A Banquet of Toothsome Delicacies for The Mind & Critical Thinking


A loooong list of links to a myriad of excellent pieces.

Start with these gems. More to add over the next day or so. The first is priceless:

American Digest Condensed Books: What Happened by Her Highness HRC


A Letter to My American Friends

How (Not) to Run a Modern Society on Solar and Wind Power Alone


kek-returns-to roost













The natural limits of monarchy.

THEY Haven’t given up yet…WE can’t either – Speak up to save our History!










The Nazi Tar Baby

North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Could Trigger “Supervolcano” Eruption

Welcome to Our Global Censorship and Surveillance Platform

Passings: Jerry’s son leaves up Jerry’s last post. Godspeed Jerry They have a special place in Heaven for you.

Well-Wishing: Jerry’s family put up a well wishing page

Rest in Peace, Jerry Pournelle

(Secession, the scariest word a globalist will ever hear); Catalonia’s Independence Showdown Nears


Seven Things Every Kid Needs To Hear..

Catalonia’s case for independence


Pathological Sanity

This $586.56 San Francisco Lawsuit Could Destroy The Entire ‘Gig Economy’

HuffPost: How Many Guns Do We Need?












(MORE! Fuck the globalists) Catalonia’s Defiance of Spanish Authority Turns into Rebellion, by Don Quijones

The party’s over: Republicans and Democrats are both finished, by Jake Novak

The Nationalism FAQ Get around the dissimulations & memes hiding the Truth

The Great Zero Gate:

courtesy of below

Romantic-Lord of the underworld











Amazon.com caught selling illegal FULL AUTO gun parts in ATF sting to convict its own customers with felony crimes

Doesn’t get anymore FUBAR than that. Mandatory 10 years in the federal pen for an unregistered class II metal part the size of a 3/8 nut. Just who are the real criminals?

Every month the government apparatchiks at the Bureau of Lies and Scams (BLS) dutifully announces inflation is still running below 2%. More total bull shit from “our”(?) government and those running it.

Barbeau Qued in Seattle – The Government is Seeking the Last Drop of His Blood

There are no words or definitions of the malice and hatefulness of federal employees who are essentially untouchable for any of their action, yet when a dirt person wins acquittal by the very rules these apparatchiks make up out of whole cloth like a dictatorship on demand, they change the rules again and this fellow gets full sentence regardless he is found not guilty of the original crimes he is accused of, in double jeopardy no less.

John Derbyshire: Globalists Vs. Nationalists In Europe—And In The U.S.

America’s Slow-Motion Military Coup

About those “Normies”, & the blue state collective hind mind CRUSH THE URBANITE! (REDUX)



Not Enough

TL Davis publish’s the long awaited documentary Lies of Omission








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