Linkage and Rants 12/14/2017 in our year the “God Emperor” of Winning Yuuuge (with updates 12-15)

Looks like Moore might be the Winner. Reports of 12,000 fraudulent democrat votes being contested, and lo & behold, who would have imagined, they just happened to forget to count 16,000 US Military write in votes. Surely Not!

Now wouldn’t that be something?

Time to burn it all to the ground, salt the art where the leviathan laid. The unadulterated truth is it needs us to exist and we DO NOT need it to exist.

100% Pure, Unadulterated And Ultra Concentrated Because Fuck You Thats Why

A Virus is Spreading (added December 18, 2017, 8:45 am) if you only read one thing from these links, please read this one. The laws of unintended consequences are ultimately inevitable.



Starting this out with a dandy from Chateau Heartiste More as the day goes by.

The United States of Ingrates Rant Awesomeness!: “Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders triggered a roomful of leftoid media runts when she asked them to name something for which they were thankful. The narcissistic leftoids were caught off-guard, perplexed by this question that targeted their soft underbellies, and immediately took to Twatter to wail about fascistic calls for gratitude. The leftoids wow just wowed that a press secretary would have the gall to imply they owed some measure of gratitude to someone or something at some point in their miserable lives…”

The Blue Empire of the consulates gets it in the ads Some men you have to admire, whether you agree with them or not, because they speak their mind, straight talk, have courage of their convictions. Audacity yes sir. Jim gets my hats off.

The Deep State and degeneracy “Anonymous Conservative sees a connection between The Last Closet and Pizzagate”

What Is The West?



Pizzagate is what’s gonna get the sonsofabitches. They can’t hide the foul horrors they are guilty of. It’s coming home to roost. We are do for a proper Christian cleansing and have us some home town Crusade. No need to go to Jerusalem. Despotism exists by the swamp full.

Throne, Altar, and freehold Nomenklaturer Class spelled out. You recognize them. The centralized agents of the Leviathan sent hither to eat out our existence. There was a reason it was mentioned in The Declaration of Independence. The greatest document ever crafted.

This is what happens when good dirt people have had enough…just saying…










From the brilliant Matt Bracken:


More Coup Plotters Exposed – “Покажи мне этого человека, и я покажу тебе преступление”



Updated 12/14 5:38pm

The latest from Bracken

Bracken Sends

What’s This ‘Insurance Policy’?

The FBI’s Plot Against Trump

Sure looks like treason to me. I can’t believe the Swamp was unaware of all this Treason. In fact I’ll wager it isn’t being called treason because almost every one of the fuckers knew this bullshit was going down.

Lamposts & 13 knot neck ties Lady’s and Gents.


Sessions’ First Year: A Breath of Fresh Air After Years of Obama Scandals

Z Blog: Lessons Of Indentity

Guess The Sex

Growing Stench of Politics Rising From Team Mueller More like Treason

An Investigative Pattern Emerges… From Cold Anger HDQTS

THE SUPREME COURT AND THE RIGHT TO NOT BAKE A CAKE The lie that is “Diversity” only works when you use the power of the guns of The State to cram it up peoples arses. Diversity is a cake made of shit, no matter what frosting put on it it still is a cake made of shit. Take that State power away and the whole false con collapses.

BOVARD: YES, THE FBI IS AMERICA’S SECRET POLICE from Von Mises Institute, where they call a cat a cat.

Burns Chronicles No 61 Jon Ritzheimer is Going to Prison But His Service Continues to Help His Fellow Defendants If you aren’t reading Gary Hunt’s genuine citizen investigative journalism your missing the truth of all things Freedom verses the Leviathan. Gary is that rare individual with courage of his convictions so deep & true he shatters the false flag/narrative event. A man capable of taking down the entire construct single handed. Seriously. He is reviled by the hoplophobes & deep stater’s, a mouse that roars.

‘How Many More People Have to Die’ Before Congress Ends ‘Visa Lottery?’ Mike Miles “90 Miles From Tyranny” blog. The home of fast cars, beautiful woman & liberty.

