On The Ruling Class, The Dirt People, And The Perils of Revolution

Change your thinking and you change everything.







This dude writes some really awesome pieces on his blog. I really like this one: What Happens If Nothing Happens? I really like a lot of his pieces like The Pig Trap, where past is prologue. They make me feel safe somehow, that kind of comfort you find in a brotherhood, a fraternity, family or tribe kind of solidarity. To know many of us are in the same page, (though the 5th column press has committed crimes so egregious as to create a species of treason unto itself in its efforts to create a narrative we are insignificant, isolated, a minority lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut), says everything about our numbers and indomitable wills.


The right question right there.

I made the following comment. Its important to me on every level. I believe both above and below touch on many hearts and minds, that we are beginning to become something more than the sum of our individual self determine parts. And the powers that be know so and are very afraid. And you don’t get any more of a testament of what power we are about than that.

“What then?
The bastards double down.
They are afraid of dirt people because of what we can do to them for what they are doing to us.
Its the guns.
Always has been ultimately, about guns.Who has them, who doesn’t. Who controls guns, and who doesn’t. Who rules by the gun, and who is ruled by the gun.
I’d say its a 35-65 split. Advantage dirt people, by the numbers: quantitative, could very well qualitative, but that depends in many things, but if it wasn’t that split in the dirt peoples favor, they would have come for them and us much harder. They are piddlefucking around the periphery, taking a nibble here and bite there.
Advantage dirt people.

The what if goes like this: Nobody knows how the majority of dirt people will react, when they will react, how they will react, how many will react, how many will become allies not only as fighting resistors, but as auxiliary of the resistance. Nobody knows what kind of straw breaks the camels back. And I’m saying nobody. Even the giant suckhole of intelligence gathering between corp/.gov incest knows, from the gargantuan assimilation of the meta data to the cadre of agent provocateurs can tell the tale.
There simply is no precedence in human history on any scale to compare too to formulate an educated guess. The variables are manifold, the courage and cold anger of the dirt people is manifest, and if us dirt people have learned an instinctive evolutionary trait since the 1700’s, its to keep our ear to the ground, wait till our existential enemies is whites of the eyeball close, and let them have it, then in the most brutal manner possible. as Ol’ Remus points out, which O’m want to modify, A fundamental truth: given a perceived need, there is no race more implacably murderous than White/dirt people folk.”

And thats the pickle. It is a kind of cold war/pickle we stage. We been in this Def-Con/cold anger stage for some time know, about 25 years.

But here’s the bake your noodle part. Nobody and I mean nobody, has any solid idea how many of us dirt people constitute a plurality. We are a plurality by dint of our natural primal God given right of protections, defense and survival against tyrants. But how many? .25% 1%? 3%? 10%? 50%
What I believe will happen is dirt people are going to blow dirt people minds. The beast will escape its civilized Western bottle of tolerance, and the deep state/clinton crime syndicate, oligarchy, fed organized crime faction, the whole lot of them whatever they all are are toast. Surprising enough, it will not be our guns specifically, but they play an absolute essential part, it is the physical uprising in numbers across all demographics of withdrawal of consent and the subsequent loss of legitimacy, to be precise the presence and allusion of legitimacy of the ruling class will evaporate like a fart in a hurricane. The disruption of the order of just in time inventory/delivery of essential commodities the ruling class enjoys, which is so delicate, and as they are themselves, both its origins so remote, as to put turnaround as fair play into effect. Advantage again dirt people.

The great question is when will and what will cause FreeFor to fight back. The answer is as complex a human activity as there is. It begins with individualism so deeply held that the warriors and defiers among the dirt people are as voluntarily able to coalesce into a plurality of solidarity as to be exemplary to herding cats or like trying to stuff spaghetti up a wild cats ass inside a phone booth.
But the answer begins with it already is fighting back, it always has been fighting back, its more a state of defense than anything. It has staged up in the last 25 years for the doubling down by the ruling class. Its grass roots as grass roots can be. Its a state of mind and a matter if hearts. It will be ready when it is ready.
The fact it has held its ear to the ground and kept its piece is not indication of being ineffective or low numbers, it is proof of its legitimacy and the ultimate and only legitimate power bar none.
Fact that in the face of every antagonist and shove, it has held its temper is all the proof required it is a force of motive power the can not be denied as nothing has denied it its existence to begin with and that it is the only existential enemy of the ruling class.
They would not be after our rifles, they would not be waging neo-bolshevik genocide on the dirt people, they would not spend inordinate riches and energy on alienating and pogroming the dirt people. The entire “Long March’ or whatever it really is, is now totally focused on eliminating the dirt people and its champions, its resources, its means of resistance and yes offense.
You just have to change your thinking to see how feared and despised the dirt people are. As they call our rifles “Assault Rifles”, it is our arms and potential to use them against our enemies that they only and always call our preferred excellent small unit infantry weapons assault weapons because they are what we will use to assault them for what they do to us.
Its simple really.
So ask yourself, as time has gone by, and you look around the sphere of you life & activity, who do you know who are not aware and have thoughts of defiance and or resistance to the ruling elites and what they do?
That is a pretty decent qualitative indication of the scope and breadth of dirt people who are part of for their own part in the resistance that exists. Don’t neglect another facet of your observations on that score, that these things have linkage, that nothing is totally in a vacuum, that connections and serendipity exist, that commonality of thought and spirit connect us far more than is realized, and that connection is our most powerful weapon we have yet to realize, because it only becomes a paradigm when what activates the next stage of resistance we are on the threshold of. And that our existential enemies are attempting to divide and conquer us on a level and ferocity like no other.

