Critical Thinking on Two Futures: 2 Pieces Regarding Culture Lies & Truths Immensely Important




1st Ol’ Remus has a particular word for us.

2nd is From The Burning Platform on Q and The Annons.

(Because these warrant it out of the need to understand some critical possible events out a myriad of future possibilities, I’ve copy pasted both verbatim. If you please, go to these blogs as a courtesy for these writers courage and insights. They could both be right. At the barest minimum, it is such citizen blog journalists who may save Western Civilization via a great grass roots awakening and inspiration.

That was the whole idea to begin with behind an open unfettered free internet.


 “Where you can live peaceably among strangers, there you have civilization.

Where you can live peaceably among strangers, there you have civilization. This is true even in war, perhaps especially in war. Except for partisan war. To partisans, civilization exists only to support the fight against their enemies. They prey upon the people as contemptibly as any enemy occupation.
A survivalist defends himself, his family and his community. A survivalist community rightly equips and trains to repel opportunists and marauding gangs. It allies itself with contiguous communities for mutual aid, much like rural fire departments do now. And it rightly surveils outlying territory it does not control. However, when it engages aggressors outside its community, it intends to defeat or drive them away and then withdraw, not expand its territory.
For the partisan, those outside his community aren’t entitled to self-determination. They’re either allies or enemies, and if enemies, the partisan looks to attack and win, occupy, resupply and expand again. They’re worse than mere raiders, they’re modern day warlords with a veneer of political shtick, building what amounts to a crime cartel.
In World War II, partisans fought other partisans as much or more than the putative enemy: the Yugoslav Partisans against the royalist Chetniks, the Kuomintang versus the People’s Liberation Army, the French Resistance against the collaborationist Vichy Milice. Some betrayed others to the enemy. Some fought themselves, faction against faction.
In a catastrophic societal collapse, and absent the special case of an enemy occupation, partisans intend to win regional or national power. Their prey are likely to be other partisans mainly, but also uncommitted survival communities, civilization and the last battered remnants of sanity.
In the case of an enemy occupation, a serviceable model of armed resistance is the Polish Home Army of 1942-1945  . The survivalist may rightfully ally with his peers to defeat an occupying army and its willing accomplices without hesitation, quarter or remorse. No tactic is too barbaric, no weapon forbidden, no enemy combatant immune from attack in any place, at any time, in any number.
But beware, once liberation is won and legitimate government established, the irregular is rarely given a place commensurate with his service. No peacetime government invites a resistance into its ranks with any enthusiasm, their skills and inclination are too threatening. Typically they’re disarmed, shunted aside and watched carefully, or worse. The Polish Home Army is a case in point here also, the Soviets sent them off to the gulag. In today’s Poland they’re rightly celebrated as patriots. They’re also long gone, no coincidence.
This is via Malcolm Pollack over at Motus Mentis, formerly Waka Waka Waka. It’s a reader comment from another blog, Rod Dreher at American Conservative, about a movie called Shape Of Water. In turn, the comment is translated from the original Coptic—I jest, read on:
 The turmoil we’re witnessing is basically a transfer of power from “regular” people to the freaks. Everything previously deemed inferior, abnormal, marginal, obscene is now not only normalized but embraced, even glorified. In his book The Antichrist, Nietzsche denounced Christianity as a perversion of all good and healthy values. He called for a total revolution in values, to overturn Christian morality and replace it with its opposite. That’s what we’re seeing now, at a very deep level.
This wouldn’t matter that much if our new lords weren’t so full of rancor and determined to get their revenge on those who humiliated them, hence the attacks on the various “privileges” that systematically target the representatives of the old order: patriarchy, masculinity, heterosexuality, “whiteness” and — yes — Christianity. As a member of a minority group, this shouldn’t worry me so much, as many aspects of said “old order” were not worth preserving or friendly to me. But I’m telling you, what is coming threatens to be much worse because it’s revenge, not justice.
More evidence those now attaining adulthood have grown up in a “Post-Western Civilization” America.
The is from Stuff That Irks Me:
 The same people who insist that buying a gun at a store, which at a minimum requires a government-issued ID and background check, is too easy will also tell you that requiring an ID to vote is an impossibly high hurdle to expect average people to overcome.
The quote for this week is a famous one, from Jean Cocteau:
Stupidity is always amazing, no matter how often one encounters it.”








Bear with me, and let’s together consider a scenario: Imagine one day you wake up, turn on the TV, and there is complete pandemonium. The news has just broken that the Trump administration has set up military tribunals; arrested hundreds of members of both political parties; arrested thousands of others outside government; renditioned George Soros; captured Edward Snowden; and seized Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barry Obama, and John McCain and charged them with treason. Additionally, imagine many of those arrested are charged with child trafficking for sex or organ harvesting, for drug trafficking, and for undermining the sovereignty of the United States. How would the populace react? How would the liberals react? How would the MSM characterize it? Imagine the totality of it.

I think there would be complete chaos. Society would be at the point of coming to a complete standstill, or a revolution, or a societal breakdown.

Image result for black lives matter riots

Most likely, the MSM would be in a full informational warfare stance. They would be characterizing these sweeping actions as dictatorial. They would say that President Trump had arrested the opposition, had lost his mind, was acting extra-Constitutionally, and had directed Sessions to fabricate evidence.

