The Global Elite Will Fall


VoxDay wrote this piece below, I have always believed it is so, he has put it into words I never could. Thats the zeitgeist, thats the insurgency of Alt-Right, of Hard-Right. It defies the revisionists, the revised history of the cult of Fabians/Marxists. If we Men of The West are to rise, as we are doing, learning and knowing our origins, our history and all it implies free of the so called revised “Critical Theory” of the marxists, is critical to who we are as Men of The West.

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Ce ne sont pas l’économie

THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 2017 by VoxDay

The global elite will fall in the end. The global elite can claim that l’économie est nous all they want, but it isn’t and it never has been.

The world is run by an international elite that lives in a rarified world of seemingly boundless power and luxury. Though the members of this elite consider their own power and luxury to be completely legitimate, it is not. It is the product of a system that’s rigged to benefit them while everybody else languishes in declining small cities and provincial towns, eking out a dreary existence, toiling away their lives in menial service-sector jobs or scraping by on disability checks while seeking out a modicum of fleeting joy in the dumbstruck haze of a painkiller high.

Unless something fundamental changes, the gap separating these worlds will only increase, economically, culturally, and psychologically. Republicans show every sign of continuing to pursue policies that actively make the economic problems worse. Centrist Democrats, meanwhile, appear to be both unwilling to propose a sweeping critique of the outlook and policies that got us to this point in the first place and inclined to dismiss the populist anger building all around us as an expression of atavistic prejudice.

This cannot last. At this rate, make no mistake: The global elite will fall.
Their parasite economy of finance-based ownership of real world property and produce rests entirely upon the false claims it generates upon the real economy. And all it takes to destroy the parasite economy is the mass refusal to recognize its claims, many of which are already known to be completely fictitious. See: the mortgage title scandal of 2008 onwards.

The parasite economy is already killing its host. It is like a drunken vampire who is too intoxicated to stop draining his victim. And once the host collapses, its component parts will turn on the parasites with a vengeance.

This isn’t a failure of capitalism, this is a tripartite failure of usury, fraud, and fundamental morality. The Alt-Right Revolution cometh.



This is the but a part of the path they are taking us while taking their skim. When we as Men of The West defy, withdraw consent, we stop playing by their rules, we break this chain of slavery to their state and become more powerful than anything.


Later VoxDay writes:

An Alt-Right army
You may as well join the Alt-Right, gentlemen. Because that’s what they’re going to call you anyhow:
An alt-right group apparently is trying to build a small street army — vowing to use violence if necessary to defend free speech from leftist extremists.

Kyle Chapman — a “proud American nationalist” who became a conservative hero in some circles after his arrest this month during fierce clashes between anti-fascist protesters and Trump demonstrators — announced the formation of the new group last week on Facebook and issued a call to action.

“Our emphasis will be on street activism, preparation, defense and confrontation,” Chapman wrote on Facebook. “We will protect and defend our right wing brethren when the police and government fail to do so. This organization is for those that possess the Warrior Spirit. The weak or timid need not apply.”

Chapman said the organization, the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, will be partnering with the Proud Boys, a conservative group formed by Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes that bills itself as “Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” (McInnes is no longer affiliated with Vice and parted ways with the company 10 years ago.)

The formation of the new fraternity is being done with McInnes’ approval and Chapman is calling for action to defend against “Marxist groups that are intent on stripping us our freedoms,” according to another Facebook post.

“No more keyboard warrior s–t,” Chapman wrote in an earlier post. “No more crying about the state of our country while you do nothing to change it. It’s all about action. President Trump has our back for the next 8 years. The timing couldn’t be better. Let’s do this!”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and other extremist organizations, has taken notice of the “highly masculine” group, likening it to a neo-Nazi fight club called the “DIY Division,” whose members turned up in California last month to support an estimated 2,000 Trump supporters.
Strange, is it now, how the SPLC never seems to take notice of antifa or any other violent left-wing group no matter how many people they assault. But when people merely begin to plan to start defending themselves against the violent left that is attacking them, well, it’s THE SHOAH ALL OVAH AGAIN, again.

SPLC’s fundraising histrionics notwithstanding, the Men of the West, the Proud Boys and Violent Solutions are only the merest spark of the inferno that is going to sweep over the entire West in time. Liberalism has observably failed. Civic nationalism has observably failed. The so-called Enlightenment has not only observably failed, it was an obvious absurdity from the very beginning. The Alt-Right Revolution is the only response that is in line with the long term historical trends that does not involve complete societal, and possibly civilizational, collapse.

