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Pass this on. Its a dandy: Reflections Good Ol’ Kenny has it posted. Its that good enough to be a sticky post.

If you want someone to shoot women holding babies, you call the FBI. If you want to stop a terrorist attack or school shooting, well you’re shit out of luck. — MPC Status Updates



“a lie makes it around the world before the truth gets its boots on”  -this is the fake media’s strategy of political assassination of Trump and the Deplorable’s color revolution. Keep throwing lies, anything goes, something has to stick.



Awesome Unrolled Thread About President Trump 1st Rate

Why I Love President Trump Shitlords Know a Shitlord When They See One

Gone Bananas: CNN Dispatches Production Crew To Thailand To Locate Hooker Promising Dirt on Putin/Trump… Insanity of desperation, any rumor, any lie, any fabrication out of whole cloth in the hopes something will stick if they throw everything plus the kitchen sink at our guy. The 1st link above explains it very well.

Moron Gun Control: Women and Children First The sublime Burning Platform, nothing else to say.

Hang Together Yup. Thats right. Everything pales against this. It’s time now to quit the bitching and become the force we are nobody can fuck with. And I mean No One.

Courage is a choice Oh yes indeed it is. Word well spoken, -from John Mosby

Ace of Spades: David Hines: How the Left Runs Psyops On Allied and Enemy Americans The always insightful dissident blog masters.

Fatal Delusions of Western Man -Pat Buchanan

Barrel Length and Wicked Little Pills The endless argument till you kill another man. Then it is all moot.

The Benedict Predicament By Angelo Codevilla If you haven’t read Codevilla’s The Ruling Class and The Perils of Revolution, highly suggest you read it first. One of those essays which survive time well.

Trump Is Not Starting A Trade War, He’s Trying To Win The One We’ve Been Fighting For Decades By Sarah Palin There would be nothing sweeter than seeing Trump appoint Mrs. Palin to head the FBI or other major agency where impeccable character would change everything. Not to mention explody heads. Oh The Humanity!

Liberal Fears and Totalitarianism The left knows a backlash is coming. Yeah! No question there. They are desperate to take our pesky Ass-aulty Rifles. Afraid what we will do to them for what they are doing to us. Why they call them “Assault Rifles.” What other indication is required?

Protectionism from Jim’s Blog. Excellent.

Just War By Murray N. Rothbard Time to bone up on critical American unrevised history from one of the greatest minds on Liberty on our era. Seriously, this shit will be on the test. You got to know what to fight for beyond the liberty beneath your feet so you can keep that liberty under your feet. The two are inseparable precepts.

THE HISTORY OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT I post this essay a lot. There are so many key & pivotal points of history here, you can not comprehend the richness, the  legacy, the necessities of the singular thing which created our Republic. There would never have been this country otherwise.

GunCite Where the above essay, along with a myriad of other weapons related work is stored.

The Trump tariffs and economic independence Vox Day gives great credit to Pat Buchanan. “He was right about this in 1992 and he is right about this today.”

More later…


It’s on. They are dry running gun confiscation on specious grounds. No warrants. No definitive probable cause of a crime committed. Its the snowflake rules. “People felt unsafe.” Seattle Police Begin Gun Confiscations: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges Here also:  Seattle Police Begin NAZI STYLE Gun Confiscation: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges

They Remain Unreconstructed: Defiance Still Alive in Mountain South

Pollster Speaks On Why Gun Control Doesn’t Happen Despite Poll Numbers Imagine that. A poll which defines not only we are not a “Democracy” which the lie we are democracy, not a Republic, a perfect example of vernacular by the 5th column fake media of brain washing and double hive mind speak. Democracy, as is implied by the media non-stop at every opportunity possible, is Mob Rule. Mob Rule is not, can not, and no matter what lies & dissimulations are imposed, no matter the fantasy’s or agitprop, memes or narratives on we the governed, The People as the Sovereign, a Republic.

