Fucked-Up Like A Soup Sandwich: Linkage Roll of Deep State Treason

The larger the snapshot over time the more the truth of how usurped this Republic is, and that deep state power, is only possible through the institutions that control federal level law enforcement, intelligence gathering, and the greatest organization of treason and outright pure lies, the lapdog media of the 5th column aka The Fake Media.

Without this Fake Media, none of what is transpiring today would be possible. The “Long March” through the various institutions of Marxism began long before the usurpations of all the institutions the leftists control and effect today. Its a whole package deal. The Frankfurt Institute studied the mistakes of Economic Marxism, and thru years of theory developed Cultural Marxism. What is an important aspect to bear in mind is Marxism, no matter its flavor or how it is imposed, is just fancy speak for simple old fashioned tyranny: Totalitarianism for power & profit. Totalitarianism is best applied and instituted thru use of fear. Create events of spectacular horrifying gruesomeness, from 9-11 to the latest school shooting, creating crisis as a means In other words make as many people as possible afraid, willing to give up any freedom, thus their Liberty, to have the same cast of actors then keep them safe. The rest who are not afraid, speak out, speak the Truth, use logic and reason to remain aware and alert, prepare and create defenses to defend themselves, they then stick out like sore thumbs among the useful dupes who have surrendered without a whimper but of fear.  Then at your leisure you can slowly frame these brave Patriots for a steady line of evils, undermining any kind of moral plurality or other forms of solidarity, even infiltrating their attempts to create unity with shills trolls and agent provocutueres, insisting the deranged and psychotic to create conspiracies such as “The Joo’s” are behind everything right down  to ones who see a nefarious Jewish hand at work in the fact that they ran out of skim milk for their Cheerios this morning, further spearing doubt, confusion and discontent.

It is all still standard Marxism 101, simple social engineering thru an expertly executed system of programming, only the technology of delivering the programming of peoples thinking perceptions and emotions is different than it is in all other previous the tried & true strategy of dividing people in order to conquer them, without the mess and destruction of war and bloody genocide. Because after all, what is America to these criminal traitors than America as their cash cow?

The Genocide comes after total political/government under the fist of the usurpers. Then it can be carefully employed so as to disrupt the economic fabric of their new Amerika as little as possible. Can’t be killing the Goose that lays the golden eggs. The whole object is about money and power.

No matter what, no matter what anyone says, to the contrary of all good or bad perspectives in whats going down, it all boils down to guns.

Don’t agree with that statement?

Just look at the news. The layers of the deep state operations and actors in the highest offices of power are being peeled back like a kitten onion, this is the top minions under the command and control heavy duty ideologues. And they still run false flag operations. Thats takes co-ordination, resources, people to run and pull off the actual physical operation, have select target straw men to place carefully devised plausible deniability upon. All the right triggers: Lone crazed White Man-Guns-Lots of helpless sitting duck dead kids.  The Media is involved with prearranged and positioned “news” commentary, selected politicians and other mouthpieces are apprized of their role and narratives to be presented to the public.

Everything prearranged. canned, and pulled off like clockwork. They have come a long way since the Clinton’s first implemented False Flag on Ruby Ridge. Actually the assassination of JFK. But that is a different stage, and one born out of dire beed, because the Republic back then was never going to fall for the tricks of today the moment they smelled a series of rats being run by them. Too many enemies of the commie bastards around needed to be exposed from the body politic and replaced by deep state operatives throughout the lower levels of governments, creating the old Soviet Nomenklaturer Class of regulatory and administrative tyranny of eating out the peoples existence oil they where formally made into cash servants of the marxist deep state.

Everything else was easy after that. As we are witnessing today.

But that whole gun thing, that has to go. There is no threat that is as existential to these “Clowns” as Q and the Anons terms them. The threat of a plurality of American’s righteously and legitimately aroused and having withdrawn their consent fir this government as aroused and Armed Americans. One or the other can be dealt with, but both together, no. Nobody can stop the kind of power, we as united in cause legitimate to our sovereign selves, both aroused, armed, and stated of their withdrawal of their consent.

