The Perils of Violent Revolution & The Desperation of The “Deep State”

If winning the hearts is an art form,

winning the minds is a science.


When the republic turns to tyranny the armed citizen still gets to vote…

There is a far larger far more important event in the making. Something which will eclipse everything but air water food energy family tribe and guns. Everything you see in our globalist crime syndicate society in the making will cease to have any importance, everything millions upon millions base their daily existence upon will have no value, none of the norms will not have any usefulness, everything the multitudes believe will betray them and turn around to bite them on the arse in ways they can not even imagine.

If the clowns called “the deep state” jump the shark out of desperation, all bets are off.  What will save this Republic from certain doom will all come down to the dirt people and how at the worst moment, the direst circumstance, it is always and always will be the dirt people who preserve and save the day.

There are no others. Never been. It is the purview of the dirt people.

It has been a long time in the making. There are those of us who have long known its dimensions and the scope of how it is both inevitable, and there is little which will stop its coming.

Those of us who even have a glimpse or inkling have always been ridiculed and dismissed, but we know something which the many do not. But a lot of folks are catching on, and they do not like what they are beginning to see.

There is an existential war brewing. It is the war between the self determined with their liberty well in hand and those who rule over us, it is a war between the tyrants little helpers: the totalitarian’s among us and their “leadership”, and those of us who only want to be left alone. The thing here is it all can be described in a myriad of fashions, by every kind of political construct, every social science or engineering.

Everything will be distilled down to essence, which we are witnessing as we we speak, though it looks complex, that is only the frosting on a cake made of shit, which is nothing other than tyranny in an industrial economic and political disguise of a one world spanning crime syndicate, controlled by the money changers. Its a conflict as old as man himself, yet with some very unique and sophisticated ruse’s.

In this cycle, or turning, or what you care to call it, the totalitarians have implemented a rather different technique of strategy: Start at the top and work their way down. Whats the top? Fiat. Fiat money. Fiat Politics. Fiat Governments. Fiat Social Constructs. Fiat Economic Power. Fiat Corporate Industrial Control of every product, service, resource, of all kinds of wealth & prosperity, even Fiat Culture aka Astro-Truf, in the form of false legitimacy such as “Feminism, BLM, homosexual deviation, Neo-Bolshevism, an absolute fake 5th column programming/brainwashing/thought control construct, media/academia. The idea being instead of plain old fashioned tyranny where the tyrants simply raise an armed brutal dictatorship and send its agents out to strip the dirt people of their inherent intrinsic wealth, brutally physically indenture & enslave as in times past, kill and maim the multitudes, and those among the “Normies” who resist this tyranny, they have quite brilliantly orchestrated the largest possible world order in the Western Hemisphere which with a corps of underlings & officers who control every facet in the sphere of life, created an umbrella of control through cunning and sinister intrusion, disguised as beneficial for all who are swept up in a peer system which has no equal in scope and breadth.Â

A gentle trap have you, of consumerism, of social pressure to conform, of lies so large they require a fortitude and courage to go around or under, which has also been slowly ingeniously bred out of this mass of cattle, till there is no memory of it among a world wide plurality of useful and willing dupes & idiots, one so engrossing & encompassing, so comfortable, self imposed ignorance is a virtue. The virtue of cowardliness.

All this does not change the underlying truths and reality. It is to those of us who refuse to comply, who drive the spear of their liberty into the ground below their feet, who will never say die, but make the others who trespass on our property, our primal unalienable rights, die for their temerity and hubris.

We are all thats stands in the way of world dominion. We have always been so. Its our audacity and motive power which is unconquerable, for you can not stop these ideas, these fundamental inherent components of the Freeman as inviolate in the man as integral as breathing.

You have to kill we Freemen of The West to destroy these things about us. We can not be bargained with, coerced, threatened, bribed, or deceived.

But all that is a description of the fundamental truths of the actors who will soon clash in ways most of us can not imagine.

