Outlier Thoughts: Only Psychopaths Are Insane Enough To Try To Dis-Arm Us of Our Rifles


The US Constitution may it be one thing or another, for all its wart’s and good aspects only lasted long as it has because of the natural property ownership clause called the 2nd Amendment. 

The 2nd Amendment stipulates the primal ownership rights to personal property are inviolate. And the use of that property is at the sole discretion of the people. No. One. Else. Nothing. Else.

Our arms, swords pistols rifles shotguns, etc are our property. That is the first thing.

You would think the obvious fact after 236 years and ownership of 100’s of millions of guns of all types, we the people, if we are as evil  as those who benefit from dis-arming us say we are, we would have used our arms to overthrow our government a long time ago for our benefit.

It asks, no it begs the question here: just who are the true enemies of this USofA?

Interestingly and as telling it matters not even a hoot what anyone or anything says about it, even those of us who own weapons. That is how inviolate this clause is.

This great issue of our time, it has nothing to do with ink on a piece of parchment, and everything to do with a battle incessant from the time of the birth of the human race. Indeed, the moment the clause was immortalized for all to see by all who before had struggled and paid for its inherent idea of self defense with any & all weapons, is the moment tyrants and tyranny was put on notice they and it would not stand.


And that for all the bullshit, has worked exactly as intended. To date, the final arbiter of this war has not taken place and that is a great and good thing. For the outcome of that has never been in question by those who presume to take our rifles, because if there was doubt about how effective and dangerous to the hoplophobes we and our arms are, the contest would have entered its ultimate phase long ago.

They may want to dis-arm us desperately as we stand in their way, in fact as events prove, we are all that stands in their way. Yet they can not risk everything on an insane gambit as coming directly for our guns, even though ridding us and our guns is exactly what is required, so they make flanking moves,  recognizance in force, probing attacks, piecemeal, taking nibbles here, little bites there, slowly eroding the myriad of facets of the God given scripture of righteous self defense. Yet still, the meat of the matter exists nonetheless. It is we who choose to bear arms for come what may. They can not dis-arm us so they will outlaw us as people. Next best thing.

Me? I think they are sticking their dicks in a fucking meat grinder.

So go right ahead. because once the pushback starts, there is nothing on this mortal coil which can stop such comeuppence once began. 

It will run its course till Our Liberty’s enemies are vanquished.

It is how this whole thing rolls. This is so different from anything else before it, not a soul, you me or our avowed enemies have any idea how large the can of Whoop Arse they will open. Then again, more than a little cheese has to have fallen of your cracker to take on the largest most well equipped small unit infantry guerrilla  force on Earth.

The eventual outcome goes like this, it is inevitable: The exact opposite motive power will be created in logarithmic scale in appropriate portion against the hoplophobe’s as they extend & squander what little political power in overreach as they attempt to “outlaw” private property and “people” who own that specific personal property, which purpose of said property is to protect and defend both the same property & people to begin with from this exact evil.

It is not our rifles they want to take.

It is us as free and self determining men they hope to outlaw, otherwise known as Genocide.

Our rifles are only as dangerous a deterrent & bulwark against tyrants as the Men of The West who are brave enough to not be denied their God given primal birth right to Arms.

Once the 2nd Amendment was established as a clause of right to arms and property, there was no stuffing this inalienable concept of sovereign natural rights back in its bottle. 

Nothing else within that parchment means anything without the 2nd Amendment.

Everything, all the Amendments, good or bad notwithstanding, all the precepts and actualization, would not exist here right now today if not for that one simple clause about property shall not be infringed. 

The bottom line is if this Republic’s people can be dis-armed, it is like killing ten birds with one stone. You emasculate Men. You deny Men the ability to defend their wives, children, their family and tribe, communities, their culture, faith, not mention their country.

Now a little history to put things in proper perspective:

(courtesy of The Feral Irishman)

Sound Familiar?




The old useless rationalization from the resistance is futile crowd, “the government has tanks and nuclear weapons.”


Then there is this, the lie the government makes the laws. Nothing is further from the truth. Man made law, by extension the illusion of power men have supersedes natural primal God granted Law. Two very different things. It is the ultimate which came first, the chicken or the egg? Seriously.

If you like to argue the point, the framework of the primal born with right to choose to defend ones self is as old as the human race. An idea which has never changed from its basic form of a right.

New consider this: Is a little bit of slavery OK?

How about a little bit of genocide?

Is little bit of police state detention without probable cause OK? Other wise known as Habeas Corpus, the fundamental burden of proof lies with the government known as 4th Amendment.

We as a nation, as Freemen, gave, give, our government our trust it will honor these fundamental components of Liberty. The benefit of the doubt. We trust our government to hold up its side of the equation called a Republic which constitutes republican form of government. We. Are. Not. A. Democracy. We are a republic. Very important distinction. yet every day we are bombarded with we are a democracy, from every media and academic source, and 99.99% of the political class. It could not be further from the truth this democracy we are supposedly are. Democracy is rule of the mob. The exact thing Hillary Clinton and her ilk depended upon to hand her a dictatorship love stock & barrel.  This mob rule, “Democracy” very well may have been the last nail in the cultural marxian coffin the Marxists spent a century and a half constructing.