This here Republic is the people themselves, its not defined by anything or anyone other than us, no matter how herd they try to dissuade us and revise our history. Our Republic is the singular precept and action that guides us, defines us, shapes us, we the people of this north american land mass we live on, as different than any form of government, and regardless of its warts and shortcomings, still after all the Republic has been through, has survived everything thrown at it to destroy it.

A Mob, Mob Rule, is not Republican form of government of will of the governed. A mob, Mob Rule, is exactly as we are seeing it laid out, where feelings, emotional reaction, diversity, entitlement, and victimhood, ignorance or blatant betrayal of the idea of rule of law, which we witness hourly from political, governmental, NGO, corporate entity, where these entities make “Moral” claims their needs interests and what they are deserved, owed, as spoils and solitary rights unto them and them only, negates everyone else. For only they, and it, have “rights” to what they demand, and the Hell with everyone else.

In a democracy, this Mob always wins. This Mob is tyranny by group think-hive-mind mentality, gangs and clubs. It uses instead of the peaceful ordered procession of the system of consent of the governed, it implies threats if it is not given what it demands. Its a slow motion riot no different then the riots the Mob wages in our current age.

The Mob is power unto itself over all others, all ideas of The Republic, it is coercion instead of rule of ideas of laws accepted through consent granted by the governed. The Mob literally can not function or exist within the frame work of The Republic. A republic is anathema the Mob, it is reason itself that creates The Republic, The Mob is not reason, it is a system of gratification right now damn the consequences, we will find or create a scapegoat to blame the unintended consequences on, and justify the intend upon.

The Mob is exactly that. A mob. Be them carpet munchers or pickle smooches, pedophiles or hoplophobes, marxists or democrats, black white yellow red, a mob is a mob of people who use coercion, threat of force, force itself, its fallback/safety is violence in all cases, it never fails to apply and employ force to justify its means. The Mob is groupthink, it is the hive collective, it provides safety in numbers, creates power in numbers, it is like novocaine on the collective thought, numbing it in a blanket of holy righteousness, which justifies everything, as long as the mob simply ignores truth.

The Mob is Why The Republic in the first instance. The Republic can survive everything. The Mob is self extinction as its eventual end. The Mob can not function as a mob of people without destroying itself, it is built in, further more it derives power through destruction of everything in its path, and becomes insatiable in its thirst for more to destroy to justify its self and its end.

The Republic is self generating practical real time every day common sense applied to life. It is Liberty in the action of the consent of the governed, where no entity including the government of its consent, has any power but what is entrusted to it to hold sacred as a bond, never to eclipse the will and consent of the people. The Republic is defined by ideas of natural law and freedom its people are gifted with in their creation, their birth. In The Republic every life is a miracle, exactly because  without people who are born into Liberty there is no Republic. Hence why invasion by immigrant invaders of all kinds through open borders and absence of strict vetting and trial period, tangible proof of worth & assimilation, The Republic is watered down whiskey, eventually to the point the peaceful will of the governed is eclipsed by the Mob created by the invaders and their benefactors & enablers. It is the truest form of treason imaginable.

What is left of The Republic then is resistance in all its forms by the governed. As the most legitimate action imaginable. This is literally the final stage of The Republic in its safeguards and causes. I see it as a terrible thing to unleash, terrible in its just nature of survival. Just in its actions to remove by any means its enemies, its usurpers in entirety. There is nothing so cold, merciless, righteous in its actions, as The Republic with a bone in its teeth and its arms in the hands of the people of it. The people & The Republic are inseparable as the 1st & 2nd Amendments are inextricably intertwined.


thumbnail                                                                INDEED IT IS SO

Why Trump Is So Hated by Leftists By Lloyd Marcus: The always insightful Mr. Marcus.

You Should Be Laughing At Them! The Goose which lays the golden egg: The Golden Pinnacle. By Robert Gore.

