Stunning Blatant Betrayal From The Political Class Called “Our Elected Representatives”




Don’t fucking bullshit yourself for even a moment. Dis-armament of us dirt people is the most crucial fundamental imperative in order to rule over all the people of the Western Hemisphere. There are no other prerogatives as critical to all tyranny and power of The State than making all people defenseless.

Everything else is total fucking bullshit and window dressing for the larger goal:

Raw Naked Offensive Power with no existential threats to its omnipotence, hence those who are wielding this Raw Naked Power.

If you think or even have doubts for a moment these fucking traitors attempting to outlaw our property, meaning our guns, ourselves and the precepts we hold sacred of natural & primal right of self defense are not evil men, they will prevail against us.

These scalawags disguise themselves in sheep skins while planning our demise among themselves.

Remain ever vigilant.

Never doubt our sovereign devine nature as Men of The West. For God bequeathed us with natural born Liberty. There are no higher gifts of sovereignty. No kings potentates, diktators, mandarins, Sherif’s, princes, presidents, the whole lot of them, who possess legitimacy of higher station than us humble dirt people and our components of Liberty.

Equip. Stockpile. Train. Preserve. Learn. Study. Keep your family & tribe close. Teach others. Reject the modern world of the humanists. Seek Truth in all things. Practice what the precepts of freedom and self determination provide. Withdraw Consent for the illegitimates. Home School. Grow your own. Learn new trades and handcrafts. Make do with less for it is always more. Avoid taxes and the money changers slavery. Remove all debt from life. Trade. Barter. Make yourself valuable and bring indispensable skills knowledge and philosophy to your tribe & community. Get right with the Lord. See providence in all your efforts & makings. Love like there is no tomorrow. Understand killing time is almost upon us, and we are the target. Fight to live another day to fight again. Make the other guy die for his ideology agenda and beliefs. If you must die, do so in a pile of brass, make the enemy pay dearly, take as many with you as possible. Never quit. Never give up. Laugh like the victorious and you will be. Being scared is OK, it builds courage which brings out the best in us. Remember: Courage is but for the Grace of God I go.

There’s gonna be a fight.

As John Mosby said, “Make this your finest hour”

As Max Velocity stated becoming dangerous and being among the ten who come back: Because Fuck You Thats Why

Lets Win!


This can not be overstated:





Long Read of the Week: The Mathematics of Countering Tyranny  Admiral Yamamoto said they would face a rifle behind every blade of grass if they invaded America. Its said by 5th column detractors & agent provocateur’s, the resistance is futile shit stirrers, the chicken littles, gloomy gus’s and cowards in every stripe, they squeal and pontificate there’s no such thing as effective leaderless resistance. That patriots can never win going up against tanks and nuclear weapons the military has. Yet for all their talking smack about us dirt people, they neglect to mention we are not only Legion, but that we are the worlds largest Small Unit Infantry Army. That William S. Lind, Colonel John Mosby, Colonel Boydd and his combat theory of the OODA Loop, Tsun Su, The 300 at Thermopyle, The Spartans & Spartacus, the Vietnamese, Afghans, (their ideology notwithstanding), the most successful revolution ever waged called the American Revolution, to as great degree little acknowledged our history revised, and memory holed, of the Confederate Army’s brilliant successes, and countless insurgency/guerilla 4th generation wars through time, have not just stood the test of combat against vastly superior 1st generation war militaries and large tyrannical nation states, but to even suggest us dirt people would be fighting a war lost before we began, is the greatest lie ever foisted on a Republic. Because we are a Republic of People. WE run the infrastructure of America. It is us who keep the lights on. The water running. The food delivered just in time. The gasoline diesel coal and natural gas flowing. The bridges roads train tracks and resivoirs working. The medicines, healthcare and other 21st century 1st world luxuries functioning. We make and tend the stuff those who piss and spit on us, who blaspheme and deride our faith and patriotism, our culture and traditions, require to be the treasonous sonofabitches they anoint themselves to be. We don’t have to fire a shot in anger or wave our rifles in these scalawags faces. If these traitors jumped the shark, who will replace us? Them? Their free shit army and useful idiots? The precious snowflakes? They think that by plucking the Goose of liberty one feather at a time, they can fool the goose into not knowing it has no feathers before the goose one day looks around?

