President Trump Outsmarts The Deep State Smartasses.


Mr. Trump pulls off another coup on the palace coup deep staters and the entire uniparty of traitors.

They walked right into a trap they made they didn’t bargain for, while providing all the legitimacy Trump needs to do literally what he wants in regards to The Wall, draining the swamp by defunding it and using the US Military to round up and try the deep state actors.

The long term effects the Congress made themselves a ship of fools, grounded in a quagmire.

Flynn is fee of all charges. Trump takes Flynn back into his trusted cabinet. Why did the deep state actors false flag Flynn, they where ready to hang him on false charges to keep him from helping Trump drain the swamp, they where waiting, they really feared what Flynn would do.

He know’s everything like he was a seep state operator.

President Trump has taken full power.

MAGA Bitchez!

The President has notified Congress that he’s invoking the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

The God-Emperor’s 300

From the chans Never underestimate the Chans. Q doesn’t.




Big meeting.
Cell phones left at door.
5 political
1 former intel dir
Mask & Spin
IDEN friendly ‘insiders’
MSM support +talking points
Shift narrative
We hear you.
We have the algorithm.
Thank you @ Snowden.
Learn chess.
Down she goes.
Nobody escapes this.
The FBI opened a case on “Q” today re: ‘Boom’ statements and
now the TX bombings.
Coordinated to end comms here.
They are scared [4am].
They will fail.
We know the details.


Why are trips allowed?


Panic mode.
Enjoy the show.

Q!UW.yye1fxo 701978
Next week.
USMC activated.
US (3).


Next week.

How bad is the corruption?
FBI (past/present)
#2 +29 (16)
DOJ (past/present)
#2 +18 STATE (past/present)
#1 +41 Removal is the least of their problems.
Projection. Russia>D/HRC Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT
Who knows where the bodies are buried?
Election theft.
Last hope.
Congressional focus.
They think you are STUPID.
They think you will follow the STARS.
They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.

21 thoughts on “President Trump Outsmarts The Deep State Smartasses.

    • Thanks, went & read it. What do you think?
      Basically I get the same notion as the Lady at your link. He has been fighting insurgency warfare from the get go. Its 4th generation political war.
      Its funny watching everyone every time Ol’ Trump Zigs when they think he Zags and they scream, “Thats it! Trump is finished!”

      And, all I imagine is if things turned out different, the psychopath in a pants suit & her serial rapist husband running their organized crime syndicate out of the White House.

      Interesting how quickly forget how close to going under we where.
      We ain’t out of the woods yet. Yet, if I had to reason a guess, Trump looks pretty confident. He isn’t the kind of man who ventures into something as serious as say MAGA, without a plan or a lost cause. Its only been 15 months and the accomplishments so far are legion. He hasn’t even got to the good stuff yet.
      I think he has taken pretty much full power if the executive, there’s some important caveats still to be attended to, mostly because of the deep states desperate attempt to politically assassinate Gen. Flynn, and the Congress deliberately holding up of hundreds of appointments to inhibit Trumps agenda. He’s creating workarounds.
      I think Flynn will return, but not until some high level secret indictments are opened & served. I’m betting way things are both will happen over the next month. See what Bolton does. That should tell us a lot.

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  1. He’s DOOMED, DOOMED I tell you!!!!!!! lmao What got to me was the idiot children march. Contrived contrived and everyone is goo goo eyes over it. Please….
    Turned out that didn’t fly to far either. BFYTW!!!!!!!!!!

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        • LOL’s!. Lies always catch you out, you have to remember them. Thats what my grandmother always said.
          Think about the trillions in skim money at stake. Trump has gone straight to the root of the greed by positioning himself in the strongest position politically & economically through his application if tariff’s. Also national security wise. The tariff’s are a prime bargaining lever, never meant to be locked in, everyone is lining up to cut a deal on Trumps terms. Terms set to put the American people first. Everyone makes out, except the wealth transfer tyrant’s who been utilizing the US trade imbalances to strip mine the dirt people of their intrinsic wealth.
          Thats trillions with a capitol T they are being denied of. Got to keep in mind these are motherfuckers who believe they are entitled to use the federal government as their tool to enrich themselves with our ever producing anything. Its protection money essentially. The ultimate entitlist’s. I think they will and have begun to blow as much money as possible, probably for now a mere pittance, to pull off a palace coup and start a cultural revolution to complete America’s intended role in their 1 world order scheme.

          Trump’s got everyone by the fucking balls. Thing is, he has been telling these countries who are willing to negotiate on favorable equitable terms, for all involved, everyone makes out better except the motherfuckers been strip mining us through bad trade deals.
          This is the greatest danger for Trump & us dirt people. The amount of money & power at stake is staggering. Some of these sonofabitches will do anything to stop MAGA. Notice how Trump has hedged his power to MAGA on a strong loyal military.

          This cat is one sharp cookie. Lot of fuckers want to kill him. They hate us dirt people, we are cash cows, the USofA is THEIR private piggy bank. I think this is where the greatest danger lies.

