The Vanity of The Insanity: The Entire “Elitist” System Is On The brink of Utter & Complete Disintegration: The Question Is How Do We Dirt People Avoid Its Worse Effects?

(revised Sunday the 27th)

No question in my mid, the whole SHTF scenario is on the verge of a unprecedented change of the present societal & political construct, which is getting closer to a shit the bed event we all might have not recognized or given consideration to. An outlier prediction if you don’t mind.

From the anarchy of a political class underground aka deep state/shadow government, the “European Union” aka the entire globalist cabal, we knew little about prior, as events are proving via revelations hourly/daily of the depths of depravity and hedonistic insanity, never mind the long line of institutionalized treason against the constitutional mandate of a Republics will of the governed and usurpation of free and self determining thoughts of a heavy percentage of the people coerced, brainwashed and conned into being the vassals of these “one world order” elites.

With the amazing advent of dirt people 4th generation insurgency creative political destruction, Mr. Trump & MAGA, along with the incredible dirt people color revolution of 11-8-16, which defied the entire political class and denied it it’s throne of international power, I think we are witnesses to a time in history which will completely transform the western hemisphere before it is all over. And from there usher in a long overdue paradigm where large nation states of the western hemisphere, aka The State, of the last century and a half become albatross’s.

The time of the paradigm shift has arrived, the 4th turning, or you pick the Ragnorak of the “elite” class power structure, will die a timely death. The time of the small nation state of the compact theory of the early American Colonial era, known as The Compact of Confederation will replace Hobbes Leviathan.

The large ‘State” in the Western world has been an unmitigated disaster on a scale unimaginable till it became reality. It has taken two and a half centuries for the 5000 Year Leap to come full circle where it began in the 1700’s with the 4th generation war and enlightenment which was forged during the French Indian Wars, and the birth of the idea of the natural rights of Liberty. A time of Earth changing awakening of the dirt people, fortified by the great classical educated critical thinkers of that time.

I believe we are coming back on the merry-go-round of circular history where it is the dirt people again of America who will define and create the great providence of self determination of our time based on the legacy handed down from the 5000 year leap the intelligentsia of the “elitesZ” have wasted untold treasure and rivers of blood to eradicate, to their complete and final failure, as we are witnessing right now beginning to unfold.

A interrelated thought:

The whole idea of SHTF as generally accepted and predicated on infrastructure-societal collapse of mass proportions where all of the dirt people who live through a large die-off along with a collapse the thought omnipotent modern leviathan states capability to protect its ruling class, may turn out to be a very very different critter.

I’m thinking it is the political class, the “elites”, (who are certainly not in any way shape or form elites except for their predilections for the most foul stinking human behaviors vices and crimes man is capable of), their corporate tyranny of unfettered industrial weaponized economic tyranny, the money changers en mass, their whole construct which has hence through a variety of large state illusion of power & legitimacy, from the Federal reserve, which is also neither, to the leviathan created by the Amerikan Nomenklaturer class of state/federal agents, who have so presciently as the great Declaration of Independence so truthfully stated, are eating out the existence of The People, thus enslaved us dirt people beginning with Lincoln’s war of genocide on the South and its people, and since Wilson’s grotesque weaponized economic tyranny of creating a private banking cartel who all of the wealth of a nation is run thru in a skimming operation that has strip mined the dirt peoples creation of wealth on a scale there are no words capable of defining this federal leviathan powered wealth transfer. Think about in these terms: 110 years of skimming off at average on the first layer of the process, 3% of every dollar of wealth created, not including the structure of taxing what is left from the 1st 3%, ten fold or more, where using simple arithmetic figures out to 50-60 percent remains of the original hard earned buck left to the creator of that wealth, to then spend or save the remains in an artificial controlled price discovery shake dow to strip even more from that remaining 50-60 %.

