What If?


Judge Andrew P. Napoltano is supposedly been fired from Fox News for this news piece linked below my comments. The guy always struck me as a stand up dude. Well spoken, with a great humble presence. Very intelligent and careful, well considered with how he presents things. No hyperbole or embellishing, straight up guy.

What the Judge has to say below, I think, it is something most of us understand and or suspect in some way, at some level, the details are almost irrelevant to the fact there is a deep state, a state within a state, an oligarchy that runs loose, whatever it is called, behind the facade of illegitimacy we witness daily called the federal government.

When you look at the way it is run from an objective aspect, the almost complete absence of any reform, redress, institution, and action, in any direction other than the reduction of freedom and liberty, bit by bit, a tiny piece here, another bite there, and when no matter the case, circumstance, or issue at hand, there is a complete lack of any course or action except how more money, and the usury placed on our productivity, in the form of taxation, interestingly always increases no matter what happens.

A system of people who never find the energy to reduce it’s burden on the dirt people who produce, but by God, they always have the energy to take and reduce from us what we have created, what we own, from our labor, from our industriousness.

Further more, we dirt people, without any change in our behavior, our way of life, our actions, our very existence as American’s, coincidently we become more and more in a myriad of ways, become enemies of the government. We become criminal outlaws by doing nothing different. It is a slow creeping change. How is that possible you may ask yourself. How can my property become more and more, not my property, by way of administrative fiat, by way of the burden of taxation and the devaluation of the currency our government retains an iron fisted grip on controlling?


None of these things and a lot more, are completely beyond our peaceful means to control. We are barred from literally any say in these matters. And if we raise objection, demand an accounting, we are looked upon and declared domestic terrorists, extremists, white racists?

And all along, this very same government operates in secrecy, exclusively from positions of influence and dark deep secret powers we are excluded from knowing a single truth about them.

You will probably as I do recognize, or are aware of many things Judge Napolitano writes about. It is the picture he paints, the totality of the premise, that is important. It should give you deep pause as to the sinister and despicable nature of what this means. A deep state that is so far off the reservation, so illegal, so anathema to everything we as dirt people work our lives for and believe in as to be so beyond the pale, as to be a literal monster, a Leviathan so out of bounds of any legitimacy, how it has been purposefully done, as to constitute literally insanity. This is truly crazy stuff when you consider the crux of what is going on. That there is no mechanisms within the system to bring it and the actors involved to heel. That those involved are lairs and deceivers, betrayers, of a scale and scope literally difficult to wrap ones mind around.

That just my writing these words, and you reading these words, by all understanding of how greedy and power hungry theses actors are, what is at stake here, the survival of us dirt people as legitimate sovereign persons, we become instant enemies of their State.


Posted Verbatim:

What if We Don’t Really Govern Ourselves?
By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

What if our belief in self-government is a belief in a myth? What if the election of one political party over the other to control Congress changes only appearances? What if taxes stay high and regulations stay pervasive and the government stays oppressive and presidents fight wars no matter what the politicians promise and no matter who wins elections? What if the true goal of those whom we elect to Congress is not to be our agents of self-government or even to preserve our personal liberties but to remain in power by getting re-elected?

What if they use government to aid their own re-elections by bribing us with our own money — the rich with bailouts, the middle class with tax breaks and the poor with transfer payments?

What if Congress has written laws that are too complex for its own members to read and understand? What if the language of most federal laws is intentionally arcane so that ordinary voters cannot understand it? What if that language is actually written by faceless bureaucrats and not by accountable members of Congress? What if members of Congress in fact rarely read any legislation before voting on it? What if some legislation refers to secrets and secret procedures that only a few members of Congress are permitted to see and utilize?

What if when the select few members of Congress who are permitted to see those secrets do see them, those members are themselves sworn to secrecy? What if that means that our elected representatives — our supposed agents of self-government in the government — do not fully know what the government is doing and that even if they do, they can’t legally tell us?

What if our representatives in Congress don’t really represent us? What if they really represent a political party? What if each political party is controlled by a small leadership group that punishes members who defy it? What if Congress has written laws and rules that permit its leaders to punish members’ defiance? What if another way to characterize defiance of political party leadership is political courage?
What if the laws that Congress has written about the CIA have delegated congressional power to a small secret committee of members from both houses of Congress and both political parties? What if that committee can authorize secret wars in foreign lands conducted not by the military but by the CIA? What if the reason these folks authorize the CIA and not the military to conduct secret wars is the existence of federal laws that require reporting to and a vote of the entire Congress for the military to be used but require only the small secret committee to approve for the CIA to be used?

Because wars cost money and often cost lives, what if the effect of the decisions of the small secret committee is that the committee is basically a Congress within Congress? What if the Constitution says that only Congress can spend tax dollars and declare wars but Congress has let the Congress within Congress do this? What if the voters will never know what the Congress within Congress has authorized? What if the very existence of the Congress within Congress mocks, defies and betrays the concept of American self-government?

