Captain Capitalism: The Pettiness of the Left

The Pettiness of the Left

Great Word. This excellent post, (above), by Captain Capitalism is an outstanding indictment of the values & principles of self-determination and living/thinking freedom. The motive power of self sufficiency is the great weapon of Liberty.


Also posted and linked at WRSA as  Captain Capitalism: The Pettiness of the Left, Or Live Below Your Means And Have A Good Life




My thoughts are Exactly what Captain Capitalism said which underly the difference between being a slave to the State or living as a Freeman. There is a fundamental set of components of Liberty in what he is talking about.

My wife and I chose about 12 years back to live in what is considered “poverty” by many standards, what it is really is an economy of living well inside our means, where we are never caught out with no alternatives, because the life we lead is alternative to begin with.

The first component is attaining Zero Debt.
This changes everything. Every penny, every resource, every tangible addition to our intrinsic wealth, totally belongs to us. You could say it is a value added way of life.

The second component is we never acquire anything that does not posses a multiple of benefits that compose value which exceeds the investment.
The third component is thinking. This may be the most important and highest value added component.

The third component is finding, learning, making, creating, building, growing, trading, and bartering everything we can. And if we can not, by any of these self sufficient means, have something under these methods, we scrutinized it carefully in relation to all other aspects of self determination, we learn to do without or learn alternatives which square with these principles we establish.

We own everything we have. No note, lien, loan, or mortgage.
We buy, barter, make, do, everything we outright. There is no compromise on these sets of values. If we do not have the wealth, be it barter, skills, labor, time, or money to acquire something outright, we do without and or find alternatives which do. Or learn to do without.

It is not difficult to do all this. At first the hardest part is learning how to think in this manner. All else follows once we developed good habits of thinking in this value added mindset.
We learned early that patience is not only a true virtue, it helped us to unlearn compulsive behavior and instant gratification. The gratification we did learn is wealth itself, for we created tangible real wealth that is entirely independent of the mainstream economy. That after awhile, we began to think naturally in this manner, it became the prime directive, which we base all our actions of providence upon.

The whole idea is to learn and live a way of life where we require as little fiat money as is physically possible to do.

Do we do without?
Oh yes.
Are we poor?
Not even close.
We are richer than when we had good paying skilled labor jobs.
Do we have lots of money from our ways of being frugal.
No. By most standards we are at the bottom of the economic food chain.
Are we happy, does living cash poor worry us?
Our lives are full each day. We are producers. We fabricate, craft, grow, employ steadfast daily manual labor, into as many facets of the sphere of our lives, as we are capable of applying.
At some stage, this all became natural behavior and thinking, it was evolutionary more than revolutionary. Though we are now natural revolutionaries. We defy norms, we revolt against mainstream, we live an open source insurgent lifestyle based on values and principles of being self determined and self sufficient.

We joined the honorable resistance.
We have it made.
And instead of dropping a ton of money by buying our way into it, we husbanded our blue collar humble wealth, invested it in ourselves, in order so we could afford the time and labor to build tangible wealth over a steady increasing logarithmic line.

Is it hard work?
Yes, but only as you get up each day, and chip away at what from the outside looks like a daunting mountain of hard work.
We persevere.
And perseverance gets you things places and results better than anything money can acquire or buy.

Do we lack things we need?
Not in the sense it makes life difficult.
Only in the sense we just can not go there here and now.
But our way of life makes it possible, to do so through thinking and application of our standards of living we established within our means.
And because of this, we hardly notice lack of “things”.
We learn & live to do without.

I believe every day as more and more people join the honorable existence, we become a body of people who are immune to the statist-quo, to the overlords, to the whims and vagaries of control and manipulation the tyranny breathing down our throats has created.
Because we are and have withdrawn our consent, we have left behind the world order, therefore we have
become independent from the “system”. Unplugged, Free.

No many would cry but the government has guns! They will just break down our doors and kill us if we refuse to comply! Resistance is futile!

Please, excuse me for being contrary, because we are contrary to begin with. Those who cry it is futile, that it is impossible, they miss the entire point. We are free, because we choose to be free. Because we practice what we preach. We live the life, not talk, live it. And as more and more of us unplug from the Matrix, we become that much more indomitable, till one day we become a force no tyrants or system of slavery can stop us.

Like the fine fellow who wrote this great testimony.
He defies.
He revolts.
He resists.
And you can never win if you are fear doing so to, by failing to live so and think so begin with.

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