It is the epitome of folly to fuck with us dirt people. Yes we are tolerant, some say to our existential fault. Easy to say. The truth is a totally different critter. Yes we are tolerant, it is in our nature, a component of our faith, we are more prone to suffer indignities and trespasses upon our persons and freedoms long before we take to remedies and recourse, a character trait particular to Men of The West. Its part of our political philosophy, reason, history, religion, traditions and culture. Exactly what makes us The Men of The West we are. When we are pushed past our tolerance, we deploy the greatest weapon ever devised. It is called withdrawal of our Consent. Push us a little more, and we become the most ruthless blood thirsty merciless warriors imaginable. Indomitable, undeniable. Our audacity knows no equal or fears no opponent. We can not be stopped, till WE stop. There is nothing can stop or resist us without destroying everything. We win no matter what.

And these fools out to dis-arm us think by creating diktat out of whole cloth, gives them and their treason special powers.

Molan Labe Motherfuckers










Ron Paul: Republicans, Democrats Teaming Up for Federal Gun Confiscation Bill  The chickenshit traitors of the swamp go full treason against us dirt people.





FBI: Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Was Informant for Mueller’s FBI; Special Counsel Under Fire for Deal with Sex Offender Traitors everywhere. But of course, its a tradition, an unbroken straight line treason right back to 1862.

“SpyGate”, The Inspector General, and the Expanded FISA Investigation… The twisting turning rabbit hole of betrayal & treason.

Clapper: The FBI Wasn’t Spying On Trump, It Was “Benign Information Gathering” Treason & betrayal has a bedfellow, its called plausible deniability, the main operating feature of the swamp.

Adam Schiff, Democrats, Media Play Orwellian Word Games to Deny ‘Spygate’ This lying sack of shit isn’t even fair at plausible deniability. It must be out of desperation they got this fucking mouthpiece clown as their main fake media swamp mascot.

Exclusive — Roger Stone: ‘John Brennan Should Pop the Glass Capsule and Take the Cyanide Now; He’s Going to Die in a Federal Penitentiary’ Hang the treasonous musloid sonofabitch from a lamp post. Leave his rotten body to the flys & maggots, to rot away till it falls off the noose.

Michael E. Diamond: Traitor And Totalitarian Another kind of traitor. One among us who poses as a member of The Honorable Resistance, spreading counterintelligence/insurgency lies misdirections and confusion. The least of which is creating a cadre of suckers who have no idea they been manipulated as assistants in spreading the cunning dissimulations:













Will the Fervor to Impeach Donald Trump Start a Democratic Civil War? Temper your observations by keeping in mind where this comes from.

Huma Abedin Somebody intercepted this Musloid Brotherhood agent provocateur’s report to her superiors, who happen to be her brother & father:










How’s that working out for you bitch?

THE LIST: At Least 6 and Potentially 7 Known and Suspected Intelligence Informants Accused of Spying on Trump Campaign Spies…everywhere…




Rank And File FBI Agents “Sickened” By Comey And McCabe Want To “Come Forward And Testify” What will end up being the Black Swan moment that brings it all down? They all should just quit. There is no way out for them. Just run and hide in their non extradition treaty country estates. At this point I doubt there’s even enough actors who remain behind with access to the resources who can instigate a coup or some catastrophic event which stops MAGA & President Trump. All they can do is cause trouble and mayhem short of backpack nukes or rouge nuclear delivery systems. The White Hats certainly incorporated contingencies to hunter such actions and the intended consequences. Not saying they aren’t dangerous. Such true cowards are always very dangerous. In anycase the deep state is toast at this point regardless of the outcome. It is inevitable they will all be no more before the year is out.



Holder urges DOJ/FBI to unconstitutionally defy President: ‘Protect the institutions’ This piece of fucking garbage is next. Somehow I get the impression the White Hats sent the dirtbag a message when the Trump Administration quietly ordered the release of all heretofore unrevealed operation Fast and Furious documents from the DOJ/FBI released last week.

The truth long kept under lock & key by the obama and his red diaper baby cabal inner circle, the BATF FBI and DOJ, Operation Fast & Furious see’s the light of day finally? Funny how no matter what scandal or act of treason/corruption, all the same events and actors show up in every instance. Even funnier, the Clinton Crime Syndicate is central to the heart and origins.

