Sic Semper Tyrannis & Citizen of the Republic


I wrote this below before I read T.L. Davis’s exemplary fine King James worthy piece:      A Citizen of the Republic

TL’s piece is posted in entirety below my screed. I think TL and I are essentially writing about the same thing but from 2 dissimilar perspectives in terms of our ways of thinking, of ingredients of redress and redemption. But, in the end we are really saying the same thing.

What is true from both of us is it all begins and ends with each of us. Everything, anything, to do with our Liberty. And our Republic. TL is dead nuts correct, it is OUR Republic. And it is us, and only us who can properly legitimately right the wrongs made over time which are catching up to us like a runaway train.

It is not for the feint of heart, the lazy, the selfish, ulterior motives or the dissimulative among us who frankly don’t care but for theirs and their own arse. Goes without saying. But I’ll be one of those who will, and am risking much for something better and larger than only myself. We each have to find out what that entails. There are no handbooks or Liberty for Dummies paperbacks. But, there are the precepts and ideas, the concepts of rule of law, of self determination, of being a responsible duty bound citizen of this Republic. If you don’t see that, ask yourself where we would be today otherwise?

Maybe it needs tearing down just so we can begin anew. Maybe a divorce is in order, where the free shit army and the various free loaders of today, can have their own collectivist utopia, and we who will be free have our true Republic. Maybe not so outlandish a concept, because it sure is looking like Montenesque’s theory of geographical size of states determine their political and cultural make up.

But if that is the case, that smaller is better, or at the least a fight to decide who “rules” and who don’t, is in order. For how else do self determining self sufficient republican form of government Patriots shake loose from the greedy mob and its particular brand of tyranny by democratic welfare state rule? These needy and unwilling non responsible thinking/acting people are not going to be so willing to loose the cash cow of the self reliant productive America, they have mooched off of for generations.


It still shakes out in the end some kind of fight is in the offing. Because as TL puts it, you got to fight for the good stuff, the freedoms and Liberty are the purview of the willing and the individualists among us.


Sic Semper Tyrannis: thus always to tyrants
(The phrase is meant to signify that tyrants will always be overthrown and removed from power.)

by Mtnforge

This runaway train of a government where various agencies possess components of potential power, land/resources, specie monopoly, energy/extraction, economic intelligence, socio/cultural activity, and at the top of this power pyramid of Semper Tyrannis, hold raw intelligence of every person in existence between these shores.
This assortment of essential commodities & resources, where raw data equals raw power, where the seclusion of that data to select individuals in these various agencies and the power to use these resources to shape and control almost every activity in the sphere of life in this country, is an intoxicating drug, where these elite knowers of the information that is power held in secret, become potentates of their own making. Actually concentrated tyrant dense fiefdoms and kingdoms by any other name or description.

What the underlying dynamic here is, things have reached a stage where everyone who they haven’t gotten around to controlling hence milking of their intrinsic wealth, and cowing into submission thru use of fear, notably in high numbers among the dirt people, are people who are in a sense still under the umbrella of God given freedoms and primal liberty because they choose to do so. This is unacceptable to any tyrant worth his salt. It is also taken in entirety, a substantial source of plunder not tapped. These are the American’s who have refused to bend a knee, who avoid taxes, home school their children, grow their own food, unplug from the grid, have learned to do more with less, learn new skills trades and arts, educate themselves in the classics, become experienced in the art of infantry combat and insurgency, they create tangible things, build tribe and learn to really trust their fellow tribe members where they can depend on each other, they are the natural resistance, and many of them don’t realize they are an existential danger to the corporate treason of the fiefdom agencies. Further more the dirt people who make up this Honorable Resistance are a particularly productive and defiant plurality. As this institutionalized treason spirals ever closer to despotism the lust for power and wealth will eventually leave nothing or no person alone.

If you notice, the structure of this collection of these various powerful agencies, actually constitute a state within a state, a wholly separate entity within the State, where each of these entities actually have morphed into small functional individual states of their own with their own special interests, politics, laws, armed enforcement, their own entirely unique and separate “rice bowls” to advance in power, protect from intrusion and oversight, and diligently defend from any and all outside forces.
This has the effect of eclipsing the actual sovereign 50 states, not to mention the people within each, into a homogenous mass, a private resource for these federally positioned potentate agencies to plunder and abuse at will, omnipotent from any checks or balances, including the powers of the President and Executive check against such an ongoing functional treason as we experience right now.
And make no mistake about this. This is raw naked power, organized, institutionalized treason, so common among these federal potentates, they literally share a vested interest to maintain a continuous soft coup, leaving just enough of a functional Republic in name only to maintain the largess in money, extortion, and other plunder to finance operations and maintain their bloc of power.