What if the data seen and discussed and the decisions made in secret by the Congress within Congress are generated by the CIA and other intelligence agencies? What if these intelligence agencies selectively reveal and selectively conceal data to manipulate the decisions of the Congress within Congress? What if those manipulations often result in bloodshed about which the American people often never learn? What if the bases for the decisions of the Congress within Congress are kept from the other members of Congress, from the media and from the voters?

What if the folks from both political parties who set up the Congress within Congress care more about wielding power than they do about preserving self-government? What if those who pull the levers of power in the intelligence community are so far removed from the voters that they don’t know and don’t care what the voters think? What if they know that the voters would react forcefully and decisively if the voters knew what the members of the Congress within Congress know but they still won’t tell us?

What if all this diversion of power from the elected Congress to the Congress within Congress and all this reliance on secret data has resulted in the most pervasive surveillance by any government of any people at any time in world history? What if the federal government’s domestic surveillance today captures and retains digital copies of every telephone call and every computer keystroke of every person in America and has done so since 2005? What if members of Congress who are not in the Congress within Congress do not know this?
What if the Congress within Congress has authorized American spies to spy without personal suspicion or judicial warrant on the military, the courts, the police and every person in America, including the remaining members of Congress, much of the remaining intelligence community itself and even the White House?

What if the selective use of the data acquired from mass surveillance can be used to manipulate anyone by those who have access to the data? What if those who have access to the data have used it to manipulate the president of the United States? What if all this constitutes a grave but largely unseen threat to our liberties, not the least of which is the right to self-government?

What if we don’t really govern ourselves? What do we do about it?

-from https://www.creators.com/read/judge-napolitano




What do we do about it?

Great question.

I think, whatever this deep system, this deep state is, has reached a point where it can not grow all that much more powerful, or retain it’s secretive status, without crossing some very critical lines in the sand so to say. It has pretty much exhausted all plausible deniability as a cover, a shield, of its illegitimate structure. There appears cracks are showing up in the facade. We learn more every day about it.

It is now, if I am using my brain, reaching a point, or closing in on where everything it now does involves surviving it’s illegitimacy. It can do nothing but attain more power, more money, more tyranny, it can not reverse what it is, it can not remain in a static state, it is a system of power that knows no bounds, and has no limits because it is constructed to avoid and abandon all checks and balances designed long ago to limit it, in the first place.

All it needs is a push. It will be a push that seems to come out of nowhere. That push will precede a cascade failure of the whole construct. It is a very top heavy system of power. It relies on hiding from us, of deceiving us, of channeling money and resources out of sight and mind. A black swan that will be in the form of it’s nemesis.

It is easy to see this thing as a boogeyman. That it possesses unassailable power. That it has minions by the thousands ready to use force and commit violence in the name of it’s survival. An army of enforcers and leg breakers, of sullen men who will commit atrocities at the beck and call of it’s masters.


The truth is, it is a deep state for the very reason it must remain secret because it knows the dirt people of this country are armed to the teeth. It can not risk pushing the dirt people into violent rebellion, it is literally to large a geographic area with a population with the potential to fight and win an armed conflict on domestic soil.

Cunning and deceit are the operational procedures it employs. It can wage very limited, complex, centrally controlled violent means in suppression of resistance and revolt. As long as it remains low intensity, the physical limits, in numbers, and resources, of it’s enforcers can operate and keep apace with events.

The Bundy Ranch and Burns Oregon events are instructional. There is a relatively small cadre of enforcers, along with a carefully controlled and scripted fake judicial system to handle the flow of revolt. Anything much larger would tax those resources to their limits, and other methods of suppressing and putting down defiance and rebellion will have to be employed. This is a very steep slippery slope for the deep state. It would nessisitate the exposure of the motives and composition of power and its structure. Something that must be avoided if it is to remain powerful. Because if nothing else, that power is predicated on it’s secrecy to begin with.

It spies on us in the all encompassing scale it does, because it is imperative it head off potential existential threats. It is the people working in meat space, who are lone wolves, or small tight nit groups, families, and associations, who can operate under the radar so to speak. It also faces another threat that if the actions and behavior of the actors of the deep state are an indication, the cold anger of the dirt people. The quiet discreet undercurrent of disgust and diminishing tolerance for the government in it’s entirety, that is probably something which can not be directly quantified or qualitatively estimated. And as we all know, the incompetence and out of touch characteristics of those in power, leave much to the vagrancies of fate and unintended consequences.

Dirt people have this trait of keeping quiet, of keeping an ear to the ground, their powder dry, of speaking in tongues, we have this kind of cultural radar that is stealthy and encoded. And all that portends.

The deep state is toast one way or another. It is just a matter of time for it to end. When it does, it will come so fast it will blow our minds. And every little pushback, small act of defiance, of resistance. Every singular withdrawal of consent, every penny we cheat the sonofabitches out of cheating us out of, wears down the leviathan, chips away slowly but inexorably at the foundations of tyranny.





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