QANONS  entire unrolled thread post. 1028 posts to date April 5th 2018. The last week has included cryptic bread crumbs about the far deeper reasons behind shutting down the Mexican border. Looks a lot like the deep state actors are beginning to see they and what they are doing to us dirt people is all but Kaput! There’s everything from McCains duplicity in maintaining a thoroughly porous border and the insane corruption that open border enables for the elites to move their ill gotten wealth, human trafficking, child sex slavery railroad, illicit drug smuggling, espionage on an unlimited scale, unlimited money laundering, unlimited gang movement, and the deliberate importation of aliens detrimental, intentionally, in numbers for the deliberate liquidation of our Western Christian culture and civilization, in order to create, deliberately, with planned intent and malice, a malleable population with with the entire idea, concept, and existence of America which then can be wiped from the Earth.

Except, we have guns.

Lots of guns.

Nobody in their right mind is going to fuck with us dirt people as armed and prepared as we are and we are increasingly becoming more prepared and ready for what comes.

This is the gravest of potentials. That it is an imperative of immense proportions, that we must be dis-armed, with an open border, so the forces of tyranny can walk into america, forces in every diabolical form of gang and cartel brutal 4th generation invasion warfare. Don’t think for a second this is impossible. You will end up taking the dirt nap if you ignore histories most evil lessons. There is an entire world out there just waiting to come across and rape, pillage, and burn this great Republic of dirt people. We are, the plum, the greatest sack imaginable. Nothing in history compares to the spoils to be gotten from a disarmed dirt people.

Fuck the rest. They are complicit or useful idiots to this ends. It is us dirt people who stand as the bulwark against such a horde. They are salivating, desperately dreaming of the day they can cross into North america, and destroy it by raping it of its intrinsic wealth. It is a war if envy and hate they dream of. For our Republic has survived everything while every country has suffered tyranny and mayhem unimaginable to us. We are a reminder every day of the squalor and hopeless misery of the worlds shitholes. Their tyrants who rule with raw naked power. The poverty and tribulation. The totalitarianism which rules their lives.

And our very own precious elites had plans to deliver us dirt people and our intrinsic wealth, our prosperity and happiness, on a river platter to the worlds savages.

But for our guns.

There is at this point nothing else thats holds the deep state and its ilk at bay.

It has finally come down to it. There is nothing else for it. We must be dis-armed, or their precious new world order never happens.

Just us simple humble bother no one mind our own business self determining and individualist Christian Western culture and civilization.

Who would have thought without even pulling the triggers and discharging our rifles with exuberance and enthusiasm at out antagonists who desperately despise us and which us DEAD. That us common dirt people, us Deplorable’s, us “tea baggers”, mouth breathers, trailer trash, rednecks & hillbillies… who would have thought after everything they have done to us, we are still happy dirt people, we are still here, and if anything, we have learned to live with less and do more, to find support systems, to learn new skills, to create tangible wealth, build family, tribes, communities, where people look after each other, look out for our friends, our family, our neighborhoods.

We became the Honorable Resistance.

We are Legion.

Son’t think for a second, refuse to buy into the lies and narratives.

With our us dirt people and our Honorable Resistance, and YES, our guns, Trump the god Emperor and his White Hats would and could ever have risked waging MAGA on the “elites.” It would never have taken place. They need us as much as we need them. The color revolution we waged against all odds ending gloriously on November 9th 2016 is exactly the Right Stuff required to MAGA. It was the only way, without rivers of blood and tribulation of biblical proportions.

And beneath it all, the underlying thing, is our guns, in our Freemen hands, that made it possible just as the founders reasoned and set the precedence for.

Do you grok the founders wisdom of the primal, natural, God given right to keep & bear arms.

Go here and read what is probably the most illustrative essay on why The 2nd Amendment:  THE HISTORY OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT David E. Vandercoy

Its all in there. Everything happening. Those who created this Republic understood history. There is nothing new here. It is only new to us. Until we understand why guns in our hands is everything.

Even Q. He is in there. A Q shows up all through history. Not the same Q. But a Q who defines things. Who brings things to light. And effects others. It is ripples through time.

Q’s latest bread crumbs are paramount. A great fulcrum of history is in the making.




I Think Q is talking about Manchurian Candidate, McCain. Thats one dirty sonofabitch who has sold out America ,ore times than anyone can keep track of. I always wondered if the sonofabitch was turned as a POW. It would connect a lot of dots.

“We don’t say his name.
The protected flow into AZ is no more.
Under the cover of his health, he will not be seeking another term.

