Trump & The Dirt People Rules

I think Trump, his flair and audacity aside is actually a front man of a long game as ideological struggle. I think you have to remove Trumps panache and vivacious personality from the picture and focus on the characters and their long time associations to see the larger view.
Underneath it looks very much they are waging a war on the left, a serious as a heart attack war. After all, they have essentially discredited the left at every turn, gas-lighting them, exposing their core defects, their lies, false memes and narratives, their core modus operatchik so to say. Not just the political left but either, but the entire structure of leftism, cultural marxism and it’s adherents.
This is something which has remained virtually unchallenged with the exception of a few brave individuals, nothing like this has happened since McCarthy, but very unlike McCarthy, it is a group with a goal, with a plan, a carefully constructed strategy designed to undermine and de-legitimize the left.
If you look where the Trumps have focused their resources and energy, they have attacked and taken over the prime sources of governmental imposition of the leftists Fabian long march. From the EPA to the DOJ. The incorporation of the executive of POTUS, the US Military, and the will of the dirt people as the triad of an unforeseen ascending power upon which this crusade rests is nucleus of this revolution.
It is easy on the face of things to mistake Trump as abandoning his popular support, but I think it is actions that must be taken, actions really too complex to explain in tweets and sound bites, actions who even those taking them would be hard pressed to publicly explain, maybe dangerous in two ways, as they would reveal strategy and tactic, long term goals, and operating procedure. After all, in the political world of American politics, something like this has not been attempted, never mind actively underway, for like 150 years.
There may well be things which must be done, and incorporates individuals and groups, that are unsavory in and of themselves, but must be utilized if the larger picture is to be realized.

black swan citi_0

I don’t think Trump has, and for that matter a great number of dirt people understand fully, myself included, is or has he betrayed his base, and respectfully have the dirt people been deceived per say, it is this crusade is one that is of existential importance, that it is in no small part being waged on the fly, and even it’s cadre has to wing it, it is almost reverse political engineering.
I think the possibilities of going back to first principles of Republican form of government, without a violent revolution and the expulsion of every present aspect and actors of the form of tyranny which comprises our government, is possible.
Having said such, the only viable alternative is to wage a patriotic political color war against the statist-quo from the top down-inside out.
And we dirt people watching from the outside should probably put on our thinking caps, set aside our preconceived notions, and seriously work to understand, and provide our consent, in other words keep our leg of the triad strong with our support. After all, anything is far better than what was being rammed up our arse’s, the mere possibility there is a chance the long march in it’s present form can be exterminated is worth supporting, at the least give these guys a chance. If not, we are screwed anyway. There is everything to win and nothing to loose at this point. We forget easily our consent is immensely powerful, that both sides in this war depend on our consent, the left they require tacit consent and or apathy, the right, the true hard right, can only exist with our given conscious commissioned consent. Without the consent of us dirt people, Trump and all are doomed, with our consent, they can not loose, because that is tacit consent and apathy not provided to the left.
The cucks, RINO’s, Cultural Marxist Light, the little totalitarians among us, the Amerikan’s in name only, they will be left to wither on the vine, they are becoming ever increasingly irrelevant by the day, left behind in the dust of history.
I’m not sugar coating anything here, just trying to be as objective with my dirt people subjectivity.                                                                                                                                       The important thing here is dismantling the long march of statism is one hell of a large leap towards righting the wrongs waged against us dirt people. The hard cold truth here is short of a dirt people armed violent rebellion and uprising, there are no other choices. It’s Trump and his crusade and us dirt people support it in our dirt people ways, or its we give up, or we wage bloody revolution.

It is time any way for another 5000 year leap. The last of which has grown long in the tooth, and is by rights unsuitable to the people we are today. I think too the Liberty as we know it, has to be reformulated into Liberty commiserate with the character of the dirt people of today.
That first 5000 year leap was never an end all solve all form of dirt people freedom, it was a living breathing set of principles and catechisms, really a first draft. And right from the beginning it was assaulted by evil, by apathy, by failure to attend to it. But some of that is by omission, and the worst by commission. And as we see today, the results are clear, but the remedies are clouded in doubt, occluded by absence of a plurality that doesn’t fully comprehend it’s motive power and audacity, that it is a plurality to begin with, there is no stratified consciousness of it’s solidarity, it is fractured and nebulous, but there are signs it is beginning to coalesce and discover solidarity.
That is where true and legitimate, righteous, power lies. There is nothing that can deny it these things once it becomes a cascade of like minded dirt people who know they have this power in common.


The whole thing is, no matter what, this is really at it’s crux about us dirt people. We are the target. everyone else is shooting for it in some way. Everyone else is either trying to rule over us, kill us, strip mine us of our fruits of our labors, get us on their side and use us as a foil, or an instrument to gain something, or use us as a scape goat, “Kulak” us. Nobody is really fully on our side. Trump is probably the closest thing we will have as an ally. And in the larger scheme, for right now, that is not only a pretty good deal in relative terms, it is the only deal we get. The jist of that is we have an opening in time to become the penultimate over-riding political power, a window of power to self determine our destiny. We are the paramount cultural power, and that culture is upstream of politics. Our primal freedoms and liberty are upstream of any form of tyranny. And if we begin to grok that, we become so powerful nothing can deny us, nothing can stand in our way. It is such a simple thing but so very difficult to appreciate, but appreciate that we did in November. We did the impossible, the thing that everyone else said would never happen, it could not happen. We put who we chose to choose in the oval office. See that? At our peril We dirt people can not discount that truth. We dare not forget that act of defiance. Against all odds, against the statist empire, we gave them the finger, and did what we chose to do, and not, what was a choice of chosen ones we would be PERMITTED to choose from. Against every odds, every accepted norms, the so called impossible was possible.


Do you see the power that is inherent in that in us dirt people? Do you feel it? Do you understand how simple it is? It is choice, it all comes down to choice, consent, giving and taking consent. That nobody can make you, give or withdraw consent. That is why our consent, and withdrawal of our consent is the most powerful weapon imaginable. Everything stems from our consent.

It is why we dirt people are reviled, despised, but at the same time our consent is so important everyone else will do anything to get it or move it away for something else.
It was us as a plurality of dirt people who rebelled and defied our self anointed masters of the political class. In one fell swoop we de-legitimized that entire class. We exposed them as the scum and villainy they are under the illusion of power and legitimacy they dressed in. And what a sight it is.
We are not done yet. There is much to be done with our consent, our simple dirt people power. There will be a great counter attack, to nullify the destruction of illegitimate power we have wrought upon the oligarchy, the chaos we have caused. It will be swift and nasty, a desperate act, but an act that goes too far. In no way will they let our defiance stand. It simply can not be permitted, because it is existential to the statist-quo it be left to grow and prosper. It never could permit defiance from the beginning, it’s whole evil existence is predicated upon denying us dirt people our legitimacy and our consent, our individualism and our self determination, our prosperity and to keep that rightful prosperity for ourselves.

Those are The Dirt People Rules



1 thought on “Trump & The Dirt People Rules

  1. IF, we did not have a corrupt government from the start, we could maybe repel an invading army
    but now we have the enemy within And the invading army of Gimmegrants and the Military will
    never come to our rescue.
    The Truth on the internet will not overcome the subversion of the TV newz media.
    It is amazing how many people are bent on the destruction of the country like they
    have a better place to go ?
    The guns will never save the country, Far to late for that now, They should have been
    used the first time they messed with the 2nd A.
    There are a lot of people who would like to make the country the best one but there
    are none that has the means to do it. It is not possible any longer.


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