Thats Consent Bitchez!

Too many still don’t get it:



Trump and his compatriots are waging a war of a different kind of mis-direction. Nothing is as it seems. It is not to brainwash or control us but to keep the various factions of the clowns called the deep state and permanent state occupied and off balance. Its propaganda arm called the 5th Column of the crisis as a means media, and their bedfellows within the intelligentsia have ended up behind the 8 ball.

These actors have about zero flexibility. Entrenched in dogma and agenda pre-ordained by Marxian theory, really have no defense, or offense against the insurgent strategy of the so called White Hats. This is a whole new kind of intelligence warfare they are having to counter. Aside from the fact they are in a serious pickle where they are having to react instead of shaping the information and political battle field.

You got to understand where these people come from, who indoctrinated them, their mind state, and their lack of the mental tools to get out in front of Trump and politically assassinate his persona and popularity, never mind his administration, which isn’t an administration, not a regime, not an organized crime syndicate. It is a collection of guerrilla fighters who aren’t in control for the power politics and access to the wealth inherent. They are there to destroy the deep state or whatever it is called, and make MAGA. Nobody in politics has ever seen the likes of these people behind MAGA, they don’t know who most of them are, they have absolutely nothing to do with the political elites network, therefor they are outside that loop of power as usual. None of them can get a handle or a read of tactics and strategy of Trump. It leaves them isolated, unable to influence or steer the ship of state.

Every time they and their ilk in the fake media think they got Trump or his implementation of MAGA right where they need him to undermine and oust in a palace coup he and his dedicated compatriots, they are multiple steps beyond what seems readily apparent.

How many times have we read or been told Trump is finished. Kaput! Trump is now owned by the deep state. They got Trump right where they want him. So much for MAGA. Trump is just like all the rest….blah…blah…blah.

Every time same tired old cliches’ same talking points same rote spin same agitprop same propaganda same lies same old attacks on his intelligence, his mental acuity, his political acumen, his fitness for holding office, and Ol’ Trump hoodwinks everyone.

And all along Trumps clear stated goals and promises move along at a steady solid pace. When Trump is faced with the usual actors and their stunts designed to thwart MAGA, he just goes around them, or uses their tactics against them, crazy like a fox. he outsmarts and out maneuvers them all. He OODA Loop’s them. Bang Boom your out!

You can see the desperation. They are pulling out the plugs in the elitist damn trying to catch him. The cucks are at WOT, wide open throttle writing insidious eulogies about Trumps demise, his utter failures to see what they so wisely understand, what this neanderthal with orange hair and a Twitter account could never imagine.

If you only had these worthies to read and listen to, you would think Ol’ Trump should have been a complete failure within months of his inauguration as President. Congress would have brought Articles of Impeachment for such an inept fool & idiot. 

Every time we turn around some world spanning biblical level disaster is about to befall us due to Trump. Every time the guy employs his tactics and strategy to make America First in all things from treaties to military action, the world is about to end, Trump will cause a global wide holocaust of military, economic or political disaster. Every time.

Every Time.

Ah, excuse me. Where? Do you see any of these disasters?

Man I been looking, can’t seem to find anything… but Winning. Every time all I seen is America, The American dirt people, first. Like aaaah, in America First?

Oh the horror!

The horror of America first. Oh sweet Lord please save us from this disaster!

What I do see, is a group of people who been in power so long they can’t see the forest for the trees to put it very politely, people so entrenched in their political power & influence, so mired in the proceeds of scamming and stealing every buck not nailed down right to the Republics seed corn, who in their wildest darkest thoughts, can not except the truth us dirt people had us the greatest peaceful polite color revolution in all of history on a day November 2016.

It is unimaginable to these fuckers, and motherfuckers they are, that we said together “We Won’t!” We said to ourselves “I Won’t!”

How dare us!

The most powerful weapon ever devised:

Thats Consent Bitchez!

Its called Audacity.

Its called motive power.

Its called Will of The Governed.

Its called BFYTW.

Remember, they said it first. They rubbed our faces in it: “Elections Have Consequences”

You Ain’t Kidding Baby.

Read that Alt-Agitprop up there again.

Take your time…Savior the Juxtaposition.

