Tricks & Techniques of Small Infantry Operation At Night Without Hi Tech Night Observation & Targeting Devices


Two really splendid essays on Night Fighting/Patrolling/Reconnoitering/Movement from The Defensive Training Group & Matt Brackens Enemies Foreign and Domestic Essays Social Commentary and Short Fiction I can personally attest to the validity of the advice and techniques given in both … Continue reading

Smell A Rat? Remember: This Is All About Guns & Creating An Entire Narrative White American Men Are Evil & Some Recent Revelations Concerning Los Vegas


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If “they” can create narratives, well by Jove I can create a narrative also. My narrative is as long as White Christian Men remain White Christian Men, we stand for what we are, what we believe, for our faith, we … Continue reading



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There’s 3 things the dirty filthy stinking commies want.
It is how they roll:
What have those 3 things in common?
They are all alike.
They constitute property.
Its the first thing: Property
Do not be fooled, do not be swayed, do not be bushwhacked, do not be conned.
Guns are property. This is the First thing.
Guns are as much property as anything you own. If they try to take your gun, your property, they are doing so because your gun as property is all what stands in their way of all other property you own, (remember, they have taken almost everything, as a nation, the collective inherent wealth as a nation, our outward reflected legacy as a Christian Western people and all for which it stands).
The gun is the most unique property there is. It is the only property with the inherent property of a piece of property which can be used to defend itself hence it defends all other property.
Can you understand why guns are so unique in all property a man can posses?
You win they loose by refusing by any means possible denying them any of your property.
Without property you not only have no liberty you have no life.
To take away your gun is the ultimate in larceny. It is also the ultimate in surrender. To surrender your gun is to surrender all that you own. Because now you have no property to defend your property. That sounds simple but it is a concept, a reality, which many can not comprehend in all its truth. If a plurality of us refuse to give up our guns even unto our death, we win because in refusing we will kill so many commies there is not enough left to take anymore guns.

The gun, your gun, is your primal property. You must get that in your head and your heart. Nothing else matters. If you can not comprehend the primal nature of guns as property as the first thing you will loose. And you will follow the hundreds of millions who have perished into genocide by the hand of the greatest thieves of the human race.
Do not give up your property, your gun.
When you understand in your heart what this means all else follows.
It is The Prime Directive.
The prime directive of their tyranny is to take our guns.
The prime directive of our liberty is to never give up our guns.

If you can not grok this fundamental building block of the foundation of liberty you can not understand in full what liberty is, by that you can not fight tyranny with all the weapons you possess with all your being.
This is critically important because defending ones Property: your guns, your possessions, your life, your land, your loved ones, your freedoms, your faith, your spirit, hence your motive power and yes your audacity of will and consent requires a bedrock comprehension that all these things are one & the same, they are part & parcel, they constitute a whole, the only Constitution which is valid and which is all that is required to exist free, that to be denied one is to essentially be denied all. That liberty is the sum of all its components.

Don’t give up your fucking guns.
I mean it.
Do Not Give Up Your Fucking Guns.
Refusing to give up your guns is the ultimate form of withdrawal of consent.
It is the greatest weapon ever conceived.

Be proud of your property.
Cherish your property.
Never betray your property.
Love your property because nothing else is as stead fast and loyal, a projection of who you are and what you stand for and refuse to surrender, as your gun.

Do not be fooled.
This is all about guns.
Who has guns.
Who doesn’t have guns.
Who rules the guns.
Who is ruled by the guns.
Everything else is total bullshit.

People ask: what does the shit hit the fan look like?
Answer: your looking at it. It is guns they are coming for now. The preliminary softening up of the people has ended. All that diversity convergence bullshit was dress rehearsal for taking our guns.

It was to dis-arm us of our sense of who we are as Fee Men so to make it that much easier to disarm us of all of our property right down to the liberty in our hearts, ultimately our lives, it is the precept of all Communism/Marxian intent, to take everyones property. All that stands in the filthy stinking commies way is our guns in the hands of us who will never surrender either.

Now do you understand the prime directive?

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WRSA: Surprise Quote of The Week

From over at Western Rifles Shooters Association comes this gem. Be sure to read the comments when you click over.



