Dirt People Temet Nosce

Temet Nosce: the maxim is thought to be a generalization as “know thyself” is a warning to pay no attention to the opinion of the multitude. In this case it is us dirt people must know ourselves, who and what we are. Not just as individuals, but as individual’s collectively what we represent.

Don’t be misled by the picture cunningly presented, because it is intended to dupe us into believing President Trump has reneged on everything he promised. It is intended to give the illusion TINVOWOOT, to be an example and warning to any attempt of populism and nationalism will not be tolerated. This nationalism is an existential threat to the powers that be which run basically a shadow government, a shadow congress. If you watch carefully you will see obstruction at every instance of the ideals, ideas, and stated mandates which Trump gave his word to us dirt people he would follow through on if elected. It is literally all that is taking place, obstruction of a Presidents policy’s and duty with clear and present intent to undermine Trump, a soft coup if you will. It is an active conspiracy of treason by congress.

At the root of all this is us dirt people. It is not only we are rightfully feared for what we are capable of doing. It is paramount to their power we are stopped from realizing that potential within us. You see, we already have employed our potential by defying the powers that be when we out voted the margin of vote fraud and gerrymander used to control who “wins” presidential elections. Trump was their black swan, it was our exercise of will of the governed.

Right now what is going down is damage control of a sinking ship of totalitarian state. Us dirt people put a torpedo right up their kiester.

You realize that was small potatoes of what we are capable of right?

One guy named Trump, who us dirt people voted for, a very simple thing we did, wasn’t hard to do, if anything it was the best show and more fun than many of us have had politically in a long time. Easy Peasy, nothing to it, and look at the hornets nest we stirred up, it is like we kicked over an ant hill, look at the deep state scurrying around like cockroaches when the light is turned on. Which they are, and which we dirt people did.

Imagine if we took it up a notch? They can barely control a President Trump now as it is.

President Donald J Trump is the greatest thing to happen to the deep state in a long long time. It does not matter what the man does, it is a strategic battle victory that has no equal in the war being waged on us dirt people because of what Trump as President represents.

The Great Fuck You from us to them.




It is why they want to disarm of us if our freedom of using our speech, and our arms. But first they must disarm us dirt people of our belief in ourselves and what our potential is.

This below in a simple picture defines all three of those inalienable things.


Speech – Arms – Attitude

Temet Noscetemet nosce-dirt people.jpg

Remember well. At your own peril do you forget or ignore. It is to the globalists great pleasure we fight with each other. We do their dirty work for them.










AR-resistance is always fertile










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vector fist icon. revolution fist.



son of oden founder



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