Articles, Posts, & Linkage Friday, 3 2017: 10 Months Into Trump’s Reign

They haven’t killed Trump yet. No luck on getting an Article 25 indictment & arrest on him. Big Fat Zero finding and or creating dirt to use as plausible deniability in bringing charges of Impeachment. Either everyone out to get Trump unites, jumps the largest shark ever witnessed, and makes up a total bullshit story and kangaroo congress the guy on Impeachment grounds. But Trump still has to voluntarily give up & resign his legitimate presidency. Somehow I don’t see Donald Trump as a quitter. If anything, knowing how sharp Trump is, it would be a position he would exploit to his great political and populist advantage.

And last but not least, there are 65,000,000 plus Americans who legally mind you, voted for Mr. Trump. Thats a shitload of people. How do you think that is going to go with these folks? To see the first Prez in living memory who is holding true to his promises, pledges and oath of office, bushwhacked by the most despicable reviled, truly hated, swamp slime in human history. Not very well I’ll guarantee it. They hate Pence even worse. If thats possible. Who are these jamokes going to put in Pres. Trump’s place? Nancy Polosi? McConnell? Trumps sheetmetal chewing Chief of the military? Give a consolation prize to the homicidal psychopath on a Mao jump suit?

Then the festivities are supposed to begin tomorrow on the 4th. Anti-fa has threatened to have themselves a Bolshevik revolution, kill all us kulaks and have themselves a red diaper Soros paid method actor commie coming out party. WooHoo! That shit don’t work in a country such as ours. Sure they can become a serious violent bother, they are going to need a shitload more numbers and money, thats not even counting resistance to them, nor dis-arming America, to pull off a Russian Revolution.

Indeed. How are they expecting to take control once they have eliminated President Trump. Seriously? The only reason the “deep state” (or whatever you want to call that which is TPTB) has control of this country is because us dirt people are nice people, I shit you not. Us dirt people are the glue which is holding this country together. The day we choose to withdraw consent they are toast.

Yet, there’s always the possibility this Bolshevik bullcrap is a means for destroying America for other than ideological reasons. Simply vengeance & hate with grabbing all the bucks, thus with America in ruins they can control the world. Its been Soros and his pals intent all along. Antifa and BLM, all the pervs and wymyns are then totally useful idiots.

Really don’t matter. And what you do is be prepared. Its all you can do as things stand for now. We get a reprieve for 4-8 years. It could all drop in the pot by 7am, things are getting that crazy. Thats just it, the only thing you know is you don’t know.


The left is facing existential irrelevance that they might never overcome. They are dirty through & through. And its looking like the cover my ass stage is begun. Once the rats start jumping ship, its over, it implodes, and with how the Clinton crime syndicate seriously screwed the pooch, there’s no redemption, we ain’t that kind of banana republic where this can be swept under the rug. The fake media is signing its death certificate literally not making one word of reference about the unmitigated election rigging and greed…They can ignore the consequences and double down, but there’s no way to erase the knowledge 100’s of millions have now of how truly fucked up things are.   And the revelations are snowballing. We are witnessing a tiny teeny tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Then there is Pizzagate. I’ve figured since Pizzagate became common knowledge, this is what will bring the unaccountable down. It will bust the damn holding the swamp. I believe we are seeing the beginning of the fringe of the well anointed, the approved political class, the Mandarin’s and their perversions, the blackmail used to obtain power, the hedonism, Pizzagate is a psycho-socio-paths dream, the ultimate in power over others, of perversion, of the sex slavery of children, rumors of pedophile sex snuff films. Its outing, you will begin to see more “higher” persona’s and corporate/political class members up on child sex charges. Its all but a cascade, it will destroy the ruling “Elites” as we have known them for decades. Good riddance too. Trump has been committed straight as a laser beam to ferreting out sex criminals with particular resources devoted to the child sex criminals. It promises to be like nothing we ever expected. When they begin to fall, it will become a domino effect. And they are everywhere. This unimaginable hedonism is part & parcel of being a member of the organized crime rings/regimes. It just more control, a higher level of power over the powerful. We will see.


