As friends and family begin to get it, and they begin to become better situated to bear the possibilities of consequences of a government suffering a serious crisis of legitimacy and all that implies, I get asked quite a bit what it will be like. Thats the $65,000 question right there yes Sir. My reply/advice, is your looking at it, a slow self destruction of the ruling elites, as they hack away at the tree of liberty, and increasingly must devote more resources, money and treason to survive their illegitimacy. With the possibility of a sudden implosion along political and or economic lines. An suddenly “unexpected” in the general sense collapse of major components of civilization as we are normally accustomed to. If anything can be called “normal” that is. There seem to be many economic problems arising out of that same oligarchy’s incredible malice and wonton disregard for fixing what they have created.

Economic SHTF is what I believe will precipitate many other aspects of truly dynamic changes and tribulations us dirt people will be facing. Ol’ Remus as he oft says, has a few words for you. A rational brief essay, posted verbatim from the always top shelf The Woodpile Report. in words far more succinct and worthy than I could hope to express:



“Imagine a deflation so severe, so catastrophic and long-lasting, with so many banks collapsing that cash all but ceased to circulate. Imagine towns and cities so desperate for physical currency they printed their own . Imagine cash having measurably more buying power with each passing week. Imagine half of all banks closing their doors forever. Imagine surviving banks making a dependable and risk-free real profit from money they didn’t lend. This was the Depression, and it lasted for about a decade.

Before the Crash of 1929 there had been pullbacks, in 1923 and again in 1926, significant but short, each lasting a year, each followed by greater expansion than before. Soon everything that wasn’t agriculture became a bubble. It’s understandable, everything was new—radio, paved highways, movies with sound, refrigerators, air travel and skyscrapers—it was the dawning of a new era with an incandescently bright future.

The forward looking would be the foremost citizens of this new era, which meant buying in. And buy in they did. Mortgages, car loans, time payments—and for 16% of the population, stocks on margin.

If the crash was unimaginable, the follow-on catastrophe was unthinkable. The economy immediately contracted in one memorable spasm. In mere weeks the future went from daydreams of opulent splendor to a search for lost change in the couch cushions. The middle class became the poor, the poor became the destitute. Then it got worse. The gross national product declined by a third. Trust in government and finance crumbled away. Populism ran the table. Regime change was in the air.

Today a dark consensus is forming of a similar debacle, probably in the fourth quarter, possibly sooner. The evidence is compelling: record highs in the stock market supported by inflation* and bubbles and the Plunge Protection Team, a Shiller price-earnings ratio at 29x, negative returns for the bottom 250 of the SP500, accelerating consumer and retail bankruptcies. Major crimes on Wall Street and in DC go uninvestigated, trust in government and finance is in the single digits, unsold new and used cars are constipating the pipeline, real unemployment is far above official numbers, and the middle class is tapped out.

It’s a given the stock exchanges will crash. Beneath the financial highway lies an ever-growing sinkhole and one day the market will be overweight enough to crash through. Price discovery will have been served at last. The prudent are thinking past it to second order events, where the demons live.

More photos from the Crash of ’29 will appear in upcoming Woodpile Reports.

* Inflation since 1929 is 1,330%. This gives an idea of how severe a runaway deflation could be. Using 1929 as the base, if we squeezed the accumulated inflation out of it, a twenty dollar bill would be worth $286 in purchasing power.” -Ol’ Remus



I believe if Remus’ forecast comes to pass, there are a phenomenal number of American’s without resources and capabilities to overcome the loss of “normality” an economic depression would bring. A portion of this number will most likely become desperate and feral, turn to violence as a means to procure materiel and other resources.

An interesting event took place up on the WV mountain ridge here in rural dirt people country that may shed light on the potential for feral outsourcing of resources. A couple of gentleman from many hundreds of miles away approached a number of neighbors who operate 150 acre mountain top farms, with vague offers of “leasing” land for military training. Little open genuine information was provided about these two gentleman, who claimed to be current .mill solders, though they took it upon themselves without so much as a please or may we, to take many photographs and GPS co-ordinates on my neighbors land.

To say something wasn’t right about these two actors is being polite. We all got together to discuss what these gents asked and revealed about themselves and intentions, and our observations led to the possibility they where on a scouting mission, reconnoitering possible targets in the advent of TSHTF, which they could then “acquire” and run operations from, with all that “acquire” implies.