The occupied and invaded West will rise again, just as it did after Charles Martel defeated the Moor at Tours. The descendants of Lepanto and Vienna have not surrendered, they simply have not yet begun to expel the occupiers and invaders. But they will, as they have repeatedly done before.




         It Is Inevitable.



Recent Agitprop

Agitprop, it doesn’t much get called that these days, but there is something deliciously ironic about using agitprop against the sonofabitches who invented it. Like most things about the neo-bolsheviks, the Hard-Right turns things back on the left, agitprop is far more effective when used by the right.

fist of hard-right

From Infogalactic:                                                                                                                                 -Agitprop (/ˈædʒᵻtprɒp/; from Russian: агитпроп [ɐɡʲɪtˈprop], derived from agitation and propaganda)[1] is stage plays, pamphlets, motion pictures and other art forms with an explicitly political message.

The term agitprop originated in the Russian SFSR (which later joined the Soviet Union), as a shortened form of отдел агитации и пропаганды (otdel agitatsii i propagandy), i.e., Department for Agitation and Propaganda, which was part of the central and regional committees of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The department was later renamed Ideological Department.

In the case of agitprop, the ideas to be disseminated were those of communism, including explanations of the policy of the Communist Party and the Soviet state. In other contexts, propaganda could mean dissemination of any kind of beneficial knowledge, e.g., of new methods in agriculture. Agitation meant urging people to do what Soviet leaders expected them to do; again, at various levels. In other words, propaganda was supposed to act on the mind, while agitation acted on emotions, although both usually went together, thus giving rise to the cliché [according to whom?] “propaganda and agitation”.

The term agitprop gave rise to agitprop theatre, a highly politicized leftist theatre originated in 1920s Europe and spread to America; the plays of Bertolt Brecht are a notable example.[2] Russian agitprop theater was noted for its cardboard characters of perfect virtue and complete evil, and its coarse ridicule.[3] Gradually the term agitprop came to describe any kind of highly politicized art.

In the Western world, agitprop often has a negative connotation.

After the October Revolution of 1917, an agitprop train toured the country, with artists and actors performing simple plays and broadcasting propaganda.[4] It had a printing press on board the train to allow posters to be reproduced and thrown out of the windows if it passed through villages.[5]


guerilla-preservation-ideals-wrsa (4)




AR-resistance is always fertile






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King James worthy comment-Stealth Spaniel


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What If?


Judge Andrew P. Napoltano is supposedly been fired from Fox News for this news piece linked below my comments. The guy always struck me as a stand up dude. Well spoken, with a great humble presence. Very intelligent and careful, well considered with how he presents things. No hyperbole or embellishing, straight up guy.

What the Judge has to say below, I think, it is something most of us understand and or suspect in some way, at some level, the details are almost irrelevant to the fact there is a deep state, a state within a state, an oligarchy that runs loose, whatever it is called, behind the facade of illegitimacy we witness daily called the federal government.

When you look at the way it is run from an objective aspect, the almost complete absence of any reform, redress, institution, and action, in any direction other than the reduction of freedom and liberty, bit by bit, a tiny piece here, another bite there, and when no matter the case, circumstance, or issue at hand, there is a complete lack of any course or action except how more money, and the usury placed on our productivity, in the form of taxation, interestingly always increases no matter what happens.

A system of people who never find the energy to reduce it’s burden on the dirt people who produce, but by God, they always have the energy to take and reduce from us what we have created, what we own, from our labor, from our industriousness.

Further more, we dirt people, without any change in our behavior, our way of life, our actions, our very existence as American’s, coincidently we become more and more in a myriad of ways, become enemies of the government. We become criminal outlaws by doing nothing different. It is a slow creeping change. How is that possible you may ask yourself. How can my property become more and more, not my property, by way of administrative fiat, by way of the burden of taxation and the devaluation of the currency our government retains an iron fisted grip on controlling?


None of these things and a lot more, are completely beyond our peaceful means to control. We are barred from literally any say in these matters. And if we raise objection, demand an accounting, we are looked upon and declared domestic terrorists, extremists, white racists?

And all along, this very same government operates in secrecy, exclusively from positions of influence and dark deep secret powers we are excluded from knowing a single truth about them.

