Do Not Make Us Take Out Our Combat Rifles and Use Them


I’m saying it outright, Do Not Make Us Take Out Our Combat Rifles and Use Them. It is the last thing you want. It is the last thing you will know. It is the last thing We wish to do. When We have to, there will be nothing for it but to rid our land, our communities, our country, our way of life, of you who could not simply leaves us alone. It is all we have ever really wanted. To live freely, be pleasant, create humble wealth, tangible things that are our own, love our family, love our neighbor, our land, our country, our way of life. There was enough for everyone, and given a little more time, more than can be imagined. Wealth so profound most of the world would become wealthy & prosperous because there was no limits.

What unbelievable fools you are. And you think you are so elite. You are not. You are nothing of the sort. You are the most selfish greedy petty resentful egotistic arrogant motherfuckers imaginable. Once you are gone, and believe it, you will be, for no decent Christian people can continence your existence for long, you will be remembered till times end as the most foolish greedy idiots the human race has ever produced. That you totally blew it. You had it all if you just left us alone to your scheming and treason.

But no, you could not. You got greedy, nothing you stole, denied, extorted, decreed, diktated, forced, and imposed, was ever enough for you.

The more you stole the more you wanted.

And now, you put our backs up against a wall, and you have attempted to take it all right down to the seed corn, and whats left you haven’t put your greasy meathooks on. To add insult to injury you have made us into your version of the Bolshevik’s Kulak’s.

When our guns come out there is no stopping us. You can’t stop what you have sowed, you will reap the wind, it will end you all, to the last one of you. We will hunt you down, you can not hide or find safety from the storm you created.

It is the nature of us, our tolerance, our ability to live and let live, most important is we can turn the other cheek. There are limits, and you have trespassed far beyond the pale. Our reluctance to begin what can be settled without rivers of blood is our savings grace and all which save your worthless souls.

We sit here watching you prevaricate, dissimulate, create falsehoods out of whole cloth, and we wonder at the spectacle of your foolishness, and are you going to squirm out of this, and in your hubris double down, take revenge on the helpless and innocent of us, lash out in your stunning arrogance, to take “vengeance” on us for defying and resisting you?

You have no power over us any more. In your thirst for ultimate power you have lost all power.

You have lost all legitimacy. All respect. Lost Our blessing. But most of all we withdraw our consent of and for you. The next step is we shoot you. Its that plain. It has come to that point. And it is on the minds and in the thoughts of millions of us. There is no sugar coating this. We gave you every opportunity, every chance, all the benefit of our doubt.

Be warned. If you don’t stop now while there is a chance to end your tyranny and treason without shedding a drop of blood, and simply going away, you have no recourse from us. But we know you well, better than you know yourselves.

Just try us.


If it isn’t crystal clear where those whose presume to rule over us without our consent nor care about what we believe in, nor have any interest save their own rotten hides, what happens to us dirt people because of the inevitable cluster-fuck of the unintended consequences of their tyranny, there is this simple truth:





Where they go wrong is they underestimate us as people of virtue and principle. Granted, it is even understated and downplayed by ourselves, but that only is because we are humble and only ask to be left alone to our basic needs and desires. It isn’t asking much, especially because the truth is we dirt people who are all who pays for this civilization. It is our labors which create the true wealth, everyone else simply has their hand in our pockets.

Be that as it may, it does not diminish anything about our selves, if anything it is part and parcel of what makes us the only legitimate demographic which exists, everyone else are either free loaders of strip mining our wealth.

At some point somebody is going to say one day they have had enough, and they will ignite a grass roots wild fire. We already see it in France and as it begins to spread across the Continent. Yes, they have had enough also.

Something to give proper thought and respect, and prepare our hearts and minds for. Because in no uncertain terms, this defiance and revolution is inevitable. The course of the dynamics of history in the making was set long ago. So the question will come to you regardless of your position, are you going to be a part of throwing off the chains of this tyranny breathing down our throats, and make positive change happen.

No matter what all, do not give up your guns.

12 thoughts on “Do Not Make Us Take Out Our Combat Rifles and Use Them

  1. Wanted to contact you Re agitprop.
    See if you can use “Your fears are not my chains.”
    Also suggest contacting Oleg Atbashian from the People’s Cube.
    Big Fur Hat from is also a resource. Feel free to mention I suggested you contact him.
    If you need more info or clarification contact me if you wish.

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    • Hi, can you give me any context in regards what your meme is about? It would help me find artwork or photo which would be relative to your message.

      Wow thats super gracious if you, Thanks. Those guys are like the masters, sincerely I wouldn’t know what to say to them.


  2. Don’t have a specific “meme” in mind.
    The theory can be applied in any area that rights are restricted due to the fears of another.
    Example would be free/hate speech. My words hurt so you must chain my tongue so you don’t get hurt anymore.
    My freedom is viewed by many as a dangerous creature that must be chained because they fear it.
    I would think simply approaching them and asking for guidance would be sufficient. I have found both of them to be very gracious. Oleg, due to his background is particularly disgusted with the goings on.
    I’ll try and keep checking back here but please email if I can help.

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    • Lot of things are inevitable now. The one thing is there is no going back to “the good old days”, that applies to everyone.
      Though if you have a positive view of the future, there is much can be accomplished, that would otherwise have been practically impossible.
      Its just gonna really suck getting there.

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