Surprise Quote Of The Week








…I think a lot of Americans have guns because they’re fearful—and for damn good reason. They fear a coming chaos, and know that when it happens it will be coming to a nation that no longer coheres. They think it’s all collapsing—our society, our culture, the baseline competence of our leadership class. They see the cultural infrastructure giving way—illegitimacy, abused children, neglect, racial tensions, kids on opioids staring at screens—and, unlike their cultural superiors, they understand the implications.

Nuts with nukes, terrorists bent on a mission. The grid will go down. One of our foes will hit us, suddenly and hard. In the end it could be hand to hand, door to door. I said some of this six years ago to a famously liberal journalist, who blinked in surprise. If that’s true, he said, they won’t have a chance! But they are Americans, I said. They won’t go down without a fight…

— Peggy Noonan, The Culture Of Death – And Of Disdain





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How Convenient: Another White Lone Wolf Mass Murderer With An “Assault” Weapon. Matt Bracken was right again.


Scum working for the political interests of the political scum of OUR government did this.  What if that was your wife, your sister, your daughter, your mom?


We are being played for suckers again.

I’ve been saying it for years. It all comes down to guns. Everything these motherfuckers do is about guns. Because as long as we are armed American’s legitimate in our freedoms & liberty, armed as a last resort to defend ourselves from such tyrants and their evil, they are prohibited from advancing their power past the stage it presently occupies.

As long as a Free America exists, they can never attain the globalistic one world order which is their ultimate goal.

This false flag operation is so obvious they may as well have hung a banner from the top of the hotel.

How’s that make you feel?

How’s that make you feel, its your tax money being used to destroy your country, your hard earned bucks that goes to pay for these false flag false narrative crisis as a means events? They can’t be cheap either, like everything on the federal level. The ultimate boondoggle of special interests. You just know those behind this bullshit think it is deliciously funny us proles, serfs, deplorable’s, and dirt people are taking it right up the arse.

This is payback for defying these motherfuckers on 11-08-16…

…and its our guns they are trying to take from us now. Thats the setup here. The blood hadn’t even coagulated on the pavement and the hive collective is screaming gun control.


Fuck. This. Shit.


Come And Take Them


I got gun control for these motherfuckers. Its called control of the trigger finger & sight picture with their mugs zeroed in.


Just as Matt Bracken predicted in his 3 book trilogy Enemies Foreign and Domestic. A “lone gunmen” shoots up a stadium of people from a long range position, sets off a nationwide series of gun prohibition and confiscation “laws” and action.

I don’t for one second believe this is a random natural event. It has false flag written all over it. I smell a Rat in no uncertain terms.

It is a multi use operation. The permanent government is attempting to overload and inundate the Trump Presidency with a “White Man’s” proof of narrative where all White Men are violent, cold blooded gun waving racist lunatics, and so is President Trump

The icing on this cake of pure bullshit is a bloody event where the narrative is positioned exactly in the suitable light to assist politically, gun confiscation, a narrative created and nurtured to the full extent. Nothing of this nature in this country as it stands currently is natural or random isolated unrelated act.  This is grade A approved living breathing agitprop designed for one thing: disarm America. Dis-arm it physically, culturally, provincially, mentally, politically, spiritually (as in The Whole Armor of God), metaphorically.

Don’t bullshit yourself, or do so at your risk, this is all about guns. Everything is boiling down to guns. Guns, gun culture, gun mindset, defense of ones life property, guns as faith in un-alianable rightful liberty, the politics – beliefs – culture of guns in the hands of Freemen: The primal God given natural rights of weapons of defense, and offense, are the last object which stands in the way of the elites and their stinking 1 world order bullshit.

They simply can not take their tyranny any further with the real threat of a massively armed & equipped White Christian alternative & traditional right thinking vast majority which outnumbers all other pluralities in America. They have broken down their current stage of that so called “long march” into so many derivative components, they can not move the Overton Window another millimeter until Patriots of every stripe are effectively disarmed, there is nothing for it but to go nuclear on the whole 2nd Amendment gun dynamic.