Max Lucado: Texas church shooting and this brutal world Summer Patriot Winter Solder: truth for its own sake, regardless of its more unpleasant implications …

FBI PLOT AGAINST TRUMP – Government skullduggery rears its ugly head at a congressional hearing. When they begin to call it treason, we will know justice for justice’s sake is taking place. Till then, regardless of the revelations, the gate keepers are still holding all the keys, they are holding all the doors, and it is all a charade of ass covering.

Russian WWII PT boat recovered from the Volga River at Stalingrad A T34 Tank turret on a fast motor torpedo boat. Perfectly perserved. Check out the wooden plugs used to close all the holes from German fire. If that ain’t an example of courage under fire don’t know what would be.

Vox Day’s SJWs Always Double Down – A Book Review From the great “Orion’s Cold Fire”. Vox Day’s Masterpiece on cultural marxist among us and how to defeat their totalitarianism among us.

Crowds Timeless. The truth always is.


Putin Blasts American Establishment’s “Russian Spy Hysteria” Leave it to another Shitlord to express the obvious idiocy of the left & its deep state bullshit. Coming from a former high ranking Nomenklaturer turned Russian Patriarch in Chief, it is self explanatory.

The Deep State’s Christmas Present to America: Surveillance That Never Ends From John W. Whitehead, no less.

The Enemy Within It’s called the “intelligence community” Worthy expose of the deep state.


OK here we go.  This comes from one quick troll of posts off of Zero Hedge. Shit is far far deeper than we know:

“What The Hell Is Going On?”: Trey Gowdy Absolutely Destroys Farcical Mueller Probe In Epic Monologue

FBI Texts Reveal “Insurance Policy” To Prevent Trump Presidency

“Trump Should Go F Himself” – Texts Leak From FBI Agents On Russia Probe, Hillary Emails Investigation

Omarosa Says She Has A “Profound Story” To Tell About The Trump Administration

Nobel Laureate ‘Discovers’ Cause Of Opioid Crisis: Complete Economic Destruction Of The “White Working Class”

Court Filing Confirms Fusion GPS Hired DOJ Official’s CIA Wife To Dig Up Dirt On Trump

Judicial Watch President: “Forget Mueller,” The Real Question Is “Do We Need To Shut Down The FBI?”

New Russian Hacker Claims Putin Ordered Theft Of Clinton’s Email, After First One Refused FBI Bribe To Lie

Grassley Fires Off Scorching Letter To DOJ After Anti-Trump Texts Reveal Burner Phone, “Insurance Policy”

Nunes Furious Over McCabe No-Show: Sending Team To “Scrub” DOJ Docs; Preparing Subpoenas

Mueller’s ‘Right Hand Man’ Represented Hillary Clinton IT Staffer Who Installed Her Illegal Server

FBI Deputy Director McCabe Told Agents To Lie About Benghazi Investigation, Says GOP Lawmaker

More swamp as it comes in…

WSJ Exposes The Real Election Meddling… At The FBI

INSURANCE: Hours After FBI Found Classified Hillary Emails on Weiner Laptop, Peter Strzok’s Wife Was Promoted to Director of SEC Enforcement

The Dweeb State A must read

New Russian Hacker Claims Putin Ordered Theft Of Clinton’s Email, After First One Refused FBI Bribe To Lie

Strzok’s Texts And The Clinton-Trump Investigations — A Definitive Timeline

Gowdy Eviscerates Andrew McCabe: “I’ll Be Surprised If He’s Still An Employee Of The FBI By This Time Next Week”

FBI Edits To Clinton Exoneration Go Far Beyond What Was Previously Known; Comey, McCabe, Strzok Implicated


Coming attractions: How the biggest political scandal in history will play out in 2018

FBI Agent Peter Strozk Anti-Trump Messages Released To Media – However, The Key Question is Not Content… Timeline of Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General (OIG) Investigation begun1-16-2017


Here’s the thing. Not 1 person has been perp walked, charged, arrested, indicted by a grand jury. Big fat Zero. Go back past Lois Lener and the IRS, big fat zero.

Its a circus. The crimes, felonies and treason committed and still being committed can not be much worse. Never mind the scope/scale of it all. Not one person busted. Amazing. Doesn’t that say everything? Fuck a duck, everyone in that swamp knows what is going down, who did what, where the skeleton’s are stored. Everyone is playing cover my ass, stone wall and slow walk, feed some juicy tidbits to the listening public. Next is some big false flag shiny object distraction so everyone can switch chairs, after a week or so, it all fizzles out, bust maybe one small time sacrificial lamb, and they are good to go to continue the permanent government.