If you don’t understand or grasp the pure nature of this, it is key to understanding everything which seems to be unknowns and the unknown unknowns. It is the laws of unintended consequences naturally taking their place in history.

Its all about guns. It always comes back to guns. Who has guns who doesn’t have guns. Who controls guns and who isn’t controlled by guns. Who uses guns as the last resort in defense of legitimate natural rights of life, family/tribe., ad property. including guns themselves, because guns are property. That is actually the first thing.

Who uses guns because threat of force and use of violence, unlike those aforementioned above, who use their guns as the last resort, those who use guns to enforce their impositions and trespasses upon the people, they use their guns so, because it is all the power they have, the power to use fear and violence to control others. Except for those who use their guns to defend themselves.

It is why chairman Mao stated “power grows from the barrel of a gun”… “the party should control the gun, never the gun control the party.”

Mao didn’t piddlefuck around. He got everyones guns. Shot every one who uttered a peep of doubt as to Mao and The Party’s legitimacy against. Thus having created a servant race of 8 billion useful dupes by murdering over 75 million, taking out every possible resistor and intellectual who might start trouble by living example, Mao had no power but what grew out of a barrel of a gun.

This is allegory thru & thru. What is different here, is the deep state is faced with a people, who in 5000 years of known history, Americans are the first culture of Men who not only are born into Liberty naturally, we are men who have Liberty that runs thru our veins. And thus, we are much more difficult, in fact impossible to be conquered by Mao violent means of Pogrom and bloody Genocide.

Essentially we have “too many guns” as we are scolded and ridiculed for. Well you know what? Fuck You. No, not just Fuck You, Because Fuck You Thats Why.



The deep state is the left state. We will be seeing them coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches like we have never seen them before.

Here’s a start. Take a few says to complete organizing & posting the links I have saved to paint a portrait of how the deep state functions.


Shades of Aurora Theater False Flag: Fellow Student talks with alleged shooter student on starway evacuation route as shots fired in other parts of building. Alleged shooter looks dazed and confused when asked why he isn’t doing the shooting.


STAFF NEWS & ANALYSIS: How You Can Distinguish Fake News from Real News, According to the Expert By The Daily Bell Staff – February 15, 2018


Neo-Bolshevik Agitprop Apparatchiks of The Amerikan Nomenklaturer:

In the waning days of the Long March One World Order Rule # 1 applies with a vengeance.
Nothing is to supplant it.
It is the inviolate Rule.
Without this Rule the whole construct collapses.
There are no organic unrelated spontaneous natural unconnected innocent occurring events within the sphere of our lives. Like the dirt people, they are ignored when they violate that rule above. They are smothered and ignored. They do not exist.
Simple: Out of mind-Out of sight.

No amount of misery and blood is unacceptable to the One Rule.
The One Rule must be hammered home.
No let up, twenty four hours-seven days per week.
Rule # 1 must be drilled into the consciousness of the population, permeating every crack, every facet, never relenting.
The one rule is the war of the hearts and the minds.
It is waged by a literal army of hive mind programmed sycophants. An army of the human extinction movement. Bred, in the fission pile of our institutes of learning long usurped by the Intelligentsia branch of the Nomenklaturer.

It is the dirt people, who reside in the vast land called flyover nation, which has remained relatively unscathed by this scourge of hive mind programming.
There is a reason why the hive collective has ventured into the South to tear down venerated symbols of the sovereign land individual will, and its child self determination, and other areas of provincial and rural traditional America have survived in similar fashion for similar reason, yet this has always been the next target, because this is where the Amerikan Kulak’s reside and all that entails.
And to prepare flyover land and its dirt people, the One Rule’s next target is naturally the guns of the dirt people, and there is one hell of an arsenal out in Fly Over Nation.
The problem here is the 5th column media has failed to hold sway, the distance of space time and long culture has insulated the majority of Flyover Nation from the most chilling effects of the One Rule, for the simple Truth, Culture is upstream of politics. Real life where you produce tangible things, where family & tribe are inviolate, where people are connected directly to the open sky, the green lush fields that provide, the deep forrest that cleans the air and provides serenity and sanctuary, these are incongruous elements of life with the One Rule. They clash. The culture clashes. It looks so far off, because it is so far off from the daily course of life and life giving surrounds.

