We Are Living In A Dream World?: QANON & The Evil Underground Systems Developed To Spy On & Keep The dirt people Divided

Q and his trail of “breadcrumbs” lead us to many things. The 1 world order is loosing its powers to control “the sheep”.

If you have curiosity start here. At first much will not make sense. Yet all the clues are before you already. You just haven’t realized they are clues right in the open. Q and the ANON’s 8channel thread here: QANONPOSTS

The root pattern that is the truth of how and why we are manipulated into staying divided in culture and politics is in the various popular engineered technical platforms of social networking systems ability to data mine the fabric of our unique American culture & civilization, then using this data to maintain viability of various systems of control. It is actually a new form of imposing totalitarianism. Basically the internet is a platform from which various “Trojan Horse” intelligence programs mine every erg of data from which maps of collective and singular activity can then be discerned. That is the “conspiracy”, that isn’t a conspiracy at all. It is all technically very complicated systems that collect the most basic elements of human activity from which a “map” is created and or specific activity, thought, and opinion is surmised, and a picture is created for dissemination for more or different instruments of control.

Is it all “Conspiracy”, or is it “Conspiracy Fact”? I believe it is whats called conspiracy theory. The logic of determining validity of scientific theory goes something like this: If a scientific theory of say laws of physics, like Einstein’s Theory General Relativity is falsifiable, it is proven it is not false theory. That strikes you as kind of counterintuitive, right? The idea here is if it is a false theory to begin with, it can not be falsified. Well lets apply that to “conspiracy’s” which abound about the “deep state”, or its parent agenda the globalists 1 World Order, (which in themselves are called by their proponents involved in foisting and imposing these systems of tyranny “conspiracy theories”, like the “illuminati, “Bilderburgs, or the Rothschild family of the so called “12 Banking Families” constituting the Federal Reserve, which is said to be neither “Federal” nor a “Reserve,” run by these private banking cartels). It gets complicated in a hurry, and it is easy to loose the forest for the trees here. That is a characteristic of such “hidden” power, it is out in the open for all to see, yet it is such an “outlier”, a concept which defies the normative generally accepted Norms of accepted “fact” held by millions upon millions of dirt people.

You see what happened here? The 1 World Order and its institutions along with its instruments can be proven false, and not false. If it was all just a figment of peoples imagination and the spread of conspiracy theory it could not be proven false or real.

Regardless of the falsifiable nature of the conspiracy, there are compelling patterns, information and causality involving a large group of various individuals interestingly who constitute a economic/political body who actively work to undermine along with eliminate the perception our inalienable primal rights endowed by our creator which only exist through their say so. They “Usurp” power not theirs to hold. Only an illusion, they create where only they hold such raw naked power over us dirt people. Thats not conspiracy. That is maniacs in Brooks Brother’s suits running an international organized crime syndicate with various domestic based systems of political power, intelligence gathering, money laundering, and totalitarian control of “their subjects” wealth, property, economic freedoms, speech, and last but not least right to defend themselves from exactly this very situation and those involved in creating and running it.

And isn’t that right there really all the truth of a conspiracy of people trying to deny our natural rights constituting our liberty standing in the way of these people and their agenda to control and rule every facet of the sphere of our lives via their lust for raw naked power and obtaining ultimate wealth, and no others but themselves?

Where is the conspiracy in this? Sure they conspire collectively combining their influence racketeering. But there is no conspiracy about why and for what reasons, its fact. They are trying to rule us dirt people with an iron fist. For all the ageless reasons every dictator, potentate, king, mandarin,.. the whole lot of tyrants have, since humanity has existed: this cycle of history they have at their disposal combined with the advent of technological miracle of the world wide Internet, to impose their will on others.

Like all things involving ultimate freedom of Liberty, it is a dangerous thing. A sword that cuts both ways. The freedom inherent in the unfettered nature of the internet, of people having access to an organic technical platform of communication is causing blowback on tyranny. In other words it is a knifes edge balance where imposition of controls and prohibitions on unfettered speech, communications between dirt people, economic activity, actually decreases the power of tyranny. So the idea is to carefully, incrementally sneak up on the balance between freedom and not freedom just to the edge of detrimental and un-reversable effects of tyrannical control, and no further, while trying every sneaky dastardly trick in the book to mitigate those negative effects of limiting freedom of speech and association by free people. Either by false narrative, and or crisis as a means.