Payback. Enjoy the rubbing of their faces in a dialectic they so often lorded over us.


So it turns out all the missiles launched targeted closed down empty sites. Word is Trump provided warnings of when and where. Rumors the whole thing was for the purposes of deconfliction between Trump & Putin, to satiate the blood lust of the neocon faction of the deep state, and as a method of now having face to withdraw from the Levant. General Mattis is said to have played a major role.

There is a pattern to this. We see it in a myriad of forms with President Trump. Things, (except Trumps avowed promises to the American people, which are not up for compromise), are never what they appear to be. Indeed, as the results are always to the positive after the rending of hair and brutal despair over a supposed bone headed move by POTUS.

Ol’ Trump loves to throw out some political class elite bait, let them all chew on it, and fucking reef on the line thus setting the hook so deep they are powerless to fight back effectively. Its the greatest show on Earth. Trump is nothing if he isn’t a showman, a really tricky character to pin down. The political class has not once effectively counteracted Trump. The guy is pretty darn slick. I think that comes from in part having an effective plan, implementing it with smart capable non state actors. He plays state actors like a fiddle.  They lay claim to abilities and political capital, but seen are left in a cloud of MAGA dust. Fired. Excommunicated from Trumps core team of effectives.

Its easy to loose sight of the trees for the forest of bullshit pouring out of the swamp, in actuality, is draining the swamp, by way of exposing various state actors as frauds and incompetent. Trump’s existence in the Oval Office has not only done serious permanent damage to political correctness, he and his compatriots have shattered the order of the lowest common denominator which has been the statist’s quo for state actors/politico’s for better than a century. That alone is a revolution against the powers that be.

Things are not what they appear with making America Great Again.

Wheels within wheels within wheels.

Me, I like the guy. As time passes I admire Trump more and more. If for nothing else I think he is a decent fellow, he gives a shit, not afraid of putting his money where his mouth is. And that my support really matters. All our support is extremely important. We can not risk being subjects any longer, nor should we be, subjects of divide and conquer. All around there’s people loosing hope or faith in Trump. Jumping the gun to scream out told you so, trumps just another corrupted swamp dweller. Damn people, get a fucking grip. We just came out of 8 years of the most foul corrupt nasty hateful psychotic regime of clowns, dirty stinking’ commies, retards, elite inbreds, and losers imaginable.

Did you forget already? Got tired of Winning? Let yourself be a sucker, a useful dupe of the fake media and its agent provocateurs who infiltrate every medium and platform, from comment threads to writing under the guise of “conservative” journalists?

You can’t be that box of rocks stupid to fall for that major fucking horse shit after everything we know about the media and intellegentsia. Time to get our shit together. Support Trump and MAGA, get right with things needed to be prepared for when there is no more President Donald Trump. Because if the usual actors are not flushed out in a damn break holding back the fetid soup called the swamp, it will be payback time on crank. You can bet your last buck these scumbags from the pants suit psychopath to your local leftist neighborhood gadfly and government snitch, will be gunning for us dirt people who dared defy them. Literally.

I’ll quote Vox Day here. The guy being far more eloquent and well spoken than I can be:


The symbolic strike option

It appears that my expectations were more or less correct. But now that the US has opted for the symbolic strike, what are the implications? The Saker discussed this very possibility three days ago, even as he worried about mutual escalation:

The truth is that Russia would never be a credible threat to the AngloZionist Hegemony if it was not for the innumerable self-inflicted disasters the Empire has been absorbing year after year after year. In reality, Russia is no threat to anybody at all. And even China would not be a threat to the Empire if the latter was not so arrogant, so over-stretched, so ignorant, reckless and incompetent in its actions.

Let me just give one simple, but stark, example: not only does the US not have anything remotely resembling a consistent foreign policy, it does not even have any ministry of foreign affairs. The Department of State does not deal with diplomacy simply because the US leaders don’t believe in diplomacy as a concept. All the DoS does is issue threats, sanctions, ultimatums, make demands, deliver score-cards (on human rights and the like, of all things!) and explain to the public why the US is almost constantly at war with somebody. That is not “diplomacy” and the likes of Nikki Haley are not diplomats. In fact, the US has no use for International Law either, hence the self-same Nikki Haley openly declaring at a UNSC meeting that the US is willing to ignore the decisions of the UNSC and act in complete violation of the UN Charter. Simply put: thugs have no need for any diplomacy. They don’t understand the concept.