But here in Flyover Nation, is where the final battles of the One Rule will be waged.
They are coming closer, they are creeping further into dirt people land.
Observing the course of events it is clear as day.
They have to get our guns no matter what.

That is the prime directive of the next stage which takes place in Flyover Nation. If they can not get our guns they will Kulak us instead. Same thing to the human extinction movement.
I think time is running out on them. Events are stubborn things. They don’t always follow their original intent. There is a hint of panic in the One Rule of late. Its charm is growing stale, becoming route.

Thats the thing with the One Rule of programming hive human’s. They stop becoming humans at a certain point and become raving fucking lunatics. The 5th column media becomes an insane asylum for the deranged and unconnected to normal every day dirt people.


( courtesy of WRSA )


NO! TL Davis

Liberty & Lead

The Deep State Is The Deep Left State Good insights into how the deep state sets roots into our institution of government and usurps various agencies, thus working from “The top down, inside out”.



How Convergence works: Former FBI Agent Jonathan Gilliam: Bureau’s Top Brass Climb Ladder by Ideology, Not Merit: “Go in and think like a liberal” was the advice two FBI agents gave Jonathan Gilliam prior to his taking an FBI entrance exam. Gilliam shared his anecdote during a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Henry Dampier”s Masterpiece: About the Corporate Slave Class  Also Known As The Amerikan Nomenklaturer Class.

Read this and you see into the heart of those who would presume to rule over the rest of us & rid themselves of us who refuse to comply, and most important, why.

Remember the cultural marxist strategy of convergence: “From the top down, inside out”
It’s explained well by Vox Day’s term of “Convergence” as in SJW Convergence in say a corporate entity. But this is far larger in scope. It is literally an invasion force, they sneak in a few key operatives, and behind their arrival a SJW faithful hive mind converges within the mid management and parts of the rank & file, thus creating a very toxic environment for any not part of the hive collective. They “take over”, camouflaged by the existing corporate or federal agency structure.
Its invasion of the body snatchers.

We are going to see a lot of this coming to light, it will be a self unmasking of the collective. They are in trouble, revelations and the truth is spending, many are awakening to this convergence. Time is growing short. The withdrawal of consent of the governed is growing from the color revolution of November 2016 election when 65 million American’s said fuck you, kiss my arse, to the deep state.

And don’t forget, guns. Very important thing. Ultimately it all boils down to guns. Who has guns, who doesn’t, who controls the gun, and who is controlled by the gun.
As Chairman Mao in his great Cultural Revolution stated, all political power grows out of the barrel of the gun, the party must control the gun never must the gun control the party.
That is the other side to the great pickle of how to overthrow this Republic. Very sticky matter.
In order to bring fruition to The Long March, they must take our guns. And not only for the obvious reasons. See, guns are property, thats the first thing. Seriously. Private property is one of the main components of Liberty, to have private property is essential  And here you have your gun, and it serves dual purpose, to protect you/family/tribe/tradition/culture. Ultimately race, and hence protect your freedom, protect your property. Pretty cool idea. Took about 5000 years of human history for the idea of that, with the advent of the Rifle, to become more than an idea, it become fact. The Rifle made it possible, for the second time in history, the first being the English Long Bow, a man could project equal firepower as the finest soldier. The Rifle invented small unit infantry tactics. No longer was the use of force and violence the sole purview of the State, King, Mandarin, Potentate, or agents there of, the whole lot of them.

