2 thoughts on “August 8 2017 Agitprop

    • Well your real welcome Mr. Bauer.
      Thank you for dropping in! Appreciate you.
      Been thinking for a while now, I’ve collected anti-left agitprop since about 2007, have around 26,000 pieces of it. It really tells a tale, how it has changed & evolved. But what’s so incredible is it was made by people, and if you look at it in that light, there’s one hell of a lot of people who seriously do not like what is going on and being done to us. You got to take in the scope of it all in context of that.
      If there is that many people inspired, angered, driven to create Alt-Agitprop, I’ll eat my hat if not doesn’t come to pass those out to destroy our great country don’t get their arses handed to them when everyone has had enough and decide to put a stop to it.


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