Closing the border will stop some really nasty shit beyond illegals, which have been used as a smokescreen. Holder and V. Jarret, ran a number of cross border operations. Also, all arms, weapons, munitions, and military technology, absolutely, with Zero exceptions, same as POTUS Cross Border Authority, requires the Secretary of State to grant CBA.
They used the Mexican border to run everything, from child sex slaves to laundering billions & billions. Once money crosses the border, same for arms, and human trafficking, drugs, you name the scam the elites are invested in, without any CBA, it ceases to exist and can then go on or back the other way and be anything they want it to be. Remember the Columbian money laundering corporation bunch of years back? Bingo. The Clinton’s. Epstein, and a slew of “elites” used that corporation to disinfect their wealth.
Whats critical here, and it connects to almost everything, remember these are the trans-globalists, is whats is termed Cross Border Authority, which can only be issued by a POTUS. Everything going on we see or not, that crosses the US border can only happen with that CBA granted by POTUS. Obama signed off on all sorts of shit.
The lack of an issuance of CBA by Obama during the attack on the consulate in Benghazi is not only what kept all the rescue assets stacked up waiting to go in, CBA is the only thing and no other, nor can there be any other signer of a CBA, other than Obama. He went to bed after being informed of rescue assets waiting for his say so. Thats all he had to do, not grant a CBA. Same with all sorts of things. You imagine it, these scum of the earth gamed this system. John McCain plays a huge role here. So to the DOJ, State Dept., FBI, HLS, and the ATF.
Now whats the most corrupt weaponized agencies?

Lot of things like this where turned, to using them in ways to destroy our country, that was never intended. This stuff runs incredibly deep. Everything is connected. Trump & the White Hats are unravelling decades and more of a ball of knots and snares. It requires incredible attention to the tiniest detail, nothing can be left to chance, the absolute letter & color of Rule of Law must be attended to with the finest intent, no matter how long it takes, nor how much effort, or these scum and scalawags walk. On top of finding trust worthy White Hats in a swamp that spans the earth.
This is the only way to save us dirt & MAGA without us dirt people resorting to waging 4th generation politics & or war/revolution.
We might be able to wage a philosophical war of total withdrawal of consent & total civil disobedience. Both require a critical spark to ignore a fun bore color revolution. But that won’t happen till many comforts and conveniences, never mind reduction in large percentage of normalcy bias, for a plurality to form thats effective. Winning hearts & minds.

Regardless. Q, the god Emperor, and the White Hats, sure look like they are becoming more effective each day as more truths are outed. But the border, thats the “Yuuuge” objective and essential stage of MAGA. Close the border and the alligators in the swamp are fucked. Trump and his White Hats are pretty sharp. They have the advantage of optics on their side. Lot of people want to believe, not a few do believe. I believe the tide has turned. The deep state is kaput. Its got a lot of momentum, its a regime of organized crime on the global scale, globalism was their power and untouchable status, become global, and it runs everything so nothing can kill it, so influence and racketeering involved here doesn’t shut down on the spot, its purposefully entrenched, its coroprate/crony corruption is an octopus, it has to be taken apart from the outside in, bottom to top forst, the opposite of how it was created, from the top down inside out.
Thats the purview of dirt people. People not of the system, institutionalized at all levels per say.
What will happen at a critical stage of MAGA, is they will rapidly begin to collapse, the whole construct will start to fold, it will be a cascade failure on logarithmic scale. Hard to wrench their greasy meathooks from the levers of power, but when they fold, something all the actors hold in common, thankfully, that raw naked power is no more, and all they are then is crooks and criminals. Their support system of absolute unchallenged influence is toast. No money or any power exists that can stem the collapse. Its just too big to stop once it starts to fall apart.

And that is Trump’s job. To employ Prudence where the deep state applied chaos. As POTUS. all he has to do is point out where the absence of Prudence exists, and the dirt people say Mmmm, oh yeah! Trumps right! The prudent thing is the right and proper thing. Everything else stands in stark contrast to acknowledging prudence and seeing the truth of things prudence exemplifies. Its really simple. Its why Trump Tweets and employs social media like a symphony director. He cuts through the fucking bullshit and fake optics. Its word alt-agitprop used against those who have employed agitprop and false narratives for decades. And when dirt people see the simple common sense truths of things they go wow, yeah, thats right, and all of a sudden all the agitprop, lies, and fakery looks so stupid and senseless for what it is.
Thus, Prudence itself, is the single greatest issue if our time. This is a battle between Prudence and the anarchy of the elites order of using chaos and double speak as a means to do things impossible another way.
Its when the dirt people naturally simply withdraw their consent out of recognition of Prudence & Truth, that the deep state, the cultural marxists, the whole lot of crims & crooks loses that tacit consent they lose that power that tacit consent granted them to operate with impunity.

Adios motherfuckers.
BFYTW Bitchez.


Sic Semper Tyrannis


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