That 4-8 year reprieve is a gift. Really, you can never be completely prepped if your not a millionaire. Us regular dirt people have to make every penny count. We are canning everything now. All the fruit & berries. Rice & dry goods, we vacuum seal in mason jars. Whole meals ready to eat in a mason jar. Most everything from the garden ends up in a mason jar, all the deer meat, wild turkeys, part of our pork and beef we raise, even food for our little dogs. Nothing is wasted. Bones left after butchering go into a 8 gal stock pot and barely simmer for 2-3 days, all the marrow, cartilage, most of the bones, fat and meat goes into a solution, giving you the finest broth to cook with imaginable. And you get all those vitamins & minerals. Truly Great Stuff. We all eat well, wholesome, and the money saved is phenomenal. Its hard work. But you have to work to buy your food, why not cut out all the middlemen and icky unknowns? Know where your food came from. Have you ever tried vine dried pinto beans or shell beans? Superb. They cook ip tender like a green pea in half an hour. (All store bought but for a few small niche companies heat dry beans now. You can cook those suckers for days and they never get tender. We gave up and grow our beans now. They use so little space if you grow them on fencing, plant late july early august, let em grow don’t pick, by sept-oct you have perfect dried Pinto Beans, pop them out of their paper thin shells and vacuum seal in a mason jar. Fantastic. Easy no fuss. A 20 foot long by 5 foot high fence gets you a kilo to 5 pounds of dried Pinto Beans, shell beans, which are green beans you leave on the vine till they die out and dry get you similar yields. Best baked beans bean going. Tender like you never tasted). What I’m trying to convey, is its all how you think. Change your thinking and you can too all sorts of stuff. After awhile it become good habits.

Lot of needful things from ammo to canning lids are to be had for reasonable money. A few more years of conscientious planning and preparations carries through a lot of what can come to pass. From floods to monster blizzards. I know first hand living in about as rural/primitive a homestead can be had on the east side of the Mississippi, in West Virginia, our preps are real nice to have, handy as all get out. After the great derecho, a killer blizzard in Dec., the biblical floods last year, the common loss of grid power for days at a time, we hardly notice. Neighbors do similar, so you get your shit together, then head out along the ridge checking how everyones doing, see if anyone needs anything, help, repairs etc. This is preps that become common action, there’s not much thinking about it, you have what is needed, not caught with your pants down, build a little more tribe and community. Mutual aid is mutual respect kind of thing. Its wonderful what everyone gains when your neighborhood begins to become a tribe. The benefits are awesome. I just started by going to my neighbors and being right up front about learning mutual support/aid, barter, trade, etc. You give a little more than you get. It pays a dividend not obtainable other ways.


Enough of all that. Here’s some items of interest i’ve come across. This world is loosing its fucking mind:

(take a day or so to put up all the items with links)


Two American badasses

New FOIA Documents Reveal FBI Scramble To Preserve CFIUS Records In Uranium One Scandal (solid certified evidence of collusion in no uncertain terms, somebody was thinking how to counter plausible deniability operating procedures of the untouchable co-ruptocrats)

Trump: Texas Massacre A “Mental Health” Problem, Not A “Guns Situation”

Soros & The Myth Of European Democracy: A Shocking Revelation (Hungary Isn’t Taking Any Shit From These Stinking EU Overlords. BFYTW)

SLL: Hillary Is America

The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 1

U of Tenn: Of Coups and the Constitution

John Lott: Armed Citizens Neutralize the ‘Strategic Advantages’ of Terrorists


Vox Day: Just In Case

WRSA: Dissecting A Random Attack (read the comments)

TL Davis: Christian Mercenary: November Fourth: A Starter Pistol?

Rep. DeSantis: ‘We Know Now Without a Shadow of a Doubt’ Hillary and Democrats Colluded with Russia

Apology Not Accepted: Vern Buchanan Calls For Prosecution Of Lois Lerner

America Has an Apex Predator Problem by Michael Krieger

What’s Driving Social Discord: Russian Social Media Meddling or Soaring Wealth/Power Inequality? by Charles Hugh Smith

Tyler Durden: Why Has The Las Vegas Massacre Disappeared From The News Cycle?

Harmless Non-Hateful Comment Triggers Panicked, Hateful Response (the uproar of spoilt brats over 4 channels brilliant plain white with black text agitprop sign: It’s OK To Be White, by Brett Stevens)

Lawyer For Las Vegas Music Festival And Jason Aldean, Found Dead

Final Destination: Two More Vegas Survivors Die In Bizarre Ways (dead men tell no tales, these aren’t the first to die, somebody is cleaning up loose ends)

Gunman ‘Nonchalantly’ Opens Fire in Colorado Walmart, Kills Three, Walks Out, Drives Away (this is on

Identity Dixie: Re-Take Everything: ISLAMIC TERROR: TIME TO WAKE UP

Hysterical! CNN does split screen reporting from New York, as if the two gal reporters were in different locales, but they are really about five feet from one another.