So here are two examples of possible happenings which could take place which are cautionary and prudent to consider in your planning and preperations.

You can not have enough tribe and community in these times, in fact, because so many of us have lost tribe and community activity and thinking, it is probably the single most prudent thing you can practice and embrace fully into way of life and living. I say this from 1st hand knowledge. To know and live this provides a level of so many aspects of security and strength, it simply can not be assailed negatively in any way shape or form.

there are a lot of dirt people all around, who share similar concerns and are looking for the same answers. Get out there, make friends, share your wisdoms and knowledge. Build community, build tangible things, don’t just plan for SHTF, live and thrive provincially and adopt agrarian thinking and practice. It puts one far ahead of the curve. That learning curve will be very steep without it.









Time to speak the truth. The Left, antifa, SJW’s, the whole lot of cultural marxists and their sick mentality is based on loosing. They are Losers.

The left can not survive being seen as losers. They have no defense against this foundational truth. Nothing.

There is a single thread which consistently runs through everything these losers do, from the agenda to their memes. It is stunning simple. It is all loosing something. Culture, history, tradition, legacy, principles, virtue, faith, individualism, nationalism, self determination. It is a loosing agenda, made possible by losers, and only losers.




losers-panic-memes kill cultural marxists

















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talk about-dead-white-guys











scum of the earth all smug they fleeced the productive handsomely-Jerry-Brown-State-of-the-State-con-640x481






mickeysoros-nyt-scum of-the-earth-1



Posted verbatim from The Men of The West Blog. But there for the grace of God I go.

If you haven’t checked these men out yet, it is a fine group of men who have teamed up to exemplify and stand for The West, our virtue, our principles, our faith, science, legacy and traditions.  A righteous screed from the heart. No love hath a man…



Posted by Phantom | Mar 30, 2017
I was a libertarian (small L, I’ve never been a Libertarian Party member) before I even knew what the word meant. Now I call myself a full-fledged adherent of the Alt-Right, or even Hard-Right if you prefer. If you don’t know what these terms mean, read here, and here.

After leaving the military in the late 80’s, I became friends with a pastor who was delving into church and state issues. Before that, I wasn’t so much apolitical as just simply ignorant; I had never stopped to consider it before. What I discovered got my blood boiling; I had been lied to for a long time, so I started reading the Constitution and law and Supreme Court decisions on a variety of subjects. I spent many hours in the library; my journey to libertarian Utopia had begun.


Shortly thereafter, I started reading the syndicated columns of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams (They remain heroes of mine to this day). Economics was a different subject, right? Wrong. It’s all politics, it’s all economics; those subjects are not severable. What did that have to do with church and state? Everything. The blinders came off and I was forced to see government for what it really is: A devouring devil with a fixation on command and control of those it is supposed to serve. My position has not changed on this. I had become a rabid libertarian. I was so committed to this viewpoint that some of my devout Republican friends got tired of my diatribes against the GOP for being big government. They refused to see it. I am also anti-war with respect to self-defense and imminent threats (this becomes important later). The Neocons didn’t like that too much.

Years later, I held both parties in complete contempt. I think I might have voted for Ross Perot in 1992, though I can’t recall for sure if I even voted at all. I skipped the next few elections until 2000 when I voted for George W. Bush. I backed Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 but didn’t actually vote in either election. After Ron Paul was abused by the GOP, I had resigned myself to not participating in the political process ever again because it seemed so hopelessly corrupt. I was rather surprised then, to find myself cheering the the nomination of a wealthy New York liberal running as a Republican. By election day, many of my friends and I were convinced the polls were not reflecting reality, but attempting to distort it. We partied that night while we watched the election returns come in; we were already confident of the outcome. I can say with certainty that it was the first Presidential election that I ever actually enjoyed. Watching Hillary go down in flames and leaving John Podesta to clean up the mess was satisfying in a way that I don’t have space here to describe. Hillary’s loss was probably more important than Trump’s victory. I just don’t think she would have lost to any other GOP candidate fielded that year. The salty tears, the monumental butt-hurt from the left, and the wailing from Republican cucks continues to give me hope that we can stave off destruction for at least a few more years.

