You Can Call Them Scandals Now, by Robert Gore

Miss Barnhardt, bless her soul:

You've got to wake up


Robert Gore is on fire, more so than his exquisite regular brutal logic, in his latest expose essay You Can Call Them Scandals Now.

As Robert puts forth:

“The pathetic attempts to undo Donald Trump’s victory are signs of desperation, not strength, in the Deep State.”

Undoubtably. Is there any doubt the “Deep State” is having a crisis of legitamacy? Or its fundamental loss of political/cronyism power? Never mind a crisis of its criminality and treason of its operations exposed for all the world to see with their own eyes, (another unintended consequence is its loss of its 5th column media as a trusted source of information)? Its operatives at every level are exposed. Its lower levels of infiltrators of every agency, difficult to root out, behind enemy lines stay behind radicals and sycophants operate as if they are a government unto itself. Its an infestation of trolls, shit stirrers, and agent provocateurs at every level. They truly operate independent of any rule regulation or law. We see every day accounts of betrayal and treason against we the people, from direct uncontrolled unaccountable open fully escorted immigration direct from airliner to our cities & towns. We see LeVoy Finnicum executed in cold as hell blood by an FBI hit team of operatives, because LeVoy Finnicum and his fellow Patriot Ranchers learned the truth the BLM was in cahoots with the Clinton Regime’s scandal of treason for profit involving the mining rights under Ranchers legacy grazing lands, Uranium One.


Its efforts to undue the election of Donald Trump is not isolated to only desperation. It is an existential threat to the very existence of the power elite who rule the Deep State. I put my bet money on the laws of unintended consequences. On top of the gravity of these crimes and treason, which can not continue forever without them detrimentally affecting the order of our civilization.
this is essentially a regime running under the illusion of republican form of government.
As Robert notes, it has been with us a very long time.
I’m thinking the early “deep state” renditions originate with whatever actors and their agenda led up to the War of Northern Aggression. Exactly because of the gross rejection of rule of law to be able to operate as a regime of outright imperial conquest & necessary treason in order to wage: a bloody war of aggression to stop the orderly and wholly justified, and Constitutional right, never mind primal right if men, to secede from the tyranny of such marxian men, running such a secret regime. And that treason is one continuous thread right to this very minute. Once one group of such marxists did so they set the example, and path to continued disguised underlying line of tyranny. We are looking right at it with our own eyes.

What with between the wanton greed and culture of lawlessness of these tyrants, who come in every flavor at all levels, it seems the natural greed, or more correctly its scope, has outgrown the capacity of this Republics ability to support without destroying the so called golden goose.
People with such capability of corruption can not stop, even if they choose to. It looks like to me the law of unintended consequences are gone past the resources of treason and corruption of these traitors.

I think when such a regime which exists in a republic has reached the level where it exists to survive its illegitimacy, its toast.
After all, this underground regime is elitist anarchy. Its only rules have been there are no rules for them, but every conceivable rule possible to foisted on the subject people.
If this cascading system of tyranny by secret regime is not stopped the inevitable will happen: When this deep state, which it must to survive, places absolute diktat upon the subjects, which it is slowly imposing, prohibiting the primal natural rights of expression of thought and truth, prohibits the right of men to posses property, the first thing of which is the freedom to own weapons, and the natural primal use of that property to hold at bay or eliminate such a regime and its actors, defiance and revolution becomes the most legitimate expression and form of freedom which exists.

The elites lust to obtain and retain absolute power

Regardless of my opinions, here is Robert Gores straight line logic on the foul affair: 



You Can Call Them Scandals Now, by Robert Gore

The pathetic attempts to undo Donald Trump’s victory are signs of desperation, not strength, in the Deep State.

SLL, “Desperation,” 12/21/16

The Deep State’s worst nightmare was never that Donald Trump would improve relations with Russia. What keeps it awake, shaking and screaming in the darkness, is the prospect of exposure and prosecution for decades of criminality. For the first time since John F. Kennedy, the Deep State is being challenged. An inflection point may have been reached. If so, legal developments will take on a life of their own, ultimately beyond the control of congressional committees, Sessions, Trump, or anyone else.

Trump has expressed skepticism about US military interventions, NATO’s usefulness and funding, and the US’s hostile posture towards Russia. However, he says and tweets a lot of things, most of which are best ignored.

Instead, look at what he’s done, which should never be ignored. He has:

1. Significantly increased the already bloated military and intelligence budgets

2. Increased troop levels in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq

3. Increased US special forces operations around the world, especially in Africa

4. Given US military field commanders more latitude to conduct operations

5. Encouraged NATO forces to increase strength and display force around Russia’s western perimeter

6. Sent arms to Ukraine’s corrupt government so it can better harass eastern Ukrainian separatists, who are supported by Russia

7. Strengthened US ties with Israel and Saudi Arabia, supporting the latter’s vicious war in Yemen

8. Threatened to abrogate the Iranian nuclear agreement

9. Threatened preemptive war in North Korea

10. Brokered billions of dollars worth of US arms sales

Trump ticks virtually every item on the Deep State wish list. Although scores of commentators say otherwise, the few and minor policy differences between them do not explain the Deep State’s fear and loathing of the president.

Imagine you’re a long time, paid up member of the Deep State. You’ve got a gold-plated résumé, an extensive network of useful contacts in both government and the private sector, and money in the bank. You also know a lot of secrets. Your knowledge of those secrets makes you complicit in a fair amount of criminality. But you consider them your protection, because everyone in your world is complicit in something. You go down and they go down too. And you can’t imagine everyone going down.