You will probably as I do recognize, or are aware of many things Judge Napolitano writes about. It is the picture he paints, the totality of the premise, that is important. It should give you deep pause as to the sinister and despicable nature of what this means. A deep state that is so far off the reservation, so illegal, so anathema to everything we as dirt people work our lives for and believe in as to be so beyond the pale, as to be a literal monster, a Leviathan so out of bounds of any legitimacy, how it has been purposefully done, as to constitute literally insanity. This is truly crazy stuff when you consider the crux of what is going on. That there is no mechanisms within the system to bring it and the actors involved to heel. That those involved are lairs and deceivers, betrayers, of a scale and scope literally difficult to wrap ones mind around.

That just my writing these words, and you reading these words, by all understanding of how greedy and power hungry theses actors are, what is at stake here, the survival of us dirt people as legitimate sovereign persons, we become instant enemies of their State.


Posted Verbatim:

What if We Don’t Really Govern Ourselves?
By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

What if our belief in self-government is a belief in a myth? What if the election of one political party over the other to control Congress changes only appearances? What if taxes stay high and regulations stay pervasive and the government stays oppressive and presidents fight wars no matter what the politicians promise and no matter who wins elections? What if the true goal of those whom we elect to Congress is not to be our agents of self-government or even to preserve our personal liberties but to remain in power by getting re-elected?

What if they use government to aid their own re-elections by bribing us with our own money — the rich with bailouts, the middle class with tax breaks and the poor with transfer payments?

What if Congress has written laws that are too complex for its own members to read and understand? What if the language of most federal laws is intentionally arcane so that ordinary voters cannot understand it? What if that language is actually written by faceless bureaucrats and not by accountable members of Congress? What if members of Congress in fact rarely read any legislation before voting on it? What if some legislation refers to secrets and secret procedures that only a few members of Congress are permitted to see and utilize?

What if when the select few members of Congress who are permitted to see those secrets do see them, those members are themselves sworn to secrecy? What if that means that our elected representatives — our supposed agents of self-government in the government — do not fully know what the government is doing and that even if they do, they can’t legally tell us?

What if our representatives in Congress don’t really represent us? What if they really represent a political party? What if each political party is controlled by a small leadership group that punishes members who defy it? What if Congress has written laws and rules that permit its leaders to punish members’ defiance? What if another way to characterize defiance of political party leadership is political courage?
What if the laws that Congress has written about the CIA have delegated congressional power to a small secret committee of members from both houses of Congress and both political parties? What if that committee can authorize secret wars in foreign lands conducted not by the military but by the CIA? What if the reason these folks authorize the CIA and not the military to conduct secret wars is the existence of federal laws that require reporting to and a vote of the entire Congress for the military to be used but require only the small secret committee to approve for the CIA to be used?

Because wars cost money and often cost lives, what if the effect of the decisions of the small secret committee is that the committee is basically a Congress within Congress? What if the Constitution says that only Congress can spend tax dollars and declare wars but Congress has let the Congress within Congress do this? What if the voters will never know what the Congress within Congress has authorized? What if the very existence of the Congress within Congress mocks, defies and betrays the concept of American self-government?

What if the data seen and discussed and the decisions made in secret by the Congress within Congress are generated by the CIA and other intelligence agencies? What if these intelligence agencies selectively reveal and selectively conceal data to manipulate the decisions of the Congress within Congress? What if those manipulations often result in bloodshed about which the American people often never learn? What if the bases for the decisions of the Congress within Congress are kept from the other members of Congress, from the media and from the voters?

What if the folks from both political parties who set up the Congress within Congress care more about wielding power than they do about preserving self-government? What if those who pull the levers of power in the intelligence community are so far removed from the voters that they don’t know and don’t care what the voters think? What if they know that the voters would react forcefully and decisively if the voters knew what the members of the Congress within Congress know but they still won’t tell us?

What if all this diversion of power from the elected Congress to the Congress within Congress and all this reliance on secret data has resulted in the most pervasive surveillance by any government of any people at any time in world history? What if the federal government’s domestic surveillance today captures and retains digital copies of every telephone call and every computer keystroke of every person in America and has done so since 2005? What if members of Congress who are not in the Congress within Congress do not know this?
What if the Congress within Congress has authorized American spies to spy without personal suspicion or judicial warrant on the military, the courts, the police and every person in America, including the remaining members of Congress, much of the remaining intelligence community itself and even the White House?

What if the selective use of the data acquired from mass surveillance can be used to manipulate anyone by those who have access to the data? What if those who have access to the data have used it to manipulate the president of the United States? What if all this constitutes a grave but largely unseen threat to our liberties, not the least of which is the right to self-government?

