Mitch McConnell is Steve Bannon’s top priority: ‘I’m going to light him up’



Supreme Shitlord


(HT Brock @ FNC ):

Mitch McConnell is Steve Bannon’s top priority: ‘I’m going to light him up’

President Trump’s recently removed chief strategist Steve Bannon has vowed to paint a target on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, according to a report Friday evening.

“Mitch McConnell, I’m going to light him up,” Bannon told the Economist.

While Trump has been unsuccessfully trying to motivate the senator from Kentucky to take action on his policy agenda, the chairman of Breitbart News is taking a different approach to getting McConnell to cooperate with the White House.

“In the White House I had influence … At Breitbart, I had power,” Bannon repeatedly told the Economist reporter.

Bannon left his West Wing job earlier this month and promised he would fight for his former boss.
“We will never turn on him. But we are never going to let him take a decision that hurts him,” Bannon said.




I hope Bannon exposes this slithering piece of fucking quisling treasonous garbage.

I hope he shows the Normies exactly how this traitor sonofabitch is the RINO version of Harry Reid.

Show the Normies how this piece of shit sold them out, sold America out from 2006 to this minute in time. How of whats gone down in the last 12+ years was virtually impossible without this reptile from The Swamp was even remotely possible without McConnell & his marxists in drag.

Treason is not sufficient a concept of what this traitor is.

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