Dis-Organized Resistance: Small Militia by Family/Tribe/Small Rural Community

Sure is a lot of shit going down these days.  Lot to to consider as civilized dirt people, where at every turn somebody has some imaginary slight or grievance just because our culture and traditions, our faith and historical legacy supposedly is somehow threatening, or imposes some magical insult or injury, just by our breathing and beating hearts.

If it wasn’t so ludicrous and insane, it would be absolutely hilarious. I mean it is awfully funny. The ramifications of coming for our rifles has an element of the ridiculous to it bordering on galactic level stupid.

Safe to contend the issue of resistance to organized and unorganized crime, (which includes organized crime perpetrated by government actor(‘s), marxian neo-bolshevik non and violent action, aka pogrom & Kulak-ing and genocide, and good old fashioned tyranny by the State, is on many minds if your a dirt person or a “Deplorable”. We are the target of everyone and we haven/t targeted anyone but the safe keeping of our culture, race, prosperity and faiths. Never mind our property and our primal natural rights, our family, tribal associations, the fabric of our cultural communities, and the hard learned long held wisdoms of our Christian rooted legacy, our crafts, skills, industriousness, creativity, arts, our agra-culture of stewardship in land farming and animal husbandry, all parts and precepts as Men if The West. These things all constituting our Liberty.

I can only write from a rural dirt person prospective. Probably many elements coincide with city and suburban folk.

From where I sit and observe the madness I can’t but try imagine how I am to protect & defend my loved ones, in solidarity with neighbors and tribal members in the very rural area I reside in. And from there to plan and be ready for what is barely disguised liquidation on my White Christian Ass. Really, go ahead, try it. You will find Me and mine are an entirely different kind of people who do not back down or put up with that kind of bullshit, and we are quite capable of handling ourselves with proper BFYTW. This day, every day, is being threatened on us. If it is indeed coming, when it will be necessary to shoot some motherfuckers pulling their cultural marxist genocide bullshit on me and mine, I can guarantee it will be the kind of day not soon forgotten if said antagonists live to remember what kind of bad day they get for fucking with people who don’t submit.

Having said all that, the idea of “Militia’s” gets bandied about. What many call a militia, will be not much more than a lot of dirt people in a community who band together and fight like there’s no tomorrow. Its just in us to resist and defy. It is why we live and have a life of generations out in these rural domains. This is our country. The buck starts & stops with us out here. We like it that way. We fight the “norms” of the outside world by being independent, self reliant and above all self determining people. Makes us an unorganized militia naturally. We are todays societies insurgents, because we reject literally by existing outside the framework of the “Hive”. We are seen as people to be despised. And that is not nice now is it.

We all out here in flyover country we have to always be on guard against the cultural offenses of the cultural agenda waged against us. It puts people in a rather high level of alert and defense, naturally.

Whoever it is thinks they are going to come into our back yards and take or destroy everything we love got another thing coming. You are planning on walking into a fucking meat grinder. You will get what you richly deserve. Remember, we have the resources, we have the people, we have the means, we know the land, the seasons, we have the rifles and will to use them defending ourselves, to let you in and you will never come out.


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