20lb Sledge & Other Weapons of The Dissident Right. Retake Everything.

Democracy Dies In (Democratic) Darkness by Brett Stevens Brett Stevens takes a 20lb sledge hammer to the sonofabitches. Ever swing a 20lb sledge hammer? Ever hear the axiom “Don’t force it, get a bigger hammer”? You swing one with everything you got, its a kind of authority to something won’t budge hard to top. Man, I think this is one of the best pieces Brett has written. Love this guy, blunt brutal, and offensive to all who can’t stand or are afraid of the truth. To risk the truth, you have to be able to have the courage to talk about the truth straight up. Thats what your getting here.

Truth is only offensive to liars bullshit artists and the political cocksuckers out to empower or enrich themselves on the destruction of the West. Fuck them. Ol’ Brett is right. We no longer care. It doesn’t matter what they say or think. The Alt-Dissident-right is coming. Its here, its got no mercy, it can not be stopped. It doesn’t fucking give a shit. It will retake everything. Its beautiful.

There is so many gems of insight and truth in Brett’s work here, it is one of his masterpieces. And thats saying a hell of a lot.


Here’s a taste, what #Shithole signifies and why the marxists lost their minds. There’s lots more:

“…If anything, Trump is the only non-“racist” one here. His policy says: we succeeded, so we will keep doing what succeeded, and you can take that knowledge and apply it in your own countries to see if you can make them not suck. Only when you do that, and apply a few centuries of eugenics to weed out the stupid and broken and accelerate reproduction of the intelligent, will you also have a chance at being great.

Talk about a hard message. We hear hard messages in our personal lives, too, from coaches and psychologists, parents and spouses, friends and neighbors. It can be as simple as your coworker saying, “You know, I think you’re drinking a bit much lately and it worries me,” or your spouse tearfully pointing out that you are ignoring your dreams and the resulting tension is making you a bear to live with. It can be a guidance counselor telling you that you need to think about your career soon, or your therapist reminding you that you still have not overcome the damage of a distant mother, manipulative father, and family order based on keeping everyone busy so that the myth of the goodness of the family would not be interrupted. These hard messages are necessary truths that we do not want to face, and the third world is getting a solid hard message from the Trumpian revolution.

The appearance of hard messages after the Obama years means that maturity is back. Reality-based thinking has returned. It is only a baby step, and there is a long way to go, but this shows us a change in direction from the way things were going — with a few interruptions like Ronald Reagan — for the past century. This type of change only occurs when one thing finally runs its course, reveals that like most human promises it was all pretense and hype and no reality, and now has failed, and people then turn from the illusion to something new, which is hopefully not also an illusion. Leftism is collapsing in a cloud of its own failures.

First and foremost, globalism has simply been a wealth transfer program from the first world to the third, who apparently are big Democratic campaign donors. Second, diversity has exploded across the US and EU, with the rest of the world shrugging and saying, “Well, we knew that was going to be the result.” Consequently world nationalism is expanding rapidly. In addition, global warming failed to stop the disaster that the real experts saw coming, namely overpopulation, and we now have a world which is facing an imminent population crash. Leftist demand-side economics are imploding. The internet industry which vaulted the Clintons to fame as economic wizards has turned out to be smoke and mirrors, and across the world the postwar political order is breaking down.

On top of that, the Left is about to uncork one of the greatest scandals of American political history, which is the story of how the Clinton-Obama gang ran Washington, D.C. like a Mafia. The true depth of this corruption is about to be revealed:

Think of their goals. First, to use the dossier itself to frame and slander Trump during the campaign. Second, to use the dossier to get warrants and listen in on Trump. Third, to use what they found through surveillance to feed Hillary all the campaign inside info she needed to guarantee victory. Fourth, if by miracle Trump still won, use what they heard to frame his team and impeach Trump. This is Watergate on steroids.

Then there is a four-page memo just made available to the entire House of Representatives. Members of Congress who have seen the memo call it “shocking,” “explosive,” “alarming” and “mind-blowing.” They say it shows conspiracy and collusion between the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton campaign to stop Trump from reaching the White House.




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