Right now the seeming all encompassing conflicts that abound, racial, social, economic, political, while vitally important to grasp in their scope, will be swept away like the falsities and artificial distractions they are, as they rightfully need to be swept away, and underneath it all is the timeless foundations of war of tyranny and Liberty.

By creating such an all encompassing system of organized crime, which at the heart of it all, is all the political/corporate construct in power is, regardless of its titles, it has also created a NOT useful dupe plurality. An armed one. Sure in its heart of hearts of it’s ultimate legitimacy. Of its rightful precepts of freedom of the individual, of its legacy as the heirs of Liberty. A fully armed resistance, armed in heart & soul, armed in knowledge, in grasping the illusive fundamental primal ownership of total unimpeded self determination. Armed with the purest legitimacy attainable, the sovereign self. Armed with incomparable technology of physical instruments of defense of those primal rights. The queen of battle, the infantry rifle and its application in the form of the basis of all combat: Small unit Infantry Tactics.

Combine the two forms of ultimate legitimacy and we have the basis of total resistance to the most illegitimate construct of power conceivable.

These are the the two dynamics, for all the reasons of the human condition which are inevitably on a collision course. We have passed the brink of pulling back and solving this conflict through peaceful means, redress is now war. Those who deem themselves omnipotent have crossed their Rubicon, there is no turning back, only total dissolution of their madness. It is a suicide cult. A human extinction movement with a down hill momentum which threw away the brakes, its all in, for a penny, for a pound. If it can’t have totalitarian power nobody can.Â

What it doesn’t grok, and never could, that its founders two plus centuries past created in hopes its so called “Long March” could accomplish, in truth of truth has never conquered, is the idea & legacy of Liberty. That once birthed, the only method of destruction of everything Liberty, is the destruction of the last Freeman standing, of every iota of knowledge and idea of thousands of years of Greco/Roman Christian Western Men. An impossible task, where the only possibility was a war waged covertly, through brilliant insight & subterfuge, through generations of social engineering, through slow steady destruction of the components of Western Liberty: Faith, Industriousness, Invention, Free Thought, history, unfettered economic freedom, the very idea of the sovereign spirit born free which every single human being on earth is gifted with.

An insurmountable task. None the less, one that was absolutely necessary to those who could not live with the idea of America, of a Free People, left to their own devices, to self determine their lives, fortunes, and Liberty.

And that is the conundrum. It is all come around full circle. For all the fucking around and meddling in the affairs of the Sovereign Man and his self determinism, the creators, agents and actors of the Long March, have literally accomplished nothing, but a disaster on unparalleled scale & scope. Which of a matter of natural inevitable course, has left it to those of us Freemen of The West to redress.

It all could not have happened any other way. The Audacity and Motive Power of Liberty lived, of being born of the blood of freedom, that courses through our veins, which nourishes our hearts, focuses our minds, has never and can never be extinguished. The total hubris required to delude oneself Liberty can be destroyed, a race of Men of The West could be conquered is the folly of all history.

Everything which is happening is happening for a reason. It is the unalterable path of true freedom, that Liberty is the one true power, and no other can extinguish nor eclipse this unique power of all powers, for it is born as the primal natural state of all men. There can not be anything that is as legitimate.

And it is that Legitimacy which determines the course of events. It simply can never be ruled by anything of this mortal coil. Meaning, we Freemen of The West can never be ruled or conquered ultimately, it is our God given rightful Legitimacy, our Liberty, which has from the moment of its realization as the natural state of being, that has determined till the end of our time as human beings we The Sovereign are the legitimate Heirs of the legacy of Man.

Our very existence is the self determining factor that rules all actions. Because we are blessed by the ultimate power as the Shepard’s & Stewards of these primal components of our natural Liberty. No one or nothing else period.

It is a heady idea. That as individuals we hold such power. It is our humble selves, that determines the fabric of such a state of freedoms, for how else could such a truth be such truth of the state of being?