As a libertarian, I saw the stupidity of open borders fairly early: Mass migration leads to a loss of liberty for us since these people would simply vote to steal our liberty in succeeding generations, as history has demonstrated. I have always been anti-abortion as well because I see the unborn as human beings deserving of the right to life that the rest of us have. As to economics, I am of the Austrian bent and have spent countless hours reading Mises.org, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, the aforementioned Sowell and Williams, along with many others. I was a libertarian through and through. In truth, I would describe myself more as a realistic anarchist, meaning that government is not desirable but it is inevitable and we’d best keep it as contained as possible while always understanding that it will eventually break free and become a leviathan. For the most part though, I just used the term libertarian since most people understood it well enough.

Somewhere between 2005 and 2008, the Utopian bubble of libertarianism was getting stifling. The culture war was intensifying. The left was gaining ground and eroding my culture and traditional values at an unprecedented rate. I was beginning to see the exceptions to libertarian principles but I wasn’t willing to compromise those principles for the sake of preservation. That would take a little more time. Eventually, I started speaking out unapologetically about all manner of cultural degradation as well as trying to reform the national sense of shame for bad values.

What really took me off the Utopian path was GamerGate in late 2014. alt-right-or-Die-MOTW-snakeIt was during that time the term Social Justice Warrior (SJW) came into popular use as a term to describe the shrieking leftists that would swarm and attempt to destroy people’s reputations and careers simply because they would not submit to their narrative of the day. I could not stand for this sort of injustice. My tolerance levels dropped precipitously at this point. GamerGate was the larval stage of the Alt-Right.

Earlier I mentioned being anti-war. Many nations have been brought low without a battle. They have been infiltrated and subsumed into the populations that overtook them without (much) blood being shed. Here at Men of the West, we are dedicated to preserving the values and culture that made this country the greatest nation on earth. If we don’t actively fight for it, it will be lost. This is where the imminent threat comes in. We are under threat. We are at war. If we do not take the offensive in this culture war, we will be lost. Islamic immigration will go up, along with immigration from socialist and communist nations. We’ll lose what gun rights we have, we will see even greater restrictions on freedom of speech and conduct than ever before. This is a war and I’m not unwilling to use the tactics of my adversaries against them. Bush and Obama in particular abused executive orders; I’m not opposed to Trump doing the same so long as it helps turn the tide.

No, I don’t want deeper government involvement in my life. I don’t want more taxes, programs, departments, agencies or powers for the government. But I do want greater immigration restrictions, and I want our normally gutless Republicans to roll back government and undo the damage done by eight years of Obama. I’d like to roll government back about 50 years. Things were bad enough by the time W. left office, but even those seem like glory days now. I want to see Trump defy obviously unconstitutional court orders, and keep doing so many outrageous things that the left can’t keep up with them all. I’m willing to see Trump abuse his Executive Order power just as the last several administrations have done in order to help turn the tide. I want to see more Alt-Right, more nationalism, more reclamation of traditional morals and values, as well as more personal responsibility. I want to see more intolerance of the things that got us in to this mess, more intolerance of cultural depravity and more intolerance of those things and people that would have us rounded up in order to see their “progressive” Utopia implemented. I frequently get called a bigot. I don’t care. Why should I be tolerant of the opinions of people that want to destroy the way of life that I cherish?

vector fist icon. revolution fist.If you don’t fight for liberty by changing the conditions that will enable others to take it, then you might as well surrender now. That doesn’t mean you have to surrender your rights to the government, but it does mean that you should not surrender your rights, your values, your children, and your future to those that would slowly rob you of it by using the government and culture as a weapon against you.



King James worthy comment-Stealth Spaniel


tumblr_mdgtw2v6d71rw5dlyo1_1280-1024x603cultural-marxist-pyramidburn-this-motherfucker-downI-Give-A-Shit?Caos-Peppy18254544_1663544670326706_777004059_n-1024x1016MOSBYS-RULES-FOR-HONORABLE-RESISTANCEhang-the-son-of-a-bitches-bilderbergersRise-MOTW-MEN-AREUNMARKED GRAVE-of-elitesHOLY-LAND-OF-DIXIE-GEN-LEEU-WANT-LIBERTY-DO-THINGSexecuted-to-save-elites-moneywe-dont-care-bout-ur-narrativeblack-swan-A-Rmarxist-deepstate-shakedownwhole-armor-of-God-crusades-jpgthe only-true-LGBT1ninetymiles3oLxz1rvrnulo1_540C-hRuWzXkAEcX8afist of hard-right-MOTWWRSAFBI-is-the-real-domestic-terroristBFYTW-Like-Nobody-Else