What if we don’t really govern ourselves? What do we do about it?





What do we do about it?

Great question.

I think, whatever this deep system, this deep state is, has reached a point where it can not grow all that much more powerful, or retain it’s secretive status, without crossing some very critical lines in the sand so to say. It has pretty much exhausted all plausible deniability as a cover, a shield, of its illegitimate structure. There appears cracks are showing up in the facade. We learn more every day about it.

It is now, if I am using my brain, reaching a point, or closing in on where everything it now does involves surviving it’s illegitimacy. It can do nothing but attain more power, more money, more tyranny, it can not reverse what it is, it can not remain in a static state, it is a system of power that knows no bounds, and has no limits because it is constructed to avoid and abandon all checks and balances designed long ago to limit it, in the first place.

All it needs is a push. It will be a push that seems to come out of nowhere. That push will precede a cascade failure of the whole construct. It is a very top heavy system of power. It relies on hiding from us, of deceiving us, of channeling money and resources out of sight and mind. A black swan that will be in the form of it’s nemesis.

It is easy to see this thing as a boogeyman. That it possesses unassailable power. That it has minions by the thousands ready to use force and commit violence in the name of it’s survival. An army of enforcers and leg breakers, of sullen men who will commit atrocities at the beck and call of it’s masters.


The truth is, it is a deep state for the very reason it must remain secret because it knows the dirt people of this country are armed to the teeth. It can not risk pushing the dirt people into violent rebellion, it is literally to large a geographic area with a population with the potential to fight and win an armed conflict on domestic soil.

Cunning and deceit are the operational procedures it employs. It can wage very limited, complex, centrally controlled violent means in suppression of resistance and revolt. As long as it remains low intensity, the physical limits, in numbers, and resources, of it’s enforcers can operate and keep apace with events.

The Bundy Ranch and Burns Oregon events are instructional. There is a relatively small cadre of enforcers, along with a carefully controlled and scripted fake judicial system to handle the flow of revolt. Anything much larger would tax those resources to their limits, and other methods of suppressing and putting down defiance and rebellion will have to be employed. This is a very steep slippery slope for the deep state. It would nessisitate the exposure of the motives and composition of power and its structure. Something that must be avoided if it is to remain powerful. Because if nothing else, that power is predicated on it’s secrecy to begin with.

It spies on us in the all encompassing scale it does, because it is imperative it head off potential existential threats. It is the people working in meat space, who are lone wolves, or small tight nit groups, families, and associations, who can operate under the radar so to speak. It also faces another threat that if the actions and behavior of the actors of the deep state are an indication, the cold anger of the dirt people. The quiet discreet undercurrent of disgust and diminishing tolerance for the government in it’s entirety, that is probably something which can not be directly quantified or qualitatively estimated. And as we all know, the incompetence and out of touch characteristics of those in power, leave much to the vagrancies of fate and unintended consequences.

Dirt people have this trait of keeping quiet, of keeping an ear to the ground, their powder dry, of speaking in tongues, we have this kind of cultural radar that is stealthy and encoded. And all that portends.

The deep state is toast one way or another. It is just a matter of time for it to end. When it does, it will come so fast it will blow our minds. And every little pushback, small act of defiance, of resistance. Every singular withdrawal of consent, every penny we cheat the sonofabitches out of cheating us out of, wears down the leviathan, chips away slowly but inexorably at the foundations of tyranny.





5 Excellent Reads This Week

The always superb critical thinking of Straight Line Logics Robert Gore, in his latest piece about the indomitable power of the dirt people and the coming war between good and evil: The Swarm, by Robert Gore


The Left’s Descent to Fascism, by Charles Hugh Smith, Mr. Smith, in his usual splendid words on the psychopaths running things.


Statists Always Turn To The Disarmament Of The Innocent And The Arming Of Their Allies BY HERSCHEL SMITH, Over at The Captains Journal, the perils of statist hoplophobes and their tireless efforts to disarm the enemies of the state. Their latest and most notable methods and lies, and why you never give up your guns, you use them.


