Most of us dirt people being who we are are looking for key signs, crucial indicators, we wonder and ask each other what we think is going down, will “TSHTF?”, and all sundry of discussion or informed opinion, if only to find some stable insights or trustworthy news so we can be prepared people.

The timeless old Boy Scout motto “Always Be Prepared” is a truism in the time we find ourselves in.

I’ve never found a satisfactory range of present day academic or political insights which foot the bill hence draw practical knowledge which suits the needs of our being prepared persons. Interestingly, very much so, I believe from investigating our Republics history there are many pertinent clues and events, especially from the Colonial period running from the French Indian Wars till the final Compact Nation States ratification of the US Constitution. The French Indian war is noted by non revisionist historians and writers to be a profound time for the dirt people of the day. In particular those who chose to pass over the Allegheny Mountains in what was then the great unknown frontier, it is from there the idea of sovereign self determination and the birth of Liberty develops its dirt people roots in the struggle to live and thrive in the magnificent new sparsely settled world west of Colonial colonies of the era.

The history of The Second Amendment which it’s roots originate during the turmoil period of the creation of The Magna Carter, along with Habeas Corpus, aka The 4th Amendment, and King John’s total betrayal of the compact he entered into with the “middle class” of the time, offers some or if not most of the key insights into how our present history will play out. I’ve mentioned previously in other posts History has a circular feature to it. This is very important to keep in mind and to temper our personal investigations and discoveries into out history in order to better understand what could come to pass today and tomorrow. Past is Prologue if you like. But not completely and not in obvious ways. Its a key, a tool, to better understand where we are now.

Some things do not change, of all of them in the sphere of our natural freedoms and Liberty, Tyranny and Tyrant’s do not deviate from the long established systems of raw naked power and the rule and subject of dirt people. Dirty trick are always dirty, betrayals, lies, dissimulation, hubris, arrogance, greed and usurpations of power over others remain virtually unchanged thru time, only in the details, and implementation of tyranny do we see differences, and mostly this is due to technological and religious influences. But still underneath it all, the basic of tyranny and its tyrants, follow set established methods of rule over others and all that entails.

If you understand this last, it really helps in understanding the tyrants and tyranny of the here and now. Nobody has the answers, most barely understand the total scope. We are all a bit barn blind in our own ways. All you have to remember is those basics, and many things become far easier to understand and incorporate into your personal world view and experience. I know that may seem corny or obvious advice, but it is no surprise either a great many do not even have an itch in their minds regarding this, and much of that is by design. And it is the only sound trustworthy advice I can give, you or myself. History proves time and time again the basics of tyranny are inviolate, or it isn’t successful.

The whole idea, the entire thing called liberty took centuries to be realized. Liberty as we know it, as it is incorporated into our founding, the fabric of our American Western Christian, and some say Greco/Roman culture, liberty which we are so fortunate to be born with irregardless of the tyrants and their tyranny breathing down our necks, in fact in spite of the sonofabitches, is unique to all of human history. For the first time in recorded history dirt people where born with two inalienable primal natural rights which enables us to fight and win against tyranny. Those two things are Consent and the Small Unit Infantry Rifle. Not only could we say Fuck You! to tyrants, we have the weapons to ultimately shoot and kill the bastards because of what they do to us to deny us our whole Liberty in order to rule over us with impunity. The reason and cause to do so is as inviolate as the two instruments of our Liberty themselves. Lets not forget that this is what also makes us Sovereign persons. Just as inalienable as our Consent and Rifles, and with which we defend and secure or Liberty. Can you begin to see how inextricably linked all this is into the being of a sovereign Freeman we each are? And maybe why tyrants do certain things in their lust for raw naked power to rule us?

Would it surprise you to find as you look at unrevised history that tyrants of King John’s time and the instruments of tyranny he employed are little changed in the 22nd Century?

As it is said you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make him drink applies here. I don’t get anything for doing this, other than hopefully some more fellow travelers of The Honorable Resistance of the dirt people. We are all we got. There’s nobody coming to save us. This is it right here right now. This whole dirty stinking unmitigated disaster “our” tyrants have created out of our country, and there’s no one but you and me and a legion of dirt people, all who can and will ever be able to set things straight. Its our talisman. We get to clean up after everyone. For who else will? Who has the druthers, the prudence, the perseverance and guts?  Certainly not those who created Ragnorak in waiting.

You can read these links or not. Read them and you become stronger than you thought possible, because within these works lay the keys to being a survivor and thriver instead of taking a dirt nap. Knowledge is power. Its why they are censoring us on the media platforms they created specifically to trap us into depending on when the time came to shut us up. Its why they hate us dirt people so much, they want us DEAD. Because we can think for ourselves thank you very fucking much.

Trust me, it is an incredible story. Truth is stranger than fiction. Its a uplifting history of the meek winning over the terrible, against all odd’s. We just made it by the skin of our teeth, and now, we are in the same pickle. Circular feature of History. hint hint. wink wink.


If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?

Was Liberty the Real End? Not Hardly!


The Meaning of the Words in the Second Amendment -GunCite

The History of The Second Amendment Valparaiso University School of Law Review (Original University text published in PDF)


Have a few more excellent links and recommendations to add later.

Keep an open mind. Some of these works go against everything you where taught was true. The most venerated worshipped piece of parchment created, is turning out to be literally the instrument of centralized tyranny the “deep state” of the day conned everyone into ratifying on the promise power given today would be honorably given back later. It is really tough to swallow some of these historical revelations, that so many could be in on the grift, lied cheated connived stole deceived betrayed and committed treason in a continuous unbroken line right to today.

They not only never gave that power back to the dirt people, they have used that power to destroy us dirt people and all of our God given natural freedoms and rights. And now, they want to do away with us because we are tenatious indomitable audacious people who at every turn have refused to comply, withdrawn our Consent, given them the finger and said Because Fuck You Thats Why!




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