Stockman Celebrates The End Of The Goldman Sachs Regency At The White House The deep state is as much the actors and usual suspects within our governments as it is the inordinate power & wealth of the globalist/bankster “free trade”, my arse, cartel. The free trade cartel is probably our greatest enemy. The .gov actors are handmaidens and armed badged leg breakers of this group of thieves and villainy who for 45 years strip mined us till we are striped of our seed corn. This is where, and who, the origins of coup and assassination underway agains President Trump and us dirt people who voted for him in one of the greatest color revolutions in history. Though you would think by all recollections it was some Russian’s. I believe in no uncertain terms in large part the Russian Strawman is used to deny us the knowledge we pulled a palace coup on the palace coup makers. We stood the fuckers up. Beat them at their own game of installing the figurehead of our power as the consent and withdrawal of our consent. And boy are they pissed off. It was the greatest mind fuck in history.

They thought themselves special.

That they had it in the bag.

Sucks to be you motherfuckers.

If you didn’t like that display of withdrawal of consent for you.

Jus wait. The rate you all are going to deny us our will as the governed. You don’t get a second chance with what we will do to you for what you are done to us if you don’t cut the crap.

And your making it real easy for us. For every incursion made to deny us our natural rights of freedom, you make us that much more a force of 4th Generation warriors who will not be denied, who will become your worst fucking nightmare.

So go ahead. Take our rifles. It is the worst mistake you can make. By doing so you outlaw every idea of rule of law under your tyranny, which you will not have to run and hide behind, because you free us from any restraints of peaceful redress.  All those arms you proscribe, you make legitimate for us to manufacture in defense of our loved ones, our lives, our fortune.

rise-&-fall-of-the-deep-state-mickey“A fundamental truth: given a perceived need, there is no race more implacably murderous than White folk.” – Remus


“The difference between genius and stupidity is: genius has its limits.” ― Alexandre Dumas fils

“The knife is said to be an Assault Knife with a “silencer mode” called “stabbing.”
It is a fully semi-automatic knife, which means it can deliver one stab for every hand extension. The knife is also said to be “high-powered,” depending on the weight and strength of the attacker”. -unknown

What about knife “Bump” handles? They gonna outlaw those conniving sinister thinking objects too?


Your Good News For The Day:

June 2016: “Obama referenced Trump’s promise to bring back jobs to the United States when talking about manufacturing. ‘What magic wand do you have?'” March 2018: Trump: “Abracadabra, clown.”
Billions of Dollars Embezzled and Laundered In the Vatican – Where Does It All Go? Nothing is really sacred now. Except us dirt peoples Faith, Consent, belief in ourselves and our Liberty. And that right there, is all which has ever mattered. Figuring out the rest is not difficult. Build that big beautiful Wall. Drain the Swamp. Send them all back. Withdraw all Consent for the ruling class, no matter the faction of it.
FBI Investigate Clinton For Stealing Millions Of Australian Taxpayer Funds These fucking crooks stole 88 million Dollars. The swamp has to be drained.
1 millisecond detonation-over-the-swamp
Why Is the GOP Terrified of Tariffs? Pat was right all along.
                                                                      So Was Lee

Tactical proliferation and the decline of US military supremacyMeat Space “de-platforming” of another kind:

Tactical proliferation and the decline of US military supremacy

Best to get your shit together. Matt, Max, & John were right all along.

This in some ways far more a threat than the Neo-Bolsheviks. Will, or the question is, have they, plans to use such forces as Proxies on FreeFor?

4th Generation Small Unit Infantry Tactics are not just the purview of Patriots willing to put in the effort and time. How long do you suppose given the breakdown of this Republic as a viable entity would it take for these elements to do on our home soil what they are doing now on other soil?
Bad Moon Rising.