VD puts the steadfast zeitgeist aka Alt-Right into no nonsense words, why Alt-Right: Restoring the Deconstructed West by Vox Day


The Men of The West have Word. The cautionary warning for the Statist-Quo and their puppets, useful dupes, and the perils of revolution/civil war: DON’T FORCE OUR HAND by Theophrastus










And a bonus piece: The troubling implications of the conflict in Berkley today. Want to see for yourself what the human extinction movement is candidly saying and thinking? Guarantee it will put events in proper perspective. The dichotomy and cognitive dissonance of the cultural marxists is breath taking. Their dissimulations are rich with collective deceit and lust for blood that boggles the rational mind. They will destroy everything to cling to their precious ideology. The concept of unintended consequences, and people who will never bend a knee or submit to this collective insanity, are concepts they are truthfully, in living color, incapable of understanding. See why marxism is the perpetrator of literally hundreds of millions of deaths through the 20th century. The little totalitarians among us, the collective hive in unadulterated natural form:





Today is the anniversary of the genocide of 78 woman and children burnt alive at Waco Texas by the Clinton Regime.


Clinton-Burn-alive-78 - Children-Tanks-at-Waco (1)

Trump & The Dirt People Rules

I think Trump, his flair and audacity aside is actually a front man of a long game as ideological struggle. I think you have to remove Trumps panache and vivacious personality from the picture and focus on the characters and their long time associations to see the larger view.
Underneath it looks very much they are waging a war on the left, a serious as a heart attack war. After all, they have essentially discredited the left at every turn, gas-lighting them, exposing their core defects, their lies, false memes and narratives, their core modus operatchik so to say. Not just the political left but either, but the entire structure of leftism, cultural marxism and it’s adherents.
This is something which has remained virtually unchallenged with the exception of a few brave individuals, nothing like this has happened since McCarthy, but very unlike McCarthy, it is a group with a goal, with a plan, a carefully constructed strategy designed to undermine and de-legitimize the left.
If you look where the Trumps have focused their resources and energy, they have attacked and taken over the prime sources of governmental imposition of the leftists Fabian long march. From the EPA to the DOJ. The incorporation of the executive of POTUS, the US Military, and the will of the dirt people as the triad of an unforeseen ascending power upon which this crusade rests is nucleus of this revolution.
It is easy on the face of things to mistake Trump as abandoning his popular support, but I think it is actions that must be taken, actions really too complex to explain in tweets and sound bites, actions who even those taking them would be hard pressed to publicly explain, maybe dangerous in two ways, as they would reveal strategy and tactic, long term goals, and operating procedure. After all, in the political world of American politics, something like this has not been attempted, never mind actively underway, for like 150 years.
There may well be things which must be done, and incorporates individuals and groups, that are unsavory in and of themselves, but must be utilized if the larger picture is to be realized.

black swan citi_0

I don’t think Trump has, and for that matter a great number of dirt people understand fully, myself included, is or has he betrayed his base, and respectfully have the dirt people been deceived per say, it is this crusade is one that is of existential importance, that it is in no small part being waged on the fly, and even it’s cadre has to wing it, it is almost reverse political engineering.
I think the possibilities of going back to first principles of Republican form of government, without a violent revolution and the expulsion of every present aspect and actors of the form of tyranny which comprises our government, is possible.
Having said such, the only viable alternative is to wage a patriotic political color war against the statist-quo from the top down-inside out.
And we dirt people watching from the outside should probably put on our thinking caps, set aside our preconceived notions, and seriously work to understand, and provide our consent, in other words keep our leg of the triad strong with our support. After all, anything is far better than what was being rammed up our arse’s, the mere possibility there is a chance the long march in it’s present form can be exterminated is worth supporting, at the least give these guys a chance. If not, we are screwed anyway. There is everything to win and nothing to loose at this point. We forget easily our consent is immensely powerful, that both sides in this war depend on our consent, the left they require tacit consent and or apathy, the right, the true hard right, can only exist with our given conscious commissioned consent. Without the consent of us dirt people, Trump and all are doomed, with our consent, they can not loose, because that is tacit consent and apathy not provided to the left.
The cucks, RINO’s, Cultural Marxist Light, the little totalitarians among us, the Amerikan’s in name only, they will be left to wither on the vine, they are becoming ever increasingly irrelevant by the day, left behind in the dust of history.
I’m not sugar coating anything here, just trying to be as objective with my dirt people subjectivity.                                                                                                                                       The important thing here is dismantling the long march of statism is one hell of a large leap towards righting the wrongs waged against us dirt people. The hard cold truth here is short of a dirt people armed violent rebellion and uprising, there are no other choices. It’s Trump and his crusade and us dirt people support it in our dirt people ways, or its we give up, or we wage bloody revolution.

