Neo’s Jump Program Epiphany…”WOH!”…..and The Key That Ties The Whole Coup Attempt Against Trump and Us Dirt People Together

I think in all matters of tyranny and treason there is one thing that nobody see’s which once revealed changes everything. It is the simplest thing. That Black Swan moment. That’s the thing, once people find out, something everyone see’s as simple truth, and that lightbulb over the head moment happens. It sets off a string of events nothing can stop. And these clowns are so vulnerable, they have so many fingers in the dike they run out of ways to stop the leaks.
This is the key.
Even the Normie’s can’t ignore the implications.
It completes the circle of corruption organized crime and treason of these traitors. Ties everything together. All that left is to get the true ring leaders above these clowns. This is where the whole conspiracy theory of the 13 bankster families, the so called Illuminati, and the whole one world order BS begins to add up into conspiracy fact.

But if you read one thing today this is it. I’m not kidding or trolling. I’m dead nuts serious.
You read this and your Neo in the Jump Program…”WOH


Im not kidding. This is a barn burner. How nobody saw it before gives it an unquestionable provenuance.

Read it for your self:



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