It is why they are so furious and gone totally bonkers over loosing and we Freemen of this Republic refused to comply with mob rule when we voted that November night in 2016. We pulled off the greatest form of Republicanism imaginable outside of using our rifles to defend & preserve our Republic. A Color Revolution. It literally came out of nowhere’s far as the losers are concerned. Blind sided them. But whether they knew or not doesn’t matter. What does is MAGA is really something else, something very unique, you can say very special in all activities political and cultural. We became a plurality, a plurality of people who first would not be denied, secondly we pulled of the most exact form of employing our consent as designed by the framers, by withdrawing our consent for Democracy. That sea of Red across the map of the USofA is bonified pure unadulterated defiance of the ruling class and their agenda. It is why they are all tired in a knot. They can not do anything about loosing. They lost, they lost regardless of their carefully planned gerrymandering, they lost with 3-5% margin of vote fraud cooked into the pre-planned media decade of the 16 election, they lost so bad, every dirty trick and felonious action designed to exactly secure the election based on the assumed polling numbers, the cooked in percentage of both vote rigged counties and states, ended up far short of what was actually required to win.

Now if I was one of the scalawags involved in rigging this election for the pantsuit psychopath, I would be earned pissed off and yes, very worried, because part of rigging the election was to have the kind of power that can be abused only a President of The United States is entrusted with, power that can make treason and high crimes disappear. And now these scalawags are hanging with their arses in the wind with no protection for their terrible deeds.

Is it any wonder why we are despised. Why us dirt people are a Basket of Deplorable’s? We have the great honor of not only being reviled by this statist cabal, we are feared now. Because we are not only armed to the teeth, we are a Plurality, who beat all the odds against us, we defeated decades, maybe a century of agitprop and brainwashing where we are supposed to be so dumbed down and dejected, we would never rise up against our masters and throw the bums out.

We would never say as a group “I Won’t!”

Or “MYOB!”

Is it easy to grok why they are pulling out the stops to go after our rifles? It is the same thing as to why they call our excellent combat rifles “Assault Rifles”.

They call our AR15’s and AK47’s “Assault Rifles” because they fear we will use our rifles to assault them for what they have and are done to us.

It is that base.


This is about who has guns and who does not. Who controls the gun and who is controlled by the gun. It is about the ultimate application of power. Raw – Naked – Power.

Raw naked power, because the minute our Republic and that trust we give it is abused, usurped, this Republic looses it’s legitimacy, and the only way it can rule over us is with fear as a tool. Fear it will use threat of force and application of violence to compile the people to grant it their consent. Consent, like our guns, are things which can only be given, by choice. Even if the tyrants put a gun to my head and say if I do not comply I get a boolet in my brain. Know what? I still have a choice. I still have to choose. Nobody can force me, I in the end, ultimately no matter what, choose that boolit or not.

That is why our guns are so dangerous. It is what they represent, even more than their physical power to express our consent or withdrawal of that consent. Our rifles are a natural primal rightful force multiplier.

Can you see why its not the Hoplophobes who are so dangerous, it is we who choose to keep our consent, to arm ourselves, it is we who are what stands in these tyrants way and block their taking to thrones of ultimate totalitarian raw naked power. It was never man made laws which inhibit such tyrants, never ink on a piece of parchment, to is what we are blessed with from conception, the natural born legitimacy of the sovereign to defend and protect his own.

Chicken or the egg?

Everything else is fucking bullshit.

Just who else wants our arms?

Go ahead, give it a good think.

Who in all this world would go to the incredible lengths, over the course of our history right up to today, spend billions, generations, wants to dis-arm us?

That tells the story if you have the answer. Tells you everything.



Is there anything as fearful as a man & his rifle who refuses to comply?

screen-shot-2018-03-08-at-9-10-42-am1 1_190m_p4nxur3wEt1u653o0o1_1280


In answer to my own question, are the elite insane enough to take out guns, I think so. Its the nature if such things. These are people who have stopped at nothing to date, in the quest for ultimate power. It has transpired over time bit by bit, till there is almost nothing left they haven’t hoisted a leg over and marked it with their piss as theirs. They only haven’t gotten to the stage of totalitarian confiscation/outlaw of our weapons and our selves, but they are edging closer from a myriad of directions. Sneaking up on it have you.

Note the “conservative” party, the “right”, are absent from the dialectic. Nothing unusual to the less left wing faction of the “Uniparty.” Mum’s the word, so you can take it as proof positive they already sold us out, it is their purpose, to give appearance of legitimacy to the left in their crusade to his-arm America. They haven’t lifted a pinky in defense of our God granted last resorts.

There is no more accurate proof that this is a new kind of opening of creating a nation wide federal sanctioned gun grab. They will continue to push and antagonize us armed American’s till they cause the needed circumstances required to justify dis-armament. And if we do not comply with becoming the evil appearing gun owners required, they will continue to incorporate false flag and crisis as a means tactics to produce the optics and false perceptions suitable to the agenda of dis-arming this country.