It is time any way for another 5000 year leap. The last of which has grown long in the tooth, and is by rights unsuitable to the people we are today. I think too the Liberty as we know it, has to be reformulated into Liberty commiserate with the character of the dirt people of today.
That first 5000 year leap was never an end all solve all form of dirt people freedom, it was a living breathing set of principles and catechisms, really a first draft. And right from the beginning it was assaulted by evil, by apathy, by failure to attend to it. But some of that is by omission, and the worst by commission. And as we see today, the results are clear, but the remedies are clouded in doubt, occluded by absence of a plurality that doesn’t fully comprehend it’s motive power and audacity, that it is a plurality to begin with, there is no stratified consciousness of it’s solidarity, it is fractured and nebulous, but there are signs it is beginning to coalesce and discover solidarity.
That is where true and legitimate, righteous, power lies. There is nothing that can deny it these things once it becomes a cascade of like minded dirt people who know they have this power in common.


The whole thing is, no matter what, this is really at it’s crux about us dirt people. We are the target. everyone else is shooting for it in some way. Everyone else is either trying to rule over us, kill us, strip mine us of our fruits of our labors, get us on their side and use us as a foil, or an instrument to gain something, or use us as a scape goat, “Kulak” us. Nobody is really fully on our side. Trump is probably the closest thing we will have as an ally. And in the larger scheme, for right now, that is not only a pretty good deal in relative terms, it is the only deal we get. The jist of that is we have an opening in time to become the penultimate over-riding political power, a window of power to self determine our destiny. We are the paramount cultural power, and that culture is upstream of politics. Our primal freedoms and liberty are upstream of any form of tyranny. And if we begin to grok that, we become so powerful nothing can deny us, nothing can stand in our way. It is such a simple thing but so very difficult to appreciate, but appreciate that we did in November. We did the impossible, the thing that everyone else said would never happen, it could not happen. We put who we chose to choose in the oval office. See that? At our peril We dirt people can not discount that truth. We dare not forget that act of defiance. Against all odds, against the statist empire, we gave them the finger, and did what we chose to do, and not, what was a choice of chosen ones we would be PERMITTED to choose from. Against every odds, every accepted norms, the so called impossible was possible.


Do you see the power that is inherent in that in us dirt people? Do you feel it? Do you understand how simple it is? It is choice, it all comes down to choice, consent, giving and taking consent. That nobody can make you, give or withdraw consent. That is why our consent, and withdrawal of our consent is the most powerful weapon imaginable. Everything stems from our consent.

It is why we dirt people are reviled, despised, but at the same time our consent is so important everyone else will do anything to get it or move it away for something else.
It was us as a plurality of dirt people who rebelled and defied our self anointed masters of the political class. In one fell swoop we de-legitimized that entire class. We exposed them as the scum and villainy they are under the illusion of power and legitimacy they dressed in. And what a sight it is.
We are not done yet. There is much to be done with our consent, our simple dirt people power. There will be a great counter attack, to nullify the destruction of illegitimate power we have wrought upon the oligarchy, the chaos we have caused. It will be swift and nasty, a desperate act, but an act that goes too far. In no way will they let our defiance stand. It simply can not be permitted, because it is existential to the statist-quo it be left to grow and prosper. It never could permit defiance from the beginning, it’s whole evil existence is predicated upon denying us dirt people our legitimacy and our consent, our individualism and our self determination, our prosperity and to keep that rightful prosperity for ourselves.

Those are The Dirt People Rules




If you do not know of Max, or have not taken his classes, from somebody who has attended and followed Max and his works, the combat training Max offers is an experience that is transformational. Empowering in ways one can not fully imagine before hand. Both in mind and spirit. And just as it is in combat, it can not be properly defined or described without having experienced first hand. The inherent principles of Small Unit Infantry Tactics, (SUT), are the basis of all combat. Max and his team have created a school, and a school of thought, modified and structured for the civilian patriot and or defender. It goes far beyond self defense and defense of loved ones, kith kin and hearth.


vector fist icon. revolution fist.


The classes are not only instructional but truly exciting, some of the best fun you can have while learning invaluable skills and knowledge. This is live fire, simulated combat, tactical multi axis, just as you would encounter in actual mountainous combat.  The associated classroom brings everything together in a truly holistic experience.


Verbatim from Max Velocity Tactical:

The intent was to create a document that would give far more practical guidance than many of the honor codes that you see. Many of those give you a few key words with definitions, but the question is: how do I implement that in life? This is Version 1.0, and is intended to be included in the MVT Tactical handbook when it is complete and published.


