Who Is Q? The Question Which Matters: What Is Q?

For something that is claimed fake by the gate keepers they sure are working hard to discredit Q. Funny thing, the harder they try the more credibility they give to Q and the more people know of Q. Now what’s that tell you? 

This faux concern for us dirt people is touching. The deep states false narrative arm is all worked up we are being conned. How precious! Are we touched by their so gentle regards for our mental wellbeing? Bring me a fainting fan someone PLEASE!

Now that, in itself alone is worth a thousand words.

That last part in and of regarding our dirt people perceptions itself is saying something, Q, may not be who we think he is per the Anon’s, but Q is something of a threat to the deep state in no uncertain terms, or they wouldn’t bother about discrediting whatever Q is. The old Sherlock Holmes bit about listening for the dog that didn’t bark makes sense. Besides they got a lot on their plates trying to control the message, why waste resources on some reddit thread isoteric crazy obscure outlier? Doesn’t that single observation merit a particular reavaluation of what Q is to us who follow the Qanan threads?

Now, Vox Day is a pretty sharp guy, well considered by millions world wide, author of hundreds of books and papers, self made well to do gentleman of considerable knowledge in a myriad of subjects and professions, publisher, master gamer, a world wide following, despised by the left and the right gate keepers not much different than how Trump is hated, an I Q of 178 or so if I remember correctly,  and never hesitates to admit a wrong, publicly. 

The fact Vox writes of Q as a viable actor on the side of “the white hats” says a lot. 

I have Noticed none of the detractors of Q on a second look or deeper examination of their attempts to discredit Q hold much water. Their attempts are appeals to emotions dressed up as sincere observations to protect you you know. Again, how touching.

On the face of it, sure, their “arguments” appeal to your emotions, but their detraction’s and attacks fall apart quickly when you hold them up to the light of truth and facts.

One point of note, like Julian Assange, if your telling the truth, if your not dissimulating or misdirecting, you never have to justify what you say or expose. Mmmmm? Funny how that works.

It is now a world wide media effort to  create a narrative where Q, but especially those who give him credibility, as cranks and conspiracy theory nut jobs. And if that ain’t a familiar restrain what is.

There are a number of “hit” pieces on Q which come right out of certain actors within the Freefor blogosphere, who Ill go out on a limb and say it’s not the first time they have written well composed pieces which taken in aggregate have the subtle makings only agent provocateurs would compose if their intent was to carefully, subtlety discourage and plant seeds of doubt or resistance is futile. These are very sharp operators on blogs of note, who have suckered not a few unawares in  mind game traps. Beware. They are cunning and use every trick to keep from being outed with cult of personality. It’s a dangerous world out there in the counterinsurgency war of hearts and minds.

What gets me repeatedly without fail is nothing in the world of the deep state and it’s actors is of unrelated isolated spontaneous innocent accidental circumstances. Everything they do, who they are, their strategy, tactics, agendas and actions all unfailingly involve Control. Everything is about control. Control of news information media technology politics culture economics banking resources freedoms energy food water even the air we breath, and control the thoughts we think. Control of everything in the sphere of our lives. Unless, it is something which either has built in benefits for them our hurts us dirt people. 

So what is Q then? 

I think that answer is far more important than what Q does or says. 

Figure that out and you find the keys to the deep state. 

Q is unknown unknowns, and unknown unknown unknowns. The Dog That Doesn’t Bark keeps popping up in my head.

I think Q is a renegade deep stater. Somebody buried deep as a tick in the inner sanctums of the permanent state. An operative who is not just laying out breadcrumbs for the Anon’s, which is secondary, Q is somebody or something which is disrupting the deep state pureposefully in order to weaken it and bring it down without causing the Western Hemisphere to crash and burn. The reddit threads are a tool to that purpose. If the Anon’s help, that’s a plus, but it’s not important, because what Q is running is a psychological warfare operation against the deep state. Q is literally fucking with their heads, getting inside their heads, he lives there now, the Anon threads are more of disinformation intended to misdirect the deep state than reveals to us dirt people regarding the deep state.

The give away, or tell, is Q calls them clowns, tells us how inbred stupid and just plain criminal dumbass ignorant most of them are. And that is becoming more apparent by the day and hour. 