A Bad Day: I’ll Bet It Was A Monday Too

President Trump’s Fateful Choice


GOP Bill Slashes Tax Break for NFL & With Tax Breaks on the Line, Roger Goodell Re-Discovers His Patriotism

Mueller points deer, makes horse

McCain Blasts Nationalism, Declares War on “Crackpot Conspiracy Theories”

Shock Video: Trump Supporter Mows Down ‘Dreamers’ In Soros-Funded Ad: Over-the-top ad depicts rural Americans as villains (An immigrants rights group linked to globalist George Soros has released a political television ad targeting conservatives and libertarians by labeling them white supremacists.
The ad, paid for by the Soros-linked group Latino Victory Project, attacks Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie and urges voters to “reject hate” when they go to the polls next week.)






Donna Brazile was worried about getting offed while working for the DNC.

Getting Closer To Pizzagate: KEVIN SPACEY FLEW ON ‘LOLITA EXPRESS’ WITH BILL CLINTON Revelation resurfaces after child molestation accusation (Pizzagate is the downfall of the “elites”, it will bring them down as nothing but dirt people waging armed revolution can)

Mailvox: inventing sin

What Robert Mueller needs to fear

Trump Was Right Again: NAVY RELEASES McCAIN’s RECORDS – McCain was personally responsible for the deadliest fire in the history of the US Navy (as Commander in Chief it is the Presidents prerogative to order anything he chooses to be release. McCain is a blood soaked maniac, running his mouth like some kind of special shit stirrer who is entitled to rule with impunity. Its debatable who has racked up more dead people, McCain or HRC. The sonofabitch asked for it. McCain richly deserves to be politically assassinated. He has fucked all of us, this whole country, so many times and slithered his way out of prison, its a wonder this cockroach has lasted this long.)

Trump blames Chuck Schumer for radical Islamic terror attack (Somebody finally said what has always needed saying, the simple truth)

Manafort Indictment Shows That Mueller Is A Fraud “…More than anything else, the indictments of Paul Manafort and his partner Rick Gates demonstrate the fraudulent nature of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The probe has little to do with Russian interference in last year’s election. Instead, it is calculated to protect Mueller and a cabal within the FBI and Justice Department who covered up crimes by Hillary Clinton because they believed it was likely that she would be elected president…” ( how this got by the koolaid blockade is news in itself)

Anti-Trump Congressional Republicans Hammered in 2018 Election Polls




























Swamp-O-Rama, by James Howard Kunstler (When do Hillary Clinton’s legal problems begin? From James Howard Kunstler at What America might want to know right now is: how come Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any legal problems? Why aren’t DOJ investigators examining the financial records of the Clinton Foundation? You would think somebody would want to find out how over $120 million of Russian “charitable donations” ended up on its ledgers around the time that Secretary of State HRC approved the Uranium One deal — compared to which, Bill Clinton’s $500,000 payment from a Russian bank for giving a speech around the same time just looks like walking-around money.

Papa John’s Pulls NFL Ads Due To “Negative Consumer Sentiment”

Twitter Admits It Buried “Podesta Email”, DNC Tweets Ahead Of The Presidential Election

WRSA: Blockchain Primer

Make the Left Great Again by William Mitchell, and Thomas Fazi

Trigger Warning

(agitprop courtesy WRSA):


Getting From Here To Restoration Of Western Civilization by Charles Watson


ZH: USAF Admits Harvesting Russian Human Tissue

Cuck cucking: Cuck Convergence: How To Lie Like The Left: Ed Driscol: Writes Baldfaced Lie About Alt-Right Lies (Ed Driscoll lies about the Alt-Right on Instapundit:)

Americans are increasingly wondered where, precisely, are the promised benefits of immigration, in light of wages stagnant for 40 years, declining wealth, increasing debt, and the occasional bloodbath


Iceland’s Biggest Volcano Is “Ready To Erupt” As Europe Faces A Disaster

Martin Luther: 500 Years Later… The Revolution Is Just Beginning

Everybody Knows: My Prophetic Secret Minutes of The Gay Mafia from 2002 by VANDERLEUN

The Mother of All Scandals By David Prentice

Hungary Orders Spies to Target Soros ‘Empire’ (Finally. A leader of a tiny nation state takes on the devils blood thirsty globalist psycophant)

TL Davis: The Second Amendment Is A Test


Red Cliffs of Zerhoun

Successful agitprop-Tell the truth and help people to see it as such

ORION’S COLD FIRE: New York Strong?