This is in itself the no bullshit line that shall not be crossed without serious cascading unintended consequences for the elites. They do not possess the man power, the cadre, the numbers, people resources,  nor a sycophant organization hidden within the federal government system of the deep/permanent-state with the unquestionable obedience and suicidal mindset to take the Bolshevik option and go Kill The Kulak option as happened in 20th century Russia & China. Ain’t gonna happen. This nation is too large, populated across flyover land with too many people who are going to wage grass roots resistance armed & unarmed. A culture separate from the coastal elites, so mis-understood the oligarchy can not fathom the resources, ingenuity, motive power & audacity which will be released upon them. Though they do grasp there are some insurmountable barriers which can not be found counter-measures for.

I believe it is one of the reasons why President Trump has aligned with, allied with a loyal US .mil, and the civilian law enforcement community who are on the same side as Donald Trump. They know he knows who they are about and have their backs. It will be extremely risky for the deep state to co-opt the numbers and resources needed by a US military sent out to harass and dis-arm the citizenry. Catalonia is an incredibly relevant event, it represents the simmering distrust & cold anger among the “Deplorable’s”, and if you have not realized, November 8, 2016 was a color revolution of over 65 million American’s who literally outright defied the deep/permanent-state and its associates in the greater northern hemisphere.

Its a pretty sure thing to say there’s millions of armed American’s who are not going to bend a knee. their guns are the line in the sand. The elites tested that disarmament in Colorado, NY, Connecticut, and those states are collectivist hives, where probably millions of residents of those states said no, I’m never giving up my guns, proved it by refusing to comply with statist diktat to register or give up their weapons of liberty.

So the only real viable option is to chop away at the disarmament agenda through social engineering, piece by piece creating de-facto “law” & employing administrative tyranny in the form of fiat regulatory centralism, using false flag crisis as a means media bullshit to create an illusion of legitimacy, a fig leaf have you, to go after our property. Because, property it is. And if you think a guy like me deserves to have his property taken away by the government, just wait till all property becomes property of the state. Then come back, tell me about my illegitimate right to my “property”. A gun is My property, is the first thing.

Updated 10-3:

Multiple Shooters reported by 1st arriving law enforcement.

No way that guy got his hands on all those weapons, all the False Flag Ops earmarks of Newtown and Aroura, same MO, same cookie cutter standard operating procedure.

Same Clintonesque distraction tactics. Look! A squirrel! Think 250 million in missing Childrens Fund cash assets, blow jobs, Emails, Pizzagate, Seth Rich, Epstiens sex slave shuttle, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Oklahoma City, Waco and on and on.

This fucking crap is beyond old. These fuckers need to be rounded up and strapped into an electric chair. I’m saying total purge. Disgusting humans beyond definition. There are no words to define how foul evil they are. And they walk free everyday. How many have been murdered by these fuckers?

Right out of Matt Bracken’s EF&D Trilogy opening scene

Bracken On AJ Yesterday: There will be more attacks. Things will get worse. Powerful interests benefit from both.








Where Is The Hotel Camera Footage?

72 minutes : Full transcript of radio comms

Fake gun control converts: Audio of shooting. Multiple shooters, not from hotel 300 yards away

Z Blog: The FBI’s Russia Shield

Deception at Mandalay Bay?

Things That Make You Go “Hmmmmm…”

Who, How, Why, and WTF?







Las Vegas: Pray for the fallen, prepare to fight the governing elite’s war on liberty, by Michael Scheuer

More Poking Around Vegas

And Your Point Is?

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Aesop On Las Vegas








From One Who Knows: Aesop: Gunshot Trauma And Your IFAK

Things That Make You Go ‘Hmmmm…’


From O’l Remus:

About the massacre in Las Vegas, Karl Denninger says, at Market-Ticker:

The process to obtain a legal machine gun is materially more stringent than the process to become a police officer. What we don’t know at this point, of course, is whether said machine gun was legally purchased. It is quite likely that it was not—that it was either illegally converted (in which case all the background checks are worthless) or it was illegally sourced and acquired (in which case all the background checks are also worthless.)

… For the moment there are no conclusions that can reasonably be reached but that hasn’t and won’t stop those who wish to both pick your pocket and focus ever-more intrusive measures on people who have done exactly nothing wrong from exploiting this event for their own purposes.