(-from  )


If there was ever a compelling reason, and no shit about it there is no lack of good reasons, to end expeditionary military industrial complex never ending war profiteering and tyranny, Mr. Trump has all the sound unquestionable cause, & duty, as CinC to bring it all home. Put that firepower and Infantry on the border. No rules political of engagement. Gather intell on the cartels and other actors. Ship every single invader to Guantonimo Bay to be processed under military law and tribunal courts martial.

Rotate companies one month on the border, one month back to home base to work up intelligence, experiences, and improve operational standards/training. Run the entire border as a real time constant live exercise. Deploy all assets, even Naval/Coast Guard assets at water borders, develop process & procedures of total 24.7/365 home soil defense.

Nobody worth a bucket of warm spit could argue the merits and justification of protecting our borders. They would look like the fools they be.

“The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you’re already dead.  The sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function: without mercy, without compassion, without remorse.  All war depends upon it.”
-Ron Speirs


Disarm! No, Your Move by Bill Huppert: Doing what Bill does best. Abolition of The

State.“All political authority comes from the barrel of a gun.” – Zombie Chairman Mao

“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”
– Zombie Adolf Hitler

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”  

“The goal of socialism is communism.” – Zombie Vladimir Lenin
“If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.” – Zombie Josef Stalin

Col Jeff Cooper, taken from his excellent book, The Art of the Rifle: “Personal weapons are what raised mankind out of the mud, and the rifle is the queen of personal weapons. The possession of a good rifle, as well as the skill to use it well, truly makes a man the monarch of all he surveys.”

“The rifle is a weapon. Let there be no mistake about that. It is a tool of power, and thus dependent completely upon the moral stature of its user. It is equally useful in securing meat for the table, destroying group enemies on the battlefield, and resisting tyranny. In fact, it is the only means of resisting tyranny, because a citizenry armed with rifles cannot be tyrannized.”

MOTW-whole-armor-of-GodSomething is gonna break one way one another. It will be some joe nobody dirt guy, and its just the circumstances, it will be none of this deep state false flag operational stupidity, it will be the real deal. Some .gov jack off will throw their political superiority around, and that regular guy will decide enough is enough. And its on like Donkey Kong. It will be a prairie fire. the .gov will double down, even Trump will be too late to the party, and nothing stops it, everything they could try will only acerbate the situation.
Thats how these thing roll. Its been a long time since pressure was let out of the dirt people pot. We been taking shit from these fuckers too long. It is only a matter of time. This kind of SHTF is long over due. Simple as that. Its that cold anger. The only pressure relief is the advent of Trump. But its only still a reprieve with a shirt half life. Way too much waters run under that bridge.




Public Executions When? There’s a therapeutic element to it. The longer it takes the more it will take to right what needs righting.



Sic Semper Tyrannis: Thus Always To Tyrants
The phrase is meant to signify that tyrants will always be overthrown and removed from power.

1-Duck Rule: If it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck and has feathers, it probably is a duck.
2–Sherlock’s Rule: When considering a problem, remove everything from consideration which seems untrue. What is left is probably the truth.
3-Occam’s Razor: In considering a complex phenomenon with many factors and a variety of explanations, remember that the simplest explanation that accounts for the factors is probably correct.
4- The KISS principal” “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” (Army Rule) pl

No matter what you see & hear there is only one truth that matters. Keep it foremost regardless of what you are told or what you see.
It is the only thing that matters.
Everything else is bullshit.
All else, for good or for bad will shake & settle itself out over time.
This is all you need to know.
Don’t let events gather you up and distract you.
Keep this foremost in heart & mind.
You must, if you are to protect & save what matters to you most.
It is why they want them so badly.
There’s nothing else for it now.
They have declared it & made it indisputable.
They are coming for it.
Long as we have them, they can not win.

Do. Not. Give. Up. Your. Guns. You will die to regret it.

“Crisis actor” is the most effective rhetoric to surface since “fake news”. The media is going completely berserk in their attempts to shut it down before it becomes an accepted part of the daily discourse.