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC: The Rout Is On, by Robert Gore

“It’s Okay To Be White” Signs Found At Maryland High School (the brilliance & indomitable spirit of 4channel drives another stake in the heart of the cultural marxists)


Welcome to the Hard Right

Their America, and Ours Guest Post by Patrick J. Buchanan


Al Benson Jr.’s Revised History Blog: They’d Rather You Were Not Aware Of This

Some Words Of Wisdom About Situational Awareness (the finest weapon you have is your head, in this world today nothing beats how effective it is properly used, put your mind & carry weapon together you have a real life force multiplier)

Max Velocity: Defensive Concealed Handgun  (I am here to tell you this course is top shelf all the way. I had a great time. Hard to find more fun with your pants on. This is actually a defensive hand gun combat course, teaches probably what we will be faced with as the world collectively looses its mind now & future and all you have is your pistol and a couple mags. In the MVT tradition it is crawl walk run. Be prepared to discover so much out there is plain dumb get your ass killed BS. They teach you to use your head, how to situational awareness, common sense high order critical behavior and thinking. Its really all about surviving, and builds from that imperative. Not like any pistol class I have attended. Almost everything I knew and practiced was mortally defective. I came away with an understanding how not to get killed, protect my loved ones. This is survival handgun 101. Its an even better course than Max’s citizen small unit infantry combat rifle tactics course, if that is even possible. Kind of like OODA Loop ala concealed pistol. Go there. Be enlightened, by men focused on truth, not the latest tactical square range BS. You get instruction and mind set, derived from Jeff Cooper and a few other gun men who changed the rules. Taught by 1st Sarge, a man of the same mold. Come with your head cranked to 11, a made for pistol carry belt, your full size service pistol, and a high quality holster, because you will discover nothing short of real world equipment will do, a corner stone of building this foundation of combat hand gunnery)

More on Pizzagate: Ms. Ann Barnhardt: Hollywood Pedophile Ringleader Was Member of Clinton Global Initiative (“…The cryptocurrency attraction for these monsters is the notion of being able to move money to pay for child trafficking and pornography without being traced…”)


Spain Just Lit a Fuse Under Catalonia — its Richest Region, by Don Quijones



The Blockchain Economy: A beginner’s guide to institutional cryptoeconomics

The Three Stages of Ownership

Twitter Admits To Pro-Leftist Censorship In Lead Up To 2016 Presidential Election

The Great Zero Gate


If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?(A superb review of North’s theory on how we ended up with a Constitution which has never created an iota of liberty, yet provided a series of uncanny loopholes to accumulate all power to a ruling elite. In other words we have been played for suckers for 235 years)

Henry Dampier: About the Corporate Slave Class (Brilliant piece of critical thinking on the several class structures in America. Quite simply an uncanny essay on the upper middle class and those they are slaves to. Why they do what they do. This will change how you think about America in ways you never gave much credence to because it hides in plain sight.)


Harmless Non-Hateful Comment Triggers Panicked, Hateful Response by Brett Stevens


Why Has The Las Vegas Massacre Disappeared From The News Cycle?

What’s Driving Social Discord: Russian Social Media Meddling or Soaring Wealth/Power Inequality? by Charles Hugh Smith

What’s Driving Social Discord: Russian Social Media Meddling or Soaring Wealth/Power Inequality? by Charles Hugh Smith

America Has an Apex Predator Problem Michael Krieger

Apology Not Accepted: Vern Buchanan Calls For Prosecution Of Lois Lerner














Courtesy WRSA: A Reader Sends…”With the following endorsement:

Start around the 1:12:00 minute mark. Bear with his style, which is very slowly getting to his point, reiterating the progression of his point. However, considering the propaganda he is countering, I understand why his delivery style deconstructs that propaganda, carefully and precisely.

This is that lone voice in the wilderness, countering the breathless high volume barking found in the most popular alternative, new media outlets.

Somehow, people must discipline responses to self-defense, and defense of those incapable of defending themselves. Paul McGuire is absolutely right here…ill considered reactions to deliberate provocation(s) to violent confrontation will very handily fit right into the schemes to bring about the stated goals of both groups…Antifa and ISIS, funded by Soros and the deep state actors.

Either way, we have well and truly backed ourselves into the corner…but as he has stated here…”If we allow ourselves to be seduced into violence, we will lose everything.”

Stay frosty.

Defend yourself and your people.

Take pix and video.”

“It’s Okay To Be White” Signs Found At Maryland High School

Modern Media, Superiority Complexes, and the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect




PBS forced to Shut Down live Event For Hillary Clinton After Facebook Users Destroy Her With Brutal Comments

The Long Night Ahead:  Facebook just declared war against “disruptive” information.  In addition to hundreds of new human censors, they are training AI censors capable of identifying and deleting ‘unacceptable’ information found in the discussions of all two billion members in real time. This development highlights what the real danger posed by a socially networked world actually is.

Ruffled bowties: Time has already run out on conservatives. They had 37 years, the Presidency, the House, the Senate, nine Supreme Court nominations, and two economic booms with which to fight the cultural war. And they did absolutely nothing… The Alt-Right acts. The Alt-Right fights. The Alt-Right does not surrender. Because of that, the Alt-Right will be the only Right that survives to defeat the Left.

Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right and the Alt-Left Have Same Views




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