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Patriots stand together.



They want you divided.



Stand Together. Thats right. Divide & conquer is a timeless effective tried and true strategy no self respecting tyrant would do without. Which brings me to write about banding together as American Patriots. Lots of perspectives and opinions on this for sure.


xeroxero posted on his blog cascade free zone an interesting piece about A Taxonomy of Dissident Right Factions,  a highly suggested read. His definition of Alt-Right I’m afraid to point out, I believe is clouded by the relentless scare mongering, blatant lies and sneaky mis-direction, the cucks/so called “conservatives” of the media complex, hate and no-Trumpian fabrications/betrayal, fake media’s and hi-jackers of claim of fame, agent provocateurs, trolls, Neo-con and blood dripping bile of the neo-bolsheviks, along with the marxian fear of the zeitgeist, has made it difficult to distinguish what Alt-Right is. Regardless, Alt-Right indeed exists. O believe it defies explanation for a number of relative reasons owning to its insurgent nature. I’m not talking about those who lay claim to being its originators and those who sort of pimp Alt-Right, for lack of a better way to describe it. Like its said, it is not a movement per say. Any claim it is, our those who lay claim as leaders of it as a movement to it, is the trustworthy indicator they are not. Remember: Zeitgeist. And after all, did not Sun Tzu say that the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting? This is 4th generation war of hearts and minds. There is a couple people who I’d say have a handle on Alt-Right. Brett Stevens & Vox Day. You will notice a certain characteristic about both philosophers rather unique to them. An honesty and continuity of virtue in there writing of Alt-Right.

I put to you another thought. If it is zeitgeist, then it is Alt-Right. Not “The Alt-Right”, to me that coin is a kind of astro-turf. Its the same with Liberty. Its not “The” Liberty. Who calls the fruits of components of Liberty: “The” Happiness, “The” Prosperity? “The” Religious Freedom? “The” Freedom of Speech? Even “The” Right To Bear Arms, it is not. Sure its The Natural Right to Bear Arms when discussing this natural freedom of all men. But do you walk through the forest on a mission to employ your arms on some purpose freely, and say to yourself “The” Arms I will use to hunt for my dinner? So maybe Alt-Right is far more of something, like Alt-Right as a natural state of freedom, like Liberty?

Like everyone within the loosely termed liberty movement, (again it just seems wrong to hyphenate the ziegiest of Liberty calling it “The” liberty movement. Isn’t it like calling yourself an African American? Or some other cultural marxian revisionist bullshit use of improper hyphenated double think.  Man I got a craw full of this foul politically correct dissimulation.


I have my perspective and insights. No doubt we are all like ten thousand ants on the head of a pin floating down the Potomac on a soapbox all trying to be heard at once. Joking aside, it is a worthy subject, and one of a myriad of contentions as complex and varied as the natural born individualists we are. (We ain’t “The” natural born individualists. Sounds pretty fucking lame don’t it?)

My opinion is its much to do about not much when you get to the crux of it all. Because when it drops in the pot, and turns to a fight this kind of thing will be so different from what anyone figured, that all the notables and players now, will be occluded in a series of events unlike anything most of us figured for today. If it goes all south on us, I got this suspicion it is the political class and its adherents/hangers on, will be in for the ultimate shock of their lives. That there are millions of dirt people who had enough of this fucking bullshit, that they are a true silent plurality, running below the radar. It is just how that rolls. It is very American. Most of would rather they only leave us alone, we will be fine, we are now, and you kick this hornets nest, well you get what you been cruising foe Bitchez. All tolerance wears out pecked at and prodded enough. There’s a lot of very pissed off fed up people who are keeping their powder dry and know when the time comes they will have a bone in their teeth, that we all know what we are about, there aren’t any fears that rule us, and last resorts are saved up for particularly good and righteous reasons, something they can not stop, and will not stop till that tolerance for others is re-instated by providence, and there but for the Grace of God I go. A unique virtue of all Men of The West, a duty us dirt people save for particularly special occasions.buy-a-vowel?-bfytw

Not of the rural dirt people it may be difficult to grok some of this. In simplest terms, your a Man when you have land, when your the monarch of all you purvey, when through the tender mercies as shepard & steward of your land and its bounties, you have a unique connection not unlike love for family & friend. You invest mush riches, and in return for the lands and God’s largess, you create and nurture a bond which is unbreakable. It is life, proof of life, the connection, a primal link, everything Liberty becomes connected, family, tribe, community. The bulwark here is if we are once again a nation of farmers and artists, fabricators and craftsmen, blacksmiths and midwives, people of provincial stature, individualistic humble, God fearing folk, nobody can fuck with us. If you have questions of wrapping your mind around that, only look how dirt people and our culture is under attack constantly, the cultural and class warfare waged against us, and the truth we are not only still here, but we defy, we rebel, we resist all, and we become stronger, more unified because of it.mtn-appalachians-will-survive

I have made it my sole mission to create a tribe & community in these WV mountains where I have my landholdings. It is beautiful beyond words the genuine and heart felt comradely, of family extended, as brothers and sisters. We look out for and after each other, and with every effort extended something grows which is both beautiful audacity and possesses a motive power so indomitable, only a megaton weapon can destroy what it is.

