As friends and family begin to get it, and they begin to become better situated to bear the possibilities of consequences of a government suffering a serious crisis of legitimacy and all that implies, I get asked quite a bit what it will be like. Thats the $65,000 question right there yes Sir. My reply/advice, is your looking at it, a slow self destruction of the ruling elites, as they hack away at the tree of liberty, and increasingly must devote more resources, money and treason to survive their illegitimacy. With the possibility of a sudden implosion along political and or economic lines. An suddenly “unexpected” in the general sense collapse of major components of civilization as we are normally accustomed to. If anything can be called “normal” that is. There seem to be many economic problems arising out of that same oligarchy’s incredible malice and wonton disregard for fixing what they have created.

Economic SHTF is what I believe will precipitate many other aspects of truly dynamic changes and tribulations us dirt people will be facing. Ol’ Remus as he oft says, has a few words for you. A rational brief essay, posted verbatim from the always top shelf The Woodpile Report. in words far more succinct and worthy than I could hope to express:



“Imagine a deflation so severe, so catastrophic and long-lasting, with so many banks collapsing that cash all but ceased to circulate. Imagine towns and cities so desperate for physical currency they printed their own . Imagine cash having measurably more buying power with each passing week. Imagine half of all banks closing their doors forever. Imagine surviving banks making a dependable and risk-free real profit from money they didn’t lend. This was the Depression, and it lasted for about a decade.

Before the Crash of 1929 there had been pullbacks, in 1923 and again in 1926, significant but short, each lasting a year, each followed by greater expansion than before. Soon everything that wasn’t agriculture became a bubble. It’s understandable, everything was new—radio, paved highways, movies with sound, refrigerators, air travel and skyscrapers—it was the dawning of a new era with an incandescently bright future.

The forward looking would be the foremost citizens of this new era, which meant buying in. And buy in they did. Mortgages, car loans, time payments—and for 16% of the population, stocks on margin.

If the crash was unimaginable, the follow-on catastrophe was unthinkable. The economy immediately contracted in one memorable spasm. In mere weeks the future went from daydreams of opulent splendor to a search for lost change in the couch cushions. The middle class became the poor, the poor became the destitute. Then it got worse. The gross national product declined by a third. Trust in government and finance crumbled away. Populism ran the table. Regime change was in the air.

Today a dark consensus is forming of a similar debacle, probably in the fourth quarter, possibly sooner. The evidence is compelling: record highs in the stock market supported by inflation* and bubbles and the Plunge Protection Team, a Shiller price-earnings ratio at 29x, negative returns for the bottom 250 of the SP500, accelerating consumer and retail bankruptcies. Major crimes on Wall Street and in DC go uninvestigated, trust in government and finance is in the single digits, unsold new and used cars are constipating the pipeline, real unemployment is far above official numbers, and the middle class is tapped out.

It’s a given the stock exchanges will crash. Beneath the financial highway lies an ever-growing sinkhole and one day the market will be overweight enough to crash through. Price discovery will have been served at last. The prudent are thinking past it to second order events, where the demons live.

More photos from the Crash of ’29 will appear in upcoming Woodpile Reports.

* Inflation since 1929 is 1,330%. This gives an idea of how severe a runaway deflation could be. Using 1929 as the base, if we squeezed the accumulated inflation out of it, a twenty dollar bill would be worth $286 in purchasing power.” -Ol’ Remus



I believe if Remus’ forecast comes to pass, there are a phenomenal number of American’s without resources and capabilities to overcome the loss of “normality” an economic depression would bring. A portion of this number will most likely become desperate and feral, turn to violence as a means to procure materiel and other resources.

An interesting event took place up on the WV mountain ridge here in rural dirt people country that may shed light on the potential for feral outsourcing of resources. A couple of gentleman from many hundreds of miles away approached a number of neighbors who operate 150 acre mountain top farms, with vague offers of “leasing” land for military training. Little open genuine information was provided about these two gentleman, who claimed to be current .mill solders, though they took it upon themselves without so much as a please or may we, to take many photographs and GPS co-ordinates on my neighbors land.

To say something wasn’t right about these two actors is being polite. We all got together to discuss what these gents asked and revealed about themselves and intentions, and our observations led to the possibility they where on a scouting mission, reconnoitering possible targets in the advent of TSHTF, which they could then “acquire” and run operations from, with all that “acquire” implies.


So here are two examples of possible happenings which could take place which are cautionary and prudent to consider in your planning and preperations.

You can not have enough tribe and community in these times, in fact, because so many of us have lost tribe and community activity and thinking, it is probably the single most prudent thing you can practice and embrace fully into way of life and living. I say this from 1st hand knowledge. To know and live this provides a level of so many aspects of security and strength, it simply can not be assailed negatively in any way shape or form.

there are a lot of dirt people all around, who share similar concerns and are looking for the same answers. Get out there, make friends, share your wisdoms and knowledge. Build community, build tangible things, don’t just plan for SHTF, live and thrive provincially and adopt agrarian thinking and practice. It puts one far ahead of the curve. That learning curve will be very steep without it.








4 thoughts on “TSHTF?

  1. The scouting mission raises my hackles. A lot in fact. Wonder how many times that is being repeated all over the mountain east? I had figured on refugees perhaps, but not an actual territorial theft. Think they were .gov?

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    • Might be, they made claim they are current .mil,
      definitely something not right about them as we all agreed when we got together and compared our observations.
      There is a lot of ways people can go feral. One comment I have heard personally and from others is why should I prepare and stockpile when I can just come to your house. Upgrade that to a band of people who are scouting for plump property and resources, and if it drops in the pot they come to your place and set up to bushwhack you and take over your home and property. Political orientation doesn’t matter if you get my drift.


  2. Truly. Tribe is everything. I figure I, we, could stop a marauding band of Bubbas, or inner city ferals, but trained folks might be another matter. Plus they may have access to equipment I cannot access or afford. This adds a twist that I had not anticipated, so thanks for that. Like they say, not enough people, not enough ammo. And time grows short.

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    • Certainly as you say there are no easy answers.
      Yes, the trained “gangs” of bad hombre’s like that have the advantage. It is very difficult to protect everything 24/7, all they have to do is sit and gather intell, catalogue the weaknesses of the target, and take everyone out at their convenience.
      I think have a tight nit community, and it being known, is a built in deterrent in itself.
      Say those guys want to take over a plum piece of farm real-estate, they would consider a community in mutual support a negative if they are to continue to operate freely once a target is taken over.
      I think what we are talking about here is the greatest threat you face, especially in rural areas where resources, (ready and exploitable), geography, and weather are optimum.
      I only have the direct knowledge of the people dynamics of my AO. It is clear to me the best asset is a community of people who choose to support each other in mutual defense against whatever will be in the mutual interests of mutual support.
      The potential for that kind of solidarity on a community scale exists, but to be frank, a couple people are going to have to take a dirt nap first before the “normalcy” bias which inhibits solidarity before stuff happens, is discarded.
      I know that sounds simplistic, but it is how I see things where I’m at. And I live in an area in appalachia where neighborly help in time of crisis strikes me as of a higher degree than a lot of other places. There is a lot of built in levels of mutual trust that arise from “clannish” communities.
      But certain aspects of that kind of nature is the kind that only changes when it drops in the pot, you have to accept it for what it is, it’s not a bad thing, it is what it is. And you do the best you can with what you have, and preposition resources, the germs of ideas and concepts, in the hope it will help when the time comes.
      Its all about hearts and minds in no uncertain terms. Appalachian mountain dirt people are seriously independent as a rule, but are quite generous to neighbors, and family is everything. So there’s that. It is a big plus in my book.


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