DOS Attack On Brett Steven’s Alt-Right Blog Amerika

As Mr. Steven states, “they fear us”. They are afraid of Alt-Right. This is a positive. It signifies Alt-Right is inevitable. Every day everything they do to stop Alt-Right validates Alt-Right precepts:

ALT-RIGHT-MOTW-Validation-Wins copy









 Under DOS Attack By Scared Leftists

You may have found it difficult to access this site since Friday, May 4, 2018 because an angry group of Leftists have been engaging in a denial-of-service attack against this site and its anti-SJW metal brethren. The bad news is that this took us down intermittently for five days, but the good news is that it shows they fear us.

Leftists realize that 2018 is a huge year because we are fifty years past the Great Revolution of 1968. During that time, Leftist policies have been revealed to (1) fail to fix the problems they claimed were inherent in the old order, and (2) produce even worse problems.

This has caused panic on the Left. They know their time is ending.

In response, they have unleashed an orgy of violence, repression, and censorship — much as history predicted they would do, based on the events in France in the 1700s and Russia in the 1900s — and have attacked what they see as the most accurate voices against them. We are proud to be on that list.

Thank you to all who have written, sent help, bought books, donated time, donated money, and most of all, not given up. They did not break you, and they have not broken us.

Now on to the good details. This DOS attack consisted of two prongs: a TCP/IP-based attack against the machine that hosts several of our sites, and an HTTP-based attack against our PHP-based scripts. Our host, Dreamhost, managed to block the former attack, and with some crufty old 1990s know-how, we have lessened the latter.

You can see one Leftist crowing about the attack — which also assaulted and American Renaissance, among others — via the Tweet pictured above.

Unfortunately for this Leftist, we have the IP addresses of his friends who are participating in the second prong of the attack. Links go to ARIN which will tell you which ISP owns this address. For the first prong, we think a rented botnet was used, possibly of Russian origin.

RTWT…at Brett’s excellent Amerika

Other blogs and sites are under attack also. The enemy is facing loss of decades, billions of dollars, generations of marxists. Their precious long march is in political disarray. Every day more and more American’s are seceding from cultural marxism, turning their backs and reaching for traditions, legacy, truth, happiness, prosperity. MAGA. Winning.

We had one little color revolution on November 8, 2016. Along with one amazing guy goes by the name of Trump, and the best laid plans of destruction of our culture, traditions, and liberty are nearing KAPUT!

That right there, kind of speaks volumes the marxists and their cabal offer us nothing. To go down and face defeat, implode as their human extinction movement is beginning to do, for such a simple thing as 65+ million dirt people withdrew their consent.

There is nothing as powerful as a plurality of dirt people who say Enough!


AR-resistance is always fertile





5 thoughts on “DOS Attack On Brett Steven’s Alt-Right Blog Amerika

  1. It’s the 27 of May, and it seems like has been taken down. I can’t access the website and even the googlecache pages appear to have gone. Any idea what’s going on?


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    • Glad you asked and are thinking of Brett. Really great guy.
      The neo-bolsheviks at Goolag have an Alt-Right Men of The West hit list of blogs sites and people they are trying to take off the internet. There’s a crew of hackers backed by Gulags resources making the DOS attacks.
      Which is really awesome. They are afraid of us where they are trying to stop Alt-Right like it is a movement such as The Tea Party.
      Brett last word was he is going to an alternative blog host and acquiring robust tech support.
      A lot of us are amazed WordPress hasn’t been converged yet. We are probably going to have to go Alt-Tech as Vox Day has been saying for awhiles now, and proved out with Infogalactic, the Alt-Right Comic books and Castalia House. Like how GAB has done.

      They can’t stop the message, and Alt-Right is inevitable, because when they try this stupid stuff they only validate Alt-Right further.
      I doubt they will figure it out. Useful idiots and ideological sycophants have that huge blond spot. It is something they can’t grok.

      Stay optimistic and make the precepts of Alt-Right household zeitgeist.

      Every Day
      Political Philosophy
      In Line With History,
      Science, Reason,
      and Truth,


  2. That’s good to hear that he’s still online and still publishing. I tried searching the web for any indication of what was going on, and other than your post there’s nothing. Not Stormfront, not Reddit, not anything. It’s unnverving when sites go down without any kind of warning and no one on-line speaks about it, especially other Alt-Right blogs that’re supposed to be part of the community.

    You’re right that the enemy are cracking down hard on all patriots and Alt-Righters. Just look at what happened to Tommy Robinson the other day in the UK: arrested for standing outside a court, reporting on muslim gang rapists being tried inside. And the police arrested him for it! And then the government ordered a D-notice (a gagging order preventing ANY media outlets from reporting on it. They forced loads of publishers (alternative and mainstream like Breitbart and Russia Today) to pull the stories (

    The shit’s getting serious bro.

    Keep the fight and keep the faith.

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    • They did the same to Holly O. couple months ago. The Brit Gov, threatened if The Burning Platform didn’t remove an email she sent to them on the subject of suppression of free thought, which B.P. published, they would imprison Holly. Out of concern for her freedom they removed her missive.
      At some point here it gets to the stage they have to start shooting people. That is inevitable also. Inevitable also in the circular nature of history, these things have a nature to them where they have passed beyond the point of no return, and unless some miraculous event takes place, there’s no stopping the cycle.

      Pretty wild we are getting to see what our governments and corporate collaborators are actually like once the fig leaf of legitimacy is ripped away.

      There wasn’t anything there but tyranny.
      You understand this is the globalists remedy for Brexit. They are punishing the Brit dirt people for their audacity of defying them by voting for secession. Probably the most dangerous thing possible to them. They already have disarmed most of Great Britain down to their kitchen knives. Secession. aka withdrawal of consent, is an existential threat to the globalists. They crushed the Greeks with debt. Made the Catalonian’s into outright criminal’s. Now the Italian’s are trying to secede. The Italians of all the Euro States is the most dangerous of all if they succeed. It would collapse the globalist power elite over night rend them utterly ineffective, because the Union can’t survive Italy seceding economically financially and geographically. Territory and holding it once acquired, is absolutely essential to the usurpation called the European Union. Think the war of Northern Aggression. The Large State can’t survive, hence it can’t permit it’s vessel states to become independent sovereign small nation states again.
      Just follow the money and you arrive at raw naked power.
      Its the same funny war here. But its dirt people who are seceding, hearts and minds. Once those people secede they are lost forever to The State. Too many withdraw consent and the whole construct collapses. Which we are on the verge of being a part of, with the deep state being exposed, and may soon face political assassination, or even prison time, possibly even a firing squad or noose for the ring leaders via military tribunal.
      So it stands to reason, the jigs almost up. It is not us dirt people who are in a pickle, its the state actors and corporate/bankster cabal who are in serious trouble.
      I think we are seeing desperation in action. It is literally a matter of survival for the so called deep state and similar tyrannical actors/entities of the Western hemisphere.
      After all, nothing was ever enough for them. Power, wealth transfer, artificial price discovery, using debt as an instrument to strip mine the fiat system of the State of every cent of its creation of wealth.
      They say all empires end. What is the globalists/deep state but an empire?
      Thats why its so important to build tribe, become anti-fragile, self reliant, bring back the old ways, the traditions, why Alt-Right is inevitable, so much more, join The Honorable Resistance. Its not surviving TSHTF, its living provincially, close to the sources wich sustain life and Liberty.


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