In relative terms to history, the Rifle in the hands of men of Liberty is a brand spanking new occurance, barely tested, hardly explored, rarely used in anger by a plurality who will have Liberty or Death.  This is a whole new thing here we are talking about. It must be recognized just how vital it is for the deep state and its consummate parts when it comes to the armed citizen. The outlier here is if our Rifles were not important, everything about guns we are force fed and bombarded with would not take center stage of all the lies agitprop narratives memes and propaganda, the gun simply would not be an issue.  The fact of the matter is with everything the deep state has on its plate, that we are an armed society that must be disarmed is the most important of things.

The only way for the collectivists to put the Liberty genie back in the bottle is to take our guns then genocide all who are not converged or useful dupes or a componant part of the hive.

And its the dirt people who reside in the forgotten lands, of Flyover nation, where the greatest concentration of guns and the actual every day practice of liberty and self determination exists.
The people of the cities and to a certain extent the metro/suburban areas have been effectively disarmed, physically, mentally, they are sheets to the slaughter of a higher moral code, at least among the corporate slave class, who work within the converged corporate and government environment.

They are an alien race to the rest of us dirt people now. Or more properly in their eyes, we are an alien race who are to be exterminated.


Kangs Pyramid

( courtesy of WRSA Meeting The Mission )




pedophile-shitholeUN Whistleblower: United Nations, Oxfam & Clinton Foundation Traffic Kids For Sex Well sure it is. That shithole is crammed full with 3rd world savages, and their deep state bedfellows. The deep state is like any thoroughly gruesome life debasing organized crime syndicate, into everything they can turn a tax fee buck in or use as a calculated cunning form of political power through the application of black mail. Its not that hard to understand.

But this is where the deep state fucked up. They taunted American’s, right in our faces with the Clintons sex slave/snuff film isolated island & Jerry Epsteins shuttle service for the psychopaths, The Lolita Express. And that is only the tiniest of tips of what debauchery and murder lies below the public image. It really doesn’t get more hedonistic, only a new world order system, read into that what you want, of such human corruption for politics can create such an evil thing.

These are untouchables. They craft the grift, pass the laws, while proportioning themselves scales of wealth hence power unlike any corruption and treason before it.

Whats one little blond headed 7 year old girl as sex slave, she will eventually be disposed of in the most heinous dual purpose video, the sex slave snuff film?

In the 60’s, of all places, Columbia, (anyone remember Columbia as the money laundering capitol of the western hemisphere, The Columbia Papers of 1013?), you could walk right into a theater after paying your admission and watch a snuff film. I know, I was there, and listened to the adults speak of the atrocity.

This shit is nothing new. Really only the scale. Imagine the deep state that uses blackmail to control an entire Congress, the entire executive branch, and a law/judicial system fully turned through blackmail?

Imagine that, and it becomes a matter of scale and scope, because us dirt people in our daily affairs, the facets of our lives, the sphere of activities we participate in, we can not even imagine taking part willingly or not in such an extortion racket such as Pizzagate. I know I can not, and everyone I know or have known. Its a small exclusive club put it that way. And extortion once employed is a slippery slope with no end but total annihilation of even its residue. Extortion once begun as a means of an institution become the institution. Its politics by other narratives. And those within the system of extortion have so much at stake, so much to loose, it becomes self perpetuating, a beast, with tenticles which reach into everything to ratify the beast thirst and greed for power and other peoples money. A shake down system, disguised as a cultural ideology. reminds me of the musloids, a shakedown scheme of totalitarian control only a sister scheme could appreciate and work with eachother towards the same goal of total control of the world.

Its why the 1 world order loves them import savages from the shithole third world. You think those imports would make even a peep about sex slavery and other human trafficking?

The way the Caliphate gains strength to create its caliphate is through psychopaths such as the fuckers in Brusseld along with the Clinton crime syndicate and their parts in the deep state order of the Western Hemisphere. They have been the one instrumental element through 2+ decades importing their 3rd world/new ordering of America. Make no mistake, we Men of The West are all that stands in their way. There is nothing else. There is no one but The Men of The West who can stop and reverse this madness. There is no one else. Pizzagate is Allegory.

And taking our guns is the last act in this conflagration of utter greed and raw naked power to reach its intended conclusion.