In simplest terms I believe we are going to blow our minds how many of us there are and the motive power manifest in us which will be expressed spiritually and physically as a force nothing can stand in its way. It will not stop till it does. It understands in its cultural and instinctive bones this is existential. It will come with that bone in its teeth for its antagonists.”



Thread reader @Schalars_Stage on Jordan Pederson Hat Tip to WRSA  So here’s some more critical thinking for ya:

So I am totally reevaluating everything I said about Jordan Peterson the other day. I underestimated this guy. I have started listening to his lectures and reading his academic articles… and I gotta say, the sheer chutzpah of what this guy is actually trying to do is astounding.
I don’t think any of the book reviews or think pieces have actually gotten to the bottom of what Peterson is all about. What his project is. Why he does what he does. This is a man who, I kid you not, is trying to rebuild Western civilization from the ground up.
No joke. There have been a flurry of reviews of P. Daneen’s new book on the failure of liberalism. It is a very zeitgeisty sort of work. Left&right, European or American, everyone in the West seems to agree that the model is failing. We have a crisis of faith in the liberal order
This comes on top of the older crisis of faith in faith itself. The West is a place that has no real moral bearings left. The community structures and institutions that held it all together are falling apart, or are already dead. There are no sources of cultural authority left.
This is where the Peterson project starts. In essence, he asks: is it possible to build up a new sense of moral order in a society where no one believes in God anymore?
Yes, he says, it sure is possible. The totalitarians did it! But look at how that turned out. So in a world that has abandoned the old hierarchies and belief systems, how do you construct a moral, ordered society, something more than atomic individualism…without it turning Nazi?
That is Peterson’s animating question. Everything he says or thinks comes back to that. In a godless world, how do we keep ourselves from descending to Mao. His answer is kind of complicated, and as I haven’t read his big book yet, this reconstruction is a bit tentative. But

it looks something like this:

Nietzsche saw the problem of our times when he declared that God was dead. Now Nietzsche saw this as a chance to go out and build a new world with a shiny new morality, absent all that ‘slave’ baggage that came with Xianity.

Problem is, humans cannot be just whatever they will themselves to be. We are hard wired to act and feel certain ways. Peterson spends a lot of time on the neuroscience of emotion, and its connection to basic human social desires
Desires like a need for transcendence, a need for purpose, a longing for community, the human penchant for turning everything into a story, etc. Implication here is that certain human behaviors-especially behaviors that are connected to societal narratives
Are hardwired into us. They are just as much a part of human nature as the sex drive. totalitarians didn’t understand this, assumed that all nature could be subjected to human will, including human nature.
They were good story creators though, and so were able to hijack human nature for very destructive ends. Created narratives that, when believed and looped into the base needs of the brain, led people to incredibly destructive acts.
Understanding the psychology and neuroscience behind acts of genocide and things like concentration camps is a big focus of his writing. In a way he describes totalitarian ideologies the way nutritionists describe sugary drinks–something modern that takes advantage of an ancient
predisposition that originally evolved in a very different environment than modern society, and can be deathly maladaptive now. But you can’t get rid of the attraction to totalitarian narratives any more than you can attraction to sugars, as he sees it.
So for people to be healthy, and to not hook their brains onto the sort of stories that lead to totalitarianism, people need to have another option. They need to have another set of myths, narratives, and rituals to hook into
Because the need to enact myths and rituals and transcendent narratives is something he thinks evolution has bored into our brains. But where do we find these myths and rituals and transcendent narratives in the 21st century?..  I don’t want to pilfer this guys considerate insights he put a lot of thought into, link here to read the rest. Probably be a whole range of comments at WRSA’s linkage post of you like, On Jordan Peterson, (but by no means a total cross section of views).

There’s also Zman’s usual insightful word to peruse also: The Neocon Cries Out…Neocon Youth League leader Noah Rothman unleashed a screed the other day, calling for war upon the people he describes as “outnumbered losers.” These are people the rest of us know as Americans. For the increasingly shrill and deranged neocon cult, anyone clinging to the outmoded concept of citizenship is a useless loser. The post itself was mostly boiler plate cosmopolitan globalism, but his tweet promoting it made it sound like he wanted to genocide the white population of America. Here’s the tweet.

As Steve Sailer pointed out, this sounds like a call to marginalize the tens of millions of Americans that hold opinions Rothman does not like. It has that “through any means necessary” smell to it you see with radicalized crazies. When this was pointed out, Rothman did what these guys always do when they face resistance, which is play the victim card. It’s the same cry-bully act the cat ladies employ. They always start talking about the backlash, after they have aggressively applied the front lash.

As I pointed out the other day, these people are playing with fire. What a Rebecca Klein is doing is creating people with no choice but to become a guerrilla, at war with the system that dispossessed them. What Rothman is proposing to do is de-legitimize wide swaths of political opinion, and thereby exclude the people who favor those opinions. He’s proposing to make half the country enemies of the faith. That’s how you end up in a world of car bombs and targeted assassinations. That’s not a world for soft men like Rothmans…

Oh yeah, thats real smart self imposed ruling class “gravitas” for you. There’s not much more self destructive galactic grade stupid than that. Problem is for those who do, there’s no small number who believe this neocon bullshit.

I’m quacking in my boots.

Keep it up. Underestimate us dirt people all you like, it only makes the eventual righting of wrongs a most satisfying endeavor. As they say, a target rich environment.

The elites lust to obtain and retain absolute power







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