Just like their Israeli masters and mentors, the Americans have convinced themselves that all they need to be successful on the international scene is to either threaten the use of force or actually use force. This works great (or so it seems) in Gaza or Grenada, but when dealing with China, Russia or Iran, this monomaniacal approach rapidly shows its limitations, especially when your force is really limited to shooting missiles from afar or murdering civilians (neither the US nor Israel nor, for that matter, the KSA has a credible “boots on the ground” capability, hence their reliance on proxies).

The Empire is failing, fast, and for all the talk about “Animal Assad” or “Rocket Man” being in need of AngloZionist punishment, the stakes are the survival of Hegemony imposed upon mankind at the end of WWII and, again, at the end of the Cold War, and the future of our planet. There cannot be one World Hegemon and a multipolar world order regulated by international law. It’s an either-or situation. And in that sense, this is all much bigger than Syria or even Russia.

There is still a chance that the AngloZionists will decide to strike Syria symbolically, as they did last year following the previous chemical false flag in Khan Sheikhoun (Trump has now probably tweeted himself into a corner which makes some kind of attack almost inevitable). Should that happen though, we should not celebrate too soon as this will just be a minor course change, the 21st-century anti-Russia Crusade will continue, most likely in the form of a Ukronazi attack on the Donbass.

While I think the Saker misses the point that Trump is not a creature of the Empire and is probably the primary target of its attempts to wield its influence, I suspect that he is correct that the neocons’ anti-Russian campaign will continue, although I expect its focus to shift to Iran next, rather than Ukraine.

And this commenter has it right: In its essence, U.S. foreign policy boils down to someone’s attempt to establish Satan’s kingdom on earth as per Isaiah 14:13,14.

But not just U.S. foreign policy. As another commenter observed, Russia appears to be placing the blame for both recent false flags squarely on Britain. And Britain was also involved in the attacks, which may indicate that any Russian retaliation is going to be directed at British interests.

Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld has a more regional and historical take on the situation:

With so many interests, native and foreign, involved, a way out does not seem in sight. Nor can the outcome be foreseen any more than that of the Thirty Years’ War could be four years after the beginning of the conflict, i.e. 1622. In fact there is good reason to believe that the hostilities have just begun. Additional players such as Lebanon and Jordan may well be drawn in. That in turn will almost certainly bring in Israel as well. Some right-wing Israelis, including several ministers, actually dream of such a scenario. They hope that the fall of the Hashemite Dynasty and the disintegration of Jordan will provide them with an opportunity to repeat the events of 1948 by throwing the Palestinians out of the West Bank and into Jordan.

That, however, is Zukunftmusik, future music as the Germans say. As of the present, the greatest losers are going to be Syria and Iraq. Neither really exists any longer as organized entities, and neither seems to have a future as such an entity. The greatest winner is going to be Iran. Playing the role once reserved for Richelieu, the great 17th century French statesman, the Mullahs are watching the entire vast area from the Persian Gulf to Latakia on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean turn into a maelstrom of conflicting interests they can play with. Nor are they at all sorry to see Turks and Kurds kill each other to their hearts’ contents.

What is most interesting, to me, is that despite their very different perspectives, both the Saker and van Creveld recognize that the “liberal factions” in Syria were false fronts for ISIS.

UPDATE: Russia Insider called it correctly ahead of time.

The latest news is that now the Russian and American militaries are frantically talking, helped by Israelis (Netanyahu himself!), and the Turks (NATO members after all, but de facto Russian allies), trying to figure a way out of this Mexican standoff. Some experts are saying that it will go down like last time: the Americans will notify the Russians in advance of the targets, the Russians (and most Syrians whom the Russians will inform) will leave them, the strikes will be all for show, and the Russians and Syrians will get on with pulverizing Al Qaeda. The Syrians have already moved their planes to Russian bases, so, no, Syria will not lose its air force. Everyone saves face, and the world moves on.

