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Lots going on. A dynamic political environment. No worries. How is it any different than any other day really? Just keep a cool head, stay away from crowds, watch what the right hand is doing while the left trues to distract from whats going on under the fig leaf of legitimacy. That’s germane advice right there. “Legitimacy” does not exist but for our sovereign selves, the plurality that constitutes, (get it, “Constitutes”?), we who are the dirt people, and the sole voice of that plurality name of Donald Trump. Don’t matter if you love or despise the guy, he is probably the first duly legitimately elected President in living memory or longer. It is no small mater that. It is a vestige of something which is being torn asunder piece by piece. Saving that, or getting ready to fight what might usurp it, is worth everything at this stage.

From the media illusion you might have the impression the entire US has lost its fucking mind. So go illusions of the 5th column variety with a sprinkling of deep state jimmy’s to finish off this attempted coupe of lets get Trump & the dirt people for defying our special privilege of the mandarin’s sunday.

Remember, us dirt people are the mice. They keep laying out the cheese, the trap set, the desired consequences waiting for the pre-planned narratives.

Its really cheesy the machinations of the players, how obvious the crisis as a means and false flag events, a playbook increasingly obsolete. Whats interesting to note is how out of timing these narrative traps have become, that make the narratives irrelevant to any who see whats behind the curtain. To me its indicative that they are struggling with advancing the agenda, the time table has been flipped over, the pieces don’t fit as they once did, they are horrible improvisationalists, it’s that whole dogma thing, they got lead feet, they can not adapt to consequences unintended, improvising is not the strong suit of  ones who rely on useful dupes and the brainwashed collective.

Nimble and adaptive, a mindset where preparedness is second nature, having learned how to live with less, with the prospect of calamitous events & times, where trust but verify, and understanding the unknowns & unknown unknowns are enevitable, must be accepted, and taken in stride, that good does prevail because you never say die, you never quit, you never give into despair, that resistance is fertile in its myriad of forms no matter how small or seeming inconsequential, that resistance has a quality & a quantity all its own.

So why not stop being afraid. Join The Honorable Resistance. Get right with God. Learn new ways, build family & tribe, take on new skills, grow food, make things with your hands & mind, win your heart & mind as that will win others hearts & minds by living example. There is an entire world out there, an entire culture, an entire way of life below the radar. Its vibrant, self sustaining, it begins with each of us, it gives birth to solidarity. It is living Liberty and it requires no permission, it is resistance as natural as it is to live it.

You can’t see it touch it last it or smell it till all of a sudden one day you understand what it is. Its freedom, it begins between the ears and in the spirit of the heart.

No matter what you gotta work for what you got if your any kind of self determining person. Dirt people are that, they, we are, those who produce, create, design, grow, raise,  build, maintain, fix, modify, improve, we are the glue that not only holds everything together, we are who have ever in the entire history of life effected positive change on this mortal plane.

Remember that when the human extinction movement talks smack about their precious genocide.




Courtesy of WRSA

League of the South statement on Charlottesville

Straight Line Logic: He Said That? 8/22/17

Aesop: What Are You Prepared To Do?

The Smallest Minority: Indoctrination

Review Journal: 2 men acquitted of all charges in Bunkerville standoff case

WRSA: No Guilty Verdicts In Bundy Ranch Standoff Trial

WRSA: NYT: McConnell, In Private, Doubts If Trump Can Save Presidency * (Doubts my fucking ass. It is on purpose, what lying sack of shit)

ZMan: Affirmative Action And The Managerial State

Mike Rowe Eviscerates “Smug” Snowflake Who Calls Him A “White Nationalist”

Jim’s Blog: Not time for war yet

Circa: Former Obama aide Ben Rhodes is now a person of interest in the unmasking investigation

Fernandez: Normies: Our Fragile Civilization

Zero Hedge: Kamala Harris Calls For Congressional Investigation Of “White Supremacist Terrorism”

A Brief Kakistocracy Blog: History of Counterprotesting the Fascists

America: Steve Bannon Goes In From The Cold *( outlier perspective & critical thinking)

Eaton Rapids Joe: Extinction Burst?

Vox Day: Antifa = Alt Left In one fell swoop, the God-Emperor changed the rhetorical game

Free North Carolina: Judge to IRS: Start naming names

The Feral Irishman: Just So We Are Clear – The Ten Causes Of The War Between The States

William S. Lind: Charlottesville Was a Massive 4GW Failure

tradionalRIGHT: VictoriaForeign Policy: Here’s the Memo That Blew Up the NSC

Trump Thanks Putin For Kicking Out 755 Diplomats: “We’ll Save A Lot Of Money”

Revised History: If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?

DHS: 23% of all federal prisoners are illegals, just 7 of 42,034 saved from deportation

SLL: Google: Search Engine or Deep State Organ?, by Michael Krieger

FNC: 25 Years Ago Today the Federal Govt Changed its Rules to Launch a Sniper Attack on Off-Grid Family

Jim’s Blog: Red Guards and Cultural Revolution























More links later…

The White Right Rises: “Cultural Marxists would do well to remember that when whites get mad enough to bite, the bite is often fatal.”

What about Bunny Rabbit? Can I yell Bunny Rabbit?

So it’s YOUR fault!

American Digest: Door.Ass.Bang: Illegals exit via the dead end of Roxham Road


Illegals scamper towards Canada. One free ride ends. Another free ride begins.

Everything in this photo but the vegetation and the naked human bodies was in all likelihood made, created, financed, designed, manufactured, conceived, maintained, serviced and operated by us White people.

I’m looking at that haughty woman giving the camera the evil eye that sure looks like there is black supremest glaring at the world. And you know what, these people who say they hate us whites, our “privilege”, we must die, and all the other dog whistles of bigotry, and I think these people are jealous. Really. Its the sin of envy that consumes them. Seriously. Think about it, if they despise and hate everything we stand for, us whites, our symbolism that reminds us of our past glories and tragedies, our culture, our legacy, our politics, our existence, then why in the hell do they do anything to come to our country America, wear the clothes we make and sell, the luggage they are using, the American made taxi, use american money, have a white man livery them, drink out of white made plastic bottles with white water in them, even walk on the asphalt road made and laid by white people in shoes that are white mans style? Shit, thats white mans air your breathing missy.

Forget all that.

We didn’t invite you in the first place.

You have to go back.

Or go away.

Thats all there is to it.

At best you are an uninvited guests.

And now, you have looked the gift horse in the mouth.

You wore out what empathy & compassion we did extend to you.

But that wasn’t good enough.

Now, we no longer care.

About you.

For you.

Ungrateful you are.

And we, us whites, are supposed to be punished somehow for being who we are.

Take it as a courtesy: We don’t care.


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