But as Aristotle tells us, the best rhetoric is rooted in truth, and the statement “SJWs always lie” rings emotionally true because SJWs lie so often, and so reliably, that it resonates with every individual who has been witness to their habitual dishonesty. That is why “SJWs always lie” is flawed dialectic, but accurate and effective rhetoric.

The reason “crisis actor” is such effective rhetoric, and the reason that it has the media in a tizzy, is because it is a concept that is rooted in truth, even though not every individual suspected of being a crisis actor is, in fact, a crisis actor.
-Vox Day

The Russians didn’t keep Hillary out of Wisconsin; the Russians didn’t make Hillary use personal email; the Russians didn’t hire Fusion-GPS; the Russians didn’t pay Christopher Steele; the Russians didn’t make a dossier or deliver work product to the State Dept; the Russians didn’t do the unmasking of campaign officials. The Russians Didn’t File a FISA Warrant…

Keep in mind that civilian and law enforcement casualties are not the unintended side effect of door-to-door disarmament. It is the primary intended consequences. By sending local law enforcement officers to get in gunfights with Middle Americans, the elite manage to kill two birds with one stone. Local law enforcement is disproportionately drawn from the same Middle American demographics that the elite and their minions desire liquidated. Second Amendment Passivism – Social Matter

“Because WE with our guns are gonna Win. When we open up that can of whoopass we been saving, its going to be unlike anything they could have imagined could happen It will change everything. The one thing thats a done deal is when they take the gloves off we are gonna by necessity run them all down, to the last one, none can be left to start again. A message so clear nobody will fuck with us dirt people for a thousand years.” -mtnforge


“The problem with the dis-armament psychopaths, (yes being a psychopath to begin with is a problem in itself), is they do not grasp the natural connection of a man & his weapons, a connection whereby the truly primal right to own weapons is part of the man as much as his two arms are. Empathy & Prudence is totally absent from the genocide equation.
That to say your weapons are now outlawed, you have in absolute effect, outlawed the man himself.
That to dis-arm the people, what you are really attempting is to outlaw an entire culture of undesirable people.
Its called Genocide. Genocide, to reach its ultimate goal, has to start someplace. And that someplace is either you take everyones Rifles, make everyone who owns property called a rifle instantly felon’s, and or a combination of both. The effected outcome is the same, because these pesky believers in God granted right to own property and the means to defend it are no longer a threat to advancing to the next stage of genocide.
This is something the Jewish Bolsheviks of Russia had to overcome, so they made all the Kulaks outlawed people by outlawing the legacy farms and farming the Kulaks predominately owned and worked. They did much of the pysch warfare using small trains traveling the state, with crews who created and printed agitprop posters, flyers and pamphlets on the trains and spread them out across the land. Not unlike what is going on with the digital media of the internet.

In fact everything above, taking today, and the early Soviet Russia, are so similar, there is no doubts where the intended endgame leads to.
Thing is, we have guns. Lots of guns, Lots and lots of guns.
Our guns are unique to the current Neo-Bolsheviks attempts at genocide. Our guns put the dirty stinking commies in a pickle. They have to get our guns first. Before we get too riled up, and go kinetic. But taking our guns is no easy thing to do, its a huge country, no way can they disarm us all, not enough will choke and submit, it is those who don’t who are the real problem for them, so they are resorting to creating the narrative illusion we are undesirable people with too many guns, who must be gotten rid of, no room in Amerika for you Kulak. Its outlawing people who refuse to give up their property.”

Governments jealously protect their right to create currency (“money”) out of thin air. This is known as seigniorage. Technically, it’s the profit earned by issuing “money” with a market value above the cost of production. For example, if a $100 bill costs 10 cents to produce, the central state’s seigniorage is $99.90.
(Central banks are part of the central state. Even though America’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, is privately owned, it nonetheless functions as the federal government’s central bank.)