And it is as a plurality, our motive power becomes the most powerful weapon ever devised. Nothing can withstand this force, nothing can defeat it once it becomes self aware, as it is becoming.

It is hubris itself writ large as the most terrible arrogance to have the turpitude to think itself omnipotent. The dichotomy of that hubris is it has no idea of the retribution it has created and nurtured. It has no idea of the ultimate payback coming.

By birth, we are entrusted with such a duty and honor. It is as natural to us as our first breath, and our last.

Who else then, has any legitimacy to determine our state of living, our actions, our Liberty?

For who else, through history, time and time again, who have ever effected positive change in this world? Regardless of how difficult, how bloody, how a seeming impossible task?

There is no one else. We are who saves us. Who puts things aright. Who slay’s the monster called tyranny. And how could it be any other way?

It will be us dirt people, this conflict of all conflicts before, who inherit this Earth.

It is Legacy.

There is one overriding factor in all this. The Rifle. Like the English Long Bow, it changed everything. 

With a rifle you are the physical equal of any solder or other actor out to deprive you of everything rightfully yours. The Rifle is the great equalizer.

Even in the abstract, the numbers overwhelm any other dynamic. 

If you where a tyrant and you wanted to create an overt dictatorship of your favorite flavor, wouldn’t you be a mite contrite about the possibility of 65 million, or maybe more, very pissed off dirt people each with a world class rifle in one hand and a bone in their teeth? Never mind the non combat orientated “auxiliary” support of millions more who can provide support services for this land army of small unit infantry 4th generation patriots?

Would you take the chance?

Because this is unlike any type of prospective usurpation of a people. The neo-bolsheviks have essentially bitten off way more than they can chew. 

That 65 million, and that is an educated guess, based on the “Deplorable’s” who became motivated by the circumstances to defy and deprive this deep state of everything important to their end game. Took then entirely out of their decades old comfort zone and safe places. That 65 million, lets be wickedly conservative, cut it back to 10%, we get 6.5 million armed pissed off cold angered Americans with a bone in their teeth.

It is still the largest army in the world, in all history.

Lets break it down into US Army Combat Companies, 120 men & officers, divided by 6.5 million =’s roughly 54,000 Combat Companies. 

You can do the numbers yourself, break it down from an even smaller percentage of the 340 million population of the US.

The numbers are staggering even at 1-3%

And we aren’t even considering all the Americans who make things work & keep it all running. Water. Power. Food. Transportation. Roads. Bridges. Trains/Tracks. Aerospace from planes to Satellites. Medical. Pharmaceuticals. Manufacturing. You get the idea. Thats a lot of potential saboteurs. In the most peaceful mass resistance, all a plurality has to do is stop. Stop showing up to keep the power plants that provide power to DC and key state capitols. Don’t show up, or a work stoppage of just in time inventory of the grocery stores. Everyone calls in sick at petroleum refineries. Truckers create a log jam of jack knifed trucks at key junctions. It isnt rocket science. Lets say 10,000 people choose to stop a key infrastructure. In this non anti-fragile society, created exactly by the actions of greed power and corruption of the “elites” activities, you can shut this country down with a .22 cal rimfire rifle if you knew where to take action against say the electric grid. Why no one has done this speaks volumes of how decent most dirt people are.

But if a movement of people where to take on such a course of action, the political class would be helpless to effect the outcome. 

That right there speaks volumes.

Can they risk pushing the people past their tolerance and into withdrawing their consent with a vengeance?


They can not risk it.

They would have jumped that shark long ago.

We got the mother of all Mexican Standoffs. 

The ultimate game of chicken.

Who blinks forst.

The one variable, is their somebody among the deep state globalist psychopaths insane enough in the position to pull the plug and go for broke because they have nothing to loose as the hangman’s noose in the form of MAGA and the election of Mr. Trump.