There will be no resolution to these crimes & treason.

Its rope & lamp post time.

Reductio ad Absurdum Top shelf Snark


Zman Its Okay To Be White. Tribe is the proper lense.

Grand Rapids Police Department Point Weapons At 11-Year Old In hand cuffs too. WTF.

REQUIRED READING: THE FOUNDATIONS OF SOUTHERN NATIONALISM From the Gentlemen of Identity Dixie. “Retake Everything”

ON WOMEN IN THE ALT-RIGHT More from The Southern Gentlemen

FBI: Abuse of Trust TL Davis. Christian Mercenary, scholar, unsung hero of the Liberty movement.

The View From Olympus: The OODA Loop Problem 4th Gen War expert William S. Lind. Author of VICTORIA!

Mitch McConnell Demonstrates Why We Need To Stop The Direct Election of US Senators-How bout we string him up with a tar & feather suit first, see how that goes.

The Anti-Society: The Alt Right Is Tired Of Living In Mordor by Brett Stevens If your not reading Brett Stevens and his amerika blog your missing something fundamentally essential regards Alt-Right. This is a early but important post.

SJW as far as the eye can see Vox Day. What else needs saying?

JUMPING OFF GOD’S BRIDGE from the Men at Men of The West blog. I love saying that. Men of The West… Men of The West. Yeah.

Government is Cancer by Bill Huppert Secession, Anarchy, Rightful Blessed Freedom. That’s Bill.

And Now We Know….#1) …exactly why the White Hats are selectively preparing the larger U.S. electorate in advance of the 1.2 million documents which will outline the background of the Inspector General’s year-long investigation into the politicization of the FBI and DOJ.

President Pence or President Clinton?

Hell Hole on Earth Discovered at Fukushima, by Dr. Mark Sircus from Straight Line Logic. We are in serious uncharted territory here, the human race that is, with what is a runaway train of unknown danger on biblical scale. The only technology is a hail mary, or some truly brilliant inventive men will find a way. I hope so. The implications are monstrous. Pretty soon the window to mitigate what happened will close, and even a heroic collective world effort will not be enough. Thats what it looks like. But who am I to say, I’m a mushroom like most of us dirt people when it comes to the State, kept in the dark and fed shit. What hath we wrought? What has corporate/collectivist state cronyism wrought? I keep reading the little bit that leaks out, and with each revelation I keep thinking more this could sterilize at least the northern hemisphere of the Pacific Ocean. Looks like it has had terrible effect already. And “our” governments are mum. Lord love a Duck. This ain’t good no matter what.

Up From Liberalism interesting long read

Expect Desperate and Insane Behavior From Government in 2018 – Part 3 (War), by Michael Krieger No doubt. What do you call whats happening?

ERMAGERD!!!!1!! Someone Insulted Amerika’s NKVD!!!








( Courtesy WRSA )

Bovard: Yes, The FBI Is America’s Secret Police

Bovard: Yesterday’s FBI Article Drove ‘Murkans Bat-Shit Krazee!








Invader justice for invaders Dead Nuts got that right.

Why do Millennials love death? by Donald SensingCommunism gulags 1.jpg

Communist Gulag for you snowflake

Vietnam’s Low-tech Food System Takes Advantage of Decay This is a great piece. It’s system D of food. Before WWII, fermented foods flourished. 5000 years of food history, 5000 years of the human race’s adaptation to a symbiotic relationship with the good bacteria, flavor, cuisine, necessity, safety. All gone in a few relative blinks of an eye because refrigeration as a convenience. We really lost something, I think it has had detrimental long term effects on our general health & fitness like nothing else.

If we are to rebel against the modern world, there is not another way so fit and practical as fermented foods. And are they easy to make and eat. It is a world of toothsome delicacies fit for kings. All the worlds great Sulami, dry cured sausage, those incredible Italian & Baltic sausages & meats. Fermentation baby.

Starting Thursday Off Right: It’s Ain’t Christmas Yet Edition From the wonderful Ms. Ann Barnhardt…

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

The Bigger Picture Hidden in Trump’s Cuts To Clinton and Obama Land Grabs  Starvin Larry says: Read. Learn. Train. Do More PT! Be a pilot-operate your own controls!