The Dutchman will finally be vindicated? And all the thousands of people murdered by Obama, HRC, and Holder, for their false flag op “The 90% Rule” where the false narrative would originate 90 percent of the guns used in crimes and domestic terrorism came from the America people, American gun shops, and gun shows.

God Bless Mike V., and Larry Corera please. Without these 2 citizen journalist Fast & Furious might have become a completed false flag operation. One more dirty nasty bloody secret exposed because some dirt people whose to stand up to the deep state and its weaponized police state agencies.


Fishy Business, by James Howard Kunstler  I’ll say it 100 times. The deep state is toast. The left faction of the swamp offers nothing, it never did, but the truth of its lies are there for all to peruse. The uniparty is toast. The cucks regular as the sun rises betrays the dirt people right on Que. The swamp will drain because the damn holding back the cesspool is about to be depth charged with the mother of all Truth bombs. Pull up a seat, have your popcorn ready. The mid terms will be an abattoir, a spectacle never witnessed will rip the stinking foul guts out of the political class and its betrayals and treason against the dirt people.

MAGA Bitchez!

Perpetual War: A Racket For Politicians, Bankers And War Profiteers This too will come to pass. MAGA. America First. Like Ragnorak, precedes the ends of all things deep state. The one world order ends. A century of the large nation state has failed utterly, an unmitigated disaster, which murdered 100’s of millions of dirt people for the profit & power of the so called 1%.

“The ‘Gaslight’ Is Losing Its Mojo”  Without a doubt.

More later…



On the other side of events regarding politics culture and resistance to the treason and high crimes of the transglobalists and their actors, we have a President and white hats, along with fundamentalist dirt people and Alt-Right, the hard right, The Men of The West, and a rainbow coalition of patriotic American’s who are taking action, awakening, and preparing themselves for the last gasp assaults from the cultural marxist’s and other factions of the so called deep state/ruling elites to shift the Overton window into alignment with their various agenda’s and special interests, as they struggle, panic, like a drowning man to be what they never where but for an illusion: relevant.

The color revolution called the election of 11-8-2018 rocked the above actors back on their heels. Hundreds of years of preparations and usurpations of the institutions, traditions, the precepts of republic, Western Christian Grecco Roman history and traditions of America have been demolished specifically because of the resounding withdrawal of consent of 65,000,000 dirt people who waged this color revolution in solidarity. An event which if it took place with an actual true representative legislative government in a Republic that functioned as one, it would be an event which the entire world would be aware of, and recognize it as resounding will of the governed in no uncertain terms. Not an event the fake media and its 5th column strived with all its might and resources to portray as an illegitimate election of a unfit man who has no business or right to be the chief executive and champion of the little people, those Deplorable’s aka “bitter clingers”.

To this moment an unrelenting non stop campaign of hate & derision has been waged against Mr. Trump and the dirt people who voted him as POTUS.

It is understandably a situation which at moments looks grim, with small chance of success, where there’s this vast horde of scalawags to prevail, that Mr. Trump is a bumbling fool, incapable and lacking the intelligence and character to hold the highest office of the land and the most powerful political seat on Earth.

Funny how that works out though.

If the dirt peoples color revolution by withdrawal of consent for the powers that be and Mr. Trump are illegitimate and unworthy, why did the Electoral College almost unanimously declare Donald Trump the winner?

Mr. Trump had to pass 3 checks and balances, the most credited and vaunted political firewall designed created in all of history specifically to prevent gross vote fraud/rigging and gerrymander from emplacing a usurper in the Oval Office? First check is the primary election, where the various party voters select the candidate of their choice upon the electoral ticket. an actual popular vote of and by the people. Plain and simple. The number two check is the combination of both the popular vote, and the canvassing/courting of electoral college officers to commit to a candidate for the geographical/political area they are assigned. The 3rd is the electoral college vote which supplants the popular vote in normal uncontested contests.