Guess we will know soon enough.The Perils of

3 thoughts on “The Perils of Violent Revolution & The Desperation of The “Deep State”

  1. All this time, the dead elephants and never trumpets, have watched all this go down, and did nothing.

    A little revolution once and a while is good for creative destruction of what the statist-quo represents.


  2. I suspect any COIN actions against patriotic traditional western Christian Liberty orientated FreeFor upon our sovereign soils is by default incapable of the ideal of Hearts & Minds COIN. How can such actions originating from the statist-quo’s intent on retaining raw naked power, especially running military based police actions against American who are defending their primal rights and freedoms, be anything by illegitimate to begin with?
    A stupid question?
    No. Not if you think about it like this: Essential the only people involved in COIN scenerio against sovereign Americans, are going to be anyone not Patriotic in FreeFor heart and mind.
    And that’s the thing. Its all about hearts and minds far as an insurgency based in preserving its God given natural liberty. You are either with this movement or against it. There is no middle ground. Even passive middle ground is a non starter, because that is ripe for abuse by COIN, its provides tacit consent. ( remember, totalitarianism depends on making all possible afraid of resisting, hence all who do resist then stick out like a sore thumb, making them easier to be gone after, or wither on the vine).

    I can say for myself, and this I rich fertile ground for the heart and mind: I’ll be damned if another man is going to die defending my liberty, my family property and culture, my legacy as a Freeman, if for no other reason, the negative of the above is how we got into this fucking disaster of epic proportions to begin with by failing to think thusly.
    Just as TINVOWOOT, because voting was never intended to get us out of anything, it was to avoid and keep us from having to try to vote our way out of this to begin with.

    Still, no matter what COIN, on sovereign soil, is the ultimate in oxymoron’s. Its weak link, its soft underbelly, and ripe for exploitation. Again, its hearts and minds. Winning the minds is science, winning the hearts is art. FreeFor has to do 3 things right. Garner populist support. It needs logistics, materiel support, and moral support of a population that wants to win freedom too.
    Fight to live to fight another day and so on. It only requires the appearance of not loosing, for by going up against the leviathan it wins support, because it is the indomitable underdog thing, Americans love so much.
    And last but not least, FreeFor must hold territory, this is where all the elements above come together, and create a Winning Insurgency, even if it is a Mexican standoff, for FreeFor, it is winning liberty, against tyranny. In this sense COIN starts at a disadvantage. 4th Generation War is as much about actual combat and warfare, as it is about the political part of 4th GW. Its very important to season tactics and strategy, of appearances, for FreeFor to understand culture is upstream of politics, and politics is the art of war by other means than Arms.
    Again, its hearts and minds. No matter what, everything in 4th Gen War is about hearts and minds then its about fighting.
    This I where COIN is at an extreme disadvantage, because COIN against FreeFor on sovereign dirt peoples soil, is an extreme reaction by the statist-quo to legitimate primal naturally lawful resistance to tyranny.

    In simple terms, to run COIN operations, it isn’t FreeFor who will be volunteering as combat and support cadre. It most likely, be populated and overseen by some pretty bad characters, who are willing to go against the basic natural freedoms of everyday Americans. Even depopulating a given area by asking real sweet like, the community to leave hearth and home, and politely set up in well run camps, is a non starter but for the brain dead and resistance is futile crowd. And what about the little totalitarians among us, the useful dupes, will they be carefully selected out for benign or special favored treatment? That’s not “good optics” as the last regime of the swamp would spin it. Everything the COIN operators do involves hearts and minds. How can they possibly keep from creating deep resentments, create even more FreeFor resistors to tyranny?
    If this shit drops in the pot, and COIN operations take place, its gonna be a fucking meat grinder. And COIN along with every other police state actor, will be sticking their dicks in that meat grinder. What about protecting their assets, people, organizations, the timely dependable services and materiel required to run a police state that alienates a plurality of very pissed of dirt people coming for them with a bone in its teeth. Talking about tens of millions of superbly equipped small unit infantry civilian fighters, and who knows how many FreeFor saboteurs and agent provocateurs with an axe to grind?
    Any COIN or police state operations already are at an extreme disadvantage politically before they begin.
    We haven’t even talked about how the statist-quo affords such expensive labor intensive operations. And that statist-quo, they themselves, in 4th Gen War, are most suitable targets also. It I them who sponsor finance and sanction COIN with immunity to come to our back yards and kill everything we love.
    Alls fair in Love & War my friends.
    And paybacks a fucking Bitch.