Remember as the great dissenter of the 22nd century Andrew Breitbart stated, “They can’t risk it. We have to many guns. They can’t take the chance.” Andrew was right, God bless his soul please.

Its almost beyond imagination that a little black rifle made of aluminum and steel, is the symbol of resistance. This little black rifle has come to mean so many things to so many people that its circumstances dominate every narrative in some way. Thats because this is all coming back around to guns. It always was. Just look back to the 1930’s when that times dirty stinking foul commies first instituted their common sense gun laws of the day, 1934. Disarmament by any other name. A $200 dollar tax stamp to own a select fire weapon, a shotgun with a full stock and a barrel less than 18 inches, a muffler for your gun, $200 tax stamp. Chip away, bit by bit, piece by piece, a treasonous judge makes a ruling here, one there, different courts back have each others backs. Or George Soros’ States Attorney General Project. Install Manchurian marxists in States Att offices, where the States Attorney is free from oversight, has the first and last word on things no other political position holds the trust thus power to abuse and weaponize the office to ulterior motives.

Take those States Attorney’s on a all paid junket, free everything on a luxury pimped out 707 to an island in the Caribbean Tropics, ply these individuals with booze, drugs, maybe slip them a micky and take a visual record of the contretemps. Bingo Motherfucker! We own your fucking ass and this is what you are gonna do for us or we expose you.

Guns & Pizzagate Bitchez! Its whats on the menu Boy’s.

You don’t have enough ammo.

You need twice the physical fitness you have now.

You don’t have enough tribe you can trust.

And you need certain key basic fundamental items in stockpile, things which you can then use to make or substitute the things we take for granted.

And you must gently, but without reservation, convince your blood, your loved ones, it could get that bad, (that this deep state given the opportunity, will pull the plug, as in if we don’t get what is owed us as the superior class, none of you dirt people will get anything. This is the child sex slave/snuff films extortionists talking here).Tell them that now is the time to digest this possible future That if we are to survive and our tribe, right up to preserving what is worth saving, and what is not, we do not get a choice, so we might as well do whats right, get right with the things that matter. Because what comes after Amerikan Ragnorak, because this is not the end coming, but the end of what we have been born in and lived through,  because you have to have something further like to love and prosper for when its over, though this shit is never really over, it just pops its nasty head up and needs to be beat to death with the buttstroke of our “assault” weapons, and a good proper thrust with a round or two to extract ones bayonet stuck in the chest bones of these deep state vermin.



Alabama Horrifies Libs, House Passes Incredible Bill Right After FL Shooting Good on the dirt people of the great state of Alabama! Bravo! There is hope yet. We have Constitutional Carry here in West by God Virginia since last year. The howls and rending of hair of the power elite from the top brass of the WV State Troopers on down to the dirty stinking fucking commies representing our towns and counties, stood not a chance. Ot was a thing of beauty. Bang! in one simple tiny act, it wasn’t us dirt people and our property outlaws, it was man made “law” which was rejected in entirety. Interestingly, not many ritually obeyed those man made “laws” anyways. Most carried, because thats what you do as a man. But it was a refreshing vindication of what we all knew at some level was the right thing and the sovereign God given thing…

blobYou Fuckin’ Know It

And that is “The Thing”, its not that such specious diktat is rejected and forbidden, its that such common God granted rights are true, that in one tiny act all that came before of narratives, false flags and crisis actors, staged for distraction crisis as a means, means fuckin’ squat. That nothing has changed in WV, there wasn’t this crazed stampede of blood thirsty West Virginian’s a murdering and maiming each other.  If anything changed, its circumspection. Everyone is a little more polite, gracious, they turn the other cheek for the sake of giving another the benefit of the doubt. Sheriffs are very polite, though most are good old boys already. But its this little kind of respect missing before. Its actually hard to detect, but its no lire thing. It changed us from subjects to Sovereigns. It is a great feeling. I hope everyone has this pleasure. And you know, I suspect there would not be a seep state problem such as it is now. Its that circumspect. Because with God’s granted freedom of self defense come the truest responsibility of not only respecting others, but a duty, with our rifles in our hands to do what needs doing.