So when you hear mention of letting it burn, of draining the swamp, think of these unaccountable fiefdoms, the potentates who control and enrich themselves out of this raw naked power system of rapine & plunder, is it really unreasonable to possess the gut instincts of survival of individual freedoms and Liberty, of our very lives, that this treason can only assuredly be eliminated by the total absence of these platforms of raw naked power?

If they are indeed as they appear, and as events are proving beyond doubt, unaccountable, isolated, a bunker mentality of independent powers whose very structures are the epitome of treason & tyranny against the people ourselves, it is time for them to be abolished. They certainly do not have any of our, never mind best, interests, nor any concept of our will as the governed in heart.

The question then becomes what are they good for. Who are they good for. And how can we as individuals never mind a plurality put up with these traitors any longer?

We are at best, the productive of us, cash cows, to be milked and herded as they see fit to provide the wealth required to maintain this raw naked unaccountable power. Which in the small or the large picture is literally continuous state of treason as a function of that power.

The attempted palace coup and the conspiracy of co-operation between these various fiefdoms is the hallmark of “Regime Change” which the CIA is notorious for for most of its existence. Like everything the “deep state” has done to people in other country’s, its bedfellows in the Neo-Conservative war profiteers, the MIC, the organized crime families of bankster cartels, it was only a matter of time before their lust for power & greed came into our home, where we live.

Nothing satisfies these traitors, until nothing is left to steal or destroy. And we are at the stage where despotism outright, and use of force unlimited even in the Gulag & murder, to keep the gravy train of wealth flowing.

Make no mistake, without sources of wealth stripped from the productive these fiefdoms do not last a month. They create nothing of value or worth.

This is what we have come down to. Since September 11th, Habeas Corpus has been suspended and the government has the right to execute “enemy combatants” without trial. They’ve also passed law that they can execute American citizens without trial as well if they are “considered a threat.”

President Lincoln and Bush are the only two presidents to suspend Habeas Corpus and was still suspended under the Obama regime giving the fiefdoms full “rights” to assassinate whom ever they deem necessary without accusation or trial.

It may well be still on effect. I can not find anything indication if Habeas Corpus is still a declared an outlawed natural right. It is still a primal right regardless what men declare, just as the right to property, (weapons and other things like land, gold, literature, food, water etc), so it doesn’t matter. Just going to have to fight as free men on that score. Because these tyrants honor no law but the law of who has the most power.


Lets not bullshit each other here. Lets be honest. The direction things are taking. The inability of the state to check itself. The uselessness of checks and balances. Are We to have to do the shit nobody has done since 1862? Total war, blood up to our elbows, drenched in blood, things we can hardly see now or fathom we have within us, to do and to keep ourselves from doing, terrible things, and is it us who are going to have to restrain ourselves from rapine & pillage, from the worst things men can do in war which have nothing to do with freedom and Liberty, of defending whats ours by birth and legacy, while all around, because it serves the treason so well, their will be savage hordes, proxies of treason, who will destroy everything because they have been bred for that single purpose, to destroy the race of The Men of The West. Fight these proxies while the foul creatures who brought all this down on us sit and watch us rip each others throats out. And if that comes to pass, then we will have to wage war on the treasonous ones. And then we will have to find it in our hearts to put down our rifles like Washington, to the Sovereign Idea.
As things are beginning to point towards, ot is the only way the West will survive.
Its a tall order.
I say, But There For The Grace of God I Go, Amen

This is the greatest test of us dirt people, the last of The Men of The West on this continent, after us there is no one else, we are it for a long long time, and if we loose, the earth will become this dark dreary gray homogenous cauldron of treason of everything good and right, a reeking festering stinking #Shithole.

And who among us in their right mind and their heart want this?

We got to find the way to take care of this. I think we are running out of time to take care of this without rivers of blood. The window of grass roots disobedience and outright withdrawal of consent in the form of a natural insurgency if dirt people possesses a power unlike any, it is the most powerful weapon ever devised, this declaration of, I Won’t! as simple as that. The treason is wide open vulnerable to open declaration of defiance and rebellion. Look no further than The Great Fuck You of 65 million people who voted in rejection of this treason. It stirred up a hornets nest of arrogance and treachery which attempted to nullify our expression of cold anger. Its all they can talk about, all they can do to belittle, diminish, undermine, villianize, pogrom and sully that great act of legitimacy of self determinism in the election of Donald Trump.

That treason, it runs deep. It is a festering gangrene within the state. It has no legitimate resistance to such resounding expression of Liberty, A veritable color revolution, that none dare call revolution, resounding will of the governed, and risk revealing the secret, 65 million dirt people the truth we have power which they can not stop. Since that day in November every resource has been turned towards nullifying the results of our color revolution and keeping us ignorant of our legitimacy and the legitimate power we have to stop this treason dead in its tracks without spilling blood or firing a single bullet.