    Then there’s the idiots called the neo-bolsheviks and their army of diversity. These human extinction movement retards are talking all kinds of smack about after they finish punching all the fascists in the nose in the urban and metro centers of marxian paradise, they are coming for us white nazi racist trailer trash out in fly over nation.
    Now, not for nothing, dont know about you all, but here in beautiful West by God Virginia, they try that crap with my family friends tribe and community, we will bury them in these mountains, only the trees will know where the bones lie.
    See, there ain’t no Fort Sumter’s this time, this ain’t you great Yankee grand dads Civil war of aggression. This is now, the land of the leaderless resistance, because a common dirt people armed and with an ax to grind, a bone in our teeth, in these mountains, we all are on the same page. There will not be a circular history of kill the Kulak in WV and a number of other Southern Rebel states, no Bolshevik revolution, it will be an extermination of a two legged disease.
    Cross that Mason Dixon line again, and we are all Capt. John Mosby’s.

    As fraught with disaster as these or any scenarios are, all along us freemen dirt people have only wanted to be left alone. Its not rocket science. Live and let live, family, tribe, community, its a beautiful culture, way of life, where you have others, and they your back, politely, with simple grace and providence. And the good Lords blessing.

    But nothings ever enough, we, what we are, who we are, our legacy, our traditions long learned, and hard won, it all must be destroyed.

    Well, you clowns started it, you can’t leave well enough alone, and now its our deaths you crave, the genocide of everything we love, as you have boasted non stop, you despise us, for what we are.
    That makes this a war of extermination. Only one side can exist.
    Careful what you wish for.
    People as us, our tolerance is not a sign of our weakness, just the opposite.

    The question which nobody has an answer for, is what after?

    If all this blood and treasure comes to be spilled, what do we do? What Zeitgeist do we fullfil? After such a Paradigm, how do we avoid repeating what we originally tried not to repeat?
    Is it as Montinesque stated about the size of the state determines its character and politics, its system of governance? Is it The Compact of Confederation this time with no sacred parchment of centralism, when all we wanted was Liberty? After all, The Compact theory was functional, and why Philedelphia in the first place, to iron out certain aspects of the Confederation that require fixing, and not this horrid parchment and the conspiracy which foisted it for “ratification”, of every thing which had been fought so desperately against by such an amazing plurality.

    If all this ages crap comes to pass in some version, which who knows what transpires, and by some providence, we are given a second opportunity that comes only once in a human millennium if at all, is it truly the spirit of hearts and minds which do the said impossible, as in such things where the impossible, which we seem squeek thru some how, making the impossible only the beginning?

    Is it things really could not happen any other way? That its Legacy Bitchez!, and we come out the other side, better, wiser, free as we hope for, that this is a natural stage of The 5000 Year Leap, necessary to us to learn the wisdoms required to move on, to further the legacy and history our founders foresaw?

