As friends and family begin to get it, and they begin to become better situated to bear the possibilities of consequences of a government suffering a serious crisis of legitimacy and all that implies, I get asked quite a bit what it will be like. Thats the $65,000 question right there yes Sir. My reply/advice, is … Continue reading TSHTF?



Time to speak the truth. The Left, antifa, SJW's, the whole lot of cultural marxists and their sick mentality is based on loosing. They are Losers. The left can not survive being seen as losers. They have no defense against this foundational truth. Nothing. There is a single thread which consistently runs through everything these losers … Continue reading LEFT =’s LOSERS

Alt-Right Hard-Right/Men of The West Agitprop

                                                                                                              … Continue reading Alt-Right Hard-Right/Men of The West Agitprop



  Posted verbatim from The Men of The West Blog. But there for the grace of God I go. If you haven't checked these men out yet, it is a fine group of men who have teamed up to exemplify and stand for The West, our virtue, our principles, our faith, science, legacy and traditions. … Continue reading LIBERTARIAN TO ALT-RIGHT: FLIGHT FROM UTOPIA


REVOLT of the dirt people and THE PERILS of REVOLUTION

I'm going to assume this latest leak, linked to the autistics of 4channel, and distributed out from these totally awesome insurgents of the political underworld, is valid. I have no proof of validity, yet I will eat my hat if they are fake. You can read for yourself the details as of these two posts … Continue reading REVOLT of the dirt people and THE PERILS of REVOLUTION


Dirt People Temet Nosce

Temet Nosce: the maxim is thought to be a generalization as "know thyself" is a warning to pay no attention to the opinion of the multitude. In this case it is us dirt people must know ourselves, who and what we are. Not just as individuals, but as individual's collectively what we represent. Don't be misled by … Continue reading Dirt People Temet Nosce