Reads For Your Perusal

September 12, 2017: 9 months into MAGA

11 months since The Great Fuck You of 11/8/16

The rumblings of revolt grow more so.



The Ultimate Weapon, by Robert Gore

The 2016 Election is Not Reversible, by Angelo Codevilla

Bannon: Trump to keep actively tweeting, doesn’t need ‘pearl-clutching’ media & More

Kid Rock Weighs in on National Anthem and Confederate Flag

Retired appeals court judge: ‘I pay very little attention to legal rules, statutes, constitutional provisions’

The old vote scam in the mountains: Data from New Hampshire shows how fraud at the ballot box is alive and well

Farmer expelled from farmer’s market for expressing his views on same sex marriage. Hard to believe this can happen in America

Krieger: We Need To Admit The Government Story About 9/11 Is Bullshit

Mike “chickenshit” Wallace and why we are right to despise the media

Trump is more serious than you think about building the border wall

Freedom Caucus Contemplates Ousting Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House

Curse of the Woke Conservatives, by Kurt Schlichter

The Political Environment I Want to See, by Michael Krieger

Trump Dumps the Do-Nothing Congress, by Patrick J. Buchanan

“Give Texas What It Needs” & “Hold the Line” by VANDERLEUN


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