So we have these proven wholly qualified tried and true faithful mechanisms and instruments designed purposefully to provide an honest election for the office of President. All parties, all groups, all general interests are represented. It is representative government at its finest. The only problem which I can see in all this, and problem in this case is a very subjective word, is the long held permanent government chicanery of conning the voting public into believing it had an actual choice in the process. A long traditional con, so common at this point in time, that it had become the illusionary legitimate process. It is akin to the big box stores predatory sales practices of not selling you what you need and want, but what the corporate entity wants you to buy to maximize the transfer of your wealth to their pockets. They do this with a kind of slight of hand shell game, by presenting various stalking horse candidates, at the same time eliminating candidates they do not want us to vote for. thus leaving us with only choices that serve the interests of the political class, but still it appears it is free unfettered choice of the voter. It is the sneaky dirty way of conning you into giving your consent.

But what happened is, Mr. Trump, who remember is an idiot and incapable of being a president, dodged the gate keepers, created a populist. really a nationalistic uprising by becoming a candidate that the political did not choose, but we the people supported, thus giving Mr. Trump the “Gravitas” he supposedly lacks, the credibility of the people who believed in him, an unassailable advantage which could not be stymied or stonewalled. It required no rocket science or political acumen to see Mr. Trump was the real deal. An actual free unfettered choice not created by the gate keepers, but a peoples candidate in every conceivable sense of the precept of will of the governed having an unsoiled corruption free captain and candidate.

The gate keepers actually created the circumstances where a Mr. Trump could make an insurgent run for the White House. It could not happen any other way. It was beautiful. The system of representative government worked exactly as originally intended literally at the very moment it was needed most. The serendipity and providence could not be more profound. And the disruption. the chaos, the damaged this event inflicted upon the powers that be are existential. It stopped the sonofabitches and their anointed one dead in their tracks. They where, and still to a very high degree, are left helpless and without recourse to stop, reverse or destroy what can not be stopped or reversed. It was in the simplest terms totally without exception the perfect legitimate process and subsequent election by the will of the governed for a president of a Republic.

The ramifications are immense. The effect is monumental. The win is so resounding there may not be any parallel in history. The dirt people by some incredible audacity led the pollsters on a wild goose chase, completely defied political and “journalistic” convention, totally bamboozled the pundent’s, the powers that be made unawares of the defiance and insurgency running below their radar. It was a pure honorable color revolution by the dirt people.

It was The Mouse That Roared. It was “The Great Fuck You”

Protesters gather at the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, Nevada



Not only was it a win of epic proportions, it set in motion the demise of the powers that be and their regimes. Like a tiny snowflake that turns into a thundering snowball which in turn starts an avalanche of retribution, resistance and comeuppance. If you voted for Mr. Trump. well you helped open a king size can of good ol’ American Whoopass. They never saw it coming. You might ask how could it be. Well I’ll tell you how. Cold Anger. A confluence of like minded individuals. A plurality which became one the only way a plurality of people can. It realized it was one. And all along it has been one. Only for a looooong while, because of an invasive criminal treasonous complicit fake media, through propaganda, memes, false narratives, revisionists history, false flag operations, academic indoctrination, systematic dumbing down, by the dictators device of divide and conquer, and brain washing legacy media mendacity, we have been inundated with the illusion we who are those who would vote for a candidate of our choosing, are unworthy, incapable, an outdated old racist fascist tiny bitter clinging electoral minority. That our vote doesn’t matter.


Alt-Right is inevitable…

Pres. Trump Rejects Push for Vote on Amnesty Legislation Put this in your fucking pipe and smoke it you bastards. Trump:

“Unless it includes a wall, and I mean a wall, a real wall, and unless it includes very strong border security, there’ll be no approvals from me. Because I have to either approve it or not,” Pres. Trump said. “There are bills going through. I’m watching one or two of them. We’ll see what happens, but I can tell you there is a mood right now for border security …”

H.A.L.P.E.R. Spells Game Up for Obama’s Spies By Clarice Feldman A real barn burner. Game up for traitors with an arrogance, a hubris almost incomprehensible. A true died in the whool conspiracy no screen writer could top. It would make the all time epic Tom Clancy novel cum movie.

WSJ Exposes The Real ‘Constitutional Crisis’ Tyler Durden and Zero Hedge never disappoints. Probably the most underrated unrecognized journalist of any kind, citizen or pro. This dude has brass balls that clink when he walks. And a political acumen only a dirt person can possess. Oh I’ll wager my left nut Goolag and the rest of the dirty stinking lousy self anointed scum commie thought police are killing themselves how they can disappear Zero Hedge.