Andrew Breitbart-we-have-guns speach*


Tucker Nails It, Gives New Name for Liberal’s “Gun Control” Imagine that! On prime time, looking straight in the lens, a newsman speaks straight to us about the truth of us. Holy Cow! Whats next succession from the deep state? Count me in Tucker.



Penis-less Cuck Hoplophobe RINO Traitor Getting on his Mitt Romney/Mayor Bloomberg. A fucking asshat likes to spew the hive mind disarmament agitprop. Is there anything as repulsive as this squats when pee’s, than the Mao psychopath in a pants suit?

26772568_1937491556265348_674502349_o-768x458NOT JUST FOR DIRTY STINKING COMMIES ANYMORE


And there’s this stupid shit. I guess these mental giants didn’t get the message, megabucks don’t work any longer. Sounds like the deep state is trying a little bit of partisan “co-operation” going, reaching across the isle. Getting desperate they are calling in markers on the RINO’s? Be interesting to find out what kind of deal they get in return. Thats the small print in the Faustian Bargain though, with each extortion your in deeper, no escape but an assisted suicide bullet hole of 30 nails from a nail gun in the head. Right? Once inside the extortion ring, you can not leave. I guess you really have to wonder how do these scumbags get so arrogant? Is it fear and loathing for themselves, or is it existential self survival that makes them what they are, that they alone are somehow endowed with specialness where they themselves have unique powers gives them sole license to decide the Constitutional God given right of self defense, exactly defense as from such a fuck-tard as this: GOP Mega Donor: No More Money Without ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban


Read This Again…As Many Time As You Need Till It Makes Sense


Student: Say They Talked With Cruz In Stairwell While Shooting Was Heard In School: There ‘Had To Be Two Shooters’ Because I Talked With Suspect Shortly After Shots Were Fired On site from the horses mouth live Video Clip. Funny how that is. Similar occurrences at all previous school shootings & Aurora Theater. Drugged out “killer”, multiple witnesses who saw and heard other shooters, feds are only minutes away. Aurora Theater: 4 men all dressed alike in workout clothes and backpacks scuttle out 4 emergency exits. “Shooter” found dazed all alone in parking lot, no gun. Recording of local cops saying it isn’t the shooter confiscated. Mmmm. Feds are on scene within minutes. When do you see that? Crisis actors who are dead in other false flag ops, show up as live victims at later events. Occurs Razor & Schrodinger’s Cat, say the most obvious things when nothing makes sense is the truth. No matter how much you want to discount it as Tin Foil Hattery.

Occam’s Razor: Fast and Furious II High-School & Church Version

Was Nikolas Cruz An MK-Ultra-Programmed Shooter Under Hypnosis?

Operation Northwoods: All False Flags Have A Beginning & An End

Google Search Shows Fla Shooting Headline 2 Days BEFORE Event!

Q & DAMN TANGENTS Mysterious Q on 8channel warned us this was coming. Again.

Chris Rock: ‘I Want to Live in a World Where An Equal Amount of White Kids Are Shot Every Month – I Want to See White Mothers On TV Crying’ Might as well have been holding a freshly cut off bloody head. I notice he has no trouble making millions off of White people with his derogatory racial “humor”. These assholes REALLY need to go back where they came from original. Careful what you wish for you hypocritical dickhead. Remember: All’s fair in race war.

Tucker: Psychiatric Drugs, Social Alienation, Broken Families, War On Men More Relevant Than Gun Control

Jay-Z Punches Young Girl & Endorses ‘SpiritCooking’: Diversity for the elites: Seems Hrman Trafficking, Child Sex Slave/Snuff Films OK Long As They Got Them A Token “Nigger” Guess that makes child sex slaves OK. If your part of the deep state Pizzagate party.

Go back up to Trump above. Read that again by Adam Weishaupt. Occam’s Razor, or Schrodinger’s Cat?



