Robert Gore for the second time in a week or so wrote a barn burner: U-Turn or Detour? It’s that whole cold anger, in crude terms BFYTW, had enough of their fucking bullshit. You know who I’m talking about. Robert certainly does, in a way I can only admire. We aren’t the only ones. And that is a great thing. Hats off Robert Gore.


The Aristocratic Illusion, by Robert Gore

They’re not as smart as they think they are.

If you draw your sustenance from the government—as an employee, contractor, or beneficiary of redistributed funds—the money you receive comes from someone who had no choice whether or not you got paid. Except for those jobs the government mandates, private sector workers’ compensation comes from employers who have freely chosen to pay it. The jobs they perform are worth more to their employers than what they’re paid, or the jobs wouldn’t exist.

Here’s a new definition of aristocrat: a person legally entitled to take money from other people without their consent. This definition focuses on what aristocrats do and have done throughout the centuries, regardless of their labels.

If you’re an aristocrat, the thought that you’re living on somebody else’s dime may cause psychological stress. All sorts of rationales have been concocted to justify this privileged position. The most straightforward is the protection racket. In exchange for their subjects’ money, aristocrats protect them from external invasion and preserve domestic order. It’s not a voluntary trade—the subjects can’t say no—but at least both sides get something from it.

However, “protection racket” doesn’t have quite the moral gloss aristocrats crave. Deities may not have been an aristocratic invention, but they jumped on the concept of divine favor to justify their position. It makes it harder to oppose the rulers if authority is bestowed by the gods or the government is a theocracy. Ultimately, regardless of rationale, the ideology always come down to: The aristocracy is superior to those they rule. The aristocrats have no trouble believing it; they have to psychologically justify their positions to themselves. The trick is to get the subjects to buy in.

In America, the myth is that the aristocracy is a meritocracy. Merit, in this formulation, means degrees from top academic institutions, and employment with government-aligned private sector firms, nonprofit organizations, and the government itself. Those who emerge from these backgrounds and worm their way to the top are the cream…or so the aristocrats like to believe…RTWT




I’d say Robert, your way more right then you wrote. It sure seems to me we are seeing the final days of the political elites as we have known for too long. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of rancid disgusting people. They have richly deserved every erg of comeuppance imaginable. I hope their disgrace and fall is biblical in scale and scope. No just desserts from hanging by lamp post or a one way helicopter ride would do justice to the despicable things these criminals and traitors have done to our beautiful Republic. They have left nothing unsoiled in their greed and avarice, they destroy everything they touch then wear it like a royals cape. All the time their insatiable thirst for others tangible hard worked for wealth. They have pushed their strip mining to levels that leave literally nothing left right down to our seed corn, and still it wasn’t good enough for them.

I think the “elites”, how I detest that connotation because they are neither, function now to survive their own illegitimacy. It is a system of corruption of diminishing returns, that it requires ever more power of corruption for less and less illusion of legitimacy in return.
The question is when will that corruption loose all power to hide what it is. And have we reached that point, and what we are now seeing and is revealed, the proof of just how utterly illegitimate the whole construct always has been.
The stage of plausible deniability is the dynamic platform which the congress strives to function from.
Since 1862 onward a line of treason in every form imaginable has been the modus operandi for congress. It is so pervasive in that swamp of hubris that treason supplants every motive behind the special interest and greed, literally a factory of corruption so common as to block out all thought and conscious of any moral action, for if it appeared morality would be as foul and vile as treason itself.
But, at some point the dirt people do the one thing which is the most legitimate act imaginable, a weapon per say so powerful, no arms, force or violence of the “State” can stop. Withdrawal of consent.
Its a contradiction in terms, but it is its own logic when you understand the power of consent of the governed, something which can not be taken, it can only be given. That the more corrupt a system of State the more it comes to rely on consent of the governed, whether tacit or overt. At first blush it would appear as counter intuitive, but the truth is something avoided at all costs, the governed and their consent has one thing which defines everything, but is rarely delved into openly and with enthusiasm, us dirt people have guns. Lots of guns. And the “Elites” can not risk open war with the dirt people. So the thing is to pluck the goose one feather at a time while every sordid distraction or crisis as a means is employed to keep the dirt people from reckoning with the theft of their happiness and prosperity.

I think the fuckers are toast. Right now they are only just beginning to panic. These scumbags can not survive outside the opulence and hedonism they are accustomed to.
I truly believe they have earned a very certain comeuppance. That they know what it is like to be a hunted animal. That they are left to have to fight street by bloody street in that fucking swamp they created, to know their comrades brains sprayed all over their faces, to have to run with a rifle from burnt out building to rubble pile they ruled over us from, dying of thirst from absolute terror, fearing for their lives lasting not days but minute to minute, to be in a position of powerlessness, harassed right to the gates of hell itself. So they can experience what the absolute brutality of power unchecked is like, something to keep them company for eternity while their miserable souls burn forever in the fire of Hades.
The illegal invaders, they have to go back. Every one of them.
But these, these barbarians in Brooks Brothers suits, they just have to go, be gone in totality, and the earth where they ruled with impunity and hubris from, salted with radioactive cobalt every thousand years so the beast can never rise again.
So that the likes of Vicki Weaver, LeVoy Finnicum, the souls who perished, ones who jumped from the fires of the Trade Towers, that long fall their poor souls endured, 75 souls incinerated alive in a bunker in Waco, because the two most vile creatures of this age, the clinton crime syndicate could make an example for all who had the audacity to question their power, all the political prisoners, imprisoned because they dared defy these tyrants and their despicable minions, that every day us simple decent dirt people endured the police state created just to keep the wealth flowing, so the likes of us all who obeyed and respected the rule of law on the simple merits of turning the other cheek, that we are vindicated, that for the grace of God we did not go.THE ARISTOCRATIC

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