The Largest Sniper Corps in the World

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On a personal note, just saying. I believe all the guesstimates of the numbers of American’s who are well armed and proficient in the art of hunting and other woodcraft, not to mention skilled warriors young & old, who have not only the training or experience in small unit infantry tactics, but the mind and heart to serve up a lethal combination of 4th generation patriot war, are woefully underestimated.

There are many who aren’t all that worried if the shit drops in the pot, or this insanity of trying to take our weapons goes kinetic. If anything, its probably healthy for this republic to wash away the filth of marxism and corruption run rampant from time to time. People are people. Some are fucking dirt bags who want to run a human extinction movement, take everyone with them, while others are strip mining us of our intrinsic dirt people wealth and happiness.

There those who dwell in the forgotten lands, in forgotten ghetto’s of consumption and avarice, who are the ones who ever effect positive change in this world. That is what our guns are ultimately for. And the precepts and principles which denote exactly why they are natural primal God given rights and means of defense from usurpers.

Imagine just the “Lone Wolf” factor of a determined indomitable Man with his rifle uninhibited by the niceties of “The Social Contract” & “Rule of Law” which our antagonists quickly run and hide behind when it suits them.

The lone wolf in American history is replete with amazing feats of retribution against unimaginable odds.

There is so much to this topic it beggars the mind to be able to grasp its implications.

It seems no wonder they want our guns so badly.

Tough shit.



The Biggest Sniper Corps in the World

Freedom Is Just Another Word…

That would be the American Hunters, all 16.9 million of them.

via The Biggest Sniper Corps in the World

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