The Physical:
You must train hard yet with good sense, never be lazy; you will train to maximize your potential as a protector. In training and life, take the hard road. Train hard, fight easy.
Train for functional strength, not vanity. Move your own bodyweight, and develop power. Manage your training to avoid injury.
Train to move yourself and your combat load rapidly across the terrain. Cardiovascular fitness is vital to tactical operations. Include aerobic and anaerobic training. Consider that a combat load should be in the range of 35 – 50 lbs, and you must be able to tactically maneuver while carrying it.
Train to keep going, never quit. Develop the ability to continue physical work for long periods of time, whether that be manual labor or tactical activity.
Skill at Arms:
Become proficient at your personal weapons, and maintain those skills.
Train to fight hand to hand, pistol and carbine from 0 to 500 meters.
Conduct operant conditioning to create ‘muscle memory’ for weapon manipulation and reaction to contact, in order to beat the freeze and improve your initial survival response.
Physical Courage:
You must not shrink from the fight, or the challenge, if it is tactically unsound to do so. If it makes sense to fight, or take that physical risk, then do so, and do not be a coward. You will experience fear, and it may be almost disabling, but the true warrior can control and overcome it and thus permit the correct tactical course of action.

The Mental:

Tactical Knowledge:
Know small unit tactics (SUT) and how to practically implement them. Book learning is not sufficient, but practical training is necessary to achieve this.
Decision Making:
Become proficient at sound tactical decision making and critical thinking, which includes time sensitive decisions made under conditions of stress, tiredness and exhaustion.
Know how to lead others and do not shirk from it when it is necessary. Put the welfare of others before yourself. Be ready to sacrifice yourself for the team.
Do not shirk from hard decisions that are necessary to the well being of your group. Kill as necessary and expedient. Do not pity the enemy.
Give priority to others in your group over yourself. This is particularly true if you are in a leadership position. Be ready to give your life without hesitation for those that you love. There is no greater thing.
Moral Courage:
Do not be afraid to tackle hard problems in order to safeguard the welfare of the group. Make the hard decisions, and do not shirk the necessary outcomes. Do not let situations fester that will destroy the group.
Never give up the struggle, never give up the fight. Work tirelessly towards the goals of your family, clan or group.
Utilize visualization as a form of mental rehearsal of physical tactical skills. This will improve your readiness in the event of surprise attack, and will go a long way to preventing the freeze.
Believe in the greater purpose of what you are here for. Look skywards , and believe that by your efforts, you honor the memory of those that came before you, and put you where you are.
The War Band:
The War Band is the tactical unit of the clan. It is the Patrol. The War Band will execute tactical operations. It will look beyond perimeter security to find, fix and destroy external threats to the group. The War Band is a sub-set of the overall clan, which is made up of the families of the War Band.
Understand the holistic approach of operating tactically as a team; train with your tactical team, and become as a whole greater than the individual. Apply your individual skill at arms to team tactical operations.
Protect the perimeter, strike out at threats by ambush and raid, utilizing targeted violence, justified by the necessity to protect your group. Violence is often the right answer.
War Craft:
Make use of tactical wisdom to decide when violence is necessary, or not, and what the best course of action is. There is no such thing as a fair fight. Use low cunning and guile. Surprise your enemy with maximum violence when appropriate. Do not fight when there is no need, or an alternative approach will provide a better outcome. Do not be goaded into poor decisions by false pride.
Reputation is honor, earned respect among the peers of the War Band. It is also praise and recognition from the War Band for achievement, which helps create the hierarchy and develop leaders. Your reputation is your honor, and is gained by adherence to the established code of conduct within the group. You must strive to build and maintain your reputation, which is honed in competition and cooperation with the others of the War Band.
Lead and Follow:
Be prepared to either lead or follow depending on where your tactical and leadership skills lie in relation to others in the War Band.
Compete in training to test and measure your skills against those others in the War Band.
Competition and Cooperation are essential to the health of the War Band, and are not exclusive. There is a time and a place for each. Cooperate to defeat the enemy.
Tempered Ego:
Ego must be tested by training and competition, and thus each man will find his worth among the group. This will build realistic expectations, and develop trust.
Men are not equal. Each has worth. All men must strive to achieve their greatest worth, and find their place within the War Band. Respect each other for the effort required to do so, and work as a team.
You are loyal to the group. There is no loyalty or sacrifice owed to those outside of the group. Fight to defend those in the group at all costs, regardless of right or wrong. Censure of wrongdoing is internal.
Establish the natural hierarchy of skills within the War Band. Appoint leaders through mutual acclaim, based on merit and ability.
Include those in the War Band who meet the standards of it, and are effective in the role. Those who are not effective in the War Band will have other roles in the clan.
Those who fail to maintain the standards of the War Band, who voluntarily let themselves go, or who disparage the honor code of the group.