Then Trump—an outsider—runs for president on his own dime and captures the Republican nomination. An alarm goes off. The Deep State, the Democrats, never Trump Republicans, and the media do everything they can to get something on Trump, but all they came up with is grabbing pussy. Trump’s apparently clean and not beholden to anyone. As a successful and sophisticated businessman, he’s undoubtedly aware of systemic rot and corruption in Washington. What if he wins and starts turning over the rocks? That’s a remote but real danger. Who cares about his policies? Something has to be done.

And so Russiagate was born.

It was predictable that a probe based on nothing would at best go nowhere and at worst backfire spectacularly (see SLL, “Plot Holes,” 2/26/17). It’s backfired. There are ongoing congressional committee, FBI, IRS, and Department of Justice investigations of Uranium One, the Trump Dossier and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the FBI’s investigation of those emails. An indictment against Mark Lambert has been returned in Uranium One.

A “bombshell” Republican-authored report is circulating in the House of Representatives that has members and government officials openly speculating on the removal of senior FBI and Department of Justice personal, and possible prosecution. House Republicans are agitating for the report’s public release, and after jumping through various procedural hoops, they’ll probably get it.

The rolling snowball got more momentum recently as the FBI revealed that five months of emails between Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page had been “inadvertently” destroyed. Whoever destroyed the emails will probably cause the FBI, Strzok, and Page more trouble than the actual evidence would have. The presumption is that destroyed evidence is construed in the most unfavorable light to the party or parties responsible for its destruction. This means the trier of fact (jury or judge) is generally free to assume the worst. The destruction of evidence itself can be a crime if it is intentional, reckless, or negligent.

It’s official: you can call them scandals now.

Since the day Trump took office there has been internet speculation and predictions of imminent, Gordian Knot-types of legal strokes: mass indictments that will drain the swamp and vanquish the Deep State once and for all. Such “revelations” reveal only their authors’ ignorance of the law and legal process. In real life, competent and thorough investigations are grinding, meticulous, and mostly secret, only occasionally leading to headline worthy disclosures and developments. You’re watching paint dry, not a Hollywood legal thriller. Even if the House report lives up to its bombshell billing, it won’t speed up the legal process.

You can be sure that potential defendants are already making quiet inquiries and arrangements, lawyering up. Top criminal attorneys are probably raising their rates, anticipating a flood of new business. They’re paid to delay, obstruct, and stymie. The highest profile potential defendants—Comey, the Clintons—can afford them and they’re not going quietly or quickly into that good night. Constitutional safeguards and the legal system’s procedural maze will be facts of life.

However, not even the best attorneys can counter the hard-wired desire to save one’s own skin. Once the investigations are really rolling, it’s every man and woman for himself or herself. (Will Bill Clinton turn state’s evidence against Hillary? Will she turn state’s evidence against him?) That’s when things could get explosively unpredictable. The prospect of jail time concentrates the mind and prompts a reconsideration of past friendships and alliances. When prosecuting authorities dangle reduced charges and suspended sentences in exchange for ratting out, ratting out becomes the order of the day…”

…Read The Whole Thing



Its a great observation right there by Robert. Who will be the first to rat everyone out to save their skin? (And hopefully as difficult it is the removal of their iron grip from the levers of power and ultimate use of force of their police state, once one chokes, the rest will follow. A trait they most likely all share in common as the lack of morals and culture of treason upon which they enriched themselves at our expense in prosperity, security and blood.)

At what point is the reality of the seriousness of the trouble these sonofabitches are in for what they have done sink in past their monumental arrogance, their resistance to them is futile mindset. 

Many of these deep state actors have purchased bugout villa’s and resort property in Non-Extradition Treaty countries in the waning days of the obama regime. They certainly posses the funds to skip town and consequences. 

It must be said, there is the Clinton crime syndicate tried and true technique of putting the hit on key witnesses and those who know too much. Whats the suspected and known associations death toll, up around 1200 murdered individuals at last count? It’s stood these two psychopaths well in their avoidance of criminal prosecution, and perpetuation of their organized crime since their Little Rock days.



If these fuckers walk, free of accounting for what they have done, it will set off a unique consequence of all unintended consequences, (which is really not unintended in the larger scope, because it is the natural course such lack of comeuppance steers: I’m trying to put this in proper perspective relative to the events). The lawlessness in the possible event these actors of the deep state, associates included, will be just that, lawless. And at that point if they walk there will be no laws any longer. Our government will no longer be ours nor will it have a single legitimate aspect to it other than it will be itself legitimately illegitimate. Plain & Simple. It is not the prosecution of these master criminals and traitors at stake, regardless of our thirst for justice served, a mighty reason in itself exactly because of their hubris & crimes. It is the survival of the idea there is a rule of laws set to govern everything that matters most in a republic of will of the governed.

It then becomes the sole purview of the consent of the people to do what suits them. To provide for the defense of ones life, family, tribe, property. and proper civility as it suits their heats and temper.

And said government is irrelevant to fact and actions of the dirt people.

For there I will go but for the grace of God amen.




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  1. If the guy is already a billionaire and his wife is stupid smokin’ hot what kind of bone are you gonna’ dangle in front of him ? The only option is to ” Ruby Ridge ” him . Calling for Horiuchi out of retirement ,He’ll kill anyone for his bone ! .


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