The best defense against mass murder is to be somewhere else. To repeat Ol’ Remus’s Most Excellent Rule One:

Stay away from crowds.

It used to be that murder was blamed on the murderer. But Remus is a Deplorable without much capacity for nuance. Let’s turn to the ruling class for deeply nuanced comments from our Non-Deplorable betters:

Media and showbiz had this to say:

Hayley Geftman-Gold, CBS vice president and senior counsel:

I’m actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often are Republican gun toters.

[She was fired, perhaps for saying out loud what others at CBS kept to themselves. But, it’s telling she felt safe to say what she did.]

Jeff Zeleny, CNN reporter

Something else I think to keep in mind, a lot of these country music supporters were likely Trump supporters.

[It’s not clear why he dropped this into his report, there’s no context to explain what he meant. It’s just a bizarre non sequitur but, being CNN, a suspicious one]

Lady Gaga:

Prayers are important but @SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump blood is on the hands of those who have power to legislate. #GunControl act quickly.

Michael Black

The NRA is a terrorist organization. There’s no other way to say it.

Mia Farrow

Are we really ok with monsters & the mentally ill buying machine guns?

Politicians had this to say:

Hillary Clinton

The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get. Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.

Senator Chris Murphy, Connecticut:

To my colleagues: your cowardice to act cannot be whitewashed by thoughts and prayers. None of this ends unless we do something to stop it.

Senator Bob Casey, Pennsylvania:

How many more parents need to bury their children before Congress acknowledges the need to take action to reduce gun violence? #StopTheHate

Do any of them know if Paddock committed suicide before or after the mass shooting? The question’s not original with me, I see it being asked here ‘n there. As of now we “know” he was a wealthy guy with no known criminal record, no apparent motive, no mental health issues, no political or religious activism. Something ain’t right. Maybe we’ll know more by next Tuesday.

Fact-Blindness and the Left: You cannot ban guns in the United States

Right On Cue: Fake gun control converts

Police: One hour, 12 minutes to locate Paddock in hotel room after they received first 911 call.

CBS Executive Fired for ‘No Sympathy’ Comments About Las Vegas Shooting

No, fuck YOU!!! One Man Stands His Ground While Shots Incoming Flips Shooters The Bird

Leftists Finally Admit That They Hate White People

Deconstructing the Mandalay Bay Massacre Narrative

Real time perfect example of how they build the false narrative

More Building The Hive Narrative: Attack strikes country music, bastion of traditionalism…

More False Narrative ala carte: Montage: Media, Dems Race to Politicize…

More Pablum For The Gullible Masses: If You Know About Guns, There’s No Way This Guy With No Prior Weapons Experience Owned These Rifles & Gear: “Exclusive” photos of Las Vegas shooter’s guns

Thinking Beyond The False flag Events & Other Dynamics Facing Enterprise & Economy: Vulnerability Assessments

Pamela Geller: FIRST PHOTOS Inside Las Vegas Attacker’s Mandalay Hotel Room

Pamela Geller: YouTube and Facebook remove video of Las Vegas attacker at anti-Trump protest

The False Flag Ruse Reaches New Heights of Absurdity: Weapons Cache, Explosives And Ammonium Nitrate Found In Home And Car Of Las Vegas Shooter

They Sure Don’t Waste Any Time When It Comes To Our Un-Alienable Rights: Pelosi Calls for Special Committee on Gun Violence as Left’s War on Civil Liberties Rages

Just Remember, The Left Likes These Massacres

The Media Wall

Is 59 dead white people enough Coach?: NBA Coach: ‘White People Especially’ Need To Be Made ‘Uncomfortable’

We Will Never Get The Actual Truth About The Las Vegas Shooting…

3 insightful posts from a very thoughtful man:

why i think there was more than one las vegas shooter …..

crowd control …. another reason why i don’t think the las vegas shooter acted alone ….

the shooter’s guns, very upscale …. another reason why i don’t think he acted alone ….

Police Scan Audio: 1 Hour 52 Minutes And 51 Seconds Of WTF?

Vegas Shooting Captured By Taxi Driver


Lots Of Questions About Las Vegas

Good questions nobody is asking in the media: 16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About

David Codrea: One Question About Las Vegas Evaded by Prominent ‘Gun Controllers’