because nobody isn’t anything. It is the absence of something that doesn’t exist in the first instance. This is a conundrum.

Don’t get me wrong, this thing I’m sneaking up on isn’t a negative connotation about President Trump. Personally, I respect the guy. I think I would like the fellow. He strikes me as a Man’s Man, good Ol’ boy who did good and never forgets his feet are planted on the ground like the rest of us dirt people. Smart too. Very intelligent.

The fascinating thing about nobody, nobody is deplorable, nobody is bitter, nobody sticks to things, nobody has a clinging aspect, nobody gets stuck to things, like jobs, bibles, sticks like a cocklebur to another thing that doesn’t exist, tradition, and guns, nobody has an affinity for sticking to guns, what will really bake your noodle is, nobody exists, so how can it cling to anything?

There’s another thing about nobody, nobody lives in a place that doesn’t exist, nobody in a land that doesn’t exist, a sea of nothingness, that has to be flown over, because, well, it doesn’t exist to begin with, which makes sense in a way if you know nobody exists in a place that doesn’t exist, how else are you to get across something that doesn’t exist in the first instance?

And that my gentle reader, is how as dirt people are erased from existence. The Old Soviets did exactly this, they made nobodies out of the Kulaks, then they made everything nobody made into something that didn’t exist, then they made everything nobody owned nobodies, and took it. Eventually, the nobodies themselves, and made even the nobodies cease to exist as nobody.

Leaves a big vacuum of nobody, that then can be filled with no nobodies.


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