5 Excellent Reads This Week

The always superb critical thinking of Straight Line Logics Robert Gore, in his latest piece about the indomitable power of the dirt people and the coming war between good and evil: The Swarm, by Robert Gore


The Left’s Descent to Fascism, by Charles Hugh Smith, Mr. Smith, in his usual splendid words on the psychopaths running things.


Statists Always Turn To The Disarmament Of The Innocent And The Arming Of Their Allies BY HERSCHEL SMITH, Over at The Captains Journal, the perils of statist hoplophobes and their tireless efforts to disarm the enemies of the state. Their latest and most notable methods and lies, and why you never give up your guns, you use them.


VD puts the steadfast zeitgeist aka Alt-Right into no nonsense words, why Alt-Right: Restoring the Deconstructed West by Vox Day


The Men of The West have Word. The cautionary warning for the Statist-Quo and their puppets, useful dupes, and the perils of revolution/civil war: DON’T FORCE OUR HAND by Theophrastus










And a bonus piece: The troubling implications of the conflict in Berkley today. Want to see for yourself what the human extinction movement is candidly saying and thinking? Guarantee it will put events in proper perspective. The dichotomy and cognitive dissonance of the cultural marxists is breath taking. Their dissimulations are rich with collective deceit and lust for blood that boggles the rational mind. They will destroy everything to cling to their precious ideology. The concept of unintended consequences, and people who will never bend a knee or submit to this collective insanity, are concepts they are truthfully, in living color, incapable of understanding. See why marxism is the perpetrator of literally hundreds of millions of deaths through the 20th century. The little totalitarians among us, the collective hive in unadulterated natural form: https://archive.is/7V0lO





Today is the anniversary of the genocide of 78 woman and children burnt alive at Waco Texas by the Clinton Regime.


Clinton-Burn-alive-78 - Children-Tanks-at-Waco (1)

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