The Family / Clan:

War Band vs. Clan:
The War Band is a sub-group that is vital to the survival of the Clan. The Clan is the whole group that is vital to the survival of the War Band. Those who are able to achieve a level of competency to be part of the War Band must train to do so. Those that cannot, will have roles elsewhere. Those with skills or specialties that are vital to the survival of the clan will primarily be employed in those roles. Everyone will train to the best of their ability to provide at least a defensive role in the event of an attack by outriders. Those with mastery in non-tactical survival or essential skills will be allowed to command in their own sphere. They will be respected for this, which is where the balance of Lead vs. Follow is apparent, and those that lead in some areas will follow in others. Mastery of false ego, development of character, and time with the group will make these skills and roles apparent. Lead when you should lead, follow when you should follow.
A family unit is a partnership, made strong by the  mutually supporting qualities of the man and woman within it. The family unit is the basic unit of the clan. Be unselfish and loyal. Men and women are different, each strong in their own way. It is the combination of these gender characteristics that makes the marriage partnership strong, and thus the family unit.
This is the vital role of the man in the family unit. The father is the future ancestor of his offspring. Make yourself worthy of it. Your ancestors put you here, and it is up to you to carry on that tradition with your children. Protect the mother of your children, and overall protect your children, and raise them well to take their place as responsible adults. Typically, the man will aspire to the War Band and be on or outside of the perimeter to protect the family unit.
This is the vital role of the woman in the family unit. Support the man, and nurture the children so that they may grow to their full potential as responsible adults. You are also the future ancestor, and the example of the strong family will be carried forward by your children. Typically, the mother will remain as the inner defense should the perimeter be breached, and must be able to fight and defend. No excuses.
Single Clan Members:
All single clan members will aspire to be members of the War Band. If they are not suitable in some way, they will still be required to stand watch and defend the perimeter. If not in the War Band, they will concentrate on specializing in a skill or task that will benefit the group as a whole.
The men of the War Band create clan by the involvement of their families in the group’s activities.
In  times of peace, strive to provide the best life for your family. In times of war, defend the perimeter, go out and meet the enemy, and destroy then by cunning, skill at arms, and the ferocity of your War Band.
Lead / Follow:
Learn and understand that in matters outside of the War Band, there will be those with mastery of skills and abilities. The must be allowed to lead in their own sphere, and at times you will lead, at others you will follow. Clan activity is a give and take, a cooperation towards the good of the whole.
Mercy / Compassion:
Show mercy and compassion to those within the group. You owe nothing to outsiders. To the old and infirm, the wounded and injured within the group, honor their achievements, and protect them. To outsiders, show mercy only if it benefits the group. Consider including outsiders if they are able to meet with the standards of the group, and will make it stronger.
Teach those new to the War Band, and train them in skill at arms and tactics. Raise the young to be brave, strong and skilled.
Your place in the War Band and the Group every day, by hard work and example.
Everyone in the clan, assessed and based on age and physical ability, will be tactically trained to fill a defensive role, even though they may not have the ability to be part of the War Band. The old, young, unfit, those mothers with children, all have to be able to stand a watch and provide depth defense to the perimeter in case of breach or attack. No excuses or opt outs. If a person is unable to take their role as defender seriously, they should be expelled from the clan. No one is too special to fight, or immune from it.

The Enemy:

Respect the enemy and never underestimate them.
Violence of Action:
If forced to fight, ensure your action towards the enemy is planned with guile, and executed with speed, surprise and violence of action.
Consider your rules of engagement and conduct on the battlefield. How you conduct yourselves will create your reputation, and how the enemy behaves towards you. Consider your treatment of captured, wounded and enemy dead, and act with intelligence.
Your treatment of enemy captured, wounded and dead bodies will create your reputation. Consider what you want that to be, and send messages as appropriate to the situation.


Behave honorably in your dealings with other groups, which will create reputation. You do not want to have to fight everyone.
Never let your guard down, or let a potential threat gain advantage over you.
Make alliances with other groups for mutual benefit. Gain a reputation for strength but also trustworthiness.
Suitable outsiders who have the potential to assimilate into the values of your group, and develop a place of trust.