2 thoughts on “The Poles Purge Their Entire Judiciary System of Globalist Scum and Shit Stirring Cultural Marxists.

    • A metal fab shop I worked for in the 80’s sponsored a few polish men who came over and worked with us. They told us all about Solidarity, the amazing part was 150,000 Poles voluntarily committed to locking themselves into concentration camps, because the Russian Army where stacked up on the border to go into poland and take over the government if the Poles didn’t stop Solidarity.
      These guys said it was so dangerous, time was so short, they literally had to run into the camps with nothing but their clothes on their backs. There was no food, water, first aid, nothing for them, but keeping the Russians from invading by occupying the camps so the Russians could actually see them populated.
      6 months these Patriots stayed. What an act of courage and conviction. Their families had to suffer too, no money because nobody could work while self imprisoned. they said people came from all over, with nothing but a loaf of bred, a jug of water, or a blanket to help them while behind the wire. even the “Guards” manning the camps where in on it. They didn’t even have ammo for their weapons. They all knew if they kept the Russians out they would win against the communists.
      Some of these guys told stories that where hilarious. That Polish humor. And with the Polish accents, telling us what went on, we would just about fall over laughing.

      They won! against every odds stacked against them. An amazing story of the history and Liberty.


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