The Global Elite Will Fall

VoxDay wrote this piece below, I have always believed it is so, he has put it into words I never could. Thats the zeitgeist, thats the insurgency of Alt-Right, of Hard-Right. It defies the revisionists, the revised history of the cult of Fabians/Marxists. If we Men of The West are to rise, as we are … Continue reading The Global Elite Will Fall


Recent Agitprop

Agitprop, it doesn't much get called that these days, but there is something deliciously ironic about using agitprop against the sonofabitches who invented it. Like most things about the neo-bolsheviks, the Hard-Right turns things back on the left, agitprop is far more effective when used by the right. From Infogalactic:                 … Continue reading Recent Agitprop

What If?

  Judge Andrew P. Napoltano is supposedly been fired from Fox News for this news piece linked below my comments. The guy always struck me as a stand up dude. Well spoken, with a great humble presence. Very intelligent and careful, well considered with how he presents things. No hyperbole or embellishing, straight up guy. … Continue reading What If?