    Its impossible for me to see in my minds eye and in my heart, considering all the above and more, that the dissolution of the grand thing called Liberty is only a 250 year flash in the pan.
    I think when the Genie of Liberty was let out, there was no outing it back. That The 5000 Year Leap, was in fact the natural progression through history to that point in time, the natural product of the ages preceding it. And, that what we face now, is another stage in that history. Natural order of Liberty and the people of it. In the final equation, nothing grew and good as Liberty and its people is ever was, or not fraught with trial and tribulation. It must be hard won to be properly appreciated and defended.
    That all this is the perpetual war between good and evil.
    That nothing can take the place of perseverance, of that most important thing prudence, that indomitable will, and withdrawal of Consent are the most powerful weapons ever devised against human evil.
    That we are forearmed with knowledge of how evil has attempted to undermine Liberty, and armed by the grace of God, we go, to defend ourselves, our freedoms, as no race of Men of The West before, or possibly, armed as no people, which is the next 5000 Year Leap.
    That it all comes down to guns, that guns in our hands will be decisive in the next stage of Liberty.
    That we are armed so for no light and frivolous reasons.
    That prudence and our tolerance mentioned so profoundly in that amazing document of We Won’t!, The DOI, we have held our temper for good and proper moral reasons.
    That once pushed past our tolerance for tyranny, once released from our prudence, we become the most fearsome foe imaginable.
    That we stop only when we decide to stop, and nothing else.
    That that sounds like us who love Liberty more than ourselves.
    That we Win

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  3. Bill Buppert over at Zero Gov posted an excellent screed on economic/educational tyranny.

    Having a trade and handcraft skills not that long ago was considered honorable.
    From my earliest cognitive reasoning, 8 years old all I wanted was to be a welder. A fine trade which regardless of the state of the deep states influence and the advent of crony capitalism aka artificial price discovery, aka wealth transfer tyranny, I was always able to secure employment and generate system D income or barter. ( that’s the great thing about learning a trade or skill involving hand craft work, you end up in all sorts of crossover crafts and associated skill sets. Which accentuates ones exposure to other trades. I presently operate a small metal fabrication shop out of my two car garage, along with a Forge where I produce various forged edged weapons and practical items. I’m 100% debt free, as I used my proceeds and barter to slowly aquire machine tools, equipment for metal forming, along with a set of welding machines both stationary and gas driven.
    I can not exemplify the robust essential elements of these skills and tools, along with my self taught knowledge, which I enhance steadily from building a library of documents and trade skill technical books.
    The family to tribe to community value of my resources is invaluable. I make every effort to assist my friends and neighbors whenever possible, rarely accepting monetary compensation, and only at a minimum of fiat value to assuage those who insist on giving me money, so as not to insult their sense of dignity. Usually if its monetary, I say ill take $20 so I can take my wife to dinner. That always gets a grin and chuckles)

    Over time, from when it began in the mid 70’s, the thinking that if you did not get a college education you where worthless, and having a skilled trade was an indication of your unwashed station, in this hideous kind of class war created by the intelligentsia and assisted by the Amerikan Nomenklaturer. They new what they where doing with this cultural Marxian class struggle, it set back the industriousness and ingenuity, creative motive power initiated during the amazing hand craft hey day of Colonial America.
    Gone in 60 seconds…

    Ad it turned out, high grade NDT level and other critical weldment metal joiners became rare as hens teeth, and the generational tribal knowledge of welding best learned as on the job training thru knowledge passed on from welders to welders, was lost.
    In the process, the cultural marxist convergence of “human resources” in the industry, had literally zero knowledge, or care, about a guy like me for instance, work history regarding my very wide range of skills and knowledge. Because I wasn’t granted human legitimacy from the intelligentsia shake down system.
    Along with these barren vagina SJW’s who appointed themselves gate keepers, to block highly skilled none degreed craftsman from spoiling their big fish in little pond power over low skilled workers who where captives of a system of indenture, because they didn’t have the skill sets and experience to be self determining enough to walk out for better opportunities.

    Its class warfare writ large.

    I can not express the disbelief of some of these human resources mandarins, about my 46 year work history as a welder, metal fan guy.
    As it worked out, this trade has been very good to me. It was the wisest decision I ever made. I’m in my late fifties, everything, from my house and land, to everything I own, is all 100% bought with cash on the barrelhead. I have no debt. Big fat Zero. I’m fully retired, I accrued approximately $175,000 in tools and equipment up to this time.
    All with a formal 7th grade education.
    Not too shabby for a nothing with no sheep skin.
    And I’m the dirt person and Deplorable they despise, who they threaten to liquidate, as the neo-bolsheviks today call out to Kulak me and my fellow unwashed racist mouth breathing white supremacist trash.