REVOLT of the dirt people and THE PERILS of REVOLUTION


I’m going to assume this latest leak, linked to the autistics of 4channel, and distributed out from these totally awesome insurgents of the political underworld, is valid. I have no proof of validity, yet I will eat my hat if they are fake. You can read for yourself the details as of these two posts and decide yourself, (Lots of links to follow). The similarities to the leaks of Clinton crime syndicate corruption and influence peddling among the global elite sure has a lot of “coincidental” coincidences. Funny how that works. Fact of the matter it sure all has the stench of fixed elite “candidates” caught red handed by the actions of dirt people who have had quite enough of this elitist crap and their holier than thou fucking one world order. You be the judge. For me, there are no unintended unrelated isolated spontaneous activities among these creatures of unparalleled greed, organized crime and lust for power. They are all connected, because that is how this scale of corruption and absolute power works. They have to be connected, for how else does a “One World Order” run by elitist scumbags manage to control the world. It’s simple. Duh. It isn’t some secret squirrel star chamber where a handful of members only determine the fate of the dirt people, it is plain ole’ organized crime with numerous levels and organizations together in on the spoils, and because there is a never ending stream of political scumbags in on the take, it is simple pie hiding what they are doing behind a fig leaf of legitimacy of government. All you have to do is look at the scumbags called Congress for proof of how in on the take and corrupt those fuckers are.

Macron Says He Is Victim Of “Massive, Coordinated” Hack After 9 Gigabytes Of Private Documents Released

France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Macron Emails, Threatens With Criminal Charges




It seems plain to me Antifa is just another front being run by one of the factions of one world order oligarchy organized crime as distraction of the dirt people. It also is a trap. Antifa is the bait. The idea is to bait some white dirt guy into using his “assault rifle” to defend his liberty. In prime time living color, and it’s game on. It will be 24/7 nonstop screaming about the terrors of white racism, white extremism, right wing supremacy, on and on, you know the drill. It is all propositioned ready to go narrative, just need some pics and video clips, and the screaming to disarm this country will make all past fake memes look like a fart in a hurricane in comparison.

They can’t win if they can’t disarm the dirt people. They know they can’t. they can’t risk it while we have guns.


Now consider this little interesting nugget of fact: not a single government actor operative, politician or bureaucrat has uttered a peep about antifa and its publicly proclaimed commie roots. Interesting huh? Not a word, it is like it does not exist. These are the lowest life forms on the planet who make laws on how we take a crap and the actors of the black bloc are promising they are going to exterminate the White Race, mmm, interesting, not a peep. Now that right there tells a monster of a tale. It’s not rocket science. It serves a purpose that benefits the sonofabitches. You can bet money on it if it threatened their political power, or rather their skim of the corruption, they would have the Green Beret’s out in the streets conducting Counter Insurgency operations. One of the many objects of waging war in Afghanistan, Iraq Yemen, Ukraine etc: Bring it home eventually with a military capable of waging state sponsored 4th generation war against dirt people.




And here is another thing to ponder. This fucktard below has been behind almost everything.

Why is he still alive?

Why is he running operations on US soil unhindered?

Using your hard earned bucks stolen right out of your paycheck by the very same fuckers who are not saying a thing.

Does that complete the circle of truth in the most down to earth way?

Care to hazard a wild guess?


mickeysoros-nyt-scum of-the-earth-1


So now we have the same hack of the globalists chosen French presidential “candidate”, with the same 5th column media that ran block, false news and fake polling data as for the blood soaked maniac in a pants suit here against American dirt people, taking place in France, all the parallels, the same crimes uncovered for lords sake, all the same pejorative tactics and fake attacks against Marie LePen, a French Donald Trump. A dirt peoples chosen potential.

Connect the dots gentle dirt people.




The globalist scum and their allies have gone too far. There is an unstoppable force that has arisen. It has begun, it will only become stronger. Millions of people are thinking and saying it has gone on too long, gone too far, the scope and scale, the arrogance and greed is unacceptable. When millions of dirt people think the same a motive power is created. It has a life force all it’s own. Nothing can stop it. It will grow and become a corrective force that can not be or will not be denied. The elites will fall, it has already begun.


