ALT-RIGHT Validation Event

From The Kakistocracy Blog

The Virtue Inferno:

“As everyone knows, Londoners suffered another alt-right worldview validation event yesterday in the now familiar form of a Koranic Karmageddon. Five people are confirmed dead. Some 40 others were horrifically injured, though still insufficiently dead to have been completely exonerated of their white privilege…”



The quote below may be giving the cultural marxists and one worlders too much credit, because I believe their agenda is one that is meant to be shoved up us dirt peoples arse. There is nothing noble in it’s intentions. That makes it a violation of commission. Nonetheless it is an apt and thoughtful piece of truth. In all fairness it was written many decades before when a lot of us where innocent of many of the ways of the human extinction movement, which only makes it a more allegoric, more poignant, and even more honest piece of reasoning. Alt-Right doesn’t accept argument, the truth is exactly that, truth. It doesn’t commission anything, it has no use for anything less than truth. Alt-Right is omission of everything but truth.

After all, what is Alt-Right, but the struggle between the globalists and the dirt people, the battle between due regard for absolute truths and deliberate dissimulation of absolute lies?


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