Brett Stevens: Having Strong Culture Makes You Feel Better About Yourself




This is a great piece of writing by Brett Stevens in my book. It strikes me in a certain way, one being the great dissident Right Culture Warrior Andrew Beirtbart’s timeless axiom “Culture is upstream of politics”… “its insurgent, its outflanking them”. Lord I miss Andrew, the guy knew how to wage 4th Generation war on the marxist bastards. I think it is why they murdered Andrew. He knew what was going on with these deep state actors before there was the widespread idea it even existed as an entity.

I’m digressing. My regards. This piece by Mr. Stevens: Having Strong Culture Makes You Feel Better About Yourself, really struck a chord. I’m thinking there is an answer, or at least higher order insight, or critical thinking, parallels into an entirely interesting sticky subject that is probably considered by many personally yet rarely discussed. An outlier if you like. But it is nothing if it isn’t an intrinsic foundational characteristic of people of the far/dissident/alt-right & Liberty movement. An issue of our time like Prudence is, which covers a lot of rich ground, yet, what I’m trying to sneak up on here is a fragile gossamer wisp of something hidden but instrumental to how our present time and history will play out, and what kind of people we are in these grass roots insurgent movements, what part does culture figure in the equation of resistance and defiance in the insurgency of resistance to tyranny of cultural marxism and all that ideologies luggage.

This is what I’m trying to sneak up on: Seems there is an inherent “difficulty” within these particular factions of the Right. No other “right wing” “groups” seem to have what I’m about to attempt to convey. Please give my words the benefit of the doubt and consider my thoughts on the light given, not for my sake, but helping in figuring out something very important. How so? Thats what I’m trying to figure out. Maybe Mr. Stevens reads this and of all people, I believe he possesses the critical thinking skills to put it in perspective.


So what this thing is, is like trying to stuff spaghetti up a wild cats ass inside a phone booth. Taking the Liberty movement as a prime example, goes like this: of those of us who are part of the movement, which I call “The Honorable Resistance”, shamelessly robbed from John Mosby of Mt. Guerrilla fame, who I believe first coined it in a marvelous King James worthy rant, as a movement we can’t seem to form into viable physical groups with a solidarity which connects us, not by all agreeing 100% on everything, but agreeing on first principles and leaving the detail nuances and pulpits for a more constructive stage in the movements success.

In a nut shell, we are all like 1000 ants on a pin on a soap box floating down the Potomac all trying to be heard at once.

I’m not knocking it. If anything it is hilarious, and I’m as guilty as anyone. What the issue is, why can we not become a more unifying plurality. We got everything going for us. Intelligence, a yearning for understanding whats going on and our past, as in how we got here, and its relevance to all that, a sense of we are a incredibly legitimate “movement” of Men of The West and all the richness and legacy inherent in that, how we have armed ourselves through a continuous line of generations, knowing full well the dire possibilities of being an armed and aroused plurality in the numbers both men and materiel, aka Guns Bullets & Beans, we are all very concerned people, not quick to rush into such matters as Sic Semper Tyrannis, nor too “toot our horn”, if anything we are rather reserved people in a movement, not surpassed in existential terms by another matter. We are self educating ourselves thru the matrix of the open free market of ideas on the internet. We are contentious grumps, proud, filled to some degree with cold anger, are individualistic and self determining more so than any demographic, many of us have in our hearts and minds seceded from the State and its administrative centralized tyranny. we also hark back to our touch stones from the most successful revolution in 5000 years of human history, something quite right to hold in high esteem and understand intrinsically right to aspire to.

I could go on, but you probably get the gist of that. So the question is, why are we those thousand ants on the head of a pin. Why are we stuffing spaghetti up a wild cars arse, while we probably by now have created our days peoples militia’s and “Committees of Correspondance”?……


….Or, have we a different ages kind of Committees of Correspondence thru activity and dynamics of our times version of the Colonial Pamphlet, public notices of acts of resistance covertly printed and nailed to the Common Tree in the centers of towns & hamlets, of the 13 nation States of the Compact of Confederation, by “Rabble Rousers” and anti loyalist terrorists, like Samuel Adams and his crew of radical revolutionaries.

But back to the main point here. Why are we still prone to bickering about a thousand points of view, nitpicking each other while our enemies enjoy considerable unity through ideological indoctrination, and ludicrous luxurious levels of funding and backing?

Is it our individualistic character, our cultural legacy? Which one? Is it both, and they clash at this juncture?

Have we lost and are rediscovering our legacy as the most fierce warriors the Western Hemisphere ever known, as Men born out of the Christian West? And the time such re-birth takes to coalesce into the indomitable force it inherently is by birth and that legacy?


The Christian Mercenary, TL Davis, through his steadfast faith and leadership has wrote much about the absence of unity and solidarity among the insurgency of the Right mentioned above:  State of Disunion, TL is right to question, if for no other reason to create Unity, and Brother there are many things we could do well to answer to ourselves.


As I read Mr. Stevens piece, it really piqued my interest, the question has been rolling around upstairs for years, and of late, it seems the hour is growing late.

On the other hand, it is our nature as Freemen of The West to do not much of nothing for long whiles, and suddenly jump up unify as American’s do, and kick serious fucking ass.

Maybe I’m just barking up a tree here. It will somehow Faith willing, work itself out. There is nothing to worry about, this is just the way it is, and for good or bad,  “Don’t Worry Mun”, be happy!

Lord knows this country of people when pulled together has pulled off the impossible so many times, maybe we are just Sale-a-vie about it by nature, and under the mild exterior is a beast you only let out, But for the grace of God we go…

A sign of the intellectual corruption of the age










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