Interesting, though not surprising, that Mad Dog Mattis is credited as being the voice of reason responsible for the “de-conflicting” on the US side. And I note that he does have blue eyes.


POSTED BY VD @ 4/14/2018 04:58:00 AM

Day before Vox posted:


FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2018

Flirting with WWIII

President Trump has ordered “precision missile strikes” in order to let Assad know that the US will not tolerate the false flags of its proxies. Or something.

President Donald Trump said he had approved military strikes on Syria in retaliation for an apparent chemical attack by the regime of Bashar al-Assad on a rebel town.

“A short time ago I ordered the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes” on targets associated with Syria chemical weapons, Trump said in remarks Friday night.

Trump said the strikes would be carried out in coordination with France and the U.K.

Trump’s statement on U.S. policy toward Syria came after days of speculation that the U.S. would launch a strike against Syria in retaliation for an apparent chemical weapons attack last weekend that killed scores of civilians.

Idiocy, of course. But it strikes me as Trump trying to look like he’s doing something without provoking a serious response.

The problem is this: The Russian military said on 13 March it would respond to any US strike on Syria, targeting any missiles and launchers involved in such an attack.

UPDATE: Syria’s capital has been rocked by loud explosions that lit up the sky with heavy smoke as U.S. President Donald Trump announced airstrikes in retaliation for the country’s alleged use of chemical weapons. Associated Press reporters in Damascus saw smoke rising from east Damascus early Saturday morning local time. Syrian state TV says the attack has begun on the capital, though it wasn’t immediately clear what was targeted.

This all looks insanely stupid and totally pointless. I hope this is all some sort of kabuki allowing the God-Emperor to declare martial law and drain the swamp. Consider:

  1. Dumbest, most unnecessary, and most poorly timed “chemical attack” ever.
  2. Bizarre overreaction on the part of the President.
  3. Uncharacteristically strong and public pre-reaction on the part of the ordinarily patient Russians.

I’m not saying this is the case, I’m just saying that I won’t be very surprised if after some missile strikes and the sinking of one or two of the US Navy’s older ships, martial law is declared, all of the God-Emperor’s domestic enemies are arrested, and last-minute personal negotiations between Trump and Putin save the day and avert World War III.

And, as always, I advise patience before reaching any conclusions. Remember, this is not the first time. It won’t be the last time. Relax.


6 thoughts on “Thats Consent Bitchez!

    • I’m looking forward to when they begin to get out in larger numbers than the few who are “retiring” from the Congress. Talk about preference cascade. Without the illusion of power and legitimacy, a day that is inexorably coming, they will fold like rats escaping a burning ship.
      We all know they all know whats been going down for too long. Everything else is bullshit.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The bombing of Syria was seriously stupid. There is no proof or evidence that Assad was stupid enough to do something like this. Yes, it does look like kabuki theater to me.
    I’m guessing this was some more of that 186D chess playing again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfettered Syrian airspace, 122 cruise missiles, funny how not a single Syrian casualty from the Trump orchestrated “bombing”. Sure looks like deconfliction and Nationalistic face saving for at least three nationalistic orientated leaders of Syria, Russia, & the USofA.
      Yet the next day the Israeli’s killed & wounded 120, destroy a number of facilities, with a couple of bombers.

      Different agenda’s, different goals, different intent, different intended interests/outcomes.

      Remember couple weeks back Trump announced withdrawal from the Levant.
      Coincidently another Syrian perpetrated chemical warfare attack on his own people on his own sovereign soil, on the eve of Assad winning almost everything.
      Trump’s actions indicate he is resisting the neo-cons and their war mongering machine. It was a token attack. Puts him in position that because he “went along with their blood/war profiteering he now has the political leverage to pull US troops out.

      WIKI Leaks releases very revealing secret diplomatic cable right after the fake media claims Assange has been effectively neutralized:

      And we can’t forget the lovely payroll patriots at the CIA, the secret rouge arm of the deep state, with the Clinton State Department and its role in ousting Gaddafi, and subsequent use of Libya as an arms trafficking conduit for the development of ISIS.

      Everything is linked. There are no isolated unrelated spontaneous innocent events.
      Understanding that answers a lot of questions and reveals many things. It also contrasts well non-deep state actions.


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