Hey, understand now,

why Alt-Right is inevitable?

Why its not a movement?

Why it is the zeitgeist?

Why Validation Every Day?

Ragnorak of all things corrupt political?




You must withhold judgment Vox Day on the Zman: “The Z-man reconsiders the God-Emperor in light of the recent Deep State revelations:

“The bigger issue though, the thing now looming over his entire presidency, is the wide ranging conspiracy engineered by senior elements of the intelligence community. A few months ago it looked like a handful of radicalized mid-level bureaucrats. What’s becoming clear is this was a conspiracy hatched by the men at the top of the intelligence community, with help from the White House, to not only help Hillary Clinton, but engineer a coup after the election to get rid of Trump. This reality has to color any assessment of Trump.

Think about the stones it takes to face off against the intel community. They literally know all of your secrets. In the case of Trump, they have the secrets of his friends, family and business associates. Even if they can’t ruin him, they can ruin people he knows. It was 18 months ago that Chuck Schumer warned Trump about doing this. When Schumer said, “Intel officials ‘have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you’” he was not being flippant or rhetorical. We now know the intel community has been at this for a while.

It’s not just the fact that the intel community has the capacity to spy on everyone and appears to be spying on everyone. It’s that these are vicious, craven people lacking a moral compass. It’s ironic that James Comey was fond of accusing his people of lacking a moral compass, when it is now clear the guy is a sociopath incapable of knowing right from wrong. Clapper and Brennan have no scruples whatsoever. There’s also the fact that on the CIA side, they still have guys who kill people on behalf of the American deep state…”

Read the rest

…or link direct to the Zman: Judging Trump

A great set of pieces by two great Men of The West: Bruce Charlton & Vox Day:

The fork in the road

Bruce Charlton has an epiphany while reviewing a book:

“There is a lesson to be learned here. Lachman’s previous stance was broadly ‘agnostic’ – at least, that was the perspective from which his books were written. He seems like a decent kind of man, worked hard, wrote clearly, did useful stuff…

Yet it was always clear that Lachman shared the mainstream ‘anything but Christianity’ kind of reflexive leftist/ progressive/ pro-sexual revolution perspective… which is all-but universal among those active in the perennialist, spiritual, esoteric, neo-pagan, self-help, personal development world.

Here and now, this agnostic stance of suspended judgement is non-viable: things have come to a point; because of the pervasive domination of New Left/ Political Correctness in all major social institutions everyone is incrementally being brought to a fork in the path, a decision yes or no.

I see this all around me. We live in a world of spiritual warfare. It cannot be hidden from, choice cannot be evaded. We cannot ‘keep our heads down’ because everyone is located and they must stand-up and raise their hands (and voices) to endorse and promote the current, evolving Leftist totalitarian narrative in all its respects – or else…”

Negative notice of Dark Star Rising: magick and power in the age of Trump (2018) by Gary Lachman (link to Bruce Charlton’s piece, just to preserve it, read Mr. Day’s post first if you can, its perspective)




Alt-Right is inevitable…




















9 thoughts on “Stunning Blatant Betrayal From The Political Class Called “Our Elected Representatives”

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          I still have 2 books to send you. How to get your mail address discreetly?
          I’m working off an OLD smart phone. Dont dare use it to get into my secure password protected apps and email.

          Any case, glad your ok. Hows the Homestead garden growing? Good year up in good Ol Cowhampshire?

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          Tomatoes are still green, but it must be a bumper crop there’s so many. Be making lots of garden V8 come canning season.


  2. Charlie Reese wrote this barn burner. I’m spreading I around, it was given to me by others who are spreading around.
    The greatest rant ever written.

    Wow just Wow.

    And the truth of it, is it any wonder why Mr. Trump then is able not only able to do what he is accomplished, but do things in hours what would take years, it it ever got done to begin with.
    He is not one of the 545.
    Neither are we.

    And look who it is we are fighting…eachother.
    Divide and conquer is the hallmark of the weasels in the swamp.

    I hope we end up throwing the bums out.


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