Is connected to this….pedophile-shithole




And this…sucker-?-false-flag


…along with thistfw

Who weaponized this…CIA-TV-peepong-fucking-perverts


With Help of Vast Money Stolen From the Dirt People from this…mickeysoros-nyt-scum of-the-earth-1


Who All Use This…corp-mediaBS-manual


Who Forgot It Is The Dirt People Who Are The Ones Who Will Do This…BFYTW-commie-manifesto-boolit-holes


Because We Are Sick & Fucking Tired Of This…dirt-people-stabbed-in-back

And Are Figuring Out This…what-is-stopping-us-map

Because of This…FBI-is-the-real-domestic-terrorist


Proof of That Is This…2016-election-results-county-final (2)


And This…welcome-normies-to-dirt-people-world

Because We Are Seriously Done With This…1 1 DT7kLwfVAAE1Ynd

And This…dtqxl3mvmaanuyw-1

And This Is How We Do This…X-fed-up

Along With This…we-dont-care-bfytw


Because It Was Once This…tumblr_o922aw0DNo1s6lzfwo1_500-1024x926

Because the Truth Has No Agenda…1 1_190m_p3qecfsFiQ1vbx6yro1_1280


Except This The Primal Right of Self Defense…even-santa-decides-enough-deep-state-bullshit


To Live Like This…J-Mosby-honorable-resistance.jpg


Including this…right-fist-BFYTW

The Truth being This…question-media-treason-power-corruption


Which We Repair Using This…










3 thoughts on “Fucked-Up Like A Soup Sandwich: Linkage Roll of Deep State Treason

    • Well thanks Jesse. I’m really only extrapolating things out. There’s key things we don’t know, so you got to kind of reverse engineer circumstances and look at patterns, try to make a reasonable guess.
      Thing is this overt political war on this Republic is so utterly insane because those behind it are.

      Seriously I keep asking myself, what are these crazy fucks going to do with 65-100 million very pissed off American’s, never mind the majority are armed for bear, if they pull off this palace coup?
      In mildest terms, these banana republic criminals are going to end up doubling down again and again to “govern” what will in no doubt my mind, an un-governable country.

      You can win the majority of “votes” in an electoral election through margin of vote fraud, of say 1-3%, and with fake polling numbers adjusted to make it look like they won by a squeaker, not enough are the wiser.
      But you oust a perfectly reasonable duly elected, electoral vote President, you can’t hide that from people. No matter how much fake mud is slung by the fake media and complicit in this coup “special counsels”.

      Frankly thats a bridge too far.

      They aren’t using logic, goes without saying, its like the dirty stinking foul commies brains overloaded, and nothing matters but hate and get Trump, and those who voted for them.
      They play a big game, but there’s no substance behind it. No true moral code or legacy of genuine sovereign precedence. If they get what they wish, they are gonna have to begin filling up those FEMA camps and create an entire Goolag system.
      Shit, to these crazy motherfuckers everyone is a radical white sympathizing fascist only worthy of a bullet in the skull.

      Look at them. The per-ponderous lies, the parroted 24/7 narratives, the repeating of the same insane ideas over & over.
      But the entitlement attitude. These things, these “it’s” they are the ultimate entitlist’s. They deem themselves a legitimate claim to rule over me and you like a divine royal birth-right.


  1. I feel that they have some idea in their heads that they are SOOOOOO smart, they are going to run over us like crap through a goose. I think no one has explained to them what the NICS numbers in the last few years mean. Or the amount of ammo sold. They keep pushing and keep pushing, and they have no fricken idea what is going to happen when our backs hit the wall.
    Yeah, this crap against Trump needs to come to a halt. Enough. And God forbid if they try (or succeed) in JFKing him. It is not 1963 , and there are at least 100 million of us that are not buying the bullshit any more. I try to be the rattlesnake, giving fair warning, but they are not listening anymore, if they ever did.
    My family came here in the 1650s, and long since threw off the yoke of “rulers” I pray daily they are not really this stupid.


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