They can control President Trump all they want. But they do not control what created Trump. What they can not control, what they can not stop is The Great Fuck You. They are trying to stop the wrong thing. They think in one dimension, their perspective of political power and influence. The perils of revolution they are creating is beyond their scope of understanding and appreciating. They are a closed loop singularity of power. They can’t see past the problems they create no more than the unintended consequences of the choices they make.

But here’s the bread and butter of that equation: They have no friends, no true allies, outside this circle jerk of corruptocrats, banksters, and their compatriots of crony-capitolism. They are all alone. They have alienated 95% at least of Western civilization. When shit drops in the pot their cadre will not be sufficient to protect their foul hides, and there will be no place on Earth for them to hide. They reside in rarified sanctums, which only exists as safe havens for as long as the tolerance and good will of the dirt people lasts.


Dirt people of the west are the most tolerant and forgiving people in human history. But dirt people are also of a kind of warrior spirit that is unequaled in our epoch. You let that warrior ethos loose and you do not survive it’s wrath. Western dirt people have a way of becoming the most blood thirsty fighters imaginable.




It is coming around to “Because Fuck You Thats Why”. BFYTW can not be stopped. It can not be reasoned with. It fears nothing. It becomes an all encompassing force. It has no mercy, it gives no quarter, and it does not care, one wit what happens to it’s enemy. It stops only when it does.





King James worthy comment-Stealth Spaniel


Normie-Allies-per Pooh









Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton


AR-resistance is always fertile








talk about-dead-white-guys

Dirt People Temet Nosce

Temet Nosce: the maxim is thought to be a generalization as “know thyself” is a warning to pay no attention to the opinion of the multitude. In this case it is us dirt people must know ourselves, who and what we are. Not just as individuals, but as individual’s collectively what we represent.

Don’t be misled by the picture cunningly presented, because it is intended to dupe us into believing President Trump has reneged on everything he promised. It is intended to give the illusion TINVOWOOT, to be an example and warning to any attempt of populism and nationalism will not be tolerated. This nationalism is an existential threat to the powers that be which run basically a shadow government, a shadow congress. If you watch carefully you will see obstruction at every instance of the ideals, ideas, and stated mandates which Trump gave his word to us dirt people he would follow through on if elected. It is literally all that is taking place, obstruction of a Presidents policy’s and duty with clear and present intent to undermine Trump, a soft coup if you will. It is an active conspiracy of treason by congress.

At the root of all this is us dirt people. It is not only we are rightfully feared for what we are capable of doing. It is paramount to their power we are stopped from realizing that potential within us. You see, we already have employed our potential by defying the powers that be when we out voted the margin of vote fraud and gerrymander used to control who “wins” presidential elections. Trump was their black swan, it was our exercise of will of the governed.

Right now what is going down is damage control of a sinking ship of totalitarian state. Us dirt people put a torpedo right up their kiester.

You realize that was small potatoes of what we are capable of right?

One guy named Trump, who us dirt people voted for, a very simple thing we did, wasn’t hard to do, if anything it was the best show and more fun than many of us have had politically in a long time. Easy Peasy, nothing to it, and look at the hornets nest we stirred up, it is like we kicked over an ant hill, look at the deep state scurrying around like cockroaches when the light is turned on. Which they are, and which we dirt people did.

Imagine if we took it up a notch? They can barely control a President Trump now as it is.

President Donald J Trump is the greatest thing to happen to the deep state in a long long time. It does not matter what the man does, it is a strategic battle victory that has no equal in the war being waged on us dirt people because of what Trump as President represents.

The Great Fuck You from us to them.




It is why they want to disarm of us if our freedom of using our speech, and our arms. But first they must disarm us dirt people of our belief in ourselves and what our potential is.

This below in a simple picture defines all three of those inalienable things.


Speech – Arms – Attitude

Temet Noscetemet nosce-dirt people.jpg

Remember well. At your own peril do you forget or ignore. It is to the globalists great pleasure we fight with each other. We do their dirty work for them.










AR-resistance is always fertile










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vector fist icon. revolution fist.



son of oden founder