It is not hyperbole or exaggeration. It is plain truth. I suspect there is a crucial series of circumstances involved, where the general factor involves moments of opportunity, the windows of timing, where the interconnected strategies of the agenda depend on certain predicted/expected results, leading through forecasted intended consequences, a staged series of events sequentially lead to desired outcomes, which are suddenly in disarray, thrown out of sequence, unbalancing the marxian timetable of expected human behavior and activity.

My list of expected results not conforming to the long march catalogued outcomesThe expected race/civil/class war has not come to fruition, regardless of the incessant media/hive mind collectives efforts of decades of effort. Regardless how ugly and hateful. They have had to employ more and more astro-turf actors and false flag events, with literally zero desired outcomes other than further radicalize this who would be radicals already.

The radical chic career federal actors who are deliberately cultivated and advanced into appropriate positions of heinous power abuse within critical federal agencies has not delivered the fruit of absolute power over every facet in the sphere of the peoples lives, which Maoist and Leninist Communist regimes produced with their respective Nomenklaturer class of government tyranny. The intelligentsia of the ivy league breeding chambers must be pretty sore over their Frankfurt theories falling flat on their faces. After a century of infiltration and the resources wasted, they couldn’t beat down never mind predict a little ol’ orange revolution? These supposed brain trusts are deemed the Intelligentsia for a reason. All they got to show for it is Tide Pod eating, crybully tantrum, victimology brat, little red diaper babies with Che’ T-shirts and a 3td rate B movie class of black clad idiots who call themselves ant-racists. It is pretty ridiculous. They really really have to take our guns now. There’s nothing for it. Seriously, everything they have tried has basically failed to produce the important required results. Sure its a pain in the ass for the rest of us, but we only have to maintain our legitimacy, something that is natural to us, while these idiots have to employ an entire world spanning media and social construct to retain a fig leaf of legitimacy. They actually are not only fighting our defiance and audacity, but their own constant crisis of legitimacy.

It was approaching the raw naked power stage in terms of eventuality, if the string of American Regimes from the Bush’s to the Clinton redux crime syndicate was not stopped. Thank you dirt people, The Deplorable’s pulled off the greatest color revolution in history. Though you would be hard pressed to find any reference to color revolution in almost any news/journalistic medium. It has been a brilliant blackout campaign to deny flyover nation its due for total defiance of the political class on 11/9/16. A brilliant agitprop campaign to keep the Normies from knowing such an event even is possible never mind it happened in living color. For the rest of us dirt people, we know we pulled off a coup thought all but impossible. Pat yourself on the back. We ain’t dine or down & out by any measure. We are biding our time and keeping an ear to the ground.

So going after our arms is pretty predictable. What else they going to do? Give up and take their ball, go home? I suspect they are going on momentum, inertia. In the final equation, cultural marxism is a total complete fail. It offers nothing. Only destruction, disguised as fantasy utopia for only for sycophants and other cannon fodder of human extinction movements.

Funny thing is they where on the threshold of taking the gloves off. With relish, with the ordain installation of the Pants Suit Psychopath mass murderess. The expected time of the purge and pogrom, the resulting genocide of dirt people mouth breathing knuckle dragging white trash and a unicorn democracy where everyone gets a free sex change and child sex slave pizzeria’s on every corner, a hedonistic fairy tale land existed. Those crying millions over the greatest political loss imaginable, was a certain kind of justice which changed everything in an instant.

I doubt there is anything the political class despises more than that rabbit we pulled out of our hat. If that is possible to hate and fear us more than they already have. Which is pretty cool, because desperate oligarchies make really poor choices outside their comfort zones. They are not a robust resourceful bunch with indomitable spirit and motive power, withdrawal of consent bestows upon dirt people. This is a way of hearts & minds. We are winning far as I can see. Every day more awake. Every day people join the Honorable Resistance. They get right with their faiths, their self sufficiency both physical and mental, their self determination grows, expands, becoming a household idea you implement as a standard operating feature of becoming natural Freemen. Like Alt-Right, its not a movement, it is a Zeitgeist. A practical Gestalt which honors tradition, legacy, preserves culture, admires and institutes the “old ways”, things long won hard learned over centuries, because they work, because they are natural to our freedom and liberty.

People are building the old precinct system of the Compact Theory: Self-Family-Tribe-Village/Community-Precinct-County-State. The burgeoning roots of this provincial providence are being replanted & revived. Its a long path, and we probably can not go back all the way, but is it necessary to go all that way back, this is after all the future, and a legacy handed down through time to us.

We certainly have taken a large leap of faith in MAGA, on our dignity of Liberty. We ain’t out of the woods yet. There is after Trump we must be ready for. These scum and villainy will come at us with a vengeance unseen before. They are desperate as desperate can be politically to take our guns. They have to now, before Trump is no longer POTUS, because this is their last, only chance remaining. It is us with our rifles is all that stands in their way.

Who else is there?




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