The final groundwork of northern Yankeedom’s treason, the British Loyalists organization of original agenda later termed Marxism after Marx’s admiration Lincoln and his original marxists genocide of Russian Bolshevik’s version & template of America’s Kulaks of the South’s agrarian peoples. The  Fabien’s long march through the institutions which Lincoln and His Marxists began on 1862, are who are on the threshold of existential collapse, their systematic betrayal, economic indenture & servitude of we the dirt people, our freedoms unrelentingly steadily under attack all these long years since 1862, our primal rights from unfettered economic activity to natural right to arms, the “elites” war on us, is collapsing, is about to end in spectacular irevelance, all because of this little innocuous precept of self determination, called Consent.

And it is these traitors crooks grifters and psychotic mandarin class scalawags who are indeed, the actual shit which is hitting the fan. They are collapsing as sure as the sun rises. It is inevitable. Nothing can stop what has begun, until it is over. The “elites” are suffering an unstoppable self destruction it itself created, the Mandate of Heaven. An extinction level event. Their entire constructs of raw naked financial & political & personal privilege power is coming unglued. They will not survive. The worst even if not dead by rope or bullet, will be stripped of all power by the legion of the dirt people and its Honorable Resistance.

The crazy thing is they put themselves right in lock stock & barrel in the terribly fragile vulnerable position of the isolation theory of Water Empires. Which survive unstoppable until one event, one black swan or one outsider comes along and with just a push, the empire collapses in totality. Nothing survives of this empire. And today we are literally watching the dominos effect of collapse beginning. It collapses from the top down inside out. The turmoil and political disruption we are seeing is the internal natural frequency of the start of the collapse. The shockwaves of the implosion propagate from the center radiating out up to down inside out, throughout the empires form. Its a disrupting resonance which once began, like that push from the outside, is inevitable destruction.

The polar opposite of this fragile “state” of “elites” is the anti-fragile culture of the dirt people. A demographic, a Legion actually, armed with rifles, self determination, individualism, audacity in spades, a universal motive power indomitable unto death, the real actual “living breathing Constitution”, the living legacy of the founders & great thinkers of The 5000 Year Leap.

This is secession from, and abolition of, The State, as the great Bill Buppert has so long advocated, theorized, traveled the Republic promoting, the war of Hearts & minds of the grass roots insurgency leaderless resistance movement, of withdrawal of consent. It is withdrawal of the peoples consent, a plurality which is Legion in every sense of the meaning, an audacity witnessed only once in an age, which foretells the collapse of an epoch, ushering in a zeitgeist, not a movement, of people who can not be coerced threatened, forced, or denied. It is the indomitable thing.

It must be figured into this final equation of the leviathan state, there exists a few demographics who will go down with the “deep state”, who are tied to the fortunes of the deep state, who will not make it. It is the natural opposite of the anti-fragile nature of the dirt people who will survive. The free shit army and the marxian plurality known as Lenin’s Useful Dupes, commonly referred to as SJW’s, trolls, sycophants, Libtard’s, “progressives”, ( towards what???), or their most truthful fitting name, useful idiots. Cannon fodder and the tacit consent from a hive mind collective for the State.


As a demographic, because it has long been painted into the corner of corporate/political cronyism which Mrs. Palin brilliantly, one among many observations pointed out, the dirt people who will survive, because they are hardened off to the tyranny of the elites, who are the rightful inheritor’s of the Legacy of The Republic.

In simple terms it is the provincial, the people most closely connected to, and who employ their natural rights they know in their bones they are gifted with by the great creator, thus born with, who survive the societal die-off the elites collapse presage.

The reasons are pretty basic, because it is the basics of living self determination, living Liberty, which can survive such a hemisphere wide collapse of the world as we know it. This really couldn’t happen any other way. Wrap your mind around that, it all seriously, could not have transpired any other way. The die was cast in 1776 with what Gary North’s amazing outlier theory The Conspiracy in Philadelphia outlines when the humanists wrote out God and the Compact of thirteen small Nation States who just having beaten the greatest Empire ever seen, where bushwhacked into going along with what Patrick Henry so accurately called a Rat.