Max Velocity Tactical If you have entertained the idea of getting small unit infantry tactics, improving your OODA loop, protecting Kin Kith and Tribe, I’m here to tell you, Max is a go to guy. I’ve had the honor of taking Max’s classes and am a transformed man because of it. Profound to say the least. Nothing can prepare you, nobody can tell you, you have to see it for yourself. Kind of like looking over the rim into the Grand Canyon the first time.  Nothing like seeing it with your own eyes. This is high speed low drag keep yours and loved ones alive, fight to win, fight to survive. I would not be at all surprised if there is anyone, but maybe John Mosby out there teaching like Max and his Cadre. No money can buy you what Max gives you.

One of the courses at Max’s I attended was his Combat Pistol Course. Talk about learning what you don’t know, and what you didn’t know what you don’t know. Fantastic. 1st Sarge ran our class, and am I ever glad. One special dude. Anyways, read this nifty piece about trigger control. It fits well with what I learned at MVT. When you shoot a thousand rounds in a myriad of real life contexts, its the head thats the best weapon, thats what Max teaches if you get down to the nitty-gritty of SUT, and its the little things that matter between loving or dying. Every edge you can get is a force multiplier. 1st rate essay on trigger control: Identifying & Fixing Common Trigger Control Problems by Ben Findley

Norway Is Moving To Decriminalize All Drug Use Bravo! Human’s have an interesting way of figuring things out without the leviathan meddling in their every affairs. We survived 5000 years without the beasts called large Nation States running things today.


“Who Is Pepe, Really?” Henry Dampier is in my opinion a incredibly insightful writer. I this him great fortune on his new writing gig. For a taste of Mr. Dampier’s earlier works, these two following links are especially notable:

About the Corporate Slave Class This by far is my favorite. As far as describing the american Nomenklaturer class structure it doesn’t get any better. Chillingly representative.

Kill the Kulaks Before the Neo-Bolsheviks became popularly known by the Normies, so its veracity proves out through the proof only time provides, great piece, it is a gritty description of how a “Great Revolution” by the red diaper baby commies of amerika would prefer to have their Che’/Bolshevik moment go down, (ain’t gonna happen, but it is always best to understand ones existential enemies).

Terrorism Creates Jobs “Why do Western governments seem to do everything that they can to encourage more Islamic terrorism?

You can come up with all kinds of convoluted theories that try to explain why:

  • The leadership has a ‘white guilt’ complex.
  • They’re paid off by Arab governments.
  • They have a death wish.
  • The elites are demons, possessed by demons, or are working for demons.
  • Terrorism is a useful and cynical excuse for the extension of state power over entire sectors of the economy and private life (think the TSA).
  • Terrorism is useful to provoke wars on behalf of foreign powers.
  • None of the terrorist attacks are real: the events are put on by paid actors putting on a slick show for TV producers, much like the moon landing or Harambe’s death.”

Anyway’s that how I see it, see what you think. His style is all very entertaining also. Mr. Dampier strikes me as a true critical thinker, I like all his posts. Here’s Mr. Dampier’s latest pieces:

Can Neoreaction Avoid Libertarian HIV?

Who Is Pepe, Really?


Good Cop, Bad Cop more from the great TL Davis

Revitalize The West By Fighting Yourself Great piece, highly recommend, Interesting analogy. Liberty begins with each of us. The Captain sums it up beautifully. We just don’t give a fuck. Because Fuck You Thats Why

The Trump “Investigation”: An Open Sewer oh has Malcolm ever got that right…

Conspiracy and Chaos Haxo’s Historical Timelines of War and politics there of, a labor of love in work, I hope he finishes it. Be a great go to reference.

The Winter Of Our Discontent Zman on podcast

List of banned words at CDC an excellent summation of big pharma’s capitol/cronyism and why it’s ok to murder millions to get the last buck. Time to burn it all to the ground. cast the earth.



