REVOLT of the dirt people and THE PERILS of REVOLUTION


I’m going to assume this latest leak, linked to the autistics of 4channel, and distributed out from these totally awesome insurgents of the political underworld, is valid. I have no proof of validity, yet I will eat my hat if they are fake. You can read for yourself the details as of these two posts and decide yourself, (Lots of links to follow). The similarities to the leaks of Clinton crime syndicate corruption and influence peddling among the global elite sure has a lot of “coincidental” coincidences. Funny how that works. Fact of the matter it sure all has the stench of fixed elite “candidates” caught red handed by the actions of dirt people who have had quite enough of this elitist crap and their holier than thou fucking one world order. You be the judge. For me, there are no unintended unrelated isolated spontaneous activities among these creatures of unparalleled greed, organized crime and lust for power. They are all connected, because that is how this scale of corruption and absolute power works. They have to be connected, for how else does a “One World Order” run by elitist scumbags manage to control the world. It’s simple. Duh. It isn’t some secret squirrel star chamber where a handful of members only determine the fate of the dirt people, it is plain ole’ organized crime with numerous levels and organizations together in on the spoils, and because there is a never ending stream of political scumbags in on the take, it is simple pie hiding what they are doing behind a fig leaf of legitimacy of government. All you have to do is look at the scumbags called Congress for proof of how in on the take and corrupt those fuckers are.

Macron Says He Is Victim Of “Massive, Coordinated” Hack After 9 Gigabytes Of Private Documents Released

France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Macron Emails, Threatens With Criminal Charges




It seems plain to me Antifa is just another front being run by one of the factions of one world order oligarchy organized crime as distraction of the dirt people. It also is a trap. Antifa is the bait. The idea is to bait some white dirt guy into using his “assault rifle” to defend his liberty. In prime time living color, and it’s game on. It will be 24/7 nonstop screaming about the terrors of white racism, white extremism, right wing supremacy, on and on, you know the drill. It is all propositioned ready to go narrative, just need some pics and video clips, and the screaming to disarm this country will make all past fake memes look like a fart in a hurricane in comparison.

They can’t win if they can’t disarm the dirt people. They know they can’t. they can’t risk it while we have guns.


Now consider this little interesting nugget of fact: not a single government actor operative, politician or bureaucrat has uttered a peep about antifa and its publicly proclaimed commie roots. Interesting huh? Not a word, it is like it does not exist. These are the lowest life forms on the planet who make laws on how we take a crap and the actors of the black bloc are promising they are going to exterminate the White Race, mmm, interesting, not a peep. Now that right there tells a monster of a tale. It’s not rocket science. It serves a purpose that benefits the sonofabitches. You can bet money on it if it threatened their political power, or rather their skim of the corruption, they would have the Green Beret’s out in the streets conducting Counter Insurgency operations. One of the many objects of waging war in Afghanistan, Iraq Yemen, Ukraine etc: Bring it home eventually with a military capable of waging state sponsored 4th generation war against dirt people.




And here is another thing to ponder. This fucktard below has been behind almost everything.

Why is he still alive?

Why is he running operations on US soil unhindered?

Using your hard earned bucks stolen right out of your paycheck by the very same fuckers who are not saying a thing.

Does that complete the circle of truth in the most down to earth way?

Care to hazard a wild guess?


mickeysoros-nyt-scum of-the-earth-1


So now we have the same hack of the globalists chosen French presidential “candidate”, with the same 5th column media that ran block, false news and fake polling data as for the blood soaked maniac in a pants suit here against American dirt people, taking place in France, all the parallels, the same crimes uncovered for lords sake, all the same pejorative tactics and fake attacks against Marie LePen, a French Donald Trump. A dirt peoples chosen potential.

Connect the dots gentle dirt people.




The globalist scum and their allies have gone too far. There is an unstoppable force that has arisen. It has begun, it will only become stronger. Millions of people are thinking and saying it has gone on too long, gone too far, the scope and scale, the arrogance and greed is unacceptable. When millions of dirt people think the same a motive power is created. It has a life force all it’s own. Nothing can stop it. It will grow and become a corrective force that can not be or will not be denied. The elites will fall, it has already begun.


They can control President Trump all they want. But they do not control what created Trump. What they can not control, what they can not stop is The Great Fuck You. They are trying to stop the wrong thing. They think in one dimension, their perspective of political power and influence. The perils of revolution they are creating is beyond their scope of understanding and appreciating. They are a closed loop singularity of power. They can’t see past the problems they create no more than the unintended consequences of the choices they make.

But here’s the bread and butter of that equation: They have no friends, no true allies, outside this circle jerk of corruptocrats, banksters, and their compatriots of crony-capitolism. They are all alone. They have alienated 95% at least of Western civilization. When shit drops in the pot their cadre will not be sufficient to protect their foul hides, and there will be no place on Earth for them to hide. They reside in rarified sanctums, which only exists as safe havens for as long as the tolerance and good will of the dirt people lasts.


Dirt people of the west are the most tolerant and forgiving people in human history. But dirt people are also of a kind of warrior spirit that is unequaled in our epoch. You let that warrior ethos loose and you do not survive it’s wrath. Western dirt people have a way of becoming the most blood thirsty fighters imaginable.




It is coming around to “Because Fuck You Thats Why”. BFYTW can not be stopped. It can not be reasoned with. It fears nothing. It becomes an all encompassing force. It has no mercy, it gives no quarter, and it does not care, one wit what happens to it’s enemy. It stops only when it does.





King James worthy comment-Stealth Spaniel


Normie-Allies-per Pooh









Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton


AR-resistance is always fertile








talk about-dead-white-guys

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