Q is laughing in their faces. Taunting them. Making fools of them. Not just because they are, but it is critical they be seen truthfully as such. That to not fear these clowns, to discover their “powers” and interests are fake. That they got nothing except they have run this elitist we are superior over You dirt people scam for decades. 

Q is causing them to reveal their con. Tell on themselves by letting them paint themselves in a corner and having to operate outside their comfort zones to squeak out of the pickles they got themselves into to begin with. When that reveal of how incompetent and illegitimate they are reaches the minds of enough people the deep state becomes powerless.  It is war of hearts and minds. Part of Q’s persona and his credibility is we will never know who or what Q is, that it doesn’t matter in the final equation because the object, the goal is to Win against the deep state. 

This is what I think is going on anyways. 


Vox Day’s post on the latest 5th column efforts to discredit Q. 

Note again, the deep staters are not trying to do so to protect us from a con or false flag now are they:


You wouldn’t want to be… unpopular?

The mainstream media tries a new approach to discrediting and disqualifying QAnon:

“The QAnon conspiracy theory has surged into mainstream news these past weeks. Several “Q” supporters wore T-shirts and held signs at a recent Trump rally in Florida. Last week, a prominent promoter of the QAnon theory had his photo taken with President Trump in the White House.

If you haven’t heard of the QAnon theory, you’re not alone. We just conducted a new poll of Floridians and found that a large fraction didn’t have any opinion of the QAnon movement. And among those who did, it was strikingly unpopular…”




blog authors note: “Read the whole thing” as they say, but notice here if you will the gold standard of psychological counter-insurgency warfare: you take all hope away, you always cast any resistance as small, ineffectual, of a tiny plurality which can never win. But most of all, resistance is futile. 

Its psyops 101. They have been waging these tactics for decades, relentlessly, and after all that time one thing remains unchanged, resistance IS fertile, WE are legion, us dirt people constitute a plurality which spans from sea to sea, mountain top to desert vally, we encompass every profession, industrial art and craftsmanship, we are who makes the wheels run smooth, keep the power flowing, the water running the food coming. We are the glue which binds it all together. We are still here. The things different are the illusion us dirt people are nothing but scum, lower than a snake belly in a wagon rut. It is all in our heads if it is. Its the greatest secret of all secrets of the deep state cabal, we are inconsequential and have no stake in our future. Or our present for that matter. To the entire political/corporate oligarchy we Do. Not. Exist.

Can you remember the last time, other than Mr. Trump, any of the ones mentioned above have uttered a word regarding us as people in a kind or decent light? Other than as racists, bitter, deplorable, white trash, (thats a good one, white trash, kind of rolls off the tongue), Nazi’s and Fascists, (how that works is beyond me), “priviledged”, (like somehow we are some secret deep state elites????), the latest we are “Christian Supremecist’s”

Their Revolution was.

We don’t exist. And the sooner we physically no longer exist even better.

Don’t forget it for a second.

And it is us dirt people who are on the cusp of the second greatest act of resistance and revolution known to man. The first act of abolition hasn’t quite worked out as intended. We got snookered and conned, we where set up, and but good. No trouble really, things are turning out exactly as they have to, in fact it all couldn’t have transpired much different than where we are at currently. Its been building for decades. All that cold anger quietly simmering, never forgetting, its the talisman of the greatest weapon ever devised by man. Consent. Withdrawal of Consent. 

Its a can of Whoopass so full of cold anger when its opened what comes out will cross flyover nation like a beam of coherent light so powerful nothing can stop it. Its coming.

I hope every day I get my licks in when it happens. For I’m legion itself, one out of millions, and we got guns, lots and lots of guns, and boolits, many boolits. Its why I made this blog. I got nothing special to show or prove, no crystal ball, no unique insights, Im one of you, a dirt person, and brothers and sisters I’m one fucking pissed off dude. I want comeuppance. I want to see you know who swinging from lamp posts from one ocean to another. I want to pull the lever on the trap of the gallows, I want my children and everyone I know and love to watch these crooks criminals and tyrants hang till they are dead. I want never to be hassled, nor my existence or my family existence eaten out by agents of the state. Ever.


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