Honorable Resistance.


mobiuswolf of The zombie apocalypse survival homestead posted a very salient comment on xeroxero’s worthy piece, which asks the question, what is the resistance? I think mobiuswolf answered it absolutely spot on. No politics there. Dead nuts on:

“We will unite behind an event, and the reaction to it. I believe this is usual. The factions aren’t so far apart, that they can’t put off arguing until after the battle is won. Great work. I didn’t know I had a group, though it’s obvious now you mention. I’d be survivalist.

It’s coming. Wait for it. Be ready.”




Most excellently stated. I wish I could sum up so much so well in so few words


I’m with you mobiuswolf on the event, because there is one commonality amongst all the factions listed and some which aren’t, actually it might be two things, many will eventually have to unite or perish if things become dire, out of necessity, common sense, and how no plan, polity, plurality, philosophy, ever survives fully intact once tactics require implementation, so too people. zeroxero talked about strategy, rather lack of a coherent one across the various “factions”. I believe there is no strategic strategy. There can’r be one. We are people without an agenda like the cultural marxists and globalist scumbags. We ain’t like that. Our strategy is our belief in being left alone. Like BFYTW. And “”I W’ONT!”: the most powerful weapon ever devised. Which is really Consent and withdrawal of Consent.


We have traditions, legacy, heritage, natural primal God given law. All these things have absolutely fucking nothing to do with or have in common nothing with man made law. Even The Second Amendment means nothing. It will go away like all things created by men. Our rights still exist no matter what man made laws give or take away. And that is the thing you have to get right with.

That is what matters. Get right with that, everything becomes self evident.

Andrew Breitbart-we-have-guns speach

“And we have guns”, as the fabulous Andrew Breitbart said. Andrew was right, God bless his soul. See guns are property before they are anything. To outlaw our guns is to outlaw everything about us, right up to outlawing us as human beings, because right to own property, eight to defend ones self, ones loved ones, ones property itself, is inseparable from everything as Freemen we are. Its the whole point, its a package deal. There is no picking out and discarding or outlawing the parts of liberty you don’t like or fear. Keeping the parts that suit your “Agenda”. Thats the difference between those who wish to deny us our God granted blessed rights and we who are Freemen. We don’t differentiate. Take the good with the bad, be 100% responsible, accountable in total completeness, and fess up like a real man when you fuck up. But the greatest aspect here is Prudence. Prudence and absence of it today is the most critical issue of our time.

And people who are Prudent, who exercise Prudence, are the most self-determining freest in mind and heart, the most indomitable, independent people who exist. And the people who everyone else wants to liquidate.


Another thing is yes the enemy of our individualism and or collective general goals of freedom & liberty is united in ways, that we are not ourselves at this stage, so essentially we all face the same thing. I think this is a very important, if not, the factor as to how it shapes the possible future. And we are individualists and self-determinists before anything. Its our nature. You have too accept the good and the bad of that and live with it. Or we would not be Freemen to begin with. Its not a weakness. Its a strength. And that strength, a trait as American’s first we all share here, by its characteristics and our natures, requires a forging in blood and tribulation before it finds the bonds that tie us together in commonality. Thats just the way of it. And I believe we are far more stronger in the far run for it come what may. 5aa9d27e8e482


Myself I was raised and never have been anything else but a rural dirt person. In my community, and I think it is safe to say in many other rural communities I’ve seen, there is simple common similarities between life long rural dirt people no matter the geographic location. There is already a built in anti-fragile component in this culture, those who remain rural dirt people through their lives, of living and thriving in adverse natural conditions common to living close to the earth and its bounty, which many other people do not experience daily. 

There is tribal and community “standards” to uphold and adhere to.

I see those who choose to return or begin a way of life such as this as potential allies, who if they can survive long enough to become naturalized are a great asset to their communities, who add into the anti-fragile legion.

Because there is a concerted influx into this plurality, it is becoming enriched by outside factors. That has also led to a considerable increase in numbers, to the point it is become what I refer to as John Mosby’s great comment, The Honorable Resistance.

Its certainly far more complex than what I’ve commented on. The over-riding outside threat to The Honorable Resistance is we are certainly targets. And we know it. The chattering classes and their elitist scalawags never cease letting us know how we are spit on & reviled for the dirt people we are. 

We make up a large portion of the despised by the elites and especially the human extinction movement aka cultural marxists. It's called Divide & Conquer

We make no mistake about it. We all know where we stand. But we have much to be thankful for, our arms and their use in our culture being just the first among a long list of positives and strengths. We aren’t going into that long good night if we have anything to do about it. We make the our enemy do that. We exist in a strong robust strategic and tactical advantage. This is our lands, they are going to have to come to us, fight on own our terms, we have geography, resources, intimate legacy knowledge of our environment. Many of us are natural born 4th Generation warriors. We have a support system already working every day, a network of family, tribes and communities. We long ago learned to live well with less. We make our own. Many of us are multi skilled & crafted. We understand the weather, the seasons. Most are very accomplished hunters, trappers, farmers, mechanics, carpenters. Most are God fearing, and people of our word, because our word is our bond to each other, or we are nothing, outcasts. Honor is everything. That is the prime investment upon which everything else grows and sustains itself on this culture.1 1 b29481360817abc4e526f1d3982ac626

So you see, its not a “faction”, or a “movement”, not a political philosophy. It is the culture that was essential to the founding of America, and it is the heritage that will have to survive, thrive & exist if American is too survive the revisionists, the corruption, the hubris, and tyranny of the human extinction movement.




Redress in all its forms is the most legitimate form of Liberty that exists


















































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