The elites because they are so large in stature and their power, tyranny is all encompassing of our activities, they will crash & burn in totality. Its always been an all or nothing enterprise to destroy the idea & knowledge of Liberty in order to rule the world with impunity.

Thus the elites have nothing to fall back on. Indeed. Their construct is based on just in time power, just in time inventory of the wealth created by people who literally work for a living who produce tangible things. There is nothing backing up that power, a power which exists and survives, till now that is, by rapine & pillage on a steady scale. It is raw naked power. It is being exposed for what it is. Everyone see’s it in some way now. The end has begun. Cats out of the bag. The elites efforts to put it back is like trying to stuff spaghetti up a wild cats ass inside a phone booth.

The power to rule as they have & do so till 11-8-18 is predicated wholly on an appearance of their legitimacy to do so. That they are entitled to their tribute of the productivity of the dirt people. And that we, because they, are so elite, we owe tribute to them.

The overriding truth here is no wealth is created, except from the sweat and muscle of the dirt people. Wealth comes from no other place but from the labor and other creative work done by people. These elites are an empty shell. They create nothing of value, they only strip mine what the dirt people create. Hold it up and rub our faces in it as if it was proof of their legitimacy and power to hold us as a slave race at their pleasure.

And as more and more see each day, that yeah, it really is that bad, the elites are such foul nasty creatures, how they have used us as chattel and indentured servants, the process of withdrawing consent for this system of slavery takes place. As this plurality grows it begins to take on legitimate power all its own, it becomes legitimate as a plurality, wholly righteous in its formation. The elites are powerless to either stop such audacity nor inhibits its motive power. They only have, and always ever had, the threat of force and use of violence to keep us as indentured serfs, aka tax payers.

Combined with this pure grass roots power of the honorable resistance, there is the cold anger which has bided its time, aged in tolerance wisely nurtured, waiting for the day to be let go. That day is getting closer.  The elites will most likely lash out in their desperation to remain relevant. It is this desperate last ditch attempt to retain totalitarian power which will precede the ending of the elites and their deep state. It won’t take much, and each day the deep state spends trying to snuff out its exposure as illegitimate, is one day more it looses that much more illegitimate powers.

Their collapse is past the point of no return.

Nothing can save them now.

What us dirt people must do is preserve what needs saving, secure what is most important to us. Become more robust and secure in our family. our tribe, create more community. We all know what we are about, we wouldn’t be dirt people if we didn’t. Our greatest treasure is who & what we are. Survivors, exactly because we carry the precepts as Men of The West, the legacy of Christian/Greco/Roman history of political philosophy, in line with history. science, art, reason, and The Truth. We have endured the dark age of the deep state. The future is wide open. We got handed a legacy, not so much a Republic. This legacy, is what makes the Republic, without it its just an idea. It is the lynchpin upon which our liberty & freedoms are anchored. Thus our legacy can be realized, mistakes turned into wisdom, thus we mature and once again pass on the legacy to our future dirt people. Its the only way it works right.

And the elites, for all their evil, have helped us with the very thing which threatened them most, their existential threat, we stood up and said, “Because Fuck You Thats Why”

“I Won’t!” and “Mind Your Own Business!” is dirt peoples consent in action: The most powerful weapon ever devised.

This is what put Mr. Trump in our White House. We took it back. Tough shit motherfuckers. As the man said, “Trump is our Murder Weapon.”

Now ask yourself. Frankly. Just how would the “deep state” regain legitimacy to hold raw naked power over us again as it did before MAGA? Seriously.

See what I’m saying here?

The elites are done. Toast. They can’t survive without an illusion of legitimacy. How can something and people who never had legitimacy to begin with, who are exposed as illegitimate, ever hope to gain legitimacy? Only through the use ion violence and application of force to coerce people to obey them. Thats not and never can be legitimate. You would have to literally kill every man woman & child dirt person.

Good luck at that.

Remember, we have guns. Besides our consent and the power it conveys.

We have lots of guns.


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