Western Rifle Shooters Association The No Shit Bottom Line


Western Rifle Shooters Association: One of, if not, the finest blog in the Liberty Sphere. The author and owner, Concerned American, has been in the thick of the scrum, faithfully and steadfastly, with courage and conviction, endured the winds of change and resistance from 2007 to today. An amazing accomplishment deserving of the highest accolades and kudos.

C.A.’s archived WRSA blogspot original blog is timeless and chockabloc stuffed with timeless technical/tactical info, not to mention early posts on politics and happenings of the day, a veritable archived smorgasbord time travel machine: http://westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com






(3 posts pasted verbatim):

The No-Shit Bottom Line

Posted on June 17, 2017


From a WRSA commenter:

I keep thinking what happens after Trump. If nothing substantial and foundational occurs before he leaves office or is deposed. All arguments aside as to what Trump and MAGA can or can not accomplish, if the motherfuckers we all despise are left to pick up where obama left off, to me this above, is the prime directive.

Think about it. Trump AD, if the “swamp” isn’t drained, is going to be payback time for all us deplorables who voted Trump in. Bank on it.

It’s what we got to be planning for. Whether Ol’ Trump does good or not, it is a pretty sure bet the color revolution of 11-8 will never be permitted to happen again, and you know the entire uniparty will be burning the midnight oil to assure no more Trumps.

Remember who we are talking about here. A class of debauchery. Where even pedophilia and child snuff films is a right of passage into the elitist class. You think going after us deplorables will not happen? These will be the same who murdered LeVoy Finnicum, who make up laws out of their ass to suit whatever circumstances require.

I’m not saying anything new here, we all know what these motherfuckers are and are capable of. They will be thinking of rooting anyone who will defy them out.

At best we get 7.5 more years. They will probably JFK or depose Trump before then at the rate things are going. It don’t look good in that department. But Trump is a pretty interesting guy, he is not a quitter or a loser, and has a big set of balls. It’s the potential after Trump for Amerika stage II that we got to be getting ready for. Short of hanging everyone of the motherfuckers, how are they got rid of?

And if the Normies don’t pull the suppository pacifiers out of their arses and wake up, it’s gonna be real sporty for us dirt people.


Political Violence Is A Game The Right Can’t Win

Posted on June 14, 2017


Who is ‘the Right’ in FUSA?

Can someone explain who and why re same?

(Note: 119 comments)



The Awakening

Posted on June 13, 2017


Welcome, normies.

Come on in.

The water’s just fine.

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