“People like me, and there are a lot like me, we get to that stage of BFYTW, we have no mercy, you push us till there’s no room to back up, we become the worst enemy you can not imagine.” -one really pissed off dirt person

What happened… and who was responsible?  War & Peace in living color in our time.

Free traders freak out Of course, tariffs end their gravy train of making billions without lifting a finger of hard work. Fuck them.

How the GOP Establishment Created the Alt-Right and How Democrats are Supplying its 2nd Wave  It used to be called the consequences of sow & reap.

“My Life Is Over”: Ex-DOJ Lawyer Busted Trying To Sell Whistleblower Cases The Federal Nomenklaturer class must go, it is essentially an organized crime syndicate, and we pay these protected motherfuckers salaries and bennies unimaginable in the private sector.

Jeff Sessions is Wrong: Nothing is “Settled” Lord, no words on this. Let this fucking federal tyrant speak for himself.  From

Can political arrangements be dissolved peacefully? Legally? At the ballot box? By referendum? Or by any other mechanism short of outright violence and civil war?

According to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the answer to these questions is no. Speaking in Californiayesterday on the subject of immigration and sanctuary cities, he issued this remarkable statement that manages to upend the entire concept of federalism in just a few short sentences:   

There is no nullification. There is no secession. Federal law is the supreme law of the land. I would invite any doubters to go to Gettysburg, or to the tombstones of John C. Calhoun and Abraham Lincoln. This matter has been settled.

In Sessions’s mind, polities are forever. They’re set in stone. The US Constitution established a permanent and supreme federal state — a view totally at odds with that much better document, the Declaration of Independence. The 50 states exist as nothing more than glorified federal counties, able to exert jurisdiction only in those areas not preempted by superior federal law.

Crimes That Are Not Illegal Theft & serfdom by any other name.

Forget “Free Trade”–It’s All About Capital Flows Just see who are bitching tells you everything.

One Big Cat A monster 190lb Cougar. Eating good in the niegbhorhood!

Peace In Our Time? Only If America Is “Agreement Capable” Neo-Cons devastated. Watch the greedy motherfuckers start a war to line their pockets in the endless zeal of war profiteering no matter who and how many got to die.

“The Parasites Must Be Stopped” – A Letter From Ukraine To ‘All Good People Of America’ More Neo-cons and what they sow.

Sink The Boats Yeah, sink every one. They will stop coming. History is circular. So is human stupidity.

You Are Your Tribe Another view on something which is becoming a necessity of survival of the Men of The West like Nationalism.

Half of new Democratic hopefuls are former CIA or other operatives “According to a bombshell new report from the World Socialist Web Site, tweeted by WikiLeaks founder Julien Assange, former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections…”

RTWT   Lots more at the link.

Former appointee’s, officer candidates, and other actors of the obama regime? The long march proceeds in the age of MAGA. Not unlike Soros’ States Attorney Generals Project. Staking the deck with political hacks and operator’s 5th column style.

Awesome Unrolled Thread About President Trump 1st Rate

Why I Love President Trump Shitlords Know a Shitlord When They See One

Gone Bananas: CNN Dispatches Production Crew To Thailand To Locate Hooker Promising Dirt on Putin/Trump… Insanity of desperation, any rumor, any lie, any fabrication out of whole cloth in the hopes something will stick if they throw everything plus the kitchen sink at our guy. The 1st link above explains it very well.

Moron Gun Control: Women and Children First The sublime Burning Platform, nothing else to say.

Hang Together Yup. Thats right. Everything pales against this. It’s time now to quit the bitching and become the force we are nobody can fuck with. And I mean No One.

Courage is a choice Oh yes indeed it is. Word well spoken, -from John Mosby

Ace of Spades: David Hines: How the Left Runs Psyops On Allied and Enemy Americans The always insightful dissident blog masters.

Fatal Delusions of Western Man -Pat Buchanan

Barrel Length and Wicked Little Pills The endless argument till you kill another man. Then it is all moot.





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