Image result for information warfare

The Democrat Party, certainly, would be saying that Trump had become mentally unstable, that the “resistance” movement must rise up, that people must demand that their Congressmen must remove Trump from the Presidency, and they would basically call for riots.

If anyone arrested was a Republican, like John McCain or Lindsey Graham, the Republicans as well might call for Trump to be removed. The cancer of corruption, treason, selling out America and the Deep State collusion might have spread throughout the Congress.

Trump would have no base – except the majority of the citizens of the US. But those would be hearing the constant lies, propaganda, and disinformation coming from the MSM – perhaps even Fox news. There would be competing voices on the internet, on the radio, on the TV, from the government. How would the average normie know what to believe?

Image result for sheeple

Most sheeple Americans would be confused and distressed. Informed Patriots would be celebrating. Hard Leftist Progs would be preparing to stir up the dregs of society to riot. The MSM would be attempt to focus as much HATE as possible at white conservatives and Trump supporters. The country would fracture. Riots and violence would ensue.

Image result for cognitive dissonance

BUT, what if some person or group had chosen a new and untried path? What if, to prepare the sheeple for the shock, some person or group decided to move via the internet to spread the information to the citizens in a way that went around the MSM, went around the official channels, even around the White House?

Image result for socratic method

What if someone or some group decided not to give the information to the public, but to throw bait out to the anti-social, skeptical, independent thinking denizens of the cloistered boards of discredited, offensive, and ignored websites? What if they knew that this was the primordial energy to harness to reveal Truth? What if this board held the eternal curiosity of man to rip the lid off of Pandora’s box?

Image result for 8chan

What if this person or group KNEW that the media would spin the truth into lies, and that any information from the White House would be seen as biased and dubious. What if they foresaw the riots and decided to use the internet to disseminate the information early to prepare the public for the shock?

What if, like a “virally-spread” video, people began to mention to each other about the phenomenon of this intel being left on these discredited boards? What if teenagers and internet savvy adults began to carry this information to their friends and family?

Image result for going viral

What if all this “intel” began to coalesce at some point into appearing Truthful, even though the puzzles had to be solved by anonymous citizens? What if the “answers” were not given, like pap to infants, but instead had to be researched, decoded, speculated, and found by those interested in solving them?

What if the “answers” and the understanding of the dynamics of such treasonous and evil actions came NOT from the MSM, NOT from the White House, NOT from “talking heads”, but from message boards like 4chan, 8chan, Voat, Gab, and elsewhere. What if the message began to spread even to websites that were oriented around economics? What if the message spread beyond those sites to the general citizenry?

Image result for passing notes in class

It would seem to me that the SHOCK of the arrests, the misinformation of the MSM, and the inflammatory calls of the Progs would be mitigated and neutralized, because many would be aware ahead of time. 

Many would be prepared for the shock, because they would have heard the information from their teenage sons and daughters, from their co-workers, from respected voices on the sites they frequent, and from other websites.

The NOVELTY of it would be attractive. The FAMILIARITY of those telling them would make it trustworthy. The REPETITION of the message from various sources would make it hard to ignore. The ORIGIN of the message would be alluring.

Even those who might disagree with the information or dispute the arrests of those involved might tone down their reactions if their minds were primed to consider the possibilities of treason, child trafficking, or sedition.

Image result for cognitive dissonance

The point of this is that the Cognitive Dissonance would be immense in the public. The sudden airing of the repulsive, vile, unthinkable, treasonous, and corrupt truths about the powerful few who run this country might be too much for many to accept. They would default to the programming that they grew up with. They would deny. They would become angry and lash out at the messenger. They could not comprehend and accept the truth if given all at once.

Image result for cognitive dissonance

This Socratic and puzzling method of asking questions and tantalizing the fringe autists with intelligence (and truths) only known by the select few could indeed be a method that is genius. It is using the nature of the internet to find almost any information, coupled with the ability of a cohort of driven deviants to communicate instantly across the globe, coupled with the unheard-of releasing of classified intelligence to the public.

Image result for genius

Have these three items ever existed together at any point in human history? Has this synchronicity ever been attempted? Have humans ever had this chance? I think not. This is the brilliance of the attempt.

It may be a way to preclude the violence, riots, and bloodshed that might occur after such a shock. It might be the stroke of genius that could only come from the Goodness of God.

IF this is true, and IF this comes to fruition, this may be one of the greatest times to be alive in human history. This might be a revolution that does not involve physical warfare, but INFORMATION WARFARE, such as the kind that got Donald Trump elected. This might be one for the history books.

IF this is true, then our civilization might have actually averted a totalitarian surveillance warfare State where we would have reverted to feudal status – stripped of our rights, stripped of our wealth, and thrown into permanent darkness for the unforeseeable future.

Image result for mordor

THIS is why I attend to the phenomenon of Q. The audacity and genius of the method is breathtaking. The possibilities are immense. The futures that have been wagered here are daunting. The outcomes are staggering. And the peril of losing is fearsome. 

We MUST open the minds of our brethren, our family, and other in any way we can. We MUST help free them from the prison of the propaganda their minds were infused with as they grew. We MUST at least consider the POSSIBILITY that Q is real and truthful, that Q is Military Intelligence.

The only other alternative is high velocity lead.

Image result for freeing from the matrix

Like it or not, as people who can think for themselves, we are the Vanguard, and we must prayerfully come together as our intuition and judgement guide us.

Deus vult.

Your choice, fam. One way or another, believe or not, the ride is about to start.



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