My only comment, because nothing else needs said, because Phil put it perfectly: If you read this and don’t go over to Phil’s place where he wrote & posted it I’ll kick your arse, because we are all in this together, and together is the only way we win.  For They Know Not What They Do



For They Know Not What They Do

I have been saying for several years now that the United States is currently fighting an undeclared Cold Stage Civil War and if you have been paying the slightest bit of attention to current events during that time period the facts point towards my being absolutely correct.


During that time, things have gotten progressively worse ( no pun intended).


The most recent developments being the continued, unrelenting attack on the 2nd Amendment and lawful gun owners at every turn, up to and including repeated calls to actually abolish the 2nd Amendment completely.


Let me just put a little something into perspective for those fucking people.

dem map

Do you see what I see?


These people are clustered in certain small geographical areas, quite a few with no avenues for retreat.

They literally have large oceans at their backs.

Allow me to make this potential final conflict scenario so clear that even a Bernie Sanders supporter can see what I am getting at here.


These illustrated clusters above are where all of these calls for stricter gun laws and the wailing about repealing the 2nd Amendment come from.


I believe it is time for a Wake Up Call for these people.


Let me put it to you this way.

If you want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, you have my blessings to give it your best shot.

Of course, there is this one pesky little detail that you need to address first before you can do that and that little detail is either getting 2/3 of both the House and the Senate to vote in favor of it or getting 38 states to become expert cat herders and all get together in agreement at a Constitutional Convention.

Just FYI, of all of the 27 amendments so far, zero have come from that process.

Take your best shot and yes that pun is intended, you thick headed dolts.

Every single day, I read one, two or five articles or posts asking if we are coming closer to a Civil War and I just have to chuckle to myself.

We are in a Civil War right fucking now you idiots.

It just hasn’t gotten to the shooting part yet.

I guess that is what they are really asking, are we in a Hot war yet.


Many of those same authors have come to the same conclusion I did years ago, it is getting closer and closer to the point that it is going to be inevitable.


It’s a shame really, but about the only consolation I can see is that it’s not going to be some long, drawn out process this time boys and girls.

Oh Hell no.

Please refer to those maps up above and see if you can’t follow my reasoning.

There is a small but extremely vociferous segment of our society who ,for some inexplicable to me reason, can’t leave other people alone to live their lives as they see fit.

The majority of the rest of us just want to be left the fuck alone. We have enough problems keeping roofs over our heads, food on the table and shoes on our kids feet.

You don’t see us out rattling peoples cages telling them how they should live their lives and what they can and can’t do in that process, because WE DON”T FUCKING CARE what other people do as long as it doesn’t fuck with us while they are doing it.


But no, they aren’t going to stop and they are doing their damndest to make our lives as miserable as theirs must be because they are so fucking busy trying to run ours that they can’t possibly have time to run their own.

As the old saying goes, I have some bad news for you Sunshine.


There is another old saying that you are about to become very familiar with,

Fuck around and find out.

Americans are pretty slow to anger as a group generally.

There are levels of anger too.

We do a lot of bitching but when we get seriously pissed the fuck off, shit happens.

Really, fucking, bad, shit.

Y’all keep fucking with us and you are….. going to find out.

In a big fucking hurry.

As in weeks, not years.

Since I know most of these gun grabbing assholes don’t live in the same reality as the rest of us, let me show you exactly what the fuck I am talking about.

Do you remember the Million Biker Run to Washington DC back in 2015?

There were so many bikers that rode from all over this country into Washington D.C.  for a protest that the Obama administration collectively SHIT THEIR PANTS and blacked out the news coverage on it. They shut down the traffic camera systems so no one could see just how many pissed off Americans showed up and shut their little village down.

As a matter of fact, try searching for any news articles about it on Google and see for yourself how they have scrubbed it too.

That was just the guys and gals who had motorcycles and they weren’t pissed off enough to be killing anybody. Hell, they didn’t even loot a single liquor store.

Now take your wildest, worst case scenario and substitute genocidal gun owners for people who own motorcycles.


That, is what these socialist idiots are actively begging for and at this point , I see absolutely no reason for it not to happen.


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