Note about TL: I love this guy, T.L. Davis. TL is the guy who woke me up all those years ago, seems like decades. Ain’t been quite 10 years. He wrote The Constitutionalist: Rights To Die For. I wrote to TL asking for a copy and he sent me half a dozen, which I preceded to leave at the lunch room table at the coal prep plant I was working at, I gave every copy away eventually, even my dog eared wire out one I kept in my dinner bucket for years, always looking for a willing subject to enlighten with TL’s masterpiece. It still holds up today. I knew shit wasn’t right, that this Republic was not an operating Republic any longer, and that dark forces where chiseling away at its foundations, looting and raping it for all its worth, and that the dirty stinking foul commie sonofabitches where out to destroy my home. But I did not know about the 5000 Year Leap, and the remarkable leap never attempted in all that time of human history. That makes it a special kind of special. And that so many are out to destroy it said all I needed to understand it must be stopped, and restoration or an advance of the legacy of those who created this republic must happen.

When TL speaks, we should all listen. A more steadfast loyal Freeman to Liberty I do not know.



A Citizen of the Republic


 The citizens of a republic must bear an enormous burden. The weight and future of the nation rests solely on their shoulders. Unlike their many counterparts around the world, who consider themselves to be subjects of the king, or comrades of the state, the citizen of a republic owes his allegiance solely to the rule of law. The law is created by the people themselves through their legislators and other citizens are hired to ensure that those laws are obeyed by all equally.

Despite the fact that many politicians today use the term “democracy” in reference to the political system of the United States, nothing could be further from the truth or more intentionally misleading. The citizen of a democracy owes his allegiance solely to the majority opinion, that is a recipe for all sorts of abuses and tyranny of the majority. The distinction is important. A republic defends the interests of the minority against the will of the majority through the rule of law.

That all of this went off the rails a hundred years ago during the progressive era of the early 1900’s, does nothing to the underlying responsibility of the people to rectify it. The condition of the American citizen, who is now disregarded, defamed and ignored by the powerful bureaucracies of the federal government is commonly laid at the feet of the failure of the Constitution, but the Constitution is no better or worse than those charged with its defense, the people themselves. No one said that self-government was going to be easy, in fact, it should be the most laborious of all systems. It is not enough to simply fly the American flag on the 4th of July.

The Tea Party, inspired by the economic collapse of 2008, sought to hold their representatives accountable for the excesses of the banking system that simultaneously caused the meltdown and was the greatest beneficiary of it. The further unconstitutional acts of the Obama Administration only infuriated the Tea Party. But, where the Tea Party failed was in a single question: What if replacing representatives, even on a wholesale scale, does nothing to redress the grievances?

The federal government of the United States operates largely on the efforts of non-elected bureaucrats contemptuous of the people and their representatives. Changing a few figureheads through elections does nothing to restore liberty, or restrain the excesses of government.

The bureaucrats are in response to a people who have decided to look to the government for solutions to all sorts of problems; some people get sick from something they ate and the response is to create the Food and Drug Administration; children aren’t performing in schools and the response is to create the Department of Education; some criminals flee across state lines to avoid capture and the response is to create the Federal Bureau of Investigation. All of these solutions have created the problems we have today, with an FBI running amok, intransigent and above the law, believing themselves to actually BE the law and powerful enough to deny the citizens any leader that might hold them accountable. They will use the tools given them to defend the law to manipulate elections to deny any politician that might seek to restrain them or reform their bureaus.

Government now acts as the princes and lords of a mythical king. The American people can only look to themselves for a solution to problems this big. The progressive era ushered in a century ago began the long trek towards the overthrow of the republic. Now that the metamorphosis to collectivism is nearly complete the people find themselves at the mercy of people like Comey, Strzok and Mueller, enabled by people like Obama and Clinton.

It will not fix itself. One can watch breathlessly while crimes are uncovered and treason is unmasked, but no one in Washington anticipates that the criminals will go to prison or the traitors will be executed, because all of the actors in this play are the masters, not the slaves. They are not the lowly citizens of a defunct republic.

But, I urge you, as the only legitimate source of political power in a republic, the citizen, to exercise that power. Demand prison for the criminals and executions of the traitors with the full understanding that if you do that, it will initiate a civil war, because a third of your fellow citizens have already embraced that new collectivist state. It is evident in the Bernie Sanders voters who sought to formalize the socialist/communist state the republic has drifted toward over the past several decades. Your fellow citizens are already complicit in the death of the republic and will not help you save it. Do not act now, as a citizen of the republic, and you will embrace the collectivist state yourself.