The Party of Our Fathers’ is Dead”

( Copy & Pasted in entirety from Free North Carolina )

The Party of Our Fathers’ is Dead”
Thursday, December 14, 2017

Strom Thurmond’s break with the Democratic Party was symbolized by his absence at the 1964 Democratic Party Convention. He admired Barry Goldwater’s vote against Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights Bill, his strong military stance, strict interpretation of the Constitution, and his ardent anti-communism.
Bernhard Thuersam,  The Great American Political Divide

“The Party of Our Fathers’ is Dead”

“[Meeting on September 12, 1964, Strom Thurmond] wasted no time, telling Goldwater, “I have three choices open to me. I can keep quiet [as a Democrat], I can come out for you and remain a Democrat, or I can come out for you and go all the way to the Republican Party. I’ll do what will help you most.”

[Thurmond would publicly castigate] the Democrats as an evil group who no longer represented “the people.” In addressing “My Fellow South Carolinians” that Wednesday night, Thurmond said:

“The Democratic Party has abandoned the people . . . It has repudiated the Constitution of the United States. It is leading the evolution of our nation to a socialist dictatorship. The Democratic Party has forsaken the people to become the party of minority groups, power-hungry union leaders, political bosses, and big businessmen looking for government contracts and favors . . . The Democratic Party has invaded the private lives of the people by using the powers of government for coercion and intimidation of individuals.

The Democratic Party has rammed through Congress unconstitutional, impractical, unworkable, and oppressive legislation which invades inalienable personal and property rights of the individual . . . The Democratic Party has encouraged, supported and protected the Supreme Courts in a reign of judicial tyranny . . .

The [Democrat] party of our fathers is dead. Those who took its name are engaged in another reconstruction, this time not only of the South, but of the entire nation. If the American people permit the Democratic Party to return to power, freedom as we have known it in this country is doomed, and individuals will be destined to lives of regulation, control, coercion, intimidation, and subservience to a power elite who shall rule from Washington . . .”

(Ol’ Strom, an Unauthorized Biography of Strom Thurmond, Jack Bass & Marilyn W. Thompson, Longstreet Press, 1999, excerpts pp. 200-205)



You Should Know What “White” Is


Generation Zyklon & What Winning Looks Like From Vox Day, (jpg below goes with the post). Extracted & posted Verbatim:

This is what winning looks like

A readers sends an example of Generation Zyklon upsetting a guidance counselor. It appears to be an actual, first-hand account from an SJW school counselor and his terrifying encounters with the fed-up, disaffected and angry white kids who never got to experience the economic prosperity nor the ethnically homogeneous homelands that their Baby Boomer, and, to a lesser extent, Gen X predecessors enjoyed.

I work as a counselor at a school where there’s a lot of 4chan-esque right wing boys who are coming up. The previous generation a year or two ago wasn’t too bad, but this generation coming up now is much more right wing.

My question is, how the fuck do I deal with this shit? How am I supposed to honestly give council to a kid with a pepe shirt on. How do I talk to these kids who literally come to me and rant about affirmative action? 2 years ago these types barely existed and now they are everywhere, not only men but women too. They literally cannot control their right wing beliefs, they talk about it constantly, everywhere. They can’t have a discussion about fucking math without bringing up how women hate math and science and that is why they are unsuccessful. They can’t talk about english classes without talking about colleges are wiping away white authors because of cultural marxism. A kid came to me and ranted that his history classes ‘blamed white people too much’ for tragedies in the past and that made him uncomfortable.

I know my job is that people can come to me with whatever possible problems they want, no matter how controversial. But this is getting fucking out of hand. How do I do this?

I don’t expect you to do anything, Mr. Guidance Counselor. I expect you to continue to be irrelevant and outdated. But in the meantime, you might direct those promising young students to the 16 Points of the Alt Right, because the Alt-Right is an inevitable consequence of the 1965 Naturalization Act.

Still not tired.

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You reap what you sow. My heart bleeds…



Fuck the cultural marxists, every lie narrative and meme they spew



Our Woman of The South aren’t shittin’



The perfect Useful Idiot









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    • Don’t mention it Phil. It is really my pleasure. You talk straight and mean what you say. Your a man I admire, mean that from my heart Brother. LMAO! with some of the shit you post. Soon as the coal mines start hiring here in West by God Virginia I’ll be able to spring for a upgrade blog page, put you on my must read list.
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      Yeah, you got that straight, God Bless us , Please.


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