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            • There’s that for sure. Helicopter memes aside, there is the notion, based on history, tar feathers and public hangings does wonders for ones “Constitution.” Pun intended. I agree wholeheartedly. Nothing like a public hanging of appropriate political class actors gone bad who have much to atone for their crimes, treachery, betrayal and treason. In a word, refreshing, to a Republic.
              The kind of purges we need ideally should be a generational thing. How we got in this pickle sure was. Over night remedies available are extreme in the least. Yet it sure looks like we don’t have that luxury of place & time now.
              It is wisdom to be patient and see where MAGA goes. I do believe there is lot of things going on we are soon to be made aware of.
              Its the best show on earth right now. I wouldn’t miss it for nothing.
              There’s another element to this. That things could not have happened any other way. It is to the point where we are all like the pig, committed. Something else too. The founders didn’t pass down a Republic so much as they passed on a Legacy. It is up to us what we do with it. That begins with each of us, and expands from there. We ain’t finished you and me. There’s one shitload of us who will never say die, and who will make the other guy die for his ideology or extremism.
              But here’s the thing. We get this kind of opportunity to do something only comes once in an age, we get to set things aright, and to come out the other side of this tribulation better larger greater happier for it, in spite of those enriching themselves at our expense.
              There are elements of this in MAGA. It is very difficult for not a few to see this and embrace it. You have to win hearts & minds. This is what this war is really about right now, a war of hearts & minds.
              That really really begins with each of us, and expands outward.
              Its what I like to call The Honorable Resistance. And you do that, just like you and I, are doing with our getting right with things. Our Homesteads, we are learning new skills, we are building tangible things. We pay less taxes, we finds wholesome sustainable realistic alternatives.
              You know exactly what I’m saying here.
              This Honorable Resistance is powerful MoJo. Other see it, and they think wow, thats really cool. To live with less, to create intrinsic wealth, and keep it. Its the right kind of investment. It cuts out the money changers, the middle men strip mining us. It is prosperity plain & simple through hard work and perseverance. It is the indomitable thing and it is motive power, it is Prudence lived large, it is Audacity.
              You know. I know you know.
              And if you and I change one mind, win one heart, then they go on to do the same. It is how America was born, before it was a Republic, it was this.

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                • That will be real sweet. I’ll do a lot to see that outcome for our children. Its easy to imagine in your mind, feel it in your heart.
                  Yeah. Unfettered, people do amazing things.

                  Well I hear you. Lot of us got a lot on our minds. Lot of things happening.

                  Pinochet and his helicopter solution has been a rich topic on WRSA from the moment Pete started it. It’s kind of become a WRSA cult subject. Graveyard or Gallows humor. The question of what becomes of Lenin’s useful dupes. After all, the marxists can not survive without them. It goes back to that it begins with each of us, only on the dark side of the coin you got ones who can never get along with anything, they want to destroy everything. Its serious shit. Hate & Envy.
                  I consider your question is a very important one.
                  We all still have to get along, or kill each other. Or create 2 or a lot of smaller nation states out of the monster we got now. Montesquieu contended the geographic size of a nation state strongly influenced its form of government. The larger they are, the further away and remote such government becomes. The Compact Theory is a viable one, to was working well. That too comes back around to it being it all starts with each of us and our access to effect positive change in our government.

                  Have you read William S. Lind’s VICTORIA!

                  The first half is free on his blog. I got the Kindle version. I think you would appreciate it. There is some hilarious parts in it. There is at one point a classic scene makes the whole story worth reading just for that one action on the part of the NH/Maine leaders who seeded from the Union, and what they do with the cultural marxists who show up in laters years of the succession.

                  Here’s the link for the free half:


                  • Lind is the 4th gen handbook. I’ve got that.
                    Hobbes- He doesn’t have it kindle unlimited so it’s not in the budget, sadly. I drooled on the screen though. I read the sample some time back.
                    I don’t want to read the half, I think. ;o)

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                    • The only way we are leaving that legacy for our children, the only way we are to deny these monsters out to destroy everything we love and believe in, is together.
                      I don’t know you from Adam, but I do know we are compatriots. It is time to begin trusting each other or we ain’t going to make it out the other side whats coming down the pike. It is the little things that matter.
                      I want to buy that book for you, need one myself. Paper books like this might come in handy one day if things go really south on us. We might be leaders one day and help others.
                      I want to win. I want, us, to win. Knowledge is power.
                      We got to find ways to do this together my friend.
                      You know, I’m probably more broke than you, if you don’t mind me sending you a gift, we both become a little bit richer for it.
                      And maybe one day you can pay it forward.
                      Somebody once did something for me helped me to figure out how to figure out whats happening. So I’m paying that forward.

                      Know what I’m saying to you?

                      Thanks for the linkage on your blog. Appreciate you.

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                    • That’s how we roll, no? ;o) If you insist, email me and I’ll give you my address. I don’t think I should post it here. Not that we’re too vulnerable. ;o) coyotes gotta eat too.


    • Amazing how many choke artists there are. Lot of resistance is futile/the sky is falling chicken littles trolls out there. Never mind agent provocateurs. According to them the fat lady finished her opera.

      Its fun to strafe them. They get all wee-wee’d theirs those of us who never say die.

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