See, we are basically “cash cows”. The idea is to give us just enough freedoms while just enough controls are employed, to keep us happy and prosperous enough so we remain productive and willing enough to provide the wealth to strip mine, leaving enough “crumbs”, as Nancy Pelosi so truthfully revealed, for us to keep us from assaulting them with our “assault” rifles for what they are doing to us.

So to accomplish this incredible balancing act of tyranny on a knives razor edge, requires ever more complex, more costly, ever more encompassing instruments of control and information which looks at the effects of that system of control on finer and finer scale, in order to maintain or increase that power of control, thru all the myriad cons, grifts, scams, sleight of hand & mind, and conspiratorial means under the sun.

The one absolutely imperative crux upon which this system of tyranny rides, hence its future depends on, is repressing the people in such a fashion as they do not rise up as a plurality, withdraw their consent, say “I WON’T!, and draw their weapons to use them in defense against these very tyrants and their system of control.

There is no conspiracy in that. Only an illusion dirt people who believe and seek out this truth, is a conspiracy theory. An illusionary conspiracy it is a conspiracy, aka a mind job. Pretty cunning shit right there isn’t it?

The very tool these bums created to control us will be their undoing. It is inevitable. The good people in our Republic far out way the bad people. And the only legitimate power which exists is our inalienable rights endowed upon us by our great creator natural to us by birth and blood. All other powers, laws, what have you, are State grade industrial artificial diktat. Imposed ultimately through the barrel of the gun on one side, and ultimately defended and perpetuated thru antiquity to the end of time by the barrels of our guns.


Here are a few pieces which represent a cross section of totalitarian power employed by the so called “Elites”. Who are not, in any way such.



“The New World Order Is Targeting American Freedom…”   “The target of the globalists is America, and the number one target is the “America First” president, Donald Trump.”      

(To say there is panic among the globalists an awakening has escaped their control and is multiplying on a logarithmic rate is the understatement of our time.)



(The right questions are asked. Excellent read. Fills in many blanks.)


Vigilance Now  “It is said that freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction.  The threat to American freedoms, the American way of life and to life itself did not begin on September 11, 2001.  Nor did it end there.  America is facing an ideological enemy which masks itself as a religion.  Those who adhere to this ideology have been working hard to normalize their extremist views, to obtain preferential treatment, to diminish American freedoms, and infiltrate the United States government.  Those who preach death to America and hatred in their so-called religious institutions, who want their worldview imposed on all Americans, and want to suppress free speech and open debate on this topic, need to be countered…” 

(For a look & insights into another threat, both singular in itself, and a proxy of the globalist agenda, kissing cousins both of marxian strategy of control. Superb compositions.)


Former CIA Chief Brennan Running Scared (About those swamp creatures. Despicable only scratches the surface. The epitome of disgusting human being, and an excellent study into just how foul and criminal the actors of the Amerikan deep state truly are. Maybe only eclipsed by the Clinton crime syndicate)


Waco: The Untold Story (A tiny glimpse into the “weaponization”, and I do mean weapon in the literal physical meaning of the word, of the BATF. the DOJ, and its armed badged leg breakers, the FBI. Years before the term was coined. Leroy Finnicum and his brother Ranchers ran into these same organized crime enforcers. remember well, this goes back to the Clinton’s. These two perverts and greedy blood thirsty psychopaths have a trail of blood and dead bodies which litter their history. The ultimate entitlests. Entitled to rule over the rest of us. It is owed to them.)


Hannity Digs Up Dirt On Mueller’s Past And Finds He’s Not So Clean After All  (They say a picture is worth a thousand words.):

1-world-lyin-sack-if-shitWhats this globalist treasonous scum even doing running a “special counsel”?


why-pizzagate-comes-out-why-they-fear-donald-trumpAny Doubts Whats Going Down?

Pizzagate remind you of anything?

Control is not just for us Deplorable’s… The whole thing is about control…

A system of controls.

“You’ve been living in a team world Neo”

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