Most of those reading this will opt for leisure instead of work and consign themselves to the recognition of themselves as part of the collective, but others will take up the shovel with which to bury the collectivist state. There is time to see if Trump and Sessions can rise to the occasion and fulfill the role God has laid out for them as defenders of the republic, but a citizen of the republic should do so while preparing their gear.  and


I agree with TL. If anything TL’s insight into how no matter what if we are to be free people have the liberty we want we are ultimately and practically responsible. That it all begins, and ends with each of us.

There are no other arguments but how we act in a manner commiserate with our duty, honorably, in individual and collective responsibility.

Get over that hurdle and that is where positive change can then begin.

But first we have to bravely and honestly face our own shortcomings and reluctance to personally take matters into our hands.

Everything else is worthless, its just noise. Nothing will be done until we mature to that stage. As men of The West, we have this legacy, Liberty, running through our veins.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a real problem which exists. To ignore it or make excuses for it is whistling past the graveyard of a republic. Our forebears suffered from this exact same reluctance and inability to get started with the hard things. They only became revolutionaries in more than name only when a certain number of people chose, its choice here we are talking about in essence, they made the choice to resist and secede in their hearts, their minds intellectually, and in the physical. Its a holistic package. No fair weather Patriots. Its has to be four season solders and Patriots.

Sure, life is pretty good in relative terms.

Who wants to risk their families, homes, jobs, property, and lives? Not for casual cause thats for sure. So how do we get over that natural reluctance into the realm of high risk and danger?

Thats the question here.

We get past that hurdle by becoming the plurality with the understanding the idea of rule of law and intent of constitutional governance protects our honor and virtue.

That it is the grand check & balance.

In real terms, blood and flesh living terms, we must be prudent at all costs. It is prudence that is also at the heart of the issues of our time. We get there together as that plurality. This is in simple terms a rare totally unique motive power, a power derived from righteous cause, motivation to do the right thing for liberty so liberty can do for us what it can not and can never do without the motive power of committed free self deterministic individuals behind it.

Thats the lesson, the legacy key the founding people handed off which is the essential ingredient in achieving that plurality which will not be denied. That derives from just cause. It is the moral high ground. It is a thing that requires faith in something larger, and at the same time faith in the plural nature of a solidarity between a group of people who refuse to submit. Faith in the moral and physical courage of our brothers in kind. 

There is great fortifying comfort in that plural dynamic. 

Look to the Poles, how they stuck together against the raw naked power and physical relentless cold blooded military and ideological might of the old Soviet. 

Its true. They accomplished it. They did it because of the just nature of their motivation AND actions. The two are inextricably linked. The tie that binds. Just as the 1st & 2nd Amendmendments are inextricably tied together. If you grok that uniting dynamic you understand the motive, the righteous motive power of us as Patriots refusing to comply with the tyranny and its tyrants breathing down our necks.

The fundamental thing here is it puts the tyrants in the illegitimate position. They have to react, as all tyrants must to defiance, or they loose the illusion of power. But they also loose that illusion of power also when they strike back at the just people who resist and defy them and their tyranny in just cause.It is a very delicate fine line this tyranny once a Republic walks, it can not survive without some form of consent from a plurality of people also. Consent of the tacit or openly granted kind, in matters not which, but that consent is the keystone to that illusion of legitimacy the tyrants and their system of tyranny holds.

Break that illusion by exposing the tacit nature of tacit consent, and its game over. Then that is wear the action begins. It is the turning point for everyone, nobody gets a free ride then. Thats the strategic move to undermine and reveal the unjust illegal nature of the states power. It is actually down hill in a sense from there. That motive power of moral high ground has the advantage. It is the tyrants who must react, it is actually getting inside their OODA loop. It is then via the use of tactical action, the tyrants are kept off balance, they are always having to use illegitimate methods or means to play catchup and expose themselves as illegitimate to all. It is a process really. The process of denying the tyrants consent through increasing withdrawal of consent, and it is here where that so critical tacit consent evaporates in a second. 

This then the tyrants only have then one means of retaining their grip on the levers of raw naked power, and that is through naked force & violence, and then there is nothing for it, but to collapse, or go full on war against the people. And that only creates more and more people who see that yes it is that bad, and they join the honorable resistance. Because that is what the fighting Patriot is,  the honorable resister. And anyone with good in their heart can get behind that.

That is what TL taught me all those years ago when he sent me 6 copies of The Constitutionalist: Rights To Die For.

It is what he is trying to say here, to you, all of us right here right now.

That nothing is lost if we aren’t. There are many forms of Republic. This Republic is not written in stone. It was always a thing that was open to being changed or cast off, it was the whole point. Tyranny is statist, static, it has to be. Liberty is a living thing. It is the unfettered action of free people. that can never be static, or it becomes statism.

Do you see?

Do you understand?

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