    This is very important stuff to understand, because as a dirt person, to be aware of my station in the Marxian scheme of things, we are considered the most dangerous Americans alive. No other threat, existential, exists to these scalawags’ and their useful idiots aka cannon fodder.

    That speaks volumes regarding our natural God given power of consent, indomitable spirit, motive and industrious power. There are none like us. As long as us dirt people exist, Liberty lives on within us and is passed down, and its contagious nature, it is an example for others on Earth everywhere, a shining beacon Liberty and primal natural rights trump all other power.

    I believe in simplest terms, the agenda to destroy the working skilled class is a major perogative, the Fabien”s intent has always been to destroy the creative self sufficient industrious people. In this all else flows, raw naked power is then achievable, the destruction of America then a sure thing thus so goes the rest of the human race, and darkness is complete, the majority of it easily liquidated to secure all wealth resources and power into their hands.

    Personally. I’m not impressed with these tyrants. They fall far short of the true ability to reach the ends of their Long March. I believe they live in a fantasy, their “utopian” vision is delusions of grandeur of cognitive dissonance writ large out of whole cloth for 30 pieces of silver and a Faustian bargain making it impossible to turn delusions into reality.
    Sure, their are cunning puppet masters and keepers of the ideology. Die hard true believers.
    Sure they are shit stirrers and psychopaths, their sycophants human lemmings and plain old crooks grifters and scumbags of the lowest order. The whole construct is predicated of double think and hive mind mentality, with all the drawbacks and insanity of deranged idiots.
    Even so, the timeless evils of greed and averise, hubris and supremecy, are double edged swords having swung back infecting and destroying any actual means to rule the west.

    The interesting thing about President Trump is how easily, quickly, and effectively he and his trusted allies have turn back the clock in so many areas of power and resources such took decades and vast wealth to aquire. Who knew such people existed who had the means to outfox the gate keepers who held all the keys guarding all the doors?
    Which leads to some interesting practical possibilities. In the process of deglobalizing our sovereign economic realities, and the burgeoning efforts of disarming the regulatory branch, hopefully securing the southern border with both physical and preventative action, and who what all comes next turning back the clock of The State, something I’ve heard nobody comment on, is MAGA, for all its possibilities of the interests of the people first, it gets us many layers closer to Abolition of the State.
    Indeed, what Trump has accomplished with peaceful redress and the amazing color revolution of November 9th, 2016, one hell of a pile of regulatory diktat and centralism has been breeched, cast aside, the respective agencies stripped of their unaccountable powers they garnered out of whole cloth to terrorize and “eat out our existence”.
    And every erg of that illegitimate power removed, is one step closer to possibly one day eliminate a substantial part of the leviathan, we do not have to resist defy and fight against.
    There’s some real possibilities here. Temp has 2 years, possibly four more after that to fight and win against our enemies of our Liberty. I’m thankful, grateful for such things as the entire Bundy/Finnicum patriots suddenly exonerated in full. The pulling out of so many critical transglobal UN schemes to end run the primal Liberty of our culture, following the money and withdrawing from wealth transfer “treaties” whose specific purpose is to strip mine us dirt people of our intrinsic wealth and resources, and on top of that insult to our freedoms and unfettered economic activity, pay for the “privilege” of our slavery to the State and its globalist partners in tyranny.

    I think it is safe to speculate, left to our own devices, these acts of redress by Trump would probably require use of violent defiance and withdrawal of consent
    The thing about this is al these things must be got rid of in some fashion before secession from The State is to be won. Or at the